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Born and raised a Buckeye, bleed scarlet and gray. Former College football player, high school football coach and current full time pastor. Love God, love my family and Love my Buckeyes!!!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Entire 2014 Season was amazing, but watching The Ohio State University beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and then Oregon for the National Championship live and in person was something I will never forget!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: AJ Hawk was awesome, but Braxton Miller is not too shabby either.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft or Scoonie Penn/Michael Redd for people who remember.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 8 hours ago

To be honest, with our RPI and BPI as well as KenPom rankings currently, if we win @PSU and at home vs IU, then run to the finals of B1G Tourney and lose to Purdue/Wisky I still think we make the NCAA Tourney.  We would be 21-14 and have some quality wins and I think our RPI and BPI would put us barely in...

Saying that, do I think it will happen, probably not...but could this team.  Absolutely.  I guess we will see in the next couple weeks.

Comment 24 Feb 2017

Yet when a team hits miraculous 3s against us to win a game (Maryland)'s our bad defense...not lucky offense.

The problem is for people who want Thad gone, if we do well, it's the other team played crappy or we got lucky...but if the other team hits some lucky shots, or are benefitted from some bad calls, it's that we suck and need to stop making excuses.

All I am saying is that with some, we could be 23-6 and they would say why aren't we 26-3 or some,  nothing is ever enough.

Last night, we played a full 40 minutes, played good defense, shot well (both inside and outside), took care of the ball, etc. and yet people say we still suck...I just get tired of the nothing is ever good enough crowd.

Comment 24 Feb 2017

I agree Tate hitting threes is not something to expect(him shooting them yes).  However I think we are better than our record shows, which makes our record all the more frustrating.

I think CJ is hitting his stride and Wesson and Potter both played well, which I hope continues to happen.

We have the ability to play well and beat teams like Wisky and Purdue, but we can't seem to be consistent.  To say we are really Bad, I would disagree with, to say we are really inconsistent...ABSOLUTELY!!!

Comment 24 Feb 2017

KBD "played" in the home loss, but I remember him not really being 100%, probably not even to say that he "played" is true, but he wasn't typical KBD.  He couldn't move well, which is key to defense.

Well, I guess Virginia isnt good either considering they could only score 48 points against a mediocre Miami team....and Wisconsin must not be good because they gave up 83pts to a "not good" "bottom dweller" OSU team

Comment 24 Feb 2017

I missed the period in bad!  Shame on me

Comment 24 Feb 2017

I dont know why Beverly wasn't mentioned at all.  I know he is a "low" signee, but still.  There are a few highlights of his against Power Huntington Prep...

I think he has the ability to drive to the basket and also has a quick shot off the dribble, which is something none of our players really have right that should be beneficial next year as well.

Comment 24 Feb 2017

Great Milestone for Matta.  One thing many people don't realize is that there are not that many coaches who have a higher Win total or Win % at one school currently(336)(74%).  Bill Self, Roy WIlliams, Coach K, Rick Pitino, Mark Few....(Mike Brey, Tom Izzo and Jay Wright have more wins(more years), but lower %).

Congrats on the Win, the game and hopefully many more.

Comment 24 Feb 2017

I appreciate your post and agree that this team isn't as "bad" as what many believe, just super inconsistent.  The team that showed up last night could be ranked in the Top 10 if we played like that at least 60% of the time...but we don't, so finding consistency is key.

As you stated, losing KBD was a big loss, but I think Andre Wesson has done a decent job and has grown which will help the team going forward.  Played a solid 18 minutes last night and hit 2 clutch 3's.  I think he and KBD will be a great 1-2 combo next year at the 3/4 spot.

The only thing I disagree with is your "key contributors" next year being All-B1G.  I think Beverly and Funderburk will be good next year, but I doubt either will be All-B1G quality straight away, maybe I am wrong.  I think your key contributors next year will be Tate, TT(if he stays), KBD, and Jackson.  I think Lyle has the ability to contribute big, if he isn't too selfish with the ball.  Kam is an enigma, but I think will help a lot.  I think Potter, Wesson, K. Wesson, Beverly and Funderburk will all be contributors, but I don't want to rely heavily on them to be the meat of our production.  My hope for next year is that we go 10-11 deep on the bench next year.  Watching Maryland stay "fresh" all game long because their bench got good minutes makes me hope that we can do the same next year.

But alas, who knows.  Lets just finish strong this year and see what 2017-2018 brings when it gets here.

Comment 24 Feb 2017

I would not be shocked to see some personnel changes at the end of the year.  I agree, I think we may see Paulus going elsewhere...we need someone who is defensive minded to coach defense (Aaron Craft) even though he is playing in Europe.  

Comment 24 Feb 2017

I dont really think we will know what the B1G will do until tourney time.  In years past when the B1G was "up" we had early tourney in what is perceived to be a down year, who knows what will happen.  I think the team that played last night would have hung with and possibly beat UCLA(ranked #5), beat UVA and probably would be 13-3 in conference if we played like this all year.  Thats the parity...we are capable of being very good, but cant seem to be very good...

As for where the B1G sits compared to everyone else, only tourney time can decide that....I mean lets be real, everyone thought the B1G was a good football conference this year, maybe the top in the Nation and we went 3-7 in Bowl games...nothing determines strength but play outside of conference...for BBall, thats Tourney Time!