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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Entire 2014 Season was amazing, but watching The Ohio State University beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and then Oregon for the National Championship live and in person was something I will never forget!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: AJ Hawk was awesome, but Braxton Miller is not too shabby either.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft or Scoonie Penn/Michael Redd for people who remember.
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Comment 28 Apr 2017

Personally I think the NBA and NCAA need to come to an agreement to allow HS players to enter the draft or attend college.  If you attend college, you must stay at least 2 years, then be eligible to enter the draft.  I think the 1 and done has really messed up college basketball and now we are potentially seeing a "none and done."

I don't think it will ever happen because NBA would never agree to it, but I think its necessary.

Comment 28 Apr 2017

I agree that we don't know what the circumstances of the question.  The reporter might have baited or spun the answer to be what he wanted, but who knows.  

I think this is something young people are more subject to, and the internet hasn't helped, growing up being able to say things without consequence, but the problem is, there is consequence eventually.  I also think that AAU, etc. where these kids are told they are "the best" from the time they are little can sometimes do things to their ego, which then gets crushed their freshman year of college.  I hope that he lands where he wants, and where he will do well, maybe its TOSU, maybe not.

I did notice that he received an offer from Purdue yesterday.

Comment 27 Apr 2017

For Awlins, ICNGF3 and others waiting for my "hot take" as a Thad apologist here you go.

what Bazely said about not making the tourney, not making the NIT is a fair assessment, and not incorrect.

However, him trashing recruits in the 2017 class, and 2018 class when he himself is really low class.  I could understand if he was a Top 5 recruit, but he isn't.  Kaleb Wesson is similarly ranked recruit as he is and he is talking as if he is hot garbage.

While I would love to have an athlete of his caliber into OSU, his attitude is a huge red flag.  Once again, not the part about the recent history of our seasons, but trashing other recruits is something that really doesn't sit well with me.  

If that's the way you think, that's your problem, when you say it publicly, it makes you look like a selfish ego player and sorry, I don't have time for that...dealt with it too much when I played in college, it can be cancerous...

Good Luck to him, wherever he lands, and I hope we continue to push forward and make progress in the right direction no matter if this is Mattas last year or not...

Comment 26 Apr 2017

I wish TT would have come back...I think he will do well and I wish him the best.

I believe he was getting his degree this year, or possibly in Dec.  He was a RS Junior, 4 years in school and is one of the older underclassmen in the draft.  I do not blame him for going, not because of the state of the program, but because it was the right time for him.

Wish you well TT...thanks for being a Buckeye!

Comment 26 Apr 2017

If nothing else, he offers us Senior leadership that we may not have had in the past...which would be really good.  

Comment 25 Apr 2017

I see Jerome Baker and Dante Booker and possibly Sam Hubbard and Tyquan as well.  Defense has been big this past couple years.

I think if Campbell has a really good year, maybe he flirts with 1st round because of his return speed as well as his WR ability.  Also, if Weber has a really good year, RB's are starting to rise in the draft again...with no other big name backs coming out next year (Perine, Cook, Fournette, etc.) all coming out this year....he may bolt as well, especially if we bring home a trophy.

It all remains to be seen come fall....

Comment 25 Apr 2017

Irish, you must spend 23 hours and 5 minutes on here to comment on every comment that 94 comments on....think about that...

Comment 25 Apr 2017

I am totally with you that it is a little bit of an unknown when thinking about a player moving from a mid major to a high major...

As for Elijah Long...he avg 16pts and 7 boards against UM, Villinova, WVU, and Arkansas this not terrible stats...

The other kicker with either Daniel or Long is what happens when you aren't the "only" threat...will that make you a better player not being forced to do everything.  (read an article that talked about how Daniel was often double or triple teamed this year)

Comment 25 Apr 2017

That means James Daniel comes down to OSU and Tennessee and UM also loses out on Bamba...which would have been a much better option than Simmons...but good luck to him.

Comment 25 Apr 2017

Based on his highlight film and what he did to some of the better teams he played, i think he is a good penetrating guard.  He is quick too.

Comment 25 Apr 2017

I understand what you are saying about "players transferring from smaller schools" being a negative on the program.  However, against Nova, WVU, scUM, Iowa St. and Arkansas he averaged 16pts and 6 boards in those 5 games.  I would normally agree with your thoughts, but some players don't start to blossom until after HS.  Having watched his highlight film, he looks like he can play high major basketball.

Sure, would I love some of the Duke, UK, Kansas, etc. transfers to come to TOSU...but that probably wont happen, even when we are competitive, because they just trade programs.  

If we can get some players to be an upgrade and help the team out, I am all for it.  I would rather move in an upward direction than a downward direction.

Comment 25 Apr 2017

I think we have a decent chance at James Daniel III and Elijah Long(would sit out a year) to transfer in.  Both of these players would be instant impact players, one on the court and one in practice and showing leadership.  I would welcome both without question.  I know Daniel has plans to visit coming up and Long has Texas and Pitt as the other "High Major" schools that have shown interest.  Neither of those choices are much better than the state of our program currently, so I feel we have a chance.

I sadly do agree that I doubt we end up with Smith in the fold this year as he retweeted Illinois basketball...but oh well.  Here's to hoping for a miracle...or even an increase of any kind.

Comment 24 Apr 2017 have 11DV in your entire time here...and 5 of them are in this thread against 94...

If it isn't trolling...its at least childish to downvote someone because they call you out for posting a picture 900 times over the course of the last month...(while you may believe that is the state of the program, it does get very old seeing it.)

If you want to get into a pissing contest with someone...go elsewhere because right now you are hijacking a thread about a young man who is making a college decision on Wednesday, whether it's with us or somewhere else...and personally I think that is trashy.

BTW, feel free to make it 12 DV if you want and downvote this comment, but this is just my opinion of the current state of your terribly unnecssesary argument.