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Comment 31 May 2011

This will be my last posting under this name.


While that SI article was absolutely unacceptable to me, there are in reality some things in there that could prove problematic. I say unacceptable due to the obvious lack of credibility to the claims. I don't have the total count or alluding to or claiming source but it was up there. Billing something as a major story & polluting it with a plethora of mystery men is shoddy.

I just cannot imagine JT stepping down in such close proximity to this story & or additional Dispatch confirmed investigations without either or both being directly relevant. I guess I could see Tressel himself deciding he had enough on his own, but a good majority of us know the back stories of Wexner, faltering senior admin/board support & the possibility of additional player issues. Announcing in less than 24 hours of vacation return & on Memorial Day is just bizarre.

I'm surprised to see some players saying the things they have but I'm certainly not surprised or astounded that players would be selling their gear, etc for some form of preferentional treatment. Too many of us get caught up in the industry aspect of college football & do forget there is some extreme immaturity/poor decision making.


Some of this could actually be bad with an additional 9 current players & 9 (i think?) former, but within the NCAA window being forthcoming with information. Keep in mind that there should be a special * for the 9 current as if this stuff is able to be proven, that is 9 additional players who lied by ommission while the t-6 were getting their hit. We know a ton of players were questioned back then, so now catching them again ... not good, not good at all.

Drug accusations (even if a misdemeanor type use) would always be incredibly bad, but i'll claim a better chance Tressel is rehired then this being proven or admitted to by relevant players.

I'd rather have lost more games, maybe not have the streak of titles & right now be dealing with never having known TP as a Buckeye. From showing in his speaking moments, to public displays of baby tantrums, to cars, to tat-gate, etc etc. He has been a constant PR issue. I also have to point this out right now. I have never enjoyed any moment really of Pryor speaking, & always cringe when I see it is about to happen. When he apologized at the conclusion of the Arkansas game (albeit poorly), I at least took some solace with that. Hard for me to keep from being enraged by thinking he was possibly doing his little speech while still knowingly being in additional violation.



Jim Tressel is a good man & someone I will always, ALWAYS look upon fondly. This man will dot the I one day & I hope I'm around to be witness to it.


Comment 27 Nov 2010

Better get the swagger on this possession. UM IS going to score points before the 1/2. While I have confidence in this team in the 2nd as we come out well adjusted, UM has been much better then as well. Absolutely NO excuse to play down to a terrible defense.

Comment 20 Nov 2010

Oh do i wish there was less time on the clock but oh well, lets do this

Comment 20 Nov 2010

I haven't had much faith in our defense/secondary all season long. Here is put up or shutup time. Get the stop and give the offense a chance to win it.

Comment 20 Nov 2010

Horseshit on a terrible angle. Seeing the replay from that angle shows the ref looking directly at his hand holding the facemask.

Comment 13 Nov 2010

Now THAT is what a gameday fan background should look like. Has been fairly entertaining seeing some of the terrible turnout for some of the Gameday crew locations. OSU fans always come through :)

Comment 13 Sep 2010

In partial credit to


He did flip a little from the messages he was receiving leading up to the game so snapped a bit.


Decently ate his crow though on the newest post. Unlike some of the others who have decided Miami purely beat themselves and owned us in all facets of the game.

Comment 11 Sep 2010

While the allowed touchdown was terrible, if some of you goobers paid any attention to the soft coverage we have been using ... you'd see they're only getting the yards they are b/c we're content to let them.

Comment 11 Sep 2010

Until you give them the ball inside the red zone :-/

Oh well, It's still delightful to watch Florida regressing to caveman.

Comment 11 Sep 2010

Not the slightest chance. Instead Mark May will do absolutely anything possible to not praise the Buckeyes. So I imagine on football final, the U just wasn't any good and the Buckeyes weren't truly tested.

Comment 07 Sep 2010

So incredibly good to have Moeller back in action.

In regards to the 'Good Shizzy' section, I've read about 5 times now in just complete disbelief this guy, a BCS SPOKESMAN, was quoted with that goofy stuff.

Comment 02 Sep 2010

Hot as fish grease? Did I hear that correctly?

Comment 02 Sep 2010

+1 to Johnny.


Pryor has those moments of such precision. It's going to be a beautiful thing if those moments are frequent this year.

Comment 02 Sep 2010

Only reason for being so aggravated by that is b/c it was one of those horrid decisions from last year, repeating just now by TP. Hope thats just a fluke.

Comment 02 Sep 2010

Going to be getting quite a bit of experience for the younger guys.