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Comment 24 Jan 2015

I believe you should ignore the Navy and VT game when figuring out the averages partly due to the fact the O-line had no idea what they where doing. Cardale would of failed in those 2 games as well.  Ignoring the 2 first games, averages when JT was the starter are:

Points Scored - 47.4 (Jones +.3)

Rushing Offense - 278.7 (Jones +14)

Passing Offense - 250.7 (Jones +1)

Total Offense - 529.4 (Jones +14.9)

Comment 04 Jan 2015

Yes we are losing to Oregon (Ohio State is 3-0 when I believe the opponent will win)

Comment 22 Jan 2013

Hopefully something clicks with Ross in the offseason to take over the role as #1 scorer next season. Hell, hopefully something clicks with Ross to take over as the #2 scorer this season.

Comment 07 Dec 2012

247 is saying that he will take an official visit to scUM on 12/14. Hopefully cHoke doesn't convince him to come back.

Comment 14 Jul 2012

So if Bobby Petrino was cheating on his wife within the Arkansas football facilities, then Arkansas should see NCAA punishment as well? The Sandusky thing had nothing to do with the players of the football program. To me if there is a violation and a player was involved then yes punish the program. But when this whole thing was just the adults (who are no longer at the school) committing a crime that had nothing directly to do with the players of the football team , then you can't punish the student athletes.

Comment 20 Jun 2012

I would like to brag to my Michigan "friend" about this. But APR only measures students who stay in school and not quality of class/grades. For all we know everybody is majoring in the Economic impact of bartering for tattoos and barely getting by with C's.

Comment 29 Mar 2012

Is there any more information on the new HD scoreboard? (All the new football stuff and I care way to much about a new HD screen)

Comment 06 Feb 2012

DE yes. But this guy has all the tangibles to be an excellent 3rd down/goalline back

Comment 06 Feb 2012

Your probably right. Grayson's head coach, Mickey Conn, played at Alabama in the early 90's

Comment 06 Feb 2012

Robert Nkemdiche plays at my Alma Mater (I graduated 2003). I have attented a few games this past season and even in the State Championship game. On defense he demands a double team, and even then that isn't enough, where is is always in the backfield. On offense he plays some as the RB. Most the season in goalline or 3rd scenarios. But in the playoffs he got the ball more. He is quick enough to run a toss sweep and get to the outside.  He also has very nimble feet for a guy his size and it wasn't uncommon to see him juke a much smaller player out of his shoes. One play that sticks out from him running the ball was in the playoffs when the #1 LB in Georgia was playing against Grayson. Robert took a toss outside to the right and the LB went in for a kill shot from Robert's side, the LB bounced off him and it looked like he got whiplash as he fell to the ground all while Robert kept running with another player on his back. Seriously, this guy is a must get for us.

Comment 30 Jan 2012

I don't yell it out. But if I see a another Buckeye fan I will casually say OH- if I am within normal talking distance of the person.

Comment 17 Jan 2012

"I argue that the BCS tells us who the best team is more so than any playoff would.  "

I argue that the BCS relies to much on opinion (66% of equation is human voting), which has been proven to be flawed and very bias. So you have flawed and bias opinion trying to determine the top teams? On top of that, the computer portion of the equation is also flawed. So you have a very flawed system all around. Only way to prove/disprove anything is for teams to play each other on the field and not let so called "media experts" determine who the best teams are.

Comment 21 Nov 2011

Its like in 2006 when all the SEC fans where very against an OSU-scUM rematch for the national title (I remember the Urban tears). They all said scUM had their chance to win....I can smell the potential hypocricy with this scenario.

Comment 21 Nov 2011

I thought the BCS limit was 2 teams per conference. In your scenario how can 3 SEC teams play in BCS bowl games? Or does the national championship not count toward the numbers.

Comment 17 Nov 2011

18-12 Buckeyes....7 total FG's, 1 safety, 9 broken ankles because of braxton

Comment 09 Nov 2011

I have watched this kid play a couple times already. He will play DE in college, but currently is also the 3rd down/short yardage RB for Grayson, very nimble feet and has juked defenders/run people over like it was nothing.

On recruiting, it doesn't help the head coach was a DB for Alabama in the early 90's, former teammate of mine at Grayson (Lorenzo Washington) started at DT for Bama a couple season's ago, and went there with influence from the head coach.

Comment 09 Nov 2011

As a Grayson alum (2003) and a Buckeye fan. Why isn't tOSU trying for Robert Nkemdiche, the #1 overall player? Grayson is 25-30 min away from Peachtree Ridge, so this isn't new territory.