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Comment 27 Aug 2016

BGSU and TTUN...the opener and the closer.  Went to too many last year, I get to a point where I prefer to just watch from home or a bar instead.

I will also travel to any/all post season games.

Comment 27 Aug 2016

From what I know about Zeke, even as blinded as I am by my love for him on the field, he better work on securing some clean piss ASAP. The NFL likes to target people once they get clues...and unless Zeke's made a radical change in lifestyle, that could become as issue for him. 

Fingers crossed for the best because I'm pumped to follow his rookie season. 

Comment 16 Aug 2016

You can come crash at my apartment downtown, construction will be finished and I'll be moved in by then.  It's got a pretty cool view.

Comment 16 Aug 2016

Assuming that Erick Smith is back to being healthy and is still getting beaten out for the starting spot, I am confident in the player that manages to beat him out to start (because like you, I believe Smith is a very solid player).  Hooker had all the potential in the world when he showed up...just needed to be refined and developed a bit.  It seems that has happened.  It's a lot like everyone here wanting Baker to start because it's what they dreamed up as happening last season, even though Worley has proven to the coaches and his teammates that he is the guy who should be starting.

Dame Webb was a lockdown corner in HS and got a good amount of time on the field last season, so assuming he can learn the role of safety I also think he will do just fine.  I have no worries on Conley and I'm not concerned about Lattimore or Ward holding down the other side...the second corner usually gets off to a slowish start the first game or three, then gets it going just fine.

All of that said, very much like you...I do have my worries about the DT position.  I seriously hope someone can break out at that position.

Comment 08 Aug 2016

Worley starts but splits snaps with Baker, increasingly so as the season progresses, same as Grant/McMillan from a couple seasons ago.

Booker holds down the other spot.

Comment 24 Jul 2016

I go as hot as I can and then I finish ice cold. 2 NoDoze and 3 Ibuprofin with a Gatorage beforehand. Works like a charm. 

Comment 30 Jun 2016

He's been suspended twice from the team previously, both by Stoops for team rules violations (one of which I believe was the failing to appear in court thing).  Maybe Stoops will cut ties with him after this since he's becoming a headache?

Comment 29 Jun 2016

Thank god someone else said this. I was scrolling and reading just waiting for it, otherwise I was going to post it myself.