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Comment 27 Nov 2015

Beck doesn't deserve to be a coach on this staff, let alone call the plays.  You can defend him all you want, but he couldn't get the job done at Nebraska and he damn sure isn't getting it done here.  He is Urban's biggest mistake in terms of hiring and you're delusional if you deny that.  

Comment 16 Nov 2015


Comment 01 Nov 2015

Completely agree that all $10K cars aren't pieces of shit, they are actually the best investment in most cases (especially when the repair schedule works out the way yours have), I was more or less trying to relate it to the tone of his post where he was acting like they only hand crappy cars out as loaners.

And as for the level of relevance to the comparison, regardless of brand, the concept is the same.  They see a benefit/price on the customer.  They have $70K of my money currently, they gave me a $90K car as a loaner because when I go to switch cars, they want $90K next time (which they will actually get if they will just release a 4WD version of the car).  I have a price to them, they are acting in ways that may help them to maximize that price.  JT may have not any money today, but he has name recognition and may have money someday - to the dealership, he's a priority because of who he is, so he gets treated well.  That's the connection, much more than the Benz vs Ford.

Comment 01 Nov 2015

Why not find a barber you don't mind talking to and always go to them?  That way you can avoid the shitty conversation that you obviously hate.

Comment 01 Nov 2015

Old Familiar right off of Broad street, only downside is it takes 4-5 weeks advance notice for booking appointments, they take walk-ins all day but they allow you to sign up for a time in the shop and the timeslots normally fill very early in the morning.

Comment 31 Oct 2015

When I take my Mercedes in to the dealership, they give me another Mercedes. The last loaner I had was a $90K C63 not all loaners are $10K pieces of shit. 

I don't know what JT's car is, but I'd venture that if he were in need of a loaner (and entitled to one under NCAA rules) that the dealership would go out of their way to give him the best vehicle they could.  

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Loud?  Yes.  Impressive?  Not really, nothing like USC game is '09.  That's kind of my baseline for judgment on The Shoe, it's what a national prime time home game should be like every time (assuming it's a decent opponent, even PSU).  

I'm going to shell out the $650+ to go to the MSU game, I'm just praying people are actually loud for that game like they used to be...old school loud, not new school loud.  I think The Shoe has potential to get back to it's old level that night, but I still have my worries.  We'll see.

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Per the presser "He didn't earn the right to dress."

Doesn't sound too great at all, but for the time being he is still on the team.

Comment 19 Oct 2015

The Shoe get less and less loud/intimidating each year, it's getting quite mediocre IMO.  Back in 2006 I remember some great games, a few in 2009, and even a couple that were decent in 2010/2011.  Since then pretty much every game I have been to has been extremely unimpressive to me, and I've been to a quite a few. 

Very sad to see and it's driven by the "Hey, sit down up there!" people.  I will get down voted into oblivion, but I wish those people would just stay the fuck home and sit on their couch to watch the game and let people with a pulse take those seats.  I've been to 4 games this year already, none of which was anyone standing for...expect the one at IU, where we stood the entire game.  It's absurd.

Comment 17 Oct 2015

I am betting and given a +7 line for MSU, I'm going with MSU. 

Comment 16 Oct 2015

I think we win by 14, 42-28. 

The line was at -17.5 so I took PSU with the points...which means we will probably win by 40. 

Comment 14 Oct 2015

It doesn't matter where they list him, it's where he plays.  He taken snaps at all 3 spots this year (WR, RB, H), and he is limited these past few games because of back spasms...not because of a position change.  Relax.

Comment 13 Oct 2015

"It's standing room only" is a reason not to go somewhere to tailgate? Lol, what the hell? No offense but who the hell sits at a bar while tailgating for a game? If you go to a place where you can sit and everyone else is're probably doing it wrong. 

They have an outdoor massive screen, DJ, beer trucks, outdoor bar, port-a-pots, etc. Its kind of intended to be an outdoor, on your feet type of thing. 

Comment 13 Oct 2015

Wear layers, my gf is from Cali and trust me you'll be cold as fuck. You'll thank yourself for wearing more layers later - no reason to ruin your night bc you didn't dress warm enough. Go to Pint House in Short North (on High St) for the game Thursday, yes they will be open until the game is over and it will likely be packed too. Good fun. Go to Little Bar to tailgate, hit up Varsity Club after that, then hit up the parking lot in front of The Shoe.  Enjoy and safe travels. 

Comment 13 Oct 2015

Thanks for that breakdown, it's been driving me nuts for months trying to figure that out.