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Comment 30 Jun 2016

He's been suspended twice from the team previously, both by Stoops for team rules violations (one of which I believe was the failing to appear in court thing).  Maybe Stoops will cut ties with him after this since he's becoming a headache?

Comment 29 Jun 2016

Thank god someone else said this. I was scrolling and reading just waiting for it, otherwise I was going to post it myself. 

Comment 29 Jun 2016

They've earned the benefit of that doubt, we haven't. It's pretty simple and easy to understand when the Scarlet shades are off. If we have a run of seasons like Bama has the last decade, I'm sure we will receive that same benefit of the doubt. Yes Urban has been on a recruiting terror and stocking the shelves like Saban,  but we've only won one title and we choked badly last year when we should've had another run at one. Until we make a run like Bama has, stop complaining  that the "experts" aren't kissing our asses when in reality MSU is 2-1 the last 3 times we've played them...and they are no "dynasty". 

Comment 03 Feb 2016

And Gibson was a life long QB, Campbell/Wilson/Samuel life long RBs, and so on.  Of course Smith needs a bit more time to get them ready to play at an elite level.

Noah Brown was a true WR and was pretty much set to start last year before his injury.  We will see how KJ Hill works out this year with a year under his belt, and Austin Mack, etc.  We are starting to get more true WRs in our recruiting classes now, rather than trying to convert superb athletes to H-back or WR.  Michael Thomas seems to have progressed very well under Smith's supervision.

Gotta give the guy some slack when he's starting from scratch, in terms of becoming a top tier WR, with many of the guys at his position group.

Comment 21 Jan 2016

It's a thread asking for peoples thoughts on his commitment, of course some will think he isn't going to commit to OSU.  WTF?

Comment 09 Jan 2016

Would assume he's referring to the number of big names decomitting or going elsewhere lately, relative to the lack of big name commitments or flips during the same timeframe. 

This class will be great, but it's silly to act like 5 months ago it didn't look like it would be much "better". 

Comment 07 Jan 2016

Being realistic, if he is going to major in business Ross is pretty close to Harvard in terms of undergrad programs.  If football didn't work out and he wanted to go to B-school, he wouldn't have an issue getting into Wharton, etc. assuming he makes the grades in undergrad.

That's not to say Fisher/OSU doesn't offer the same opportunity though (I actually have friends who did undergrad at each Fisher and Ross, both went to Wharton and are now roomates in NYC, the other went to Duke).  

Overall, I don't understand the academics comments from the Gary's.  I highly doubt this kid is ever going to be looking to get into private equity, etc., regardless of if football works out for him.  Fisher isn't the greatest school in the world, but it offers plenty of opportunities.

Comment 05 Jan 2016

I personally wouldn't say he "sat around and did nothing", but in terms of the "can't coach talent" thing,  I would say there are some indicators that he is pretty average. If you look through his resume and look at his QB's over the last 5 years, they haven't exactly progressed as you'd hope they would have under a great coach/outstanding QB developer.  Nebraska fans were happy as hell to see him go, that says a little something.

Comment 27 Nov 2015

Beck doesn't deserve to be a coach on this staff, let alone call the plays.  You can defend him all you want, but he couldn't get the job done at Nebraska and he damn sure isn't getting it done here.  He is Urban's biggest mistake in terms of hiring and you're delusional if you deny that.  

Comment 16 Nov 2015


Comment 01 Nov 2015

Completely agree that all $10K cars aren't pieces of shit, they are actually the best investment in most cases (especially when the repair schedule works out the way yours have), I was more or less trying to relate it to the tone of his post where he was acting like they only hand crappy cars out as loaners.

And as for the level of relevance to the comparison, regardless of brand, the concept is the same.  They see a benefit/price on the customer.  They have $70K of my money currently, they gave me a $90K car as a loaner because when I go to switch cars, they want $90K next time (which they will actually get if they will just release a 4WD version of the car).  I have a price to them, they are acting in ways that may help them to maximize that price.  JT may have not any money today, but he has name recognition and may have money someday - to the dealership, he's a priority because of who he is, so he gets treated well.  That's the connection, much more than the Benz vs Ford.

Comment 01 Nov 2015

Why not find a barber you don't mind talking to and always go to them?  That way you can avoid the shitty conversation that you obviously hate.

Comment 01 Nov 2015

Old Familiar right off of Broad street, only downside is it takes 4-5 weeks advance notice for booking appointments, they take walk-ins all day but they allow you to sign up for a time in the shop and the timeslots normally fill very early in the morning.

Comment 31 Oct 2015

When I take my Mercedes in to the dealership, they give me another Mercedes. The last loaner I had was a $90K C63 not all loaners are $10K pieces of shit. 

I don't know what JT's car is, but I'd venture that if he were in need of a loaner (and entitled to one under NCAA rules) that the dealership would go out of their way to give him the best vehicle they could.  

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Loud?  Yes.  Impressive?  Not really, nothing like USC game is '09.  That's kind of my baseline for judgment on The Shoe, it's what a national prime time home game should be like every time (assuming it's a decent opponent, even PSU).  

I'm going to shell out the $650+ to go to the MSU game, I'm just praying people are actually loud for that game like they used to be...old school loud, not new school loud.  I think The Shoe has potential to get back to it's old level that night, but I still have my worries.  We'll see.