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Comment 31 Oct 2013

I voted other. Etienne Sabino is a guy who is forgotten because he never really lived up to the 5 star hype. But the 2012 defense never got fully turned around until Sabino came back from the broken leg. People credit Zach Boren coming in for turning around that defense, but it always seemed to me that as much or more of the reason for the outstanding November defense was the return of Sabino.

Comment 30 Oct 2013

Technically, there's been 3 losses to the SEC since Tressel was hired. Something about the 2002 Outback Bowl. Still, Purdue... ugh.

Comment 11 Oct 2012

Long time reader, first time commenter.

Ross, for Nebraska's first two touchdowns, they ran that quick inside toss play that (I think) LSU likes to run. But interestingly, aside from the unusual motion on the play, Nebraska also used the "quarterback" Burkhead to lead block on the playside linebacker, and use the fullback to kick out the end man. Seeing this live I thought it was very novel, and I ask, have you ever seen this kind of scheme before? Because usually the quarterback on this play is tasked with getting in the way (not even really blocking) the backside pursuit.