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Comment 26 Jan 2012

Thanks for the response. I had heard it on another Buckeye site, so I was just seeing what your take on it was. I think your explanation makes a lot of sense. I'm not misconstruing anything, just trying to get clarity on the situation. It is kind of a bizarre scenario. If you look at his recruiting pages, all of his school of interest are top-tier programs. However, none of them have offered (Except perhaps the Buckeyes. But like you said; not 100% sure any of us are buying that). Anyways, keep up the good work. You're doing a great job with updates on Twitter. Much appreciated.

Comment 26 Jan 2012

What's the latest with the Alex Dickman saga? Did he get offered a scholarship, or is it true that it was merely a prank by his teammates? Any insight? Thanks.

Comment 12 Aug 2011

Do you feel that, Big 12? That's the feeling of me shitting all over your conference, stealing Nebraska, and ultimately forcing Texas A&M to bolt for the SEC. More to follow.