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Comment 29 Sep 2014

The Braxton led offense made the big play seem easy.  They aren't.  Braxton is just that electric of a player.  With that said, I think OSU is going to be a better offense by the end of this year compared to the past two years.  JT Barrett is becoming more consistent and efficient as a passer each week.  The offensive line is learning pass pro better which gives JT more time to throw each week.  The progression in the passing game is leading to more holes for our RBs to run through.  

JT reminds me of Troy Smith, but JT has a chance to be better than Troy given the offensive scheme.    

Comment 20 Aug 2014

I think it should be noted that Kenny Guiton didn't have the strongest arm in the world and he had the longest touchdown pass of the season to Devin Smith.  J.T. doesn't need to have a cannon.  Accuracy and timing are more important even on the long throws.  If J.T. (or Cardale, for that matter) can make the proper reads in the running game and then throw accurate passes on time, this offense could put up similar numbers to last year.  

Comment 30 Apr 2014

Good write up, Kyle.  However, the Midline is almost always run to the 3 technique.  If it is run to the 1 technique or nose guard it is almost always a "pull" for the QB.  The Midline is a great compliment to the Veer because typically the Veer is run toward the 1 technique.  Since these two plays compliment each other, a check call can easily be made at the line of scrimmage.  For instance, if the call is Veer right and the Defense is playing a 3 technique to that side of the ball, the play can either be flipped to the other side (assuming there is a 1 technique on the left side) or simply changed to the Midline.  The call in the huddle would be, Veer Right Check Midline or Veer Right Check Railroad (or Ohio if you play EA football games).  These easy checks make the flexbone hard to stop when executed properly even with 8 or 9 in the box.  

Comment 28 Apr 2014

This list plus Mack would make me even happier.  Maybe the Browns make some moves and use a pick next year to get your crop listed above and Mack.  I would be dancing circles, but it probably won't happen.  The #4 pick is probably going to be Manziel or Bortles, unfortunately.

Comment 28 Apr 2014


If you changed Allen Robinson to Kelvin Benjamin, I might jump off a bridge.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Robinson is going to be good.  He reminds me of Keenan Allen.  Maybe it is because they share a name, I don't know.  Actually, if Bert is ever associated with the Browns or Buckeyes, I will jump off a bridge.  But your likely scenario isn't too far fetched, unfortunately.  

Dream wise, if Skov falls into the 3rd of 4th round that would be awesome.  I'd love to have him, but I think he will probably go late in the second round.  

Comment 28 Apr 2014


I think you are probably right about trading up to get Johnny Football.  If that happens, it probably kills the Browns ability to move back up into the second round by trading a 3,4, and 6.  Maybe Carr or Garappolo would still be sitting at #26.

It is sad that this is my favorite time of the year to be a Browns fan.  This is the only time the Browns are ever up at the top of the standings.

Comment 28 Apr 2014


I'm glad you mentioned Dion Lewis.  I think he is going to be a really good 3rd down back and maybe even more.  This is one of the reasons I think it would be smart for the Browns to wait until very late to take another RB.  Other than McCarron, I like what you did.   

Comment 28 Apr 2014

I'm concerned that Watkins isn't that much better than the other receivers, i.e., Mike Evans, Odell Beckham, Brandin Cooks and Allen Robinson.  With that said, I wouldn't be upset with Watkins going at #4 though.  I'd like it a whole lot more than Bortles/Bridgewater/Carr/Manziel.  When all is said and done, I think the Browns do take Manziel with #4 and break my heart.  

I like taking a CB with the 26th pick.  My personal favorite in that range is the kid from TCU, Jason Verrett.  I think he will be Antoine Winfield 2.0.  

Comment 08 Jan 2014

I have always hated Sparty.  They have now stole two chances to play for football National Championships, 1998 and 2013.  Additionally, Nick Saban coached them.  I hate them.  I have always hated them.  I actually almost smiled when I heard the news that Plaxico Burress shot himself.  I've never thought guns were funny at all, but that is how much I hate Sparty and Plaxico.  When John L. Smith went psycho on television at halftime of the 2005 game, I couldn't have been happier.    

With that said, I hate TTUN more. 

Comment 03 Jan 2014

Was Bama blown out?  Two TD loss and down two TDs almost all game?  OSU was allegedly blown out by LSU by two TDs in the 2009 Champ game.  So, yes.  Alabama got blown the F out!!!!

Comment 20 Nov 2013

OSU should be ranked #2.  They started the season at #2 and did nothing but WIN and still drop in the polls.  Why did Clemson, FSU, and Oregon jump OSU?  They shouldn't have been jumped.  The only reason they dropped is because of the perceived weakness of the B1G and the rest of the country thinking OSU should never play in the champ game again due to the debacle in Glendale.  This comes directly from media bias.

Comment 12 Nov 2013

Style points are absolutely still necessary, even though Coach Meyer says they are not.  If OSU struggles down the stretch, Bama and/or FSU lose, and Baylor averages 50 points, the public outcry for Baylor to play in the champ game is going to be sickening.  Coach Meyer stated it perfectly, "you have to play great, though, or you'll no longer be in the same breath with those other teams."  In other words, you better win by 40 or 50 against the cellar dwelling teams of the B1G.  FACT.

Comment 13 Aug 2013

Three things will decide the success of the season and they go in the following order:  (1) Braxton's improvement as a passer; (2) the defense has to be able to stop the run (less than 100 yards per game); and, (3) the offensive line needs to play as well as they did last year.  If those three things happen, it will be fun to watch this team in games 13 and 14.    


Comment 12 Jun 2013

"Then remind yourself that Urban Meyer wants, at minimum, 4.5 seconds of hang time to go along with what is hopefully a 45 yard kick."

Then remind yourself that the 45 yard kick is really a 55 yard kick since your punting the ball approximately 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage.  Then remind yourself that things such as wind (especially tricky), cold, and rain are a regular part of punting at OSU, especially during the B1G season.  Then remember you have to get the punt off in 1.2 to 1.3 seconds after catching the ball (scUM punters take notice) with huge, fast, and ugly dudes coming straight at you.

Good luck Cameron!  No pressure!!