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Comment 13 Feb 2017

Exactly. Dude is always way out of the box and sometimes 5 to 10 ft in play. Even when the opposing team has the ball right in front of him.  This looked like an honest accident, and a hilarious one at that, but I have always said opposing teams should run some kind of quick misdirection and swing it back and either run a player into him or hit him with the ball. It would have to be an auto technical foul on him and hopefully teach his creepy ass a lesson.

Comment 31 Jan 2017
Well I think it says it all about the state of OSU basketball when they have a key home game against the top team in the B1G and A) I forgot to watch and B) when opening 11W just now and realizing this, I almost exactly predicted not only the score but the game flow. It's like watching groundhog day for the last 2 years with this team. Probably makes me a bad fan, but I'm sure I'm not alone.
Comment 18 Jan 2017

Same here. After he missed the open 3 just a few seconds before the wide open layup, I found myself pondering whether he has ever made a "big shot" in his career - like last minute or two of a game, to tie or take a lead.  Until tonight I want to say no, and I'm not sure an uncontested layup necessarily counts in the clutch department.  I know in the last 6-8 mins of this game alone, he probably missed at least 5 straight shots when it was a 1-2 pt game. Feels like that is the story every close game.

Comment 04 Jan 2017
I think you're putting too much on Beck in that regard. JT is the one out there who needs to make the decision and throw the dang ball. Beck, or any QB coach can't make theit QB throw the ball at the exact right moment. Sure they can address these issues on film and work on it in practice, and you'd have to be insane if you don't think this wasn't practiced repeatedly. But at the end of the day the player on the field has to do it.
Comment 04 Jan 2017

Not just accurately, but on TIME please. That was the bigger issue to me.  JT lost his confidence and therefore timing. He was too gun shy for most of the year.  Most of the issues on his deep balls was he waited too long to throw it.  It's like dude, you can't throw it 70 yds, so you're going to have to let it go sooner.

I'm in the camp that JT is no where near the "greatest QB" in school history, but he is pretty good, and should definitely be the starter next year barring injury. And hoping that the new coaches can get him back playing the way he can.

Comment 04 Jan 2017

Recency bias is definitely a thing a lot of us our guilty of on here.  So is selective memory.  No one would deny the greatness of JT's performance @ MSU in 2014.  But he was very average to bad (@PSU, IU) in the other 4-5 games surrounding that one before getting hurt, which no one seems to remember.

And no, I do not believe we win the championship in 2014 with JT at QB those last 3 games.  But that is just an opinion and it is a pointless argument, no one knows what could have or would have happened if JT didn't get hurt.  All we know is we played our best 3 games of the year with Cardale at QB. That FACT cannot be disputed, outside of saying the @MSU game fits somewhere in there as one of the best performances.

EDIT: For the record, I am currently in favor of sticking with JT as the starter now that we have some new coaching blood in. Going with these unknown young backups is the easiest way to have a disaster or two. JT is our best option to win the B1G and make the CFP next year.  But until I see it, I will have my doubts when we run into a Bama or Clemson/FSU type team in the playoffs that he/this offense can be effective against the elite.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Not sure where all this doubt on Ward is coming from. He played pretty well for being the backup/3rd corner and a freshman.  I look for him to be as solid of a starter as we have back there next year.  Arnette on the other hand, geez I hope we have somebody coming in or already in who can pass him up.  He seems more like a safety to me, cover skills wise.

Not sure exactly which spot, but I would keep an eye on Jordan Fuller at one of the DB spots. 

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Was he really though?  2014 schedule was pretty weak.  As every JT supporter has told us 10,000 times, he played the best game of his career against MSU that year. Was totally on point that night.  The games before it, and after it, I recall lots of the same struggles against anyone remotely competent.  2014 played out pretty similar to 2016 in regular season numbers. Huge stat padding 6 TD games against MAC teams and low level B1G teams, and then terrible-to-decent passing numbers against the 3 or 4 top 25 defenses we see in each year.

Somehow to this day, Cardale gets very little credit for what he elevated the team to in the 2014 postseason (against the 3 best teams we played all year), while simultaneously JT gets more credit for what he didn't do.

I challenge some crazy 11W'er who has nothing but free time to go through every game JT has played in during his career, and put together a video of every single pass in JTs career that has traveled over 20 air yards. The ratio of terribly thrown passes to completions would be staggering. And in my opinion the % would not change drastically from 2014 to 2015 to 2016.  He's been throwing the same ducks on deep balls his entire career.  What would change is number of deep pass attempts. Which may be playcalling but may also be JT unwilling to let it fly. 

And this where the chicken and the egg thing comes in. Do we blame the coaches for the playcalling or JT from limiting them as playcallers?  Probably a little of both, but I don't think the coaches believe JT can complete a deep pass so they don't bother calling it very often. And for all we know, when they do dial it up, he doesn't even pull the trigger on some of them.

Comment 01 Jan 2017
2014 MSU is more and more the anomaly in JTs career, yet that is all his supporters have to offer in these arguments. I'm with the above, there is no way we have that 3 game run with JT at QB. And sorry to say, no way we win a title next year either unless at a minimum there is a coaching change on offense. JT + Warriner/Beck is not going to get it done against the elite teams.
Comment 29 Dec 2016

Haha yeah, I actually skimmed the game notes and that was the best part.  Somehow tOSU knocks Watson out of the game in the 1st half, but then goes on to get roasted by 20 points. Something tells me if Watson were to miss 3/4s of this game in real life, Clemson would have almost no chance.

Comment 29 Dec 2016

Stanton clearly is saying the question has been answer in the B1G's favor.  Not sure how the results could be interpreted any other way.

B1G had its 7th best team in Minnesota just travel across the country with 10 suspended players and beat Wash St., the Pac-12s 5th best team.  8th-9th place Northwestern beat a ranked Pitt squad, again probably 4th-6th best ACC team.  Yes the B1G's worst bowl participant Maryland lost to BC, another 6-6 team, but that game was the least meaningful of all.

Then you have maybe the biggest mismatch of the bowl season for the B1G, with 6-6 IU (8th-9th best from B1G) playing across the country against #19 Utah (4th best PAC-12), and if not for a missed FG and some shaky clock management at the end, only lost by 2.

Still a lot of games to be played and the top 4 need to perform, but the simple fact that the B1G's bottom tier just went 2-2 against mostly mismatches on paper, tells you everything you need to know.

Comment 29 Dec 2016

Even as a freshman, Joey Bosa is a pretty obvious choice, but I might also be inclined to take true freshman Vonn Bell over Damon Webb at Safety.

That was the frustrating thing about the 2013 Silver Bullets.  The individual talent was there across the board, but they never played anywhere near that potential as a unit.  After seeing the immediate dividends of the coaching change (Withers to Ash), I think we all know what the real issue was.

Comment 28 Dec 2016

I've noticed this as well (ad surely other defenses have), JT loves to scramble to his right.  Prince has unquestionably played subpar against the elite defenses, but I think JT has contributed to some of these sacks.  He is often indecisive with the ball or just not able to quickly find a WR.

As the dead horse has been beaten many times, I think the issue of "sacks allowed" is equal parts o-line, JT holding the ball, and WRs not getting open.  You can't really pin it all on Prince, or JT, or WRs.  It's a combination of all 3, and on any given play that breaks down, one of those 3 units did a poor job.

I have to believe all 3 units will be improved heading into this game, and I think we will all be pleasantly surprised in the overall performance of the passing game.

Comment 27 Dec 2016
OP sounds identical to my season. Won regular season 11-2 in pretty dominating fashion, but then had a flukey loss in the semis to a guy with a .500 record. Then of course won my consolation by 70 pts this week and outscored both the so called finalists by over 50 each. Such a disappointing season.
Comment 26 Dec 2016
I have no prediction for the upcoming game, but I'm not sure what game you watched when we played Clemson in the Orange Bowl. We had a 9 pt lead in the 3rd qtr and were getting the ball back until Philly Brown muffed a punt. And in the end, had the ball with a chance to win it until a bad pass by Braxton and an even worse non reviewal ended up being ruled an INT. Did we lose and give up 40? Yes, but we did not fall behind early and struggle to keep up.