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Comment 15 Oct 2016
In order for that to happen we need A) a WR to get open and B) JT to set his feet and make a quick decision. I'm sure it is some of A) but JT does not make quick passing decisions / find open receivers very well against anyone but creampuffs. He has always gotten way too much credit in that department.
Comment 14 Oct 2016

Wisconsin was #8. They lost. (Had a bye week). Wisconsin is ranked #8.

I know you said nothing about Wisconsin, but I'm just pointing out this isn't the typical SEC thing with UT. Both UT and UW deserve to ranked where they are right now.  They have almost identical resumes - 2-3 quality wins, close scare at home against a G5 team, and a 1 score road loss to an undefeated top 10 team.

Now teams such as Arkansas and Auburn, fair game. They have little to no business being in the top 25.

Comment 14 Oct 2016

Wow, out of the many stats that the Buckeyes are better than Wisconsin in, the potentially huge difference maker to me is net punting. tOSU is 2nd in the nation at 47 yds and Wisc is 116th at 33 yds.

In a potential rain-soaked slugfest between two elite defenses, that differential in field position every time they exchange punts could prove to be massive.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

This exactly. I've been saying it ever since the 2013 B1G championship against MSU. I know I know, we're up to what 55-4 and counting. But on our "bad days" for the offense, it seems the defense has that very plan.  By their alignment and scheme some defenses have forced tOSU into default QB run mode, with the occasional deep shot pass that we miss more often than not. At that point they know if they give a certain look, tOSU will make a certain read, and we become too predictable. And for whatever reason we seem unable to get out of that mode and dictate to the defense what they should defend.  

The IU game felt like the first step all year back in the direction, so it is mildly troubling heading into a game against a defense who can do just that - stack the box, take away the RB and force JT to keep it all night. While daring us to beat them over the top with long passes.

Here's to hoping what transpired against IU was the perfect thing for both the tOSU players and coaches to see and make adjustments prior to playing the teams who can actually beat us on an off day.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

The biggest mistake of the whole thing is to let any media, especially ESPN, into your room for an entire normally closed door session. ESPN and the media in general will do anything to make a story, take comments out of context, etc.  And your letting tOSU have at least some insight to the things you are covering in your DB room.

Once the media is in there, the coach either has to not be himself and watch his words carefully, or talk how he normally would behind closed doors and run the risk of bulletin board material. Lose-lose situation for UW, thanks for playing!

Comment 11 Oct 2016

Speaking of cellular data feeds around the stadium, this come up at our IU tailgate last weekend.  We do not have DTV and usually only try to set anything up when the game is on ABC (easy antenna local feed).  But the IU game surprised a bit being on ESPN so we were left trying to stream it on WatchESPN app.

My buddy used his phone as a mobile hotspot for the internet and then streamed it the TV.  It worked great for watching a little bit of Gameday in the morning but once it got past noon it would not work at all.  Too many people on the mobile network at that point I would guess.

Much to my surprise though we tried again for giggles at game time and it pulled the feed in and worked fairly OK. I guess enough people leave the surrounding area to watch the game elsewhere or even just going in the stadium?

The primary drawback of streaming any live sporting event is the feed is close to 1 minute behind real time, versus the 10-15 seconds a DTV feed would be. Unless you're tailgating by yourself in an empty field, you're probably going to know what's going to happen before you see it on your TV.  But it does work in a pinch!  No idea how much data it uses though, probably a lot.

Comment 11 Oct 2016

Oh yeah, like I said, this is from a few years ago.  Which now made me go look to see and yeah it was a long time ago.  Here is this same stat over the years (the beginning is crazy how this is even possible):

2005 - 118 out of 119

2006 - 119 out of 119

2007 - 120 out of 120 (4.1 opp penalties/gm, next closest was 4.8!)

2008 - 106 out of 120

2009 - 107 out of 120

2010 - 99 out of 120

2011 - 50 out of 120  (interesting - our one bad season in this entire period is the one where we received more than average calls)

2012 - 71 out of 124

2013 - 74 out of 125

2014 - 106 out of 128

2015 - 101 out of 128

So there it is. tOSU is apparently terrible at making their opponents screw up. Or...

Comment 10 Oct 2016
This is actually a repost of sorts. Just kidding, but I do recall someone posting this same thing a couple seasons ago, and they went back like 5 years with the stats. It was the same thing, over that 5 year period I think we were dead last in opponent penalties. I'm way too lazy to go dig that info back up, but this definitely makes you say hmmmm..
Comment 10 Oct 2016

This is true, but their win against Va Tech is looking better, and they also beat UF and UGA.  Not great teams but that's 3 better wins than most the rest of the teams in that area can claim.  And their loss was OT on the road to another top 10 team.  They basically have the same resume as Wisconsin when you look at it that way. 

Now how in the hell Arkansas was ever ranked #16 is something I cannot even fathom. 

Comment 19 Sep 2016

While typically true, Arkansas has basically the same resume - Started season unranked, 3-0, one ranked win (@TCU), and they are #17/18, so...

Comment 19 Sep 2016

I agree with the masses, 2 teams from same conference will never make the CFP as it is currently constructed.

But then it is funny to think just handful of years ago, 2 teams from the SEC made the BCS game, when the field was only 2. Now that was some messed up stuff right there. And honestly probably led to the destruction of the BCS and start of the CFP, so maybe it was a good thing?

Point being, if the right combination of crazy things happen, a conference could land 2 teams. But it is probably very unlikely.

And if it does ever happen, then it will surely lead to a 6 or 8 team expansion, which is also a good thing, IMO.

Comment 24 Aug 2016

Why would someone DV this?  It is pretty much spot on.  Whether Joey was right or wrong in his hardline stance (sounds like he was), it really looks like his 2 choices now are 1) Sign a less friendly deal this year or 2) sit out and re-enter the 2017 draft.

Sitting out til next year seems increasingly likely, and the opportunity cost of signing that Chargers offer and playing this year far outweighs getting pennies on the dollar he's fighting for here.  It is very unlikely he will be a top 3-5 pick next year after sitting out a whole season.  Which then guarantees his new 2017 contract will be for less money, and he will have no bargaining power for these small details he's fighting here anyway. Also, his future big payday will be 1 year further away.

Unfortunately the Chargers know that and are also being ridiculously stubborn.  Seems like both sides have backed themselves into an unwinnable situation.

I just don't get the sentiment Joey is doing "what is best for him".  I mean maybe it feels that way now that there is obviously irreconcilable differences between him and the Chargers, so playing for a different organization will be better.  But he has certainly lost himself money over this, maybe a lot depending on what happens next year.

Comment 02 Aug 2016

I was just going to say the same thing. A major part of the lack of HB touches over the years, seems like to me it has been because we're just not that good at those designed running plays. Looked forced and predictable just as you said. And we all know it isn't because of the athletes playing that position so there is something else to it.

Count me in for a few more screens and passing plays as the #1 option. I swear Braxton was open all year long, our Qbs (JT especially) just rarely looked at him in the passing game for some reason.

Comment 29 Jul 2016

I agree with that, because you and I are rationale people.  But a lot of people don't think that way, so what I said still stands.  Whether Joey is in the right or not, to most common observers, and to a probably growing portion of his teammates, he is looking like the bad guy here to some extent.  Fair or not, it is what it is.

It's definitely one of those things that is neither good for Joey nor the Chargers, so they both just need to get on with it and get him into camp ASAP.

Comment 29 Jul 2016

That is fair enough, but if you want to make that parallel, think of it this way.  What if you knew your company was hiring another member to your team, he was going to make 2-3x your salary, but he isn't making it official until he gets the equivalent of an extra week of vacation and a nicer cubicle.  Oh and he has much less experience than you.

That would make most the people in the organization dislike this new hire before ever meeting him.  And it would be an uphill battle for him from there.

I know it is apples and oranges, but some of those dynamics are the same no matter the workplace.

Comment 29 Jul 2016

I agree. I know we are all predisposed to take's Joey side, but this is a very quick way to get off to a bad start with his teammates, coaches, and the Chargers fans.  And just his career in general.  He starts missing camp time it is going to slow down his progression and ability to come in and make an impact in a new league, and new system. It can snowball from there.

He needs to sign and get on with it.