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Comment 19 May 2017

On the flip side, USC has become quite an untrustworthy team the past 5 years or so.  Always lots of preseason hype, and then poof they're a tire fire for half the season before getting hot again late.  And it all starts over again the next season.

Comment 10 May 2017

Reverse the order and you are exactly right.  We do not have quality proven depth on the OL.  Losing ANY of them would be the biggest blow to the team. All other positions groups, there are either known commodities in a backup role, or battles where there is little difference between whoever gets the starting nod and who the backup is.

QB is indeed the can of worms, and while I don't say we'd be better off without JT like some do, I don't think there will be much drop off for the offense with Burrow/Haskins, and the potential for even greater things - a la Cardale in 2014.

Edit: Special mention to Weber at RB.  Everyone is hyped up on Dobbins rightfully, but just a true frosh and McCall is undersized for a full time role.  So Weber is pretty indispensable in his own right. 

Comment 09 May 2017

Exactly. Sure there will be some early signees with MAC schools that are "late bloomers" but you have that today anyways.  I would think most kids are pretty self aware, if not overconfident in some ways, that they can earn that higher major offer their senior year.  And they know worst case they can still sign with the mid or lower major school come December.  As with everything in life, their will be exceptions on both sides, but by and large this will not change that much from a "where the talent ends up" perspective.

Comment 09 May 2017

I agree with most of what you said but the train wreck scenario of a kid flunking out can happen at any time with the current system too. It is neither better nor worse in this situation.  It is the staff's job to identify whether a recruit has a potential grades issue and decide accordingly.  That has always been the case and always will be.  I think our staff does a pretty good job of this.

Comment 08 May 2017

Samuel busted a big run at some point, but yeah, epicly bad offensive performance against an up and down defense that ACC teams moved the ball on with relative ease at times.  But that's what happens when you decide from the opening snap you're not even going to try to do the one thing you're good at - run the ball.  

Comment 05 May 2017

This thread saddens me to realize I haven't been to Cedar Point in 15 years.  Now I'm just waiting for the 2 tikes to get big enough to ride most of the rides before going back.  

Comment 24 Apr 2017

Cables modems do offer DHCP, yes, but every cable company I have known only allows 1 Public IP to be assigned, therefore only 1 machine or router can be actually be used in that fashion.  Unless you pay for more. It may vary company, but think about it, public IP space is finite and a valuable resource for any ISP.  They can't just let anybody hook 4 or 10 devices up direct and eat their IP space.

Comment 24 Apr 2017

Yep, at MAXIMUM he is a 4 year guy either way. But likely a 3 year.  There is no sense in redshirting, because believe it or not, a freshman (especially of his talent) getting small handfuls of real game reps in just mop up duty does help them improve and be better prepared for a starring role in year 2.

Comment 24 Apr 2017

I would definitely investigate this first over buying an additional router/AP.  Not sure if it is a finished basement, but you may have a straight shot to run coax into a more central room on the 1st floor - family room, office, etc.  You may even be able to see where the existing ethernet run goes up into the room.  Allowing you to run that coax extension for your incoming internet to that room.  So you can then just have the modem/router combo plug in there.  Then use a small switch in the basement to tie everything else together for the LAN.

Comment 24 Apr 2017

The summary of all of this is, if you ONLY have coax for the internet ran to this spot in the basement, then you pretty much have to have 2 routers/APs if you want the wireless signal elsewhere in the house.  One primary router connected to the modem in the basement, and one other serving as an AP wherever you want it.

Comment 24 Apr 2017

This won't generally work.  Your "LAN" switch would have the following ports connected to it:

- Modem Internet port

- Wireless router WAN/internet port (in some room)

- Other rooms with ethernet runs

The other rooms would not function properly, at least out of the box.  Since they would have no LAN side connection to your home router, no DHCP, etc.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Always has to be @TTUN as #1.  I know they lose a ton and we've been owning them the last 15 years.  But as much as we hate to admit it, crazy Jim is a good coach, and he will have them ready by the end of the season. And you can't help but feel like the law of averages will catch up some year. Just not this year.

My 2nd tier of moderate concern consists of the home opener with OU.  If we don't reload and hit the ground running in the secondary as well as last year, OU will put up some points.  And then the 4 game grind of @Neb, PSU, @Iowa, MSU.  That is a tough mid season stretch against solid to very good teams, it will be tough to come out unscathed.

3rd tier of very low concern but crazy shit happens would be @IU in the opener.  We haven't always played our best against them, and they have improved over the last few years.  Who knows, maybe the playing against their old coach gives them a small boost too. Not likely, but not impossible.

No concern for the other games - Army, UNLV, @Rutgers, Maryland, Illinois.  All major mismatches and majority are at home.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Every year is different, so it is impossible to say.  I don't think 31-0 will play that much into the minds of the committee, it was last year - different team.  The media and fans will make a big deal about it, sure.  It again would take a similar scenario of a 1 loss Buckeyes with a huge non-conf win over Oklahoma running the table in the Big 12, and a non-OSU B1G champion with multiple losses and/or other conference champions with multiple losses.

Remember, things even got more complicated last year with PSU winning the B1G title game, and none of the other favorites such as Washington or Clemson stumbling in the their championship games.  Had Wisc won it would have been a no brainer due to head to head.  A similar scenario could happen this year with our games @Neb or @Iowa.

But, I for one, would like to see the Buckeyes back in Indy for B1G championship game in 2017.  Getting sick of selling my yearly tickets!

Comment 19 Apr 2017

JT has the highest floor of the 3 QBs, but also the lowest ceiling.  Another year of JT guarantees we will win 10-11+ games and be in the thick of it for the playoffs.  Here comes the downvotes, but to me it also all but guarantees we will not win a national championship either. I mean if Krenzel can do it, then JT can do it under the perfect circumstances. But our overall chances are diminished.  It would have to be a combination of more great defensive play creating points and the right opponents who won't completely smoother our attack with a QB who can't pass against equal competition.

Guys, MSU 2014 is only one game, and it was an entire generation of players ago.  If that's all we have to point to or hold on to as an example of JT passing well against a good team, that's not a good sign.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

And furthermore, we continually got to see Germaine come on in relief in real, meaningful games and set the world on fire.  And yet, every game Jackson trotted out as the starter.

We have not seen Burrow or Haskins come into real games and light it up.  If that happens, which is possible, probably more due to a short term injury to JT, then yes, let's go crazy and make the comparisons.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

I am definitely on the fence in the JT vs. the backups argument, but you are correct about Penn St.  Outside of the blowouts against bad defenses, I thought the PSU game was his best performance of the year.  He even threw his best deep ball of the season with the game only the line only to have Clark get interfered with and simultaneously not come close to catching it.  So I would not blame the PSU loss on JT.

On the flip side, I thought his poor play SHOULD or COULD have lost us both the MSU and TTUN games.  And the Wisconsin game he was mostly brutal, but did recover down the stretch and in OT.

And due to his overall limitations and subsequent predictable play calling by our OC tandem, Clemson was able to crowd and maul us up front.

Comment 12 Apr 2017

This was my exact thought. I mean not necessarily the millennial hipster part, but a lot of kids/people are wired that way - in that whatever is the most obvious/assumed/popular choice for something, is a turn off for them.  Myself included.  The route less traveled if you will.

We'll see what happens. Hope he chooses the Bucks, but I won't lose any sleep over it either way.