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Comment 21 Jan 2015

Odd schedule this year. All their non-con games that weren't against marquee teams were against absolutely awful teams. Can't do that. Need the N Dakota St.'s, Wyoming's, and Ohio's from last year to give you respectable wins.  And then the B1G is down and somehow we draw Mich St. Wisc, and Maryland only once.  Makes for a really weak overall schedule.

They're going to need to get to 22-9 (11-7 in conference) and then win at least 1 game in B1G tourney to have a chance to make it to the dance.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Yeah not sure about this. I remember at the time they showed several replays and I thought they got it right. His other foot ends up just out of bounds. I'm not sure that the foot in that pic is really touching down. They had some great angles and closeups on the original broadcast. But now I want to watch it again!

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Week 11:

#14 OSU beats #8 Michigan State on the road 49-37

#12 Baylor beats #15 Oklahoma on the road 48-14

#6 TCU beats #7 Kansas State at home 41-20

New Ranking:

Ohio State #8

Baylor #7

TCU #4


All three teams get a win over a ranked opponent; OSU and Baylor do it on the road. OSU jumps six full spots, Baylor jumps five full spots and TCU jumps just two spots. All teams move to 8-1. After the first two weeks of the CFP Rankings, OSU jumps eight spots, Baylor jumps six and TCU jumps three. 

Let’s stop here for a second. OSU beats a ranked and unranked team and moves eight spots and Baylor beats a ranked and unranked team and moves six spots. TCU beats two ranked teams and only moves three spots? Come on man. Explain that, Jeff Long.

I had to stop reading here. OSU moved up more spots because they were ranked way lower and all the teams in front of them also lost. It's not hard for anyone to explain that. What a complete idiot. Also beating MSU on the road was much better than any of their wins.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

This is the best we can hope for. With the only exception being the division of playing time between Jones/Barrett in 2015. It really is 1A and 1B with them in this offense. I think the key for this to work is for Braxton AND the coaches to accept the uncertainty of his future with that shoulder and embrace a new hybrid role. Find ways to keep Braxton on the field and get him the ball in space on running plays and screens. While also having packages where he throws at least 3-5 passes a game to keep the defense guessing.

I'm dreaming, but it seems possible. 

Comment 15 Jan 2015

I thought so too, until his fumble in the NCG. That put him right back in my personal doghouse. Which is all that matters...to me...personally.

Hah, kidding aside I think C. Smith will be solid next year as #2/3 option in the passing game, but not a #1 guy like M Thomas would be. Also C. Smith has not shown he can catch a deep ball all year. I mean he literally did not catch one. He either misjudges the ball's flight or just drops it. So while he's looking better on the short to medium passing game, he definitely doesn't look like the answer for deep ball Devin's role. Whom we will sorely miss even if Thomas comes back.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Whoa whoa whoa, if you're going to count Cardale's 3 games as just 60 minutes each, then why is Roethlisberger getting a free pass rounding up into 3 years!  More like Roethlisberger played ~36 hours. Doesn't seem so bad by comparison now does it? :)  

And to be fair, I'm all but certain the 3 games Cardale played were all against opponents more difficult than Roethlisberger's 36+ game collegiate career. 

Comment 15 Jan 2015

I would say he is a disappointment.  Maybe it is not all on him, but he barely gets to play, and when he does he doesn't make an impact. So when we got a guy who averaged like 13 pts and 8 rebs the year before in the A-10, you expect a solid contributor. 

One play I noticed out of Lee recently was in the 1st half of the IU game.  He made kind of a nifty move to get an uncontested point blank layup and he missed it. While IU got the rebound and went in transition, he seriously just put his head down and WALKED, and I mean WALKED back down the floor.  All the while Boals and Matta were hopping around like crazy trying to get his attention waving their arms for him to run back down to the floor. At one point you could tell Lee made eye contact with the coaches, who then stopped waving, and he just continued walking. IU even had a semi lengthy 10-15+ second possession and Lee didn't even make it to half court as IU scored and I don't think Lee played the rest of the game. Pretty unbelievable.

Maybe unfair to judge him on 1 of the few plays I've noticed him this year, but I'd say he's quickly becoming on a lost cause.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

I'd be much more worried for Cardale if he chose to stay, versus declaring today.  He has drummed up enough intrigue with this 3 game audtion and should pass all the physical tests with flying colors, that he will go no later than the 2nd round.  That is guaranteed money, no matter what happens in his NFL career from there on.

If he comes back to school I think by rights he should have just a good of chance as any of the 3 to win the starting job, but something tells me he wouldn't, at least not permanently.  He also risks injuries and more tape can actually show more weaknesses over time.

People need to understand his decision shouldn't entirely be about what's best for the OSU team or even his development as an individual player. It should primarily be about getting the most value out of his future profession, and I believe that is to go pro today.

I think the best thing for all 3 of our QBs (as individuals) is as follows:

Cardale goes pro and gets drafted in at least the 2nd round

J.T. becomes the starter and team leader again

Braxton stays at OSU and takes on a hybrid role in the offense, which features occasional direct snaps and passing attempts. And is also the regular backup QB. I have my doubts his shoulder will be fully ready to be the day 1 starter regardless of what anybody else does.  It has to be really hard for him, but I just think the shoulder injury makes it that much more unlikely he can become an NFL QB in the future.  I see nothing wrong in becoming something like the next Antwaan Randle-El in the league, but for some reason most athletic college QBs refuse to try anything else. We'll see. 

Comment 14 Jan 2015

I've seen a few complaints here and there about the last TD, but they are completely unfounded and baseless. Let's see:

1)  This is the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!  Not some early season mismatch against an FCS team.  These should be evenly matched teams where no side lets up until the clock hits zero.

2)  I believe it was 3rd down and Oregon had all their timeouts. If the whiners wanted us to not score, then I guess we were supposed to take a knee?  Then Oregon calls a timeout and now we've got to put our shaky kicky game out there against their handful of 6-7/6-8 d-lineman. A blocked FG return for TD crazy-type play is not out of the realm of possibility.

3)  This is Oregon. Perhaps no team in the modern college football era is more guilty of running up the score on all opponents. Very hypocritical.

I guess it is not surprising some of their fans were upset given point #3.  They are so used to running it up on everyone they play, they don't know what it feels like to have someone do the same to them.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Uh no, most of the country has a deep seeded hatred for the Buckeyes, so the Vegas odds makers set the line with that in mind. It's primarily about keeping the betting even on both sides, not about making an accurate prediction of the game.

DJ already put up in one of the Skully's this week a tweet that said 70% of all bets are towards Oregon, but "sharp bets" on the OSU side were keeping the line at -7.

Tells you everything you need to know about why the line is the way it is.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

I try not to get too crazy with the superstitions, but the only game (of importance) all year that I didn't wear my newest Buckeye jersey was VT. I will be wearing it on Monday night, that is for sure.

And I concur with the OP in not betting on OSU. I have not done it since @PSU in '05 (ugly 17-10 loss). Although it took a lot of restraint to not lay big on that +9.5 line in the Sugar Bowl. +7 against Oregon feels soft as well, but superstitions and all that..

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Yep, I've said this same thing in a couple threads this week already. I was glad to see this article go into more detail on it, but it looks like most in here are still underestimating Oregon's defense overall.

I get at a glance on some raw yardage numbers this defense looks like we should steamroll it, but the advanced stats say it's not quite so bad. I mean we should still steamroll it because that's what our offense does to any defense, but it is going to take long consistent drives and no turnovers / stupid penalties. 

Comment 08 Jan 2015
Yeah I don't know. I mean we all agree it would've been awesome to hit the long ball there and bury them, but.. Bama only had 2 timeouts, so running it 3 times guarantees you roll the clock well under 1 min and leave them no timeouts and pinned deep. If Bama had all 3 TOs, I have no problem taking the deep shot at some point in the possession. Thankfully Bama had that weird 2 yard dropped pass / fumble play that they ruled a catch and it cost them close to the 30 seconds we spotted them with the incomplete pass.
Comment 08 Jan 2015

Johnnie Dixon. Should be some openings at WR next year. Need a deep threat to replace Devin.

Comment 07 Jan 2015
This needs to be a ground and pound game for the Buckeyes with the occasional short passing / screen game worked in. Oregon's D is actually a little bit better than most of us will give them credit for in the classic "bend but don't break" model. Their yardage stats make them look pretty bad on D, but somehow they are pretty efficient at stopping drives either via a turnover of whatever. They're also on the field a lot more possessions because of how good their offense is. So in that light, their PPG allowed shows they are a little better than it appears on paper at least. They will make it tough for us to beat them deep with big passing plays, so we need to take what they give us and pound it on them all game long until they are forced to come up on us a little bit. It's easier said than done, but if we can avoid turnovers and drive killing penalties, we should be able to march it on them all game long. I just wouldn't expect the regularity of huge 40+ yd plays that we've seen the last couple games, at least in the passing game.