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Comment 26 Jun 2015

I agree that we do not have a known quantity deep threat. Last year it was pretty much only Devin Smith who could complete the catch on a true go route.  Corey Smith and Marshall both have shown repeated trouble tracking and judging the deep ball. I love Marshall as a slot guy catching medium-deep balls over the middle in front of safeties, but every time he was targeted on a go route he would usually slow down, jump, and have the ball go over his head.  Corey Smith seemed to be in position for a few, but could never actually come down with the ball.

The young guys who have never seen the field are completely unknown - DIxon, Campbell, McLaurin.  Hopefully one of them can become that guy, but it's not going to happen on game 1 against VT.

The only guy who I would trust to come down with deep balls right now is Mike Thomas. He might not have the pure speed of the others, but definitely the size and the ability to go get the ball is there. He is going to need to have a big game against VT or I think some may be surprised to see the offense struggle a little in that first game.

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Hawaii should be pretty bad but Western Michigan is actually pretty solid (for non P5 school). They should be a contending team in the MAC this year. Won 8 games last year and return a lot of their top young skill players.

We will blow their doors off yes, but they are way better than Hawaii.

Western Michigan is actually the perfect kind of non-conf opponent in this playoff era. Still a likely guaranteed win, but they will go on to win 8-9+ games once they get into their weaker conference and boost our SOS numbers at the end of the year.  Same deal with N. Illinois.

Comment 09 Jun 2015

Wow, that must be the difference between being a true completely biased fan of the Cavs (you) and someone who is just bandwagoning and pulling for them to win (me).  I thought indeed there was numerous bad calls that didn't go the Cavs way, but on that last play Lebron pretty deftly cruised through the traffic. He created as much of the contact with Iguodala as Iguodala did, and it was very minor anyway. He then almost completely avoided contact from anyone else gliding in the air and double pumping around Green.

I thought it was a great move, one he finishes 9 times out of 10, and he was not fouled. Not really that close. Lebron does not hide it when he thinks he was fouled, and he didn't show any indication he thought he was fouled on that play.

The non-calls on the Green jump balls were what pissed me off the most. Could not believe that. He pulls Lebron down, doesn't tap the ball and Lebron is left with it in his lap and somehow that is the Warriors ball?? WTF??

Comment 04 Jun 2015

If you're referring to the Illinois GIF, that play was actually a "fumble" on the field where he was in a forward throwing motion and the ball slipped out awkwardly.  It was overturned after review.

Cardale is so good that he can fake turnovers to then lay the wood on the opposing team and get the ball back afterwards!

Comment 26 May 2015

That's exactly it, game speed and vision is what it comes down to in a Marshall vs. Wilson debate.

In roughly half the career playing time and opportunities, Marshall has a punt return TD (against IU), a long jet-sweep / touch pass TD (also IU), and a crossing route catch and run 40+ yd TD (against Minne).  Could Dontre have made those same plays? Maybe, but the fact remains Dontre has 0 explosive TDs in double the amount of playing time. And as you said his longest play from scrimmage (I think) was that amazing 1 handed grab against VT. Kudos for that grab, but it was a great catch on a deep pass with 0 yards run after the catch.

Bottom line, so far, Dontre has been a solid performer and contributer to the team, and I expect that to continue, but he is a not a game breaking homerun hitter at H-back.

Comment 26 May 2015

5 years too many in my opinion. He was a classic case of a coach who made his name by inheriting a traditionally strong mid-major school (Ball St.) and winning with the previous coach's recruits for a few years. He managed to get out of dodge just in time, as that program started to fall apart his last year (his first with all his recruits), to somehow land the OSU job.

It didn't make sense for OSU then and still doesn't today.

Comment 05 May 2015

You're missing Raekwon's INT return against Maryland and I think it was Lee who had a 2nd scoop and score against TSUN (his 1st against Navy which is what I think you're referring to).

Comment 05 May 2015

You may be right but that's only if Boren is the size he is listed at in the program. I'd be willing to wager that Boren's true height at the combine will be closer to 6'0 than 6'2 unfortunately.

If Mike Bennet can fall to the 6th round for being "undersized" then I'm afraid it's going to be real tough on Boren. 

Comment 30 Apr 2015

Here's the thing (in my opinion) about how pointless this thread and OP is.  OSU could have just as easily got a commit from Ward last week instead of Potter.  And then say Potter today commits to MSU, and you go ahead and type this same post about how we can't keep talent in state.  We had 2 freaking schollies and took 2 pretty good looking forwards in Funderburke and Potter (both from Ohio)!!

Guys, there's only a couple spots per year, and and dozens of potential solid players from Ohio to choose from. And the unfair thing about it is, these guys who "get away" we don't really pay close attention to. We just notice that when they're a junior/senior and make a couple baskets against OSU, all the sudden it is just more evidence that Thad can't recruit Ohio.  Whereas had that same player went to OSU and had the same performance while here, we'd say he sucked.  Case in point someone like Trice. He became their go to guy his senior year out of necessity (and usage). He was always a decent player, but I think we overrate some of these players just because they went somewhere else.

There are also tons of examples in football of 3 star OH guys having great success at other B1G schools. If we go and cherry pick every surprise star from OH that went somewhere we'd be here all day.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Yep, I would expect a season very similar to this last one, of course hoping for a little better but it will be tough. Like it or not we lost 4 starters (which could be a good thing in some cases). And while I'm a big fan of the incoming class I'm not sure any of them are going to be impact freshman superstars. Definitely will be some ups and downs.

Which for many around here will lead to #FireMatta threads unfortunately. But hopefully, Thad sticks around for 2016-2017, where by then we should be REALLY good.

Comment 30 Mar 2015

Cue the flip out thread "Feder is flipping from the Bucks to pursue a career in the WWE" in 3....2....1...

Comment 30 Mar 2015

Whether we agree or disagree about the call, how do you get a 6 point swing out of that?  CCC was up 2, he dunked it and got called for the T.  They still kept the 2 pts for the dunk (CCC now up 4), and Defiance was going to get the ball back regardless of the call.

The only difference was Defiance got the 2 free throws, which they still had to make by the way.  While I agree that was huge and made all the difference in sending the game to OT, calling it a 6 point swing is just not correct, and makes it seem a little crazier than it was.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Thank you, UCONN is the exact point I was going to raise in this thread. I'm too lazy to look up the records and stats, but by every measure except one (very important one - NCs) we have had a much better program over the last 10 years. Way better record, more conference championships, more tourney appearances, higher seeds, etc. But UCONN has pulled 2 National Championships out of their asses in the last 5 years somehow.

Does that make them a better program than us over the last 10 years? Does that make them better than Kentucky in the last 10 years?

It's a tough concept to grasp, but measuring programs' success by NC's in college basketball isn't totally fair. The tournament itself is such a fluke driven event that doesn't usually produce the "best team" as the champion.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

He's the 2nd most talented offensive player for sure, but defensively he is somewhat of a liability from what I have seen. But since we shift into the 2-3 zone more often now, it's not as big of a deal. While I don't know about 25-30 mins, should definitely be around 20 mins, taking most of what Loving has been getting. KBD gives us more than Loving right now, plain and simple.

On offense he does seem like he can get to anywhere he wants on the floor and get his shot, just wish he'd be more assertive. He needs some Deshaun Thomas in his game. 

Comment 19 Mar 2015

Hah, I'm with you, I like looking down the road and speculating, but a) the VCU game is complete toss-up and b) Arizona looks like the real deal with lots of size that will give us absolute fits. Can't see us staying within 10 pts of Zona, let alone winning this first game.

Comment 19 Mar 2015

I know upsets are part of the "madness:, but this does illustrate what a sh*tty job the committee did this year seeding wise.  I had a hard time picking the 3/14 and 6/11 pods of the brackets because you have all these overseeded Big 12 teams as #3s and even worse overseeded Big East teams as #6s.

Since the committee was so down on OSU, I really wish they just would've dropped us to an 11 seed somewhere. We'd be waltzing to the sweet 16 by beating some so-so Big East team (Butler/Xavier/Providence) and then a #14 in the 2nd round!

Comment 08 Mar 2015

It's interesting that each of your individual points are very true, yet you last statement I have a hard time agreeing with.  Next year we ship out this very disappointing class of seniors and replace them with a very nice mix of 5 highly ranked freshman and a 7' center transfer in Thompson.

Russell is obviously 99% gone and that will hurt big time, but the barometer is still pointing up for me next year. Worst case is a similar season as this year. 

What a disaster of a program to be a fringe top 25 team and make the tournament every year. And that's in "down" years.