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Comment 13 hours ago

1. Quality tools.

2. Take care of tools.

BOTH equally as important.  I have seen so many mechanics and DIY'ers that never take care of their tools and will leave them out in the rain, thrown in a heap inside their tool box, all over their garage and home.  You might as well not even have them if you are just going to treat them like crap.  This also goes for mowers, cars, motorcycles, boats, etc. when people beat the ever living crap out of them time and time again that thing will start but when it fails to start they always blame the machine when it is the operator that is usually at fault for neglecting to properly care for the item.

Comment 22 hours ago

They began playing in 1879; only 11 years prior to TOSU.  Seems like a lot but back then it was not uncommon to play a handful of games per year (sometimes as few as 1 or 2 games).  To this point, from 1879 to 1890 when we began playing, TTUN played only 34 games. 

From 1901 to 1926 TTUN had Fielding Yost as their coach and they won a LOT of games.  Fact checking the Yost years shows that his teams were stacked with ringers and is similar to what other major colleges did at the same time period (e.g. Yale, Harvard, etc.).  During the 28 years of the Yost era, Michigan claims six national championship (1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1918, and 1923), had two additional undefeated seasons (1910 and 1922), and compiled an overall record of 180–37–11 (.814). 

TOSU began winning on a regular basis during the 1916 season but we showed promise a few seasons prior to that when we went undefeated (with a tie) in 1899, had only one loss in 1900, and one loss in 1906 and we won our first Conference Championship.  I've argued that if we apply the "alabama standard" for National Championships we should be able to self-declare (the same way they did) a handful of National Championships between the 1890 and 1941 seasons.

Comment 22 hours ago

Really?  That's surprising. 

Has OSU leadership requested the games from 2010 be reinstated? 

Comment 19 Jun 2017

Thankfully we have UNLV the week after Army and not Oklahoma.  That being said; this game shall not be taken lightly.  Watching Army run all over Navy last year all the while knowing they were on our schedule for this year had me somewhat concerned.  Some may so that I am overreacting but many forget that we played a similar team (Navy) in 2014 and the type of attack they use wears down a team and guess what happened the next week?  We lost to Virginia Tech.  So many were scratching their heads in disgust and asked "how is it possible we got beat by Virginia Tech?" well all one has to do is look at the pounding Navy doled out the week prior.... watch the game film. 

Navy, like Army, hits you in the mouth and uses a lot of low blocks and aggressive style play that can wear a team down.  Honestly I hate triple-option type teams because they are not pro-style teams and are hard to prepare for because they are a "one off" but be prepared and realize the week or so afterward will not be a normal healing process.

Comment 17 Jun 2017

They were here in Rome, Italy last month and I could have met all of them include Coach Hairball plus watch them scrimmage for free... I did not attend.

Comment 15 Jun 2017

He never bet against his team = should absolutely be in the HOF. 

On the point of betting; countless professional athletes bet and (as an example) a pro football player plays a fantasy football league they are in effect betting... then let's not even get in to how many of them go large in Vegas and other places.  Lastly, the way some of these players under-perform on a major stage who's to say they aren't on the take?  Vegas owns the world of sports and I am suggesting that it goes deeper even in to college sports.

Comment 09 Jun 2017

CTE = everyone in football knows it but denies it. 

Rest in peace young man.  Prayers go out to his family and friends.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

The OP of this string wrote "Getting dragged away from confrontation is much MUCH better than the Ray Rice alternative" to which Mr. Doesn't Speak Italian responded with Cup of Ice.  I am not making  leap in any such way; responded to the original post in my third statement while doing a little Italian lesson in statement one and two for Mr. Doesn't Speak Italian. 

Capisce by itself isn't fully correct; you should always place Tu or Lei in front of it as if to say "Do you understand?".  Tu is more informal (if you know the person) and Lei is more formal (if you do not know the person or they are older or you just wish to be more formal).

Comment 06 Jun 2017

What is a "Capice"?  Is that slang for "cup of ice"?

When you try to speak Italian and fail = never good.  Capisce?

In regards to your suggestion that Lee would have went "Ray Rice" or "OJ Simpson" on her is a gigantic leap.  Countless people have a moment where a lapse of judgement has them moving in the direction of a woman they disagree with but a good friend or family member pulling you the other direction just long enough for your brain to change its mind is a messy situation avoided not a messy career ending situation.  Capisce?

Comment 03 Jun 2017

I just came out of the stadium; the place was insane.  Happy for REAL MADRID and came in rooting for them!!!!  Juventus players like to play most of their games laying on the ground crying over getting bumped... never seen so many players fake injury.  Sadly the refs eat it up and almost always throw a yellow card on the opposition.  F' Juv; FORZA Real Madrid!!!!

Comment 01 Jun 2017

Apparently he wasn't drunk... just stones on a mixture of prescribed drugs....

(Insert sarcasm above) = alcohol or prescription drugs equals the same thing; don't do it.

Comment 01 Jun 2017

I don't dislike the unions; most of my family and many friends are in the union.  The issue with union is that workers are a tad too protected and I am aware of case after case where people under-perform, sleep on the job, have high part failure rates, low part production rates, have been drunk or have done drugs (or both) while on the clock or just prior to, etc. and have retained their jobs. 

I won't mention salary scales other than to share this short personal story: I was fresh out of High School and got a job at the Hoover Company in North Canton, Ohio and was making north of $25 per hour starting (base salary plus part production %) and I am confident that the folks that had been there for years made a LOT more than that per hour.  It honestly made no sense to me how this was possible because the company would have to sell more than three vacuum cleaners per day just to cover my salary not counting their cost to produce them and keep the lights on at the factory...  When I asked a few old-timers how it was possible I was told to keep my mouth shut and that they had worked hard to get our pay where it is... (we all made motor windings for the vacuum cleaners and was not high skill work because the machine did all the work).  I explained my theory of "how can the company continue to operate with costs so high and was told yet again to "shut up".  Ironically; I got laid off within 6-months, more layoffs grew from there, then more, then they announced closure of the North Canton plant... the very place that started it all.  ALL those old-timers lost their jobs and many, if not all, lost the majority of their pensions.  100+ years ago unions were vital to ensuring safety of employees but today they have morphed in to an entirely other thing that maintains the employee first and the company last; when the two should always be at the forefront so employees maintain their jobs at a reasonable salary and the company can continue to earn and expand OR it will shut its doors.  Sorry if I offended anyone but I'm just sharing my story and opinion. 

Comment 30 May 2017

Oh now you went and did it... the heart strings... I'm all choked up here.  NOT.

There are MANY people out there they do not get to be a kid nor young adult because of countless things such as poverty, teen pregnancy, etc. and have to work work and then work some more to make ends meet.  I DO NOT CARE when a rich SOB who has the world by the balls falls; quite honestly it is a lesson for us "common folk" to continue to work hard and be productive people in society. 

Woods is no more special than you or I and the only reason this is "tragic" is... no reason.  If he is dumb enough to get caught doing something such as this then the truth is it is not his first time nor will it be his last.  He has proven that he is not as classy as the golf industry would have you believe and perhaps he never was. 

Comment 30 May 2017

OK then; hire two or three guys at $150,000 each.  They work in shifts of 8-hours each.  Would be like a typical union job.... do little and make tons.

Comment 27 May 2017

"i know I've made a mistake - I can't figure out where."

YES, you sure did so let me help you:

1. No one knows WTF you are talking about.

2. You posted the same thing twice.

3. No one knows WTF you are talking about.

Comment 27 May 2017

It is poor form to under-perform at any junction in sports, in life, or in anything really... that being said we all take things for granted and hit cruise control on occasion and teams are not immune to such things.  The Cavs have a different approach to their play because their end game is to arrive to the Finals with a healthy team not a banged up team that beat everyone by 20-points.  End of the day both teams, Cavs and Warriors have one loss in the Playoffs so who cares how big the wins were?  It doesn't matter.

The Cavs, like last year, are healthy and playing good ball at the time it matters: NOW

Comment 27 May 2017

Certainly hard to shoot through the fog of a concussion.  Anyone that has ever had one will certainly attest to the fact that you are basically on auto-pilot while healing from such a thing. 

Comment 17 May 2017

That right there folks in an Irish goodbye TTUN style... or I suppose it could be considered their Irish Hello...