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Comment 25 Jan 2015

I'm am always amazed that our fan base NEVER learns.  Our QB situation since the recreation of the Browns Take Two (post move to Baltimore) is Ground Hog Day over and over and over again. 

If this season doesn't yet again prove that without a healthy O-line our QB's (regardless of who is in) are once again running for their lives.  Hoyer set the offense on fire the first part of the season and then we lost a slew of talent in front of him, then starts the problems of our QB having no time and according to fans.... dropping off in production.  Well that's a NO SHIT moment right there.  Then put in a rookie QB and he is running for his life from the first snap; he hasn't a chance either. 

WE Browns fans need to stop asking for the head of our coaches, our quarterbacks, etc. at the first sign of trouble.  Without an offensive line we haven't got an offense.  Heal, get stronger, pick up a few more hogs up front, and protect our damn QB is what we need to do because a lot of the talent that you all have wished off of Browns Island over the years went on to have decent careers on other teams that understood that a QB needs a few seconds to think about how the play is unfolding and to not be running for their f'ing life while doing so. 

Comment 25 Jan 2015

I see this in reverse order, in that, this year we were not supposed to win it all because the naysayers stated we were one year out; so next year we are "on schedule" from a team perspective and national media standpoint. 

Our chances to repeat will only be diminished if our team doesn't play to its potential; which I highly doubt because our coaches will sit kids that are not performing.  One other item we all must take in to account is that our competition will be looking to knock off the champions so we had better bring it to every game.  As a few others pointed out; we need to attack next season game by game and not as a season that we are entitled to win.

Comment 21 Jan 2015


I'm a 28 year military guy (still in) and we see it all the time in our industry.  Totally agree with the points you've made (including AwlinBrutus' point about how to get over a girl - made me laugh out loud and my wife just asked "what's so funny").

I think that everyone thinks about it at some point or another and some think about it a lot more than most; the rub is how do we deflect the negative energy that consumes you when the thoughts come in to play...

Robin Williams, like many suicidal people, had a drinking and/or drug problem that created an even worse environment for a person that was already on the edge.  He will always be one of my favorite actors but am exceedinly angry at him for doing what he did.  I do not know him personally but sure wish I had had the chance to speak with him as an outsider and someone that perhaps could have made a difference.  I think that many Hollywood, Athletes, etc. types feel they have no one to talk to because everyone wants something from them and they've had some sense of a loss of their real self and any self value because they've now become some kind of commodity.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Suicide is a very selfish way to die; I'm sorry but it just is.  As the original post states "don't do it" because although what appears on the surface as a logical decision nearly always wears off once you've removed the emotion of the moment.  Those that know the individual spend their lives wondering "why", "what did I do", etc. and they never receive closure and that is why I say that it is selfish when a person takes their own life. 

Feeling depressed?  GET HELP!  There are tons of outlets for people to speak with and there is NOTHING that can occur in your life that leaves suicide as the only solution... there are countless cases of people surviving the worst possible situations and not committing suicide (e.g. Prisoner's of War, etc.).

RIP young man and may your suicide act as a critical and important reminder to anyone considering doing the same thing that it is a BAD DECISION and a decision that leaves no other possibilities for resolution because it is: FINAL.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Last year I bought a group of Byars items from a vintage dealer and part of it was his helmet and a couple footballs.  For some crazy reason I sold the helmet and still look to the spot on my desk where it once sat and wish I hadn't; but I still have the game ball that was presented to Byars for the "loss of shoe" game.  There are defining moments in the history of team sports where a team gels and comes together, on this particular day Ohio State was down 24-0 and made an amazing comeback that includes the shoe-less run which was more like the "icing on the cake" in victory.

During his explosive 1984 season, Byars found himself looking up at a 24-0 deficit to Illinois in the Horseshoe on October 13 in front of more than 89,000 uneasy Buckeye fans.  Byars turned in an amazing performance to lead Ohio State back, rushing for 274 yards and five touchdowns en route to a 45-38 win.

Byars ignited the crowd with his fourth touchdown of the day, a 67-yard run that featured a cutback at the Illini 35, where Keith threw a shoe and still outran the entire defense for the score.

His fifth touchdown came in the final minute of the game to win it for the Buckeyes. The Shoe went from crypt-silent to pandemonium over the course of the performance. Byars grew stronger and throughout the game and wore down the Illinois defense. It was one of the great comebacks in Ohio State history!

I present THE GAME BALL that was presented to Byars and is now a part of my collection:

Comment 18 Jan 2015

I noticed that Oregon O-line held on nearly every play and was rarely called for it...

We nearly gave the game away and kept Oregon in it until in to the 4th quarter.  We were killing them while killing ourselves and I have to admit that I came away feeling grateful that the better team did not lose. 

Comment 18 Jan 2015

All hail the guy that ran from the draft... sorry but as a guy that has spent 28 years in the military and had to see my Father go off to Vietnam for two tours of duty and that my uncle has never returned (remains MIA)... screw Muhackmad!

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Coming back to The OSU!

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Aug 30 SDAK W 62-13
Sep 6 MSU W 46-27
Sep 13 WYO W 48-14
Sep 20 @WSU W 38-31
Oct 2 ARIZ L31-24
Oct 11 @UCLA W 42-30
Oct 18 WASH W 45-20
Oct 24 @CAL W 59-41
Nov 1 STAN W 45-16
Nov 8 @UTAH W 51-27
Nov 22 COLO W 44-10
Nov 29 @ORST W 47-19
Dec 5 ARIZ W 51-13
Jan 1 @FSU W 59-20

Um YEP, they ran up the scores.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Alabama's - Bullshit National Championships.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Hopefully Winston goes pro and we no longer have to be reminded of how some college programs are corrupt to the core.  I'm sorry, there is just no way that a normal citizen gets away with the kind of things he did and maintain full scholarship... that poor kid, Anthony Wunder, lost his scholarship for running on the field.  Winston... that's another story.

In case you guys forgot about this kid:

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Thanks Coach Herman for your continuing to work on behalf of our Buckeyes whilst being employed elsewhere; I'm sure it wasn't easy but am certain you are glad you stayed.   

Outstanding work by all the coaches.