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28 years military, still active, live in Sicily.

Grew up in Ohio and have been a lifelong fan of The OSU.

Drop me an email if you have any unique, rare, etc. Ohio State football items. [email protected]


  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Anyone who has donned a Buckeye uniform proudly (remove TP (tattoo 5) from my list).

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Comment 11 hours ago

Can't snag them yet, but this link has Lee blowing up the Navy QB (two gif's):

Comment 11 hours ago

Being a career Navy guy (28 years thus far), it is always heartwarming to watch the Navy team play and play with so much respect for their opponents.  Loved the fact that both teams went to the other team's end zone; a great sign of respect and sportsmanship. 

* would have liked to have seen a lot less hits below the knee pads...

Comment 11 hours ago

Agree 100%. 

I posted this thread because he deserves the same, or more, coverage as CLOWNey got.  Reason why I say more is because the UM RB was running straight at Clowney while Reynolds (Navy's QB) is a beast and was moving to his left and Lee squared up on him and planted the QB.

Comment 11 hours ago

The Navy program puts up insane numbers rushing every game; so not a huge issue.  34 to 17 win is what matters for rankings and all-in-all the team looked pretty damn good.  I will admit I was really worried about this game and am so happy it is in the rear view mirror.

Comment 12 hours ago

When you write responses there are icons (bold, italics, etc.) and there is an icon that looks like mountains (image tab 4th from right). 

Select that tab and  you will need to paste in the URL section the photo's information...

If on photobucket just go to the actual photo, select it, right click and select "copy image location" then paste that in the URL section.  You will also need to write something in the line below URL (line is called "alternate text")...  then hit "OK". 

Yes, Eleven Warriors could simply enable IMG links and I am mystified why they don't.  SO, in the meantime you have to do all the stuff I just listed.  Once you do it you'll get the hang of it and it isn't too tough.


Comment 25 Aug 2014

Here is another one of my items; would really like to see what anyone else has. 

October 28, 1905 Ohio State vs Case Western Reserve (tie ball game 0 - 0) AT Ohio Field.


Go Buckeyes!

Comment 29 Jul 2014
Mr. Woodrow (Woody) Hayes and then Assistant Athletic Director J. Edgar Weaver and is a financial assistance agreement for player John C. Martin who was on the 55, 56, and 57 teams.
Comment 29 Jul 2014

One of my all-time favorite items I own: 1922 Ohio Stadium Dedication Game panoramic between Ohio State vs Michigan.  VERY LARGE (10 x 44)

1922 Ohio Stadium Game Dedication Panoramic
Comment 28 Jul 2014

1926 Chicago Bears vs. Louisville Colonels. 

Ohio State Alumn Pete Stinchcomb is featured on this original broadside.

*** Chicago won the match 34-0.



Comment 28 Jul 2014

The photos of Brown, etc. will not be displayed without the ownership statement across the front because people are turning profits via reprints.  They are originals and will not be reprinted.  That being said, if you are interested in buying items just send me a message and we can discuss (my email is everywhere above this post). 


Comment 23 Jul 2014

Please post up some photos of the items.  I had hoped that many more would do so in the spirit of the thread title and sharing the different types of collectables we all have.  Thanks.

Comment 22 Jul 2014

A few recent pickups:

1941 Ohio State Coach Paul Brown (please excuse the text but people continue to copy images and sell as original on Ebay or other sites so I protect my original prints in this manner).

Coach Brown
1941 Coach Brown
1941 Coach Brown
Comment 29 May 2014


Amazing autograph, I've never seen one before. 

I'm still looking for a Charles "Chic" Harley autograph and more photos of him.