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29 years military, still active, live in Italy.

Grew up in Ohio and have been a lifelong fan of The OSU.

Drop me an email if you have any unique, rare, etc. Ohio State football items.


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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Charles "Chic" Harley.
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Comment 30 Aug 2015

As mentioned,  the photos in my other thread (and the photo above) were clearly labeled by the scrapbook owner and she made a point of describing each photo.  

Please dig out what you have and post them in the other (collectible) thread.  I have a lot more items I haven't posted yet.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

Patrick to add images:

When you write responses there are icons (bold, italics, etc.) and there is an icon that looks like mountains (image tab 4th from right). 

Select that tab and  you will need to paste in the URL section the photo's information...

If on photobucket just go to the actual photo, select it, right click and select "copy image location" then paste that in the URL section.  You will also need to write something in the line below URL (line is called "alternate text")...  then hit "OK". 

Yes, Eleven Warriors could simply enable IMG links and I am mystified why they don't.  SO, in the meantime you have to do all the stuff I just listed.  Once you do it you'll get the hang of it and it isn't too tough.


Comment 30 Aug 2015

Another one of my Chic Harley items: 

Ohio Stadium Dedication game sheet music, October 21, 1922 against Michigan, with Chic Harley on the cover.

Comment 30 Aug 2015
1944 OSU vs Michigan (Nov 25) Chic Harley Formation.  All images came out of a very detailed 1944 season scrapbook and explained each formation (see other band photos on the link I provided on my 13 Sept 2014 post)
Comment 30 Aug 2015

Script Chic is down the page within another thread I started:

Comment 30 Aug 2015

Chic for the WIN.  My favorite Buckeye.  Two fantastic books that I highly recommend are:

Comment 11 Aug 2015

1926 Chicago Bears vs. Louisville Colonels. 

Ohio State Alumn Pete Stinchcomb is featured on this original broadside.

*** Chicago won the match 34-0.

Comment 09 Aug 2015

Music and fans outside our hotel until the early hours of the morning surely didn't help (according to team sources).  Next time we go there we need to go to an undisclosed location for rest.

Comment 08 Aug 2015

Just wondering if they used the letdown of our beating of them by such a margin as ammo to ramp up to game 1 of the season where Alabama is surely going to be looking beyond what they see as a mere speedbump in their season.

The Big Ten is worthy of this win and with enough time to prepare, anyone can overcome a 10 point dog spread,

"Seven years ago undersung Appalachian State brought down the Big House—and rocked college football—with a season-opening upset of Michigan. Now, with the teams poised to meet again, some Mountaineers share their memories of the momentous moment"

Comment 08 Aug 2015

I'm with you from a fan perspective but from a reality perspective; I just re-watched the OSU vs Bama game from last year and have to honestly admit that there are numerous heart attack moments in that game (e.g. we were down 21-6, after Zeke's 85 yard td run we let them score immediately, we got no first downs from the middle of the 3rd until the middle of the 4th, etc.). 

We nearly lost out the gate and we nearly gave it away despite being up 14 late.  Again, as a fan (we kicked their butts) but as a realist (it could have ended poorly due to countless factors).