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29 years military, still active, live in Italy.

Grew up in Ohio and have been a lifelong fan of The OSU.

Drop me an email if you have any unique, rare, etc. Ohio State football items.


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Comment 18 Jun 2016

It's listed as #14 drive; I have Byars game ball from that one.

During his explosive 1984 season, Byars found himself looking up at a 24-0 deficit to Illinois in the Horseshoe on October 13 in front of more than 89,000 uneasy Buckeye fans.  Byars turned in an amazing performance to lead Ohio State back, rushing for 274 yards and five touchdowns en route to a 45-38 win.

Byars ignited the crowd with his fourth touchdown of the day, a 67-yard run that featured a cutback at the Illini 35, where Keith threw a shoe and still outran the entire defense for the score.

His fifth touchdown came in the final minute of the game to win it for the Buckeyes. The Shoe went from crypt-silent to pandemonium over the course of the performance. Byars grew stronger and throughout the game and wore down the Illinois defense. It was one of the great comebacks in Ohio State history!

I present THE GAME BALL that was presented to Byars and is now a part of my collection:

Comment 16 Jun 2016

12W is a knock-off....

11W / Eleven Warriors - ever wonder where the name of the site comes from?  Here are the original lyrics from 1919.

Buckeye Battle Cry:

In old Ohio there’s a team
That’s known thru-out the land;
Eleven warriors, brave and bold,
Whose fame will ever stand.
And when the ball goes over,
Our cheers will reach the sky,
Ohio field will hear again
The Buckeye Battle Cry –

Drive! Drive on down the field,
Men of the scarlet and gray;
Don’t let them thru that line,
We have to win this game today,
Come on, Ohio!
Smash through to victory.
We cheer you as you go:
Our honor defend
We will fight to the end for O-hi-o.
Across The Field
Fight the team across the field,
Show them Ohio’s here
Set the earth reverberating
with a mighty cheer
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Hit them hard and see how they fall;
Never let that team get the ball,
Hail! Hail! the gang’s all here,
So let’s win that
old conference now.

Comment 12 Jun 2016

I raise solid points about prescribed meds killing people yet I'm a politician?  Epic point you made there.  No one has been able to post anything negative about HGH which is a splinter conversation off of the roid piece.  I encourage you to go back and read my posts; the over-medicating of America IS a real problem and one that all of us need to take in to consideration.  I've simply asked that each person reading this post consider how many meds they are on and why; if simple diet and moderate exercise couldn't resolve.  That's not politic'ing... that's caring.

Comment 12 Jun 2016

Confused on the downvotes.

Are that many people in complete denial that $$$ motivates the medical industry to prescribe meds to people that with some minor adjustments in their life could fix without the meds?  Think for a second about your last 5 visits to the doctor...

Comment 12 Jun 2016

I concur with your response above (honest assessment) and don't understand the downvotes.  Everyone fears the unknown (steroids, HGH, etc.) because they've been told that it is "bad" yet they do not fear all the pills their doctors are shoving their way in the form of anti-depressants, sleeping pills, blood pressure pills, ADHD pills, etc... because they're told "they're good for you" and "will solve all your problems".  Sad part is that it is our doctors selling the BS and are getting insanely rich off of all their drug peddling.

Comment 12 Jun 2016

That is the perfect comment and the direction I am trying to get folks to head towards on this subject.  Anyone wish to chime in on the benefits they have seen from using HGH (legally) and with doctors tracking the progress?  I'd like to see if it mirrors what my buddy shared with me the other day as well as the countless number of stories online that speak to all the positives.

Comment 11 Jun 2016

What are the long term effects of many of the drugs that our doctors peddle... I mean; prescribe? 

Here's a 2010 article that states "100,000 Americans Die Each Year from Prescription Drugs, While Pharma Companies Get Rich" yet mainstream media never reports these facts.  Why?  I'll tell you why; MONEY, lots and lots of it.

And here is another article "Is your doctor getting drug kickbacks":

Comment 11 Jun 2016

Wow.  Really?  Do you realize just how many people die each year at the hands of drunk drivers?  Do you realize how many people are obese in the United States and die from the affects of said obesity?  Now, let's correlate that to how many people die of steroid use... or HGH use...   As an RN, you are part of the gigantic problem that is our current medical system where they treat the symptoms not the person and the doctors and big Pharma are getting super rich off of it and this ranges from countless adults being prescribed vast arrays of medications to children getting prescribed ADHD drugs which have vast amounts of issues associated with them but because "the doctors said it's OK" then it must be "OK"...

The U.S. is the #1 obese country in the World, we have an epidemic in the form of addiction to pain killers sweeping the country that are legally prescribed by doctors, as are countless other meds prescribed by U.S. doctors.  We, the U.S., are the biggest bunch of pill popping people and take a pill for everything known to man all day every day.  As a small test to each of you, take note of all the meds you take per day that your doctor put you on then take inventory of all the other meds you take... then realize that for many nearly every activity they do is tied to alcohol consumption (another drug), and they smoke (another drug), and so on. 

Link on pain killer addiction:

Link on A.D.H.D. drug long term risks:

Lastly, I'm not holding my breath on you finding the results of steroid and HGH related deaths...

Comment 11 Jun 2016

His doctor is an American doctor as is the system to which had prescribed him all the stuff before and is now prescribing him this.  I've known this guy for about 5 years and have no reason to debate it with him (as far as truth and accuracy) because he brought the conversation up on his own.  I was shocked by all the positive things he had to say about it and it is in pill format, no shots, so that was even more amazing and made me wonder if Pharma industry doesn't want this stuff mainstream.

Comment 10 Jun 2016

Hear me out on this one. 

I was chatting with a friend yesterday who shared that two months ago he went on HGH tablets and he did so because he realized that he was taking celexa, ambien, viagra, and ibuprofin every day to deal with his ailments.  He said that since he started taking HGH he no longer takes any of the four listed items, has lost 10 pounds and is much leaner while he's also put on muscle mass, sleeps better, is not depressed, and declared his sex life has never been better.  Thinking in terms of Pharma and all the trillions of $$$ tied up in medicating America and it is no wonder why HGH gets no positive endorsements.  Granted this is just one person, but I'd like to hear from anyone else if they have experience with this stuff. 

Comment 10 Jun 2016

Can we spin off to HGH for a minute?  Thoughts on HGH Somatropin?  In the realm of HGH most conversation speaks to injections but there are now tablets on the market.  What's odd is I can't find any information about the Somatropin tablets yet I know they exist in real form.  What kind of dose seems to be some kind of mystery as all references are to the injects in IU not tablets in MG.

Comment 31 May 2016

OK, so here we go.  I've never done fundraising before so hope all goes well.  100% of this goes to the placement of a statue and will be coordinated with the university (God willing they are committed to placing the statue).  Open to suggestions on what the statue should look like, so please help shape that discussion as well.


Comment 31 May 2016

Perhaps they were thinking "what would Joe Pesci do in the paint whilst fouling him"...

Comment 31 May 2016

Bumping this thread to try to get more folks to put energy in to requests to the University, possible petitions to rename the stadium to Chic Harley Stadium (or similar), etc.  Please read all items above to gain the full importance of this movement. 

* one note, I am by no means undermining the efforts of so many other great Buckeyes in our history.