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30 years military, still active, live in Italy.

Grew up in Ohio and have been a lifelong fan of The OSU.

Drop me an email if you have any unique, rare, etc. Ohio State football items.


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Comment 9 hours ago

I suppose I could go take a photo of my World Almanac (do you guys remember those from before the internet was created by "Al "love me some smores" Gore"?).

Comment 20 hours ago

I was certain that Michigan would search "how in the hell do we beat The Ohio State; the greatest football team in the world?"

I was also certain that Alabama would search "will I go to hell if I love my sister... and aunt... and other women in the family?"

Comment 20 hours ago

You guys are probably right... I mean, because you've got to believe everything on the internet right?

Comment 28 Mar 2017

Sorry but completely false.  North American, including Canada and Alaska, is the 3rd largest continent.

Comment 27 Mar 2017

You two (your post and the one above) made me laugh with these comments.  Just shows ya that growing up getting fed slop you still want slop despite the fact that we can opt for higher level cuisine.  I'd kill for some hamburger gravy on taters, shit on a shingle, cabbage rolls, kraut, etc. and all of them have one thing in common = they are dirt cheap to make.  The poor man's food is where it's at.  Here in Italy we eat all kinds of stuff that came from the same type of situation; in fact tonight dinner was peas and eggs (yes, correct.  Simply fantastic), yesterday was pig entrails in a tomato sauce (awesome), and so on. 

Comment 27 Mar 2017

Absolutely 100% THIS.  Well said and 100% correct.  I haven't watched a game since the league celebrated Krappernick taking a knee and I haven't attended a game since I joined the military 30 years ago.  Truth be told; professional football is dying and will be litigated away within the next 30 to 50 years due to CTI and other brain injury lawsuits.  More and more parents are not putting their kids in football so that in and of itself will have a diminishing affect over time on talent; it just will. 

Comment 27 Mar 2017

Copy.  OK, so here's the reality.  Naples pizza uses farina 00 (flour 00) and is a unique flour used for pizza in Naples.  What you described to me I just bounced off my mother-in-law and wife (both Sicilian) and they believe what you need to solve your pizza issue is to use Semola flour with a splash of Farina 00 (not necessary for the splash so can go straight Semola):

Chic Harley approves (background):

Comment 27 Mar 2017

But it is a dark brown gravy not SOS cream gravy; which now you got me thinking of that wonderful treat.  Also, she used hamburger and SOS uses chipped beef. 

I just looked up hamburger gravy and the funniest thing is that it is so damn easy/basic to make... but perhaps I've not wanted to try to replicate it because it takes something away from Mom's kitchen.  Am I right fella's?  The idea of being able to make some of these things in our own home would blank a memory or a possibility for a future memory if our Mom's could just make it for us one more time pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Mom; please!!!! 

Comment 27 Mar 2017

Brian Fogle's story (mentioned above) that Dom Tiberi did airs tonight at 5 pm Channel 10. Go Bucks!

Comment 27 Mar 2017

My Mom used to make something she called "hamburger gravy" and serve it over mashed potatoes.  Anyone else ever hear of this?  It is a dark gravy sauce (made from the hamburger grease and flour) with hamburger and I think fine cut onions.  Throw a mountain of that on top of the potatoes with a dash of pepper; it was/is an amazing comfort food. 

Another thing I'd love to have that my family used to make are:

1. cabbage rolls (been 10-years since I last had them).

2. fresh sauerkraut on any of the meals that it gets served with. 

Comment 26 Mar 2017

Carbonara: I can attest to the fact that carbonara here in Rome is INCREDIBLE.  There are countless restaurants in Rome that make this dish but the best I have ever had is made by my mother-in-law and my wife.  That being said; I would order this dish in a restaurant here in Rome just not anywhere else in the world (sticking to the point of the thread).

What I cannot attest to is the origin of carbonara because it has almost no historical references to how it came to be or who started it and where it began.  There are three or four ideas on its roots by cuisine experts and many have exhausted themselves trying to figure it out.  It appears by all that I have read about its origin that it began at some point during or after World War II; from there it is anyone's guess of by whom it was created. 

Here's an interesting article about the history:

More importantly; here is a local recipe for carbonara:

Comment 26 Mar 2017

Il_Padrino's Limoncello Recipe

(This will yield approx 4.5 litres of cello)

** I would also like to point out that I have used this recipe to make other flavors of "cello" such as strawberry, blueberry, fennel, myrtle berry, raspberry, etc. and all those turned out nicely.  The berry ones I made for my wife and her girlfriends because it is sweet and subtle and more of a fun drink than one you'd drink after a meal.  The intent of drinks like limoncello is for it to be drank after a meal to assist your stomach in breaking down food.  One or two shots (served cold) is about all you'd need.



(1) For FIRST CYCLE - 1.5 liter bottle of pure grain alcohol approx 96% (they sell in the base ABC store) this shit will take varnish off of a table.  You can use Vodka if you cannot locate the high test but your cello will be different.
(2) For FIRST CYCLE - Min 8 Large Lemons with a thicker skin, more and many more is better.  Thin skinned lemons (like the ones that are usually Michigan fans) can also work but you need a lot of them.  You really want the kind of lemon with the skin on it that sort of has pitting or little valleys in the skin.
(3) For SECOND CYCLE - 9 cups sugar (approximately)
(4) For SECOND CYCLE - Filtered drinking water (you can use tap water if it is good) or use bottled drinking water if not.

Additional items:

(1) If you can find a 5-liter demijohn bottle that is PERFECT for this.  If not, it gets a little tricky because you'll divide the effort across three 1.5 liter bottles to make your total cello and be able to manage the cycle correctly.  The bottles MUST BE GLASS, cannot be plastic and need to be very clean, make sure to get all soap out of them (be careful not to make the water too hot because the bottle will break if too hot while cleaning it out)

FIRST CYCLE (30 to 40 days):

(1) Simply take the one 1.5 liter bottle of pure grain alcohol and pour in to 5-liter demijohn bottle or divide evenly among your three glass bottles.
(2) Take the lemons and remove only the ZEST, no white stuff, only zest.  And put in to alcohol evenly across the one big or three smaller bottles.
(3) Place the bottle(s) in a dark place and once in a while shake the bottle(s) just to get the zest to work around in the mixture.  Over time the zest will turn white.

SECOND CYCLE (30 to 40 days):

(1) Take 2/3's of the sugar and place in a saucepan and barely cover with some water.  Heat (WHILE STIRRING) the mixture to a boil.  Basically you are looking to make a syrup but be careful not to burn it.  Let this mixture cool until warm it will thicken as it cools, then pour in to the three bottles evenly.
(2) Take the other 1/3 of the sugar and set aside until later.
(3) Once you have added the sugar, fill the bottle(s) with water (BUT LEAVE SOME ROOM IN CASE YOU NEED TO ADD MORE SUGAR). Be sure to only add up to the 4.5 liter mark on the demijohn but on the 1.5 liter bottles you will fill near the top but leave some space for shaking the bottles later and for adding sugar if needed.
(4) Shake all three bottles well, and then sample the three mixtures for taste.  If they need more sugar, make up another syrup (sugar and water) combination and heat as before, then cool, then add to the bottles.  Sometimes the alcohol is still too strong, so adding the sugar and a little more water, will help. 
(5) Let sit for several weeks as noted above, shake the bottles now and then.

(1) Filter out the zest from each bottle with a FINE STRAINER (I use a powdered sugar sifter), a regular strainer will not work.  Strain all bottles thoroughly.
(2) Take two bottles and set them in storage.
(3) Take the last bottle and split in to two 750 ml (old liquor bottles are great, just clean them and remove the labels).
(4) Take the two bottles and put them in the freezer.
(5) ENJOY via SHOT GLASS!!!!!!!!!!
(6) For a twist, you can put some in a glass and then add 7-up, a 40% cello to 60% 7-up mixture.  Especially if you made this with berries instead of lemons because the ladies love it.


Comment 26 Mar 2017

replacing the word "roll" with "go" (or other) since this is a thread that has Alabama mentioned. 

On a different note: why does anyone outside of their fanbase call them "Bama"?  It just adds to their legacy.  I vote for non-Alabama fans to call them "bLama" or simply "the state university in the state of Alabama" or "the university in the state west of Georgia".