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Comment 19 Jun 2015

I got curious about the "Saban doesn't lose twice to the same team in consecutive years" and here is what I came up with: Nebraska – 1995 & 1996, Iowa – 1995 & 1996, Penn St. – 1995 & 1996, *ichigan – 1996, 1997 & 1998, Purdue – 1997, 1998 & 1999, Florida – 2000, 2001 & LSU – 2010, 2011

So by my count that is 9 times.

Saban has also lost consecutive times (not years) to Wisconsin (1989 & 1995), Bills (twice in 2006), Jets (twice in 2006), Georgia (2004 & 2007), and Auburn (2004 & 2007).  Wisconsin, UL Monroe & Ole Miss all have repeat attempts in 2015.

Compare this with Urban Meyer: Auburn – 2006 & 2007 & Alabama – 2009 & 2010

No other teams have beaten him in consecutive times.  Man that list seems shorter....

Comment 23 Jul 2014


My wife and I were married December 3, 2010.  She wanted to get married in November over Thanksgiving weekend.  I promptly squashed those ideas as the date fell on The Game.  We pushed it back one more week with my thoughts that The Game would always be the last game of the year for the Buckeyes falling either the Saturday before Thanksgiving or the Saturday after.  Then 3 months after we were engaged, Jim Delany announced Nebraska was joining the Big 10 and a championship game would be added to the end of the season.  Too bad our date was already set in stone by then.  Now my wife wants to take an anniversary trip this year which would coincide with the Big 10 championship game in the inaugural year of the the college football playoffs with my Buckeyes a legitimate contender.  FAIL.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

My MSPaint skills include copying and pasting.  I even know the shortcuts on my keyboard.  Hoping to leverage these skills into a full-time gig.

Comment 17 Jan 2013

I agree Grant will be starting opposite Roby on Day 1, but he hasn't proven anything yet so far at OSU.  With both Apple and Burrows enrolling early, it gives them all of spring/summer to learn the D and adjust to college play.  Taking into account that and injuries, I think we see one of them stepping into a significant role somewhere in the D by year end. (see Malcolm Jenkins)  And don't count out Burrows from taking away the STAR position.  He has the size to fit that position and steal it away from Brown.