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Comment 19 Apr 2013

Most of Indiana including West Lafayette and Bloomington are in the Eastern time zone. Only Evansville and Gary, IN as well as the surrounding areas are in the Central time zone.  Indiana used to be all screwy with the time zones and some areas didn't observe daylight savings but they have since changed to mostly Eastern time.

Comment 23 Oct 2012

2013 looks terrible, we don't play Nebraska or Michigan state. The last home game is Indiana and it is almost an entire month after the second to last home game.  We play Florida A&m and if we are going to play Mac can we at least play a relevant Mac team and not buffalo.  

Comment 19 Oct 2012

No this has been like this for at least the past three years I have been in school. This is the first year I got season tickets. I tried to get tickets the past two years with no luck. 

Comment 12 Oct 2012

They are the same, the B&N picture is terrible.  I was kinda surprised when I picked my pair up last night because I was expecting the light grey sole and it was not, the grey sole is definitely darker just like the picture Nike provides and it does say OSU on the tongues.  

Comment 12 Oct 2012

The OSU Barnes & Noble bookstore selling them online now. It's under the apparel section as an accessory. 

Comment 11 Oct 2012

Sorry forgot to mention it's under the apparel section as accessories FYI.

Comment 11 Oct 2012

You can order them from the OSU Barnes and Noble book store. I picked my pair up tonight, I can take pictures if people would like. 

Comment 25 Sep 2012

I think it’s kind of lame and I'm a student.  It's anticlimactic if you ask me it starts out fine but after the whole hands up shout and jump around it gets slow and no one can see the hand movements.

Comment 18 Feb 2012

I can't agree more, I've never seen a team regress so much.

Comment 25 Oct 2011
My problem is the fact that the athletic dept. seems shocked that students want more tickets after the team had a 33-3 season. Add that with how the football team is doing and you are going to have a large demand for arguably one of the most talented teams in OSU basketball history. I think there is a shift from being a football school. The basketball team has had a lot of success but when it had its success the football team always seamed to be just as good if not better.
Comment 09 Oct 2011

This team is in the record book for all the wrong reasons.  

MSU: program record in sacks

UN: Largest comeback in program history

Hey Illinois what record would you like to break next week?