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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Every game I watch with my father.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Teddy "Faster than my car" Ginn, (Although I had a Kat named Moyer)
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: The Villian, for hanging it on *****gan
  • NFL TEAM: What's the spread?
  • NBA TEAM: LEEbron, since #23
  • MLB TEAM: Umm. Swisher?
  • SOCCER TEAM: United States

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Comment 23 Aug 2016
Been behind a bar my entire adult life, and a third of my total life. I've learned two indisputable facts: A) people are weird. B)do not trust people who drink Long Islands. They taste shitty, and are made of a little bit of all the worst booze then some sweet shit. It says to me, "Hey, I don't care what it tastes like, don't care about tomorrow, don't even care about tonight, I'm here for the wasted." But not you, specifically, you seem cool. Go Bucks
Comment 04 Aug 2016
And that dude is a kid from Ohio. That's what we can say that no one else can. Our guys, our state.
Comment 04 Aug 2016
Super hero movies, and the state of American cinema, by and large, is just awful. Retreads of shit people didn't like 20 years ago. The TMNT movie ruined me. I was so excited. It was so bad. So, that is me driving from Mobile, AL to Phoenix, AZ in Jan '06 as a fitting equivalent. Went for a coronation, left with an empty rage of not understanding how it could be so bad.
Comment 02 Aug 2016
That is correct. He had the job locked down, but got mono. Lost like 20 lbs and was sick going in to camp. Flacco just managed that team, but the D was nasty and they won a bunch of games. That, and he played for arguably the worst head coach in NFL history in Mike Singletary. Had that sideline blow-up with him, doneski.
Comment 28 Jul 2016
I gotta come clean, I was 15 in 1998. Watched every game with my dad, except for the MSU game, which I chose to go to a party, cuz of a girl (it's always ab a girl). That one is on me, kicked myself ever since.