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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Teddy "Faster than my car" Ginn, (Although I had a Kat named Moyer)
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: The Villian, for hanging it on *****gan
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Comment 16 Feb 2015
This guy is another example of why I'd always trade back if holding a top 5 draft pick.... No thank you on this cat.
Comment 15 Feb 2015
Deontay Wilder just won a HW belt. He is the first American to do so in a long tme
Comment 12 Feb 2015
The best part is he just keeps saying, "What happened?" The way he hung the wrist knowing it was good..... Awesome
Comment 30 Jan 2015
Sound down, eyes up, come on wardrobe malfunction!
Comment 15 Jan 2015
I don't do TPS reports. I have a sign that says, "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." behind me. So, I can basically tell people to get dumped then. Your assumption is inaccurate. Truth is, you gotta have money to live. You gotta get money from somewhere. I don't besmirch people for how they get theirs. I just respect the right of a guy not to talk to you. Or say, "Yeah" no matter how many ridiculous ways you frame the same question. One look around the stadium in Seattle would show the fans don't care. They love him. Buy his jersey. Even have 10s of dollars of skittles to throw around. He is a football player. I support him. That's all.
Comment 15 Jan 2015
Why would you guys curse Cardale with all he did for Buckeye Nation? I kid. I kid. But seriously
Comment 15 Jan 2015
I've thought it over. I hope the best for Cardale and whatever he decides. I'd love to see more of that monster for the good guys. I think he should go. His stock may never be higher. Think about his marketability right now. I think he would instantly get signed to some endorsement deals. Think how much crap Buckeye fans alone would buy emblazoned with "12Gauge" I would. I'm an instant fan of whoever takes him.
Comment 15 Jan 2015
I hate the Seahawks. I used to be ambivalent ab Marshawn. I'm a huge fan now. Hard to find anyone that plays harder than he does, and his teammates love him. I like people that are really who they are. He doesn't want to talk to the media. So? If he doesn't, he violates a portion of his contract, and is fined for his trouble. If he wants to say absolutely nothing pertinent... That's his right too. I just don't see how some people think they have the "right" to make people talk or take pictures. The interview where he did nothing but thank the reporters for their questions was easily the best (most funny) non-Buckeye interview all year. Just my 2 cents.
Comment 10 Jan 2015
Also, marijuana can stay in the system for up to (and possibly past) 8 weeks. THC is a lipid soluble molecule, so it is stored in fat. As an elite athlete, low body fat and lots of hydration, it is likely his system could pass a test in as little as 2 weeks or so. Absolutely possible he smoked before the FSU game and not after. Very unlikely he smoked after the PAC 10 title game and not again. Unlikely, but not impossible. Just sayin.