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Comment 3 hours ago

I would love it if we could full court press Jaylen Brown, since he plays HS ball with Giddens. Seems like there should be a possibility there, but the prognosis is he's headed to KY or UCLA, or staying home and going to GA or GA Tech. I wonder if Giddens is in his ear?

Ahmad is almost getting to be a MUST GET, unless we manage to secure Carlton Bragg's commitment. One of those guys would be great, both of them would be outstanding!

Comment 3 hours ago

I tried to peruse all the scores, but got impatient. It looks like darn near every outcome has been predicted!

I'm going with 37-17, Bucks start season 1-0

Comment 27 Aug 2014

As I understand it, and as Doofenschmirtz indicated above, OSU considered making the switch in the 90s, but quickly switched back after the uproar. I believe OSU has been back to using Wilson ever since.

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Alive had an article recently about craft breweries, and they had the number over 90. I think that article in the WMDs is old, and there are new craft brewers popping up all over the place. Check out that list that he linked to the Ohio Craft Beer website.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Sure. And often, trash talk back fires. If it pisses him off and elevates his level of play, it's a fail.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Much more likely to piss him off than knock him off his game. Like I said, it would be a fail.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

I don't ding Gottlieb because his comment is politically incorrect, I ding it because it's stupid. That would be a pathetic fail if an offensive linemen tried it.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

He sucks ass during March Madness, too. He should stick to finding something he actually knows, and go do that, instead.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

You had to shell out $11 for a tall bud light? That's not "not too bad", that's felony level larceny.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Just rewatched the 2010 Rose Bowl, in my quest to quelch this insatiable thirst for football that grows stronger the closer it actually gets. While Pryor did not have the nicest looking throwing motion, inaccuracy was not his issue. He actually delivered a catchable ball on most of his throws. In that game against Oregon, which came at the end of his Soph season, we saw Pryor get more pass attempts than he got in any other game in his career. He finished the game 23/37 for 266 yds and 2 tds. He also threw a perfect TD pass that Posey should've caught, early in the game, that resulted in the Bucks settling for a field goal. He also ran for 72 yds, and the Bucks had 420 yds of total offense, and an astounding 41 mins of possession time. It was one of the top 5 performances from an OSU QB that I've ever witnessed.

On top of all that, he went on to have one of the best seasons for an OSU QB his Jr year, leading the Bucks to a 12-1 record and a Sugar Bowl win over Arkansas.

Comment 24 Aug 2014

Thanks for the link and info, PapaBucks. Because of this article, I went back and looked some more into the situation.

In Spring 2013, Lindsay, entering his junior season, and Kelly, a sophomore, were battling to replace all-world center Barrett Jones. Kelly won the job to start the season, but got injured in the Ole Miss game, so Lindsay took over, and played well, When Kelly got healthy, he returned to the starting lineup.

So Lindsay is NOT some chump that left Bama because he couldn't get playing time. 

Comment 24 Aug 2014

Not true, he was Bama's starting center last year before getting hurt. He missed 4 or 5 games, and by the time he got healthy again, the guy who had replaced him had played solid and cemented his spot.

I read in several places that he chose to transfer when he found out that Nussmeier was being replaced by Lane "how the hell does he keep getting killer coaching gigs?" Kiffin.

Comment 23 Aug 2014

I believe several hundred miles IS INDEED much closer than over a thousand. And there's no "ALLEGEDLY" to this, their father IS dealing with a serious illness. Add to that the fact that their mother died of colon cancer when she was only 44, and you have several concrete, verified reasons for the transfers.