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After leaving the grueling life of a rodeo clown, I ventured back to the land of Ohio, where I re-planted my flag, grew a thriving business, and then joined a fast growing local publishing firm. I have a healthy respect for bulls.


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Comment 4 hours ago

I can't wait to see what this year holds, with Lewis, Hubbard, Holmes and Bosa. I believe we will get to see that goddamn spectacle you desire.

Comment 25 Apr 2017

What's not logical is having alcohol be legal but treating marijuana as a Class 1 illicit drug on par with cocaine and heroin. Alcohol impairs a person in far more dangerous ways, is harder on our bodies, and accounts for an exponentially higher number of deaths.

The path of alcohol legalization/illegalization/then legalization again is much the same as the path marijuana is on. Weed wasn't illegal in this country for much of this country's existence. Then someone decided it was harmful and needed to be illegal. This didn't remove marijuana from the culture, it simply made it thrive as a criminal enterprise to distribute. This is exactly what happened in the early 20th century with alcohol, until politicians finally figured out that the way to deal with it was to legalize it and tax it. That's the exact same path we're currently on with pot.

EDIT: Sorry CalPoppy, just saw your post.

Comment 25 Apr 2017

Saying weed is not a big deal is not the same as saying weed is harmless. I don't know anyone that's ever tried to make that claim.

Yes, the example you provided is tragic. But thousands of people are killed every day in auto accidents involving alcohol. Nobody say's "alcohol is harmless" but the prevailing attitude in this country is that alcohol is acceptable (i.e. "no big deal"). Weed is far less dangerous than alcohol, and is responsible for far fewer accidents and deaths.

Comment 21 Apr 2017

“I should have had 1,500 yards,” he said. “I’m not talking on nobody else; whatever happened happened. But I believe I was better than that. It was frustrating that I didn’t get more dominant numbers because I feel I can and I know I will. I can’t wait.”

I took this as TP saying this had nothing to do with any of his teammates - he knows that he had opportunities for more catches and yards.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

You help make my point precisely - Izzo ain't reading 11W message boards. And he ain't listening to the program's stakeholders, either. His comments were referring to criticism Matta receives in the media. And Izzo's comments were spot on - Thad Matta hasn't suddenly forgotten how to coach bball. He was saying (and Ramzy said the same thing here in his article) that the current downturn for the program is an inevitable part of the ebb and flow of a program like Ohio State's.

Yes, interpreting events on here is what we do. But you gave your interpretation of what someone SAID. Meaning, you gave us your take on what was between the lines of the actual spoken words. So I followed up with my take, and how it disagrees with your take. Again, isn't that what we do on here?

Comment 19 Apr 2017

To paraphrase, the head ball coach was saying that people not "intimately involved on a daily basis" with the program have no clue what's going on, but everything is roses and posies, we just don't know it.

That's not paraphrasing, that's your take on what he said. And it's a far cry from "whining and complaining", and is certainly not, imo, the gist of what he was saying. And he may very well have been referring to media types, not fans.

He did not want Mean Gene to release a statement of support, because he doesn't feel like he should be under any scrutiny, because he's the winningest coach in school history.

Again, sorry, but that's your interpretation. Thad has never come across to me as someone who feels entitled based on his past successes. But that's me - you clearly feel differently about it. You do go on to say that you'd "probably be frustrated too" if you were in his same position, but then say that since the school pays him a large sum of money to be successful (paraphrasing)... well, you don't say what he should do or say. It seems to me that we agree that Matta has always been a pretty classy guy - we just seem to disagree about him showing a little frustration about last year's exodus and the segment of fans who are whining and complaining.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

It was all griping and complaining about the fans' griping and complaining.

I missed that, who was complaining about the fans?

Comment 18 Apr 2017

If a player considers themself elite and truly has NFL aspirations, then they're not going to be concerned about competing for playing time in college. A) the competition only helps prepare them better, and B) they might only need a year as the starter to get there.