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After leaving the grueling life of a rodeo clown, I ventured back to the land of Ohio, where I re-planted my flag, grew a thriving business, and then joined a fast growing local publishing firm. I have a healthy respect for bulls.


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Comment 6 hours ago

Yeah, I could see Ingram sticking at small forward, but I really don't see Okafor as a true center. He's got center height, but more of a power forward's game (reminds me offensively of Sullinger or Duncan). I guess my thinking is, I'd rather have a solid PF/C - PG combo that I can build around, which is what the Lakers seem to be trying to achieve.

You're right, tho, that finding a solid big man thru the draft can be an easier task than luring a quality big man thru free agency.

Comment 9 hours ago

The reports I read said that NBA folks were expecting him to add a little weight and play power forward in the NBA. He's 6'10'", and the concern is that he wouldn't be mobile enough to stay in front of NBA small forwards. Of course, if he's playing small forward on offense, he'd be a tough matchup if he posts up smaller forwards. 

Comment 9 hours ago

No. But the Lakers need a center, and if he can stay healthy, maybe he can help them as they surge up to the middle of the pack in the West.

Comment 30 Jun 2016

Yeah, you straight up told us what the nature of your list was. It's obvious that there are thousands and thousands of us who love to talk about Buckeye football, especially when it comes to the players that made the biggest impacts. Doss is definitely one of my all-time favorites, but Bell is no slouch. And the more time that passes, the more his legend will grow.

Comment 30 Jun 2016

I clearly refuted your claim, by pointing out that shooting 52% from the field overall, and 35% from 3 is actually pretty good. He was the 2nd best shooter from 3 on the team, putting him ahead of KBD, Loving and Lyle. The only guy who shot better from 3 was the one pure 3 pt shooter on the team, Kam Williams.

And compared to the other shooters on the team, he shot the 3 way less frequently, even though he was making 3s at a better clip. 

Comment 30 Jun 2016

And the guy he mentioned, Mike Doss. I loved Bell but Doss set the precedence for how the safety position should be played in the 21st century.

Comment 30 Jun 2016

A lot of people seem to have this perception of Tate, but I don't think it's accurate, from what I see when watching the games. For discussion's sake, here's his stat line from 2015-16:

11.7 pts/gm on 52% shooting, including 35% from 3 (not great, but also not bad for a guy with "no shooting" ability) and he only shot 40 3s for the season, compared to Loving, who took 165 and shot 34%, KBD, 111 at 32% and Lyle, 123 at 25%.

6.4 rbs/gm and 1.3 steals/gm, in 29 mins/gm.

That's a guy that 99.9% of college bball coaches would want on their team.

Comment 30 Jun 2016

I read your comment, and I appreciate your recognition of his hustle. But he plays down low on offense most of the time, and he guards forwards when playing D (unless there's a switch off pick and roll action).

You listed the guys who start, and you're right, 3 of those guys would be considered forwards (Tate, KBD and Loving). But KBD is the better outside shooter, and he more frequently matches up on guards on defense. So Tate is primarily a forward, who occasionally plays guard, not the other way around.

Comment 30 Jun 2016

But I think we were better in 2006. We went to Texas and thoroughly destroyed them on their home turf. 

- without Vince Young, with his replacement, a freshman (McCoy) at QB.

Handled #2 TTUN with ease in the finale - only a horribly botched call allowed them to get that late score and make the score look more respectable than the game actually had been.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but we in no way beat TTUN "with ease" in 2006, playing at home. The win over TTUN in 2005 was actually much more impressive, as we went to their house and hung an L on them, and held their vaunted offense to 32 yds rushing and 255 total yds (meanwhile, Troy threw for 300 yds).

And that Iowa team may have been #15 when we played them in 2006, but they ended up the season 7-5.

Comment 30 Jun 2016

FYI, Tate is a forward, not a guard. Also, he's the player on this roster that cares the most and hustles the most. In fact, not only is he a forward, but the roster has lacked a true power forward, so he's been playing the 4 position a lot. Give him a little credit for the fight and grit that he shows, and for being willing to play a position he's undersized to play.

Comment 29 Jun 2016

I was curious too, had to look it up. Their name comes from Delaware being the first state to ratify the US Constitution in 1787.

On April 27, 2013, after two years of hiatus, the Philadelphia 76ers acquired the team, and renamed it the Delaware 87ers – inspired by the fact that Delaware was the first state to ratify the United States Constitution in 1787.

Comment 27 Jun 2016

The guys who led their passing attack (Stave and Erickson), however, are gone. They'll be breaking in a new QB, where as we will be led by the best QB in the conference.