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After leaving the grueling life of a rodeo clown, I ventured back to the land of Ohio, where I re-planted my flag, grew a thriving business, and then joined a fast growing local publishing firm. I have a healthy respect for bulls.


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Comment 1 minute ago

Isaiah was a traditional point guard. And Dumars was great, but the Pistons don't win any titles without Isaiah. He was the star of that team.

Here are his career averages: 19 pts, 9 assists, 3.6 boards, 2 steals per game. Those were his AVERAGES. That's why he's in the NBA HoF.

Comment 58 minutes ago

What I love is, every guy on that list, you can take OSU's corresponding position player and feel pretty good that we're equal to or better. I did this list based on whether I'd want any of those guys in place of our guys, and the answer is an emphatic 'NO'.

10. Peppers < Apple/Bell/Powell

9. Carroo < Thomas/Marshall

8. Likely < or = Apple/Bell/Powell

7. Zettel < Bosa

6. Jack Allen = Boren

5. Sackenburg MUCH < Barrett/Jones/Miller

4. Jack Conklin = Decker

3. Cook < Barrett/Jones/Miller

2. Fuller = Apple

1. Calhoun = Washington

Comment 2 hours ago

TT is going to take Green's lunch money, push him down in front of his girlfriend (Warrior fans), and then give him a wedgie, for good measure. Green ain't seen anything like the combination of TT and Lebron in his playoff run to this point.

Comment 23 hours ago

It's incorrect to say that proponents of increasing the stipend for revenue generating athletes want that money to come from the schools. They do not. They want that money to come from the corporations that are making billions of dollars in profit. That would be the sponsors, the media conglomerates, the bowl executives, etc.

Just as Urban advocated. The schools do not need to kick in more, the big money delberts need to do so. Let them divide up the 99 billion dollars, instead of 100 billion, revert that 1 billion back to the guys who are actually putting their bodies on the line.

Comment 23 hours ago

Several have posted the pics, but he's been there. Last night, the camera showed him multiple times seated right behind the bench.

I think if the Cavs win the title, a sign and trade becomes more likely. But I don't know how much control over the situation Love has as far as opting in for the remaining year. He may have a no-trade clause in there.

Comment 23 hours ago

People who advocate increasing the stipend for kids do so by having the ACTUAL Montgomery Burnses (the corporations who sponsor college football and the media giants that reap huge profits) foot the bill, NOT the universities. 

Comment 27 May 2015

I like the idea that was put out there, maybe it was you Urbz? Sign and trade Love to the Lakers for the #2 pick. A great fit on every level, as Love is from southern California, played at UCLA, and would be ready to sign a huge deal the following year.

Comment 27 May 2015

I always think the team with the best D has the best chance (we're also rebounding better than anyone else this post season). The Cavs have the best D right now, thanks to TT elevating his game, Mozgov doing his thing, Smith, Shump and Delly defending like their lives depend on it, and Lebron anchoring the whole thing and locking down whoever he needs to lock down. Bring it on, western conference!!

Comment 26 May 2015

Is he upset? Has he gone on Twitter or anywhere else and said that he's pissed at OSU because he feels they did him a disservice? If he hasn't then, all you're doing is guessing. I would venture to say that you're upset, too, because now Auburn has another quality player on their roster (that is, if he can get back to being 100% healthy and able to play).

Yet another stupid conversation with you, Catch 5. I guess that fun Memorial Day weekend is truly behind us. Back to the grind...

Comment 26 May 2015

This situation is quite different from the handful of articles I posted about Alabama players being unhappy with the medical hardship they were given. When you can show us an article where Dean is bitter about the way he was treated, please post it.

Comment 25 May 2015

Oh my god, I'm sorry, these 2 responses are so numb nuts wrong that it's laughable. I'm sorry, we're all on here trying to have a reasonable exchange with you, but this is getting to where a strange agenda is evident on the Bassdropper's part.

If he goes on to be a 10 time pro bowler, that STILL would not prove that OSU was even wrong in their medical opinion! It means that they were over cautious, at the worst. Their medical opinion was they saw something there that didn't look good. If Andrews is above putting his career at risk for a 17 year old kid, why aren't the OSU Docs given the exact same benefit of the doubt? 

Comment 25 May 2015


Comment 25 May 2015

Bass, dude, come on. You can't, in any way, see this as possibly differing medical opinions? Sounds like the OSU Dr.s didn't like what they saw, they told Dean, such, offered him the option of a medical hardship, or if he felt strongly about his ability to play, he could go elsewhere.

I don't get how him being cleared to play for Auburn is any definitive evidence that what OSU did was shady. Dean wasn't a scrub, he was an early, solid commitment that, if healthy, could become a major contributor.

Comment 25 May 2015

As I said above, I've always hated the Lebron/Jordan comparisons, because they're not at all similar players. Lebron is this generation's Magic Johnson. Kobe was as close as you can get to Jordan since Jordan ended his career.

And if we were picking an all=time team, my first pick would be Magic. Ya know why? Because then almost anyone else I was picking against would automatically grab Jordan and act like they just won. But then I'd make my second pick - Bird.

Imagine that will you (and of course, this assumes all players at their prime) - Magic and Larry vs. Jordan and Lebron. That would be epic.

Comment 25 May 2015

Kobe = rapist, ball-hogging, Shaq-hatin', asshat that very few teammates enjoy playing with. Yes, he's had teammates that enjoyed winning titles because of his greatness, but none of them enjoyed playing with him, because he's the ultimate jerk.

Lebron = Great citizen, never had any legal trouble, teammates LOVE him, and he's excelled since he was young at being the best distributor in the game for a guy his size since Magic Johnson.

Kobe and Lebron shouldn't be compared anyway, because their approaches to the game are completely different. Kobe is to Jordan as Lebron is to Magic.