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After leaving the grueling life of a rodeo clown, I ventured back to the land of Ohio, where I re-planted my flag, grew a thriving business, and then joined a fast growing local publishing firm. I have a healthy respect for bulls.


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Comment 5 hours ago

He is indeed. I think it'll be damn near impossible for him to avoid getting another flagrant, unless he plays to try and avoid getting one - which means he won't be as aggressive or as effective. Either way, that's a win for the Cavs.

Comment 5 hours ago

They went 23-11 last year, and lost in the 1st round of the NIT. The 3 seasons prior, they did make into the big dance, but did not win any games. I'm not saying they're terrible, but none of those programs are elite, nor are they on the level of OSU. So they each downgraded their situation.

But who knows, maybe they each end up with the playing time they feel they deserve.

Comment 30 May 2016

I agree, LOVING the optimism.

The only thing I would add is that injuries are a part of the game (as far as Tate at the end of last year). That's why depth is so important. But I do think that this year's team will be deeper with solid contributors than last year's team. Mitchell, Harris and Giddens were all developing, but none of them were able to give consistently good efforts. I think Jackson and Funderburk alone will be able to elevate the talent level, and if Potter and Wesson both are able to give positive minutes, this could be a roster that is 8-10 deep with quality players.

Comment 26 May 2016

If you're a Browns fan, I get it. But Elway is one of the top 5 best QBs in NFL history, and he's killing it as a GM.

Comment 25 May 2016

Too bad he landed in Denver with Elway, but I guess it's still better than Pittsburgh.

Considering the defense they play, and the fact that he just won a ring with Denver, this was the best possible landing spot for Roby. I'm guessing what you're saying, tho, is that you don't like John Elway. Is that right?

Comment 25 May 2016

He's most definitely NOT 3rd string. He's the 3rd corner, which means first corner in, including on nickel and dime packages, and an injury away from being one of the starters. And this year, he may make a push to be one of the starters.

But I understood the gist of what you were saying.

Comment 23 May 2016

People who run payday loan operations are criminals. There's no reason at all for charging the interest rates that they're charging, and they prey on folks who don't have other alternatives, don't read the details, and don't know how to "use them right". 

And they're not much worse than a lot of traditional banks that charge outrageous fees and fines. Limits should be set on how much interest can be charged, which would ensure that someone borrowing $2500 doesn't end up paying $50,000 in interest.

Comment 23 May 2016

Urban will be competing for a title in 2016. Who knows how it will play out, but no one at the beginning of the 2014 season thought he was headed for a title that year (and everyone thought title hopes were completely dead after the Va Tech game).

If he doesn't get a NC in 2016, he'll be bringing a lot of talent back for a run in 2017. I don't think it's going to take until 2018 or 19 for that next title, but that's why we watch, right?!

Comment 21 May 2016

Also, speaking of Papa John's, don't. Just don't. I never liked their pizza, and their owner is an asshat. Not that Pizza Hut or Domino's is better. That's why Kevin's advice is the best - buy from a local place. All the chain pizza shops are terrible.