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After leaving the grueling life of a rodeo clown, I ventured back to the land of Ohio, where I re-planted my flag, grew a thriving business, and then joined a fast growing local publishing firm. I have a healthy respect for bulls.


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Comment 13 hours ago

Fortunately, it ain't up to you to decide whether this was a bad business move, it's up to Jalin, and Jalin only. Cracks me up  how many people think they know better than the player themselves what is best for them.

When it comes to the NFL, success is NOT determined by whether a player is drafted or not, and it's not determined by the first contract they sign. It's determined by IF they're able to stick around long enough to sign a SECOND contract. The book on Jalin is far from being written.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Yes, it helps. But hundreds of good basketball coaches have been good at teaching post play, and very few of them were 6'9" or taller, or played "with their back to the basket". That's my point.

And no coach, head or assistant, is exclusively tasked with one function. He will coach the shooters, but he will also teach boxing out, rebounding and all other facets of basketball play.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

I hear what you're saying, but dominating and shooting over smaller HS kids is entirely different. Remember how great Mickey Mitchell looked (and he's just one example - there are thousands of others) playing against HSers? That doesn't necessarily translate once you step up to big time bball, and everyone's as big and athletic as that phenom recruit.

That being said, it's obvious why the likes of MSU, Purdue and FL have offered - this kid looks fluid and ready to play at the next level (and he still has another year of HS).

Comment 26 Apr 2016

I agree, but looking back at it (and I bet Meyer would agree), in a big game like that, you gotta "dance with the one what brung ya", so to speak, and very little of what we did, play calling wise, was what we had done leading up to that game, and certainly nothing like what we typically do offensively. Immediately after that game, Meyer shook things up and went back to running the power option game that is our bread and butter.

You're exactly right about the "perfect storm" comment. I think things would've been handled quite differently if a) JT hadn't missed the prior game due to his OVI and/or b) Zeke hadn't dealt with the staff infection that week. And you and others are spot on about their Dline just flat outplaying our Oline. On the other side of the ball, I think our D did more than enough to win that game, but their Oline was able to get yards when they needed them, and it's certainly not inaccurate to say their Oline played better than our Dline.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Didn't Bell start the Clemson game over Pitt Brown? IIRC, Bell played the majority of that game, in Brown's spot. Or am I remembering that incorrectly? And Armani Reeves played CB in Roby's place.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

I love watching this play. There's no better example of his strength than this play, right here.

What I can never figure out, tho, is why in the hell that RB is NOT just sprinting that carry to the outside. It certainly looks like that's how the blocks are set up for that play to be run. He runs it like he thinks he's gonna take that ball inside the block, which even if Lee doesn't blow up, the unblocked Grant is right there to stop.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

I can see why his teammates didn't allegedly like him. He seems like a bit of a jerk.

There's too many examples of this to count. He comes across as such an arrogant asshat. When you're entering your senior season as the starting QB, and it's your 3rd year of starting, but you DON'T get picked as a captain... that says a lot about how your teammates feel about you.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Regression to the mean does not exactly apply to genetics. A guy who is 6'8", 260 and a freak athlete is likely to have kids with similar size and athletic ability. Of course, Mom's genes come into play as well, but Lebron Jr's chances are much greater that he will be at or near 6'8" than it is "the average" (which is 5'8").

While you're last statement is spot on ("unlikely to be the best player in the world"), Lebron Jr. is MUCH more likely to be a highly gifted athlete than "closer to the average."

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Meatchicken will always be a huge game, no doubt. But I'm truly more concerned about our 3 tough road games in conference, especially if any of those games end up being night games. 

But looking at it all thru the lens of April, any and all speculation should be accepted with a large grain of salt.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

I think the biggest takeaway from last year's game against MSU is that both coaching staffs tried to out-Tressel the other, and very few people Tressel better than Mark Dantonio. There were so many factors involved with the decision-making that Meyer and his offensive staff were executing that, frankly, we fans may never fully understand. But trying to out-Tressel Tressel Jr. is never going to be a winning strategy.

If there's anything that I'm confident about, it's this simple fact - Meyer is never going to implement a Tresselized game plan in a big game ever again. I think that lesson was learned. 

Comment 26 Apr 2016

No, what they needed was a cold, snowy field, and an injured Zeke. And having JT miss the prior game, having lost any momentum he had started to gain. And an OSU coaching staff that used the most Tresselesque game plan since 2010.

Two of those things, they won't get next year, and they might not get the 3rd or 4th. As Phi so eloquently pointed out, that Dline that gave us so much trouble is gone. Will they replace it with equal talent? Remains to be seen, but it ain't likely to be an equally dominant force.