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Comment 22 Apr 2014

And you're saying a committee will NOT be corrupted in any way?

Comment 21 Apr 2014

I'd much rather see us give up something over the top (which is a harder play to complete, often requiring precision timing and an accurate throw) vs. a quick throw underneath that, because of poor pursuit angles or tackling, turns into a 40 yd gain or TD. That is the most frustrating thing to watch, and I'm optimistic that this aggressive scheme will limit those types of plays.

Comment 19 Apr 2014

I don't understand the question. The Buckeyes will ALWAYS play their football in the SHOE, until the end of time. Or, at least until the Milky Way crashes into Andromeda and the Milkomeda galaxy comes to life.

Comment 19 Apr 2014

They do! They used to play on the courts along side the Woody, but they've since taken over the indoor facility off of Henderson Rd, near Kenny. They may use both, at this point, it's been a few years since I've gone to watch them. Might have to go see them take on Nebrasky!

Comment 16 Apr 2014

I'm SO ready to see Slam and Scott reach their potential next year! They've both showed glimpses of what they could be if they put it all together and played at a consistent level. It's senior year, fellas, let's DO THIS!!!!

Comment 16 Apr 2014

I don't think anyone was talking about rooting for other B1G teams to win a title. I believe the subject was whether you wanted other B1G teams to recruit well and be competitive. I want OSU to beat every other team in the country, both in recruiting and on the field. I also want the other B1G teams to strive to be the best they can be, so that when we beat them, we feel like we accomplished something significant.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

But if you haven't been challenged by playing tough opponents during the season, you're less likely to win the playoff games.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

What a complete SHAM of an investigation! I sincerely hope the accuser and her attorney continue to make noise about this and pursue civil action. There are a lot of people down there in Tallahassee that should be ashamed of their actions in this case.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

2016, we're @Wisconsin, @Penn State (back to back) and then @MSU. Combined with @OK in the non conf, that's going to be quite a gauntlet to run.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

He's been mentioned in a few articles here and on other sites, he's still rehabbing and looking to be back to full participation in the Fall.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Snotkiss looks to me like a guy who's reached his ceiling. I just don't see him with any potential to be better than he already is. I really see him being a guy that will easily get pushed around in the NBA. Maybe he'll surprise me and get a lot stronger. I think that's going to be necessary for him to have any kind of success at the next level.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

McGary might head to the NBA, too. He's gotta be kickin' himself that he didn't declare last year.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

Because you don't grade it the way you grade a game in the fall, you grade it as a spring game, knowing that neither QB had a cohesive line to play behind, or a full compliment of offensive weapons around them.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

And both of our byes happen in the first month and a half of the season, one before Cinci and the other before the Rutgers game. Neither bye proceeds a big game, and from mid season on we play 7 consecutive games prior to the B1G Championship game.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

And you would quite likely lose that bet. Many OSU fans use the spring game as an affordable chance to travel to Columbus and bring their families to the SHOE, the single best stadium in college football. We don't know what the % is, so guessing it's 80% would be no more confirmable than me saying "50% of the fans today were from out of town!" And what would be the difference anyway? 60k for the spring game is under our average, but still puts us in the top 10 for spring game attendance. Meatchicken, is not in the top 25.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

You've heard the Buckeyes abused in sport bars and sports radio NOT because "so often (they) perform like deer in the headlights", it's because OSU is consistently good and playing for championships. Seriously, dude, nobody hates on teams/schools that aren't playing for championships, because nobody cares about those teams. If they're talking shit about you, it's because you matter to them.

Comment 10 Apr 2014

Yeah, I let out a pathetic sigh when I saw the headline that Embiid was going to declare for the draft. But hopefully, that doesn't guarantee that Turner will head to Kansas. I still think the situation at OSU is a better one (I'm a Buckeye fan, OF COURSE I DO!), simply because OSU has a greater need and less competition at the center position. 

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Significantly more difficult schedule? Really? I don't think so, brother.

They lost to Stanford, the best team they played (and were manhandled, I watched that game. It was not as close as the score indicated - they got pounded, as they usually do when they play a power team). Their other loss was an ass whoopin' from AZ, 42-16. The only win you can call a quality win was over UCLA.