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Comment 22 Dec 2013

Next question: "Which tailback is/was better, Lydell Ross or Carlos Hyde?"

Couldn't help it. ;)

Comment 21 Dec 2013

Agreed on both counts, and this is what I love about the coaching community. In most cases, assistant coaches are encouraged to take their professional career to the next level. This is how it should be for every profession.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

LOL, they've been beating people for 2 years, yet the signs were there all along? I've got news for you. The signs are there for every team, because every team has weaknesses. Nice try though. My turn to play your game! Next up: Florida State. As soon as they lose, I'll use your argument.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

Well gee...you could say the same thing about every team except for two of them. And the fact is, you had to wait until last night to truly find that out, due to the fact that OSU kept inconveniently (for you and everyone else saying the same thing) winning until the BIG10 CG. And it took 24 games for OSU to get "exposed". Great theory!

Winning exposes nothing but a winner. Now OSU gets to go to a BCS Bowl.


Comment 08 Dec 2013

I'm glad you're sharing your opinion in a diplomatic way, but if you read this blog, you should already know that the following here is well aware of the team's deficiencies, and you should also already know that the media shares your opinion. That's my opinion in diplomatic fashion.

Soooooo...congrats, now you and the media are proven correct. OSU lost to MSU last night.

I'll take solace in the fact that OSU, once again as was the case over the last 2 years, gave themselves a chance to win that game. The fact is, they just got beaten by a better team. Congrats to MSU and I hope they win the Rose Bowl.

One last thing: we make our own luck with hard work. That applies to anything in life.


Comment 08 Dec 2013

Overhyped and overrated? OK, I'm automatically convinced that you don't know what you're talking about and you just came here to stir the pot.

Are there deficiencies on this team? Yup. Sure are, and they've been covered ad infinitum on this site, well before last night's loss. Apparently, you haven't read any of it, or you've chosen to ignore it. I'm certain you'll find a lot of people here were concerned about last nights game due to the glaring deficiencies in the secondary, but that would require you to actually read the articles here, as it would "show you a whole lot you don't want to acknowledge or Admit."

24 straight wins isn't "lucky", but at some point, all winning streaks come to an end. How about your team? Has it won 24 straight in the last 2 years, or anytime in recent history? Nope. Deuces and happy trolling! :)


Comment 08 Dec 2013

It's been said innumerable times: "Defense wins championships."

That's exactly what took place tonight. Sparty has a defense and kept OSU to 24 points, and the Buckeye defense allowed 34. Defenses can't continue to allow 30+ points on the board every game and expect to win each one of them.

That being said, let's get an SEC team to play in the bowl and GO BUCKS.

Comment 01 Dec 2013

Coach Hoke (this is a title he deserves for sure now) just earned a lot of respect from me. Now, I know what this man is all about. Very, very cool. I'm very much into the rivalry and I hate it when my Buckeyes don't get the job done against TSUN, but it's just a game, even if it is The Game. This is the truly important stuff.

Kudos, Coach Hoke.

Comment 24 Nov 2013

SPEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!11!!!11!!!! is still being used as an "argument"? LOLZ.

Comment 20 Nov 2013

I voted for Kenny Guiton because I think he's been an outstanding leader on the field, on the bench, in the locker room, and off the field. He's been the epitome of an unselfish team player, and I think he'd easily be able to be a productive starting QB for a few other B1G teams.

When Braxton has had to miss games and playing time, the offense doesn't lose anything at all. There's absolutely no concern when Kenny comes on the field. How many other CFB teams have ever been able to say that about their backup QB?

I think Miller, Shazier, Hyde, and a few others are also worthy of being an MVP, and Hyde is making a strong case with his play on the field. However, he was suspended for 3 games earlier in the year. That's not the kind of leadership you want to see.

IMHO, Guiton's value is immeasurable. I know he isn't a starter, and I know a lot of people will disagree with me and will lay out very good reasons for their disagreement (a lot of which have already been made), and I respect that. The bottom line is, he's the first person I thought of and for the reasons I mentioned when I saw the poll.