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Comment 06 Jan 2011

Cam is the man.  Those six captains are the best.

I'm just looking forward to TP's Decision Show on ESPN when he decides to take his "talents" to the NFL, wearing his dumb Miami Heat hat.

Comment 23 Dec 2010

Selling GOLD PANTS. It's a slap in the face to Ohio State, Tressel, the fans, teammates, alums, and Woody. Get Pryor away from my football team. I'm tired of people getting sick of Michigan being mediocre.  Enjoy the dominance while we can.  How soon we forget the 90s and the Cooper Era.


Go Hoyas.

Comment 29 Nov 2010


Should have posted this yesterday, but there is not a better picture of November:




Comment 22 Nov 2010

Totally agree about Pryor.  When you have Lebron James as your mentor, there is something wrong.