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I'm a proud grad of The Ohio State University and have been a die hard fan of the Buckeyes since the Woody Hayes era. I spent 4 years in the OSUMB and had the honor to go to 4 different Bowl games with the Buckeyes in those 4 years.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Buckeyes vs. Oklahoma 1977 - even though we lost it was the most amazing game I've ever been to. 2 wins at UM during my time in the band -- one that took us to play for a National Championship in the Rose Bowl. And, of course, that amazing night in January 2003 . . .
    Also, 1975 World Series Game I attended in Cincy watching the Big Red Machine on its way to winning the greatest World Series ever played.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 05 Dec 2016

This is the one I have the most issue with. Ridiculous. How can that be real? He's a definite big return threat/talent but offensively, he's not even relevant. Curtis led the country in all purpose stats (rushing receiving combo)

Comment 04 Dec 2016

PsU and scUM just missing out? Awwww. If that's how it ends up with the CFP, I will be able to hear Black Shoe Diaries and mGoblog whining, crying and gnashing of teeth all the way from here. 

Comment 04 Dec 2016

I am bitterly disappointed about how the officiating allowed PsU to win tonight to keep us out of the playoff where we so richly deserve to be. -  Jim Harbaugh

Comment 30 Nov 2016

The whole baseline for this experiment was based upon USC crowds. Everyone knows that they don't really cheer. They are too mellow to care that much on that coast. A plate of dry toast is louder than a typical SC crowd. 

Comment 28 Nov 2016

Not the time, the place or the method to raise concerns about officiating. That rule has been around for ages -- in every sport. Crticize the officials and get fined. Period. 

Beyond that, he was also flat wrong in 90% of the criticisms he made. He was frustrated and decided to load up and spew and whine about how his team got screwed. I have a feeling that in the privacy of his film room when he watched the replay, he saw how wrong he was -  the "spot," the uncatchanle pass," the facemask, the offsides, etc. etc. Will he ever say anything publically? Of course not. He's too ego driven and used to acting like a spoiled little boy to ever man up and do that. 

He's supposed to be a teacher and an example for young men learning to be mature men. He's neither IMHO. UM can have him. There's a reason he wears out his welcome every where he goes and has been in the past. 

Comment 26 Nov 2016

Thank you!!!! Seriously guys. Lighten up at least until my voice comes back. Can we PLEASE enjoy this win?

Comment 13 Nov 2016

Not really. They beat us and they are in the B1G Championship. Win that and they're in. They control their own fate. 

Comment 31 Oct 2016

I was at the game too (multiple year season ticket holder) and I agree with this comment. I think the crowd was flat because of having the balloon of an undefeated season, etc deflated last week and the team, to top it off, played below expectation for much of the game. However, i will also say that the section i was sitting in did get pretty loud especially on the crucial third downs despite NWs offense routinely converting them. 

We (the fans) are spoiled IMO and have such high expectations as a result that we have a hard time cheering loudly (instead of just sitting in the stands bitching about it - which I heard a TON of Saturday) when the opponent is not expected to compete as well as they do, accepting a hard fought win and moving to the next game. Booing our team is never ok to me. Cheer or shut up like the "blue hairs" do. It's a bad take for the team and any recruits in attendance. 

Just my humble opinions. I'm confident not everyone agrees.