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I'm a proud grad of The Ohio State University and have been a die hard fan of the Buckeyes since the Woody Hayes era. I spent 4 years in the OSUMB and had the honor to go to 4 different Bowl games with the Buckeyes in those 4 years.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Buckeyes vs. Oklahoma 1977 - even though we lost it was the most amazing game I've ever been to. 2 wins at UM during my time in the band -- one that took us to play for a National Championship in the Rose Bowl. And, of course, that amazing night in January 2003 . . .
    Also, 1975 World Series Game I attended in Cincy watching the Big Red Machine on its way to winning the greatest World Series ever played.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 05 Oct 2014

The band didn't go because the Maryland policy is that the only band permitted on the field there is the Maryland band.  OSUMB would have had to sit in the stands and just play but not march at all.  Apparently, the B1G has been working on changing this policy but Maryland admin has stuck to this at this point.

Comment 05 Jan 2014

That will be up to him, I am guessing.  If he hasn't gotten on the field with the current WR competition, I am wondering what his PT will look like next year with all that young talent coming up behind him (redshirts and frosh).

Comment 05 Jan 2014

^This.  Not a fan of spewing like this in public especially from someone who hasn't seen the field much at all other than in the Spring games.  I am pretty confident that the coaches would play him if they thought he was a better option. 

Comment 07 Dec 2013

Now, THAT, I agree with. Spare me.  Obviously, Desmond and Herbie's kids must not be teenagers yet. 

Comment 07 Dec 2013

I don't disagree that he wasn't the only one who lost their composure or that should have been tossed. I saw at least 6 clear punch throwers from watching the replay repeatedly including thug Jake Ryan who also supposedly a scUM "leader" and went out of his way to come attack Dontre and others.  My point has nothing to do with the unequal treatment our guys got at the time by the refs or by the media since (who completely ignored what the 8 punks on the kick coverage team did to Dontre that started the whole thing in the first place). My only point is that Hall put himself (and UFM) in this position by losing his cool in the first place and then continuing it when he went to the locker room. I'm not trying to pile on only reacting to the decision made to not start him. I totally get why he reacted as he did especially when you know darn well as a senior leader that you throw a punch and you're gone and that will hurt your team. I'm just saying there are consequences when you do and this is it. 

If Hall is only out a series, it won't matter today. If he's out longer, I hope it won't. Elfein played really well last week and I'll be cheering big #65 today as long as he's in there! Go Bucks!!

Comment 07 Dec 2013

But got universally criticized. I have to agree with the talking heads this time!  Hall, one of our senior leaders supposedly, totally lost his composure multiple times. I hate that he's not starting because the Bucks will need him tonight but I have no problem with UFM sitting him. He let his team down last week when he threw punches, got thrown out of the biggest game of the year so far and then acted like a jerk on his way out. I wouldn't play him at all. How you handle yourself matters and how UFM deals with it matters to the rest of the team...present and future. Go Elfein! Kick some Sparty butt!!