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I'm a proud grad of The Ohio State University and have been a die hard fan of the Buckeyes since the Woody Hayes era. I spent 4 years in the OSUMB and had the honor to go to 4 different Bowl games with the Buckeyes in those 4 years.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Buckeyes vs. Oklahoma 1977 - even though we lost it was the most amazing game I've ever been to. 2 wins at UM during my time in the band -- one that took us to play for a National Championship in the Rose Bowl. And, of course, that amazing night in January 2003 . . .
    Also, 1975 World Series Game I attended in Cincy watching the Big Red Machine on its way to winning the greatest World Series ever played.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 05 Oct 2014

The band didn't go because the Maryland policy is that the only band permitted on the field there is the Maryland band.  OSUMB would have had to sit in the stands and just play but not march at all.  Apparently, the B1G has been working on changing this policy but Maryland admin has stuck to this at this point.

Comment 01 Feb 2014

Ho-Hum.  Time to prove it, not just tweet it, talk about it or post it on Instagram.  Game highlights will convince me.  There is some reason he hasn't been on the field much and I have a feeling the coaches (and MT) are pretty clear on that reason.  Spring won't show me much (been there, done that).  I'll be convinced if it translates in the Fall.

Comment 06 Jan 2014

It is certainly possible.  November is going to be a lot tougher than it has been, I think.  At East Lansing will be a big challenge and I also agree that at Minnesota will be a much tougher task than in the past.  I think Indiana could be better if they start to improve on defense and TTUN is always a toss up regardless although being at home will help some.  I don't disagree with the rest of your projections although Va Tech and Cincy games have potential as trap games for a young team (although again I think we take care of business especially at home).

Comment 06 Jan 2014

I, too, find this attitude nothing but amazing.  Barrett and Collier haven't thrown a college pass, Barrett is coming off a major knee injury and Cardale is not (IMHO) the future of the team at QB.  Braxton has plenty to improve on but there is no one who will even come close to what he can do next year if he returns.  Man, oh man, the haters are out in full force.  I don't get it.

Comment 06 Jan 2014

I totally agree....and he knows it more than anyone.  I guarantee NO ONE on the planet wanted him to field that punt cleanly more than he did.  He gets to live with that very public mistake.  I have made plenty of mistakes over my lifetime but never in that kind of limelight, thank goodness.  Anyone has the audacity to bash this kid for making the mistake he did IN A FOOTBALL GAME (he didn't kill anyone, for God's sake) has less than no class and is an embarrassment to Buckeye fans (or sports fans in general for that matter).  

Part of the reason we had any chance in a game that we were getting totally outplayed in in the first place was because of other plays he DID make all night long.  He was the only WR who seemed to be able to get open at all and he caught everything that was thrown to him that was catchable on Friday night (except that obviously important punt).

Philly became the best, clutch receiver we have had the last 2 years and handled himself with class and did nothing but represent the team and OSU with class.  No off-the-field mess that others left us with and relatively little "look at me" chest pounding, etc. that seems so common for today's athletes (and that this old fart thinks is cocky showboating).  For all of that, I will always remember and appreciate Philly as a true Buckeye in this amazing 2 year run!

Comment 05 Jan 2014

That will be up to him, I am guessing.  If he hasn't gotten on the field with the current WR competition, I am wondering what his PT will look like next year with all that young talent coming up behind him (redshirts and frosh).

Comment 05 Jan 2014

^This.  Not a fan of spewing like this in public especially from someone who hasn't seen the field much at all other than in the Spring games.  I am pretty confident that the coaches would play him if they thought he was a better option. 

Comment 04 Jan 2014

That's good stuff! "My boy, Erick, already gave me up so I'm going to The Ohio State University."  Had to laugh. 

Welcome to the Buckeye Family, Marshon! We are so glad to have you aboard!

Comment 03 Jan 2014

Why would you call that timeout? Oklahoma is trying to give this one back. 

Comment 01 Jan 2014

Our match ups were not good today. Every team except Sparty was ranked lower (and way lower) than all 3 SEC opponents. However, (relatively) close losses ring pretty damn hollow. 

And Iowa gets a break and still can't do anything right. Ugh. 

Comment 01 Jan 2014

Iowa had the same play caller as Wisky. Run? Hell no!! Let's throw it badly to the other guys. I'm about to go get an adult beverage and prepare to root for Sparty. Crap. 

Comment 01 Jan 2014

3rd and a foot and you throw the ball with that run game and the backup QB? Stupid play calling today and crappy long pass defense is why Wisky loses this. 

Comment 01 Jan 2014

Running ain't gonna work well with 4 min left. Although they have little passing tiday esp with Stave gone. 

Comment 17 Dec 2013

Welcome to the family, Johnnie!  We can't wait to watch you do you thing in Scarlet & Gray!

Comment 16 Dec 2013

I like this kid.  He seems to have his head on straight and doesn't just seem to say what he "supposed" to say.  If he choose to stay near his family and friends, its hard to argue with that but I like that he is thinking about what is "best for him" as a part of that process.  I can't imagine he could have a better experience anywhere on a game night than the night of the Bucks-Wiscy game  Its hard to imagine much of a better atmosphere anywhere. Good luck to you, Juju!  Hope to see you in S&G next Fall!  I think you'd be a GREAT fit to our the family.

Comment 14 Dec 2013

AMEN (and Thank You)!! I have said it before, there are very very few other fan bases that would not gladly and gleefully trade places with us in a heartbeat! 

Great post! Regardless of the imperfections we all see and love to point out, our glass is way more than half full!