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Comment 21 Nov 2014

This clip is one that I watch every time it is linked (along with the "Clarett strip for the 'ship", "Holy Buckeye" and Turner's 3 to crush _ichigan's souls in the B1G tourney) no matter how many times I've seen it because it is just so beautiful.  I can just imagine _ark _ay crying himself to sleep that night.  +1 every time.

Comment 31 Oct 2014

You might want to have him check the keyboard while you're at it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Comment 31 Oct 2014

Brandon:  "Don't worry, Brady.  When I fail up again I'm bringing you with me."

Comment 20 Sep 2014

I have done this once to each of my knees about 4 years apart.  Knee buckled in and knee cap went out.  Most of the pain went away when the knee cap was moved back into place.  It was very swollen like any other dislocation.  Recovery depends on what was torn/strained and if cartilage was damaged.

Comment 02 Apr 2014

35880.  I was a Spielman from finding out whats after Woody.  I was hoping it was a free premium membership.

Comment 30 Dec 2013

Pace: "...and when they announced the Heisman winner I stood up and as I walked out I gave them the "Marcus Hall salute."

Comment 06 Oct 2013

Carlos Hyde: Eater of souls.

Comment 01 Oct 2013

Thanks for the analysis, Ross!

In the 4thQ could we have beaten the coverage with some simple/safe screens?  If they are in Cover 0 wouldn't that give us a great chance to keep the chains moving and/or take one to the house?

Comment 26 Sep 2013
I'm just disappointed we aren't doing it at our "jet" pace. It's one thing to get the defense lined up correctly. Can you do it in under 3 seconds? What if we audible to a different exotic formation?
Comment 24 Sep 2013

That hit was rough.

Watching the rose bowl again...  Oh my.  TP would have destroyed in Urbans offense.  Here's how I see it:


Tebow > TP (Tebow played in a game with a broken leg.  Nuff said)


Tebow < TP


Tebow = TP = Sir Charles' golf swing


Tebow << TP

Comment 17 Sep 2013

A different part of the playbook it seems.  Maybe they actually did cut in half and Braxton got the left part and Smooth Jazz got the right.

One thing I am sure of is that the constraint plays are much more effective this year.

Comment 17 Sep 2013

Thanks Ross.  I always love your insight.  It's amazing that they can cut the playbook in half for Guiton and still embarrass a BCS level school in Cal.  Can't wait to see a healthy Braxton when he is allowed to play without one hand tied behind his back.  There is a reason that Meyers teams perform so much better the second year in his system vs the first.  When I think about it I get a big grin on my face and then I have to keep telling myself how hard it is to go undefeated once, let alone twice in a row.

Comment 04 Sep 2013

Okay, I was going to say that I'm not real keen on the overly sharpened images but after seeing what Rutgers has I will say "Keep it coming!"

Definitely is an interesting method to show you are putting in effort and make the kids feel like a movie star.

I wonder what kind of rules are in place that limit what "services" OSU can provide a recruit on an Official or Unofficial visit (i.e. - professional photography, trainers if they workout while visiting, etc)