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Comment 13 hours ago

"played only sparingly his first two years at Ohio State."

That's an understatement. I didn't think he'd ever get back in to play after fumbling 2x inside the Illinois 5-yard line with both fumbles costing potential TD's in a loss that game in the shoe. He was HIGHLY booed off the field as a freshman. Three years later, he's in NYC with the Heisman. Homers can be finicky sometimes. 

Comment 14 hours ago

Pirates of the Caribbean music is just friggin hilarious to this.....

Comment 14 hours ago

You are referring to SL.....or Seattle Linga for short......he could probably give you a few tips there in Seattle....

Comment 15 hours ago

That ...is......awesome......

Comment 15 hours ago

I think it will be Bill Cubic at Illinois...........

Comment 15 hours ago

"Sharp: The Paul Bunyan Trophy returns to Ann Arbor. Michigan struggles this year but still upsets Michigan State after Jim Harbaugh lines up helmet less at nose tackle to show his players what commitment looks like."

Classic line......had to laugh at this one........

Comment 15 hours ago

Thanks.......maybe thump is too harsh a word.....blast may be more appropriate....

Comment 16 hours ago

For a moment there, I thought Fitz was Dantonio's nephew. Same stare....lol

Comment 17 hours ago

Cowherd and Phyllis together reminds me of that old TV show favorite of mine, Celebrity Death Match.....It was a great show and seen some mighty fine tussles....

Comment 17 hours ago

You can say that again.......

Comment 17 hours ago

Utes by two TD's......long flight home for the Wolver-weenies......

Comment 17 hours ago

Know what you are saying....but pulling for Minnesota and that BIG 10 COY...