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Comment 1 hour ago

"The No. 7 Huskers and head coach Mike Riley are off to a surprising 7-0 start"

Hasn't surprised me at all. I picked them to win the West from week one...

Comment 2 hours ago

My daughter-in-law's cousin is now Purdue's interim head coach so I get a small "behind the scenes" sense about their team. They played well @ Nebraska before losing late. That will be a close game, and would NOT surprise me if the Boilers "boiler up". Besides, the real James Franklin will be on the other sideline, not the coach of the year the Buckeyes made him look like.......

Comment 2 hours ago

"admit that PSU outplayed tOSU on Saturday"

All the stats say differently except the scoreboard. That's what makes that game so frustrating and it made Franklin look like a friggin genius which he's not. Probably saved his job though which in turn, is the good news. Hopefully Pen State is stuck with him for another 10 years.

Comment 2 hours ago

My daughter-in-law's cousin is Purdue's interim head coach. I think the Boilers bit**-slap Franklin's team this weekend. They played well in Lincoln even tho they lost. I think they get Pen State at home...

Comment 2 hours ago

"Ouch. I knew that Prince was being abused (it was easy to see live during the game), but allowing 17 hurries by PSU by himself is a pretty damning statistic. "

This is revealing......UFM gets paid the big bucks though....so it's his call....I know what I would do. How worse can it get?

Comment 3 hours ago

"Much the same way a pass rusher uses his hands to fight off the block of an offensive linemen, receivers must rip through to keep the defender from getting their hands on them off the line of scrimmage, a technique that former Buckeye Michael Thomas seemed to master."

Then it is on Zach Smith to work on this until the WR's have it down to a tee.....

Comment 3 hours ago

I think play-action is the ticket. Get J.T. rolling outside the pocket so he can see the field better and can make quicker decisions as to run or pass. 

In that Illinois-Michigan game this past weekend, Lovie Smith started a true freshman QB in his first start ever. What did that freshman QB do on his first EVER play from scrimmage?

He threw the long ball...........

Comment 16 hours ago

"resisting urge to look at Big 10 tie-breaker if OSU, PSU, TTUN end up with one loss in division to each other."

Why would you resist it? In YOUR scenario, the Buckeyes would go to the BIG 10 title game in Indy via an overall better record.

Comment 16 hours ago

That's what many homers said about Decker when he got run over by Khalil Mack. Decker is now a starter in the NFL. Prince will learn the position and get better...

Comment 16 hours ago

We need an imaginative and creative offensive coordinator. We can reflect on players not getting separation or even executing at this point but are the coaches really putting these kids in a position to succeed? It is NOT a penalty to throw the ball on 1st down BTW...

Comment 16 hours ago

Not true because PSU and OSU would have the same record in the EAST DIVISION at 8-1 each. The head to head tie-breaker would be utilized FIRST before the overall record is used as a tie-breaker. Insufferably so, PSU wins that tie-breaker because they beat (we gave away) us head to head...