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Comment 24 minutes ago

No, you spelled it out quite adequately actually. My thread topic was just referring to college football but you expanded on it and I would agree totally with your assessment of Coach Brooks. I watched that 80 Olympics and was intense with every game that year. I think the springboard game for the Gold Medal was the first game against Sweden. With the USA trailing 2-1 with about 29 seconds remaining, Bill Baker slapped a what seemed to be a 50-ft shot into the net for the game tying goal. 

After that tie, I knew there was no stopping them as they proved to themselves they could hang with the best in the world. And they did.

Comment 34 minutes ago

You by chance are not "the one and only" Horvath are you? 

If so, what an honor....Thank You...

Comment 37 minutes ago

In the hockey world I would agree totally. Brooks had one dilemma that Urban did not. He had some serious issues with conflicting personalities on that squad and was able to get it ironed out and turn those kids into a world champion. GREAT point...

Comment 51 minutes ago

The 85-yard streak by Zeke was the back-breaker, but this is my favorite play in that game. I was salivating for one play that would smash that SEC superiority back to the stone ages and this did it for me. Thanks Eddie...

Comment 2 hours ago

"After reading about Mike Sensibaugh I found him to be the most well-rounded Ohio State player I had never heard of."

I'm shocked, I say shocked at that. Sensibaugh is one the best secondary players ever to wear the uniform at OSU. He was in the same backfield as Jack Tatum. Sensibaugh was actually the anchor of that secondary those years, not Tatum. It was a joy watching him play.

Comment 3 hours ago

"The one question that I would really love answered, is how long will Urban be in Columbus?"

I believe his contract extension goes to 2021 or 2020?.....

Personally, I think he retires here, whenever that may be....

Comment 3 hours ago

You, sir, are an all-star and icon......you got to watch Hopalong and BoBo run the ball?.......that is just freakin awesome......BoBo was really underrated on that team and one heck of a tough runner...

Comment 15 hours ago

"I did not feel that was fair to the Buckeyes who played before the 1980s."

Jim Marshall and Paul Warfield played before there any new trophies in the 80's and so forth. Hard to comprehend that these two didn't earn some type of award back in the day?