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Comment 7 hours ago
Comment 10 hours ago

If NBC sports had been this in tune with 11W, they would have suspected that the Buckeyes were no joke heading into that Badger game, Sugar Bowl, and CFP title game. Most of us OSU homers here with the Scarlet and Grey goggles had seen this team overcome adversity and start to become a cohesive team in all zones about the time of the Penn State and Michigan State games. The fact that none of the major sports writers or stations gave us a chance in h*** to win it all is an indictment of their lack of investigative journalism. 

Comment 10 hours ago

Can get Craft for less.....just saying....

Comment 11 hours ago

"The "media" is gonna media."

Just like PD "taters".....no doubt.......

Comment 11 hours ago

It wasn't just CJ they didn't respect...They didn't respect the Buckeyes or the BIG 10 as well. They thought OSU was still like the Walrus and Tressel years. Urbz is an entirely different coach and Saban knew that but LK didn't......let's hear it...SEC, SEC, SEC....

Comment 11 hours ago

OSU played them even up on their home turf.....nothing to be ashamed of........great season....and I still loathe that USC fight song...

Comment 12 hours ago

I lost interest in tailgating when they disallowed the general public to have fun in and around Cannon Drive (is it still called that BTW?), or did they change it to something like Aflac place?