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Comment 10 hours ago

You play the teams in front of you on your schedule whether they are solid or lousy. These type of performances are on the players as they play down or up to the competition. Coaches can preach all they want about consistency but it's on the players to come out and play with 40 minutes of intensity for EVERY game. To hell with average, who wants average?

Comment 18 hours ago

Top-ranked opponent or a sub-par opponent, you just have to execute the game consistently. Take care of the ball, hit your foul shots, and get GOOD open looks at the bucket. Do that, and you'll be in most games to the wire. 

Comment 02 Dec 2016

"Are Mike & Mike trolling Ohio State fans or do they genuinely feel that OSU has little to no shot of beating Alabama?"

UFM will have almost a month to prepare. I would like our chances. He beat the Bama homers with a 3rd string QB. If the good J.T. Barrett shows up and slings the ball down the field, Alabama would lose. 

Comment 02 Dec 2016

"Cooper said the struggles were due to discipline, effort and communication."

That's on the coaching and If I were coach, would not stand for it. I thought this team was going to be tough as nails and be a serious contender this year, but after watching 3 games against Top-20 competition, they just don't have the toughness and discipline to get it done. That game in Hartford on the 19th against UCONN is going to be ugly. 

Comment 02 Dec 2016

I've been saying Hooker would have a break out year since the spring game in April. No surprise to me...

As far as Zone 6 is concerned, they really never threw the ball to McLaurin all season, who I felt is the best deep threat on the team. 

Comment 02 Dec 2016

It is indeed a leap and you're right. I watched Craft his freshman year and all I'm saying is that Beverly has some of the same tendencies. He may NOT be a clone, but he's going to be close.....