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Comment 53 minutes ago

Kid does know how to block downfield for his size....impressive...

Comment 7 hours ago

The best way to balance that out is to smack one or the other around on the football field, or even better, both. Those Bama homers were fortunate that Urban blew a gasket against MSU. The Buckeyes were the only team in the country that could beat the Tide. 

Comment 7 hours ago

"Ohio State also needs to get more production from its lone junior, Marc Loving, who is averaging only 8.2 points while shooting 25.9 percent from the field and 27.5 percent from 3-point range over the last six games."

um.....like.....those are some pretty bad numbers.....Any particular reason why he's still starting there Thad?

Comment 17 hours ago

No......but watched every minute of it on ESPN 2. Mitchell lit them up and Alston was firing away as well. OSU turned them over 23 times and that was the difference in the game. Buckeyes need to get stronger on that interior defense however......

Comment 18 hours ago

With transfers Mavunga, Calhoun, and the girl from Kentucky eligible this fall, plus McGuff's two five stars coming in with the return of Mitchell next season, this team is going to be able to go toe-to-toe with any team in the country, including UCONN. The Huskies lose three seniors this year to include Breanna Stewart. They will be very beatable next season. 

Comment 18 hours ago

"Matta said one area of focus is the inside-out game, getting the ball to the post players early in the shot clock: "I think that's kind of the next step for our team: The inside presence and then that would lead to the outside presence.""

Just curious why that is the next step. Kind of late in the season. I would think that should have been one of the first things to work on since we now have three towers in the middle. (Thompson, Giddens, Bell)

Comment 08 Feb 2016

"But in the offseason, these trends can expose a team's weaknesses and dependencies. Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster famously shut down the Buckeyes in their 2014 meeting thanks to his aggressive 'Bear' front and man coverage, having seen how rarely the OSU offense threw deep on early downs under the existing coaching staff. Foster was able to recognize tendencies and use that to shape his game plan in a way that Meyer and his staff should have seen coming."

Yep, Urbz got his coaching hat handed to him. That TE iso down the seam on the linebacker of VT was there all night long in that 4-6 bear, and we did not go to it at all......