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Comment 23 Aug 2014

Bingo! This is the reality for many kids, they dish out crap because they get away with it at home. When parents see sombody calling the kid out for it, they wig out. Sucks. Probably what is going on here. Coach was tired of the same kid pulling the same stunt. Probably has been dealing with it for quite some time and this was the last straw.

Comment 19 Aug 2014


More addition by subtraction!  Yeah.

I hate buckeye math....

Seriously though, I'm going to enjoy watching the young guys go this season, but I'm gonna miss "The Highlight Reel."

Should be a fun season boys!

Comment 05 Dec 2012

I went with "Big" and "Ten"

Big important schools in one division, ten schools in the other division.

You decide how they should be split.  New division names allow for the conference name to exsist without all the funny math, or counting jokes.

It also would help Mr. Delany find a few more big and important schools to add to the conference instead of adding the likes of Maryland and Rutgers. 

No more ugly rich girls, lets add some hotties. (Texas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame)

Comment 05 Dec 2012

I suggested division names: "Big" and "Ten". Big important schools in one division and the other ten in the appropriately labeled division.

Then the conference name would make sense again.  I also would know the name of the division OSU would be in.

I also suggested they actually go big name if they continue to expand 1) Texas 2) Oklahoma 3) Notre Dame.  I'd hate to see the first two go SEC on us.  Notre Dame is just stupid. ACC?????

I'm pretty sure my ideas are not any worse than the current reality of the B1G?