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Lifelong Ohio State fan. Born and raised on the Ohio River on my grandpappy's farm where I learned two important life lessons: 1, Always treat people how you'd want to be treated, even the people who mistreat you. 2, Three yards and a cloud of dust! One of my earliest memories as a child is wearing my scarlet and gray footie pajamas while watching OSU game replays on the local WOSU channel with my dad. I even remember Paul Warfield announcing. I grew up in southern Ohio and have lived all over the state including Chillicothe and Cleveland. I've been known to scream at the TV when Ohio State plays. I go all in every game hence why my screen name is IN ALL CAPS. When Ohio State loses I am sick to my stomach for several days afterward. When they win it's like freaking Christmas. I hate Michigan. I hate them more than Khan hated Captain Kirk. Michigan sucks. I also hate the SEC (especially effing Gator fans). Go Bucks!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: My best personal sports moment was my 1 tackle in high school in the 1989 OHSAA Division IV state championship game at Ohio Stadium on the old field turf. To play an actual game on the same turf Woody walked on will always be the greatest sports moment of my life. That and OSU's 2002 national championship game win over Miami. I cried tears of utter joy after that win.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bungals
  • NHL TEAM: Tampa Bay Lightning
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Comment 12 hours ago
We deserve it FAR more than FSU and its criminal QB. Baylor and TCU can bitch all they want but they didnt do enough (or overcome) enough to warrant passing OSU over.
Comment 12 hours ago
Powell and Price will be team leaders next season. No way either are supplanted as starters. Price will be a guard and Powell a safety. Its silly to suggest Meyer & Fickell are starting players who arent good enough to play.
Comment 25 Dec 2014
I laugh at the misconception by TTUN (and OSU) fans that Harbaugh is suddenly going to be this unbeatable force that Urban Meyer can no longer contend with. What the hell has Harbaugh won? Get back to me when he accomplishes something.
Comment 24 Dec 2014
The Ds improvement curve has surpassed even my wildest expectations considering how subpar it was last year (and the year before). I realistically expected the pass D to jump 20 spots in the rankings. It improved over 100. The run D has been spotty but it certainly hasnt hurt us like the pass D did late last season. I am hopeful the run D found its stride vs Wisky because it will need to be playing at a high level vs. Bama
Comment 24 Dec 2014
Thats precisely where it should be.
Comment 24 Dec 2014
Bama will do whay they do best. Run and throw to Cooper and then run some more. The D (and Fickell/Ash) cant be timid in execution scheme and in playcalling. I hope very much Fickell/Ash have something up their sleeves for the Bama offense as well.
Comment 23 Dec 2014

Our TEs (and Noah Brown to an extent) are our fullbacks. One thing to keep in mind, if Alabama's LBs overcommit on the run by crashing down as you fear they're going to set themselves up to get hit with big plays, especially on cutbacks and misdirections. That's the beauty of the Meyer/Herman offense. It's geared to beat you no matter what the defense throws at you.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

For a conference that is crapped on nationally, there sure are quite a few B1G assistants getting head coaching jobs elsewhere. I thought the B1G sucked? Their assistants cant possibly be that good can they?

Comment 23 Dec 2014

The UC game was the first real test the secondary had this season and there were bound to be bumps along the way. If you noticed from that point forward when anyone threw a deep bomb there were always Buckeye DBs in the right spots. If anything that UC game was probably the best learning experience of the season for the defense for both Ash/Fickell and the players. From that point it was just a matter of repetition and mastering the schemes.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

Hodge, I've always believed the Beatles' popularity, was mostly fueled by the fact there was nobody else like them at the time and the market (young teenagers emerging from the 50s) wanted more from their musical groups (hence the rise of groupies). Their early music was different but they marketed themselves really well. They were the first real "supergroup" in my mind just because they were the first band that really became worldwide instead of just in the US or in the UK.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

I think the answer is neither are better because both are completely equal in that regard and both mean equally as much to music. Some of those musical comparisons are apples and oranges. Led Zeppelin and Metallica are two completely different bands. Elvis and Elton John aren't even in the same category musically. I think you'd be better suited comparing the country's body of work and effect on pop culture than you would comparing individual bands. The way I look at it is:

USA: Invented rock, blues, jazz, rap/hiphop, R&B, country/western, and most popular music you've heard for the last 60 years. Even an original like Elvis was inspired by the early blues and rock artists of the day including Chuck Berry and the 50's rock renaissance (Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, Jerry Lee Lewis) Johnny Cash was another original inspired partly by gospel and early country.

UK: Enhanced and improved upon the originals. Led Zeppelin was inspired by Elvis and American blues. The Beatles improved upon Elvis' star power to successfully market themselves into every household in both countries with music party inspired by bands like the Beach Boys. The Beatles invented the "supergroup" phenomenon. Black Sabbath did not invent rock but it did invent heavy metal/hard rock which inspired Metallica and every other hard rock band that's sprung up over the last 40 years.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

The thing with the Raiders is that they're so desperate for a chance to return to legitimacy that they'd not only throw the bank at Harbaugh but they'd probably make him the co-GM with player personnel responsibilities. That kind of setting is VERY appealing to an ambitious coach. It's all about the power.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

I agree Harbaugh's style might work better in college but even college-aged players have their limits. If he's overbearing and disrespectful that'll be an even bigger de-recruiter than losing.

Belichick doesn't have to yell because he has so much power and leeway with the front office that he can drop someone who doesn't perform or is a locker-room distraction. All he has to do is hold the possibility of unemployment over their heads.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

Harbaugh's teams are always hard nosed. They're a reflection of his personality. I'm still puzzled as to why the 49ers would want to get rid of him considering they are only 2 years removed from a Super Bowl appearance. He would bring a read-option style of offense to AA with him and would probably recruit well though I doubt he will recruit as well as Urban Meyer does. What he will also do is motivate the players TTUN already has, one thing Hoke never could do.

I do NOT believe Harbaugh is as good a coach as Urban Meyer but I think he will make The Game more competitive.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

I think Nuernberger's biggest problem this season is the fact he hasn't had as much game practice as most kickers do since we do go for it more on 4th down than most teams. He just needs more experience. No doubting his leg and talent, it's the accuracy he has to get down. By the time he's a senior I have no doubt he'll be one of our all-time greats. Besides, he's a true freshman. He's handled himself as well as he possibly could have so far.