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Lifelong Ohio State fan. Born and raised on the Ohio River on my grandfather's farm where I learned two important life lessons: 1, Always treat people how you'd want to be treated, even the people who mistreat you. 2, Three yards and a cloud of dust! One of my earliest memories as a child is wearing my scarlet and gray footie pajamas while watching OSU game replays on the local WOSU channel with my dad. I even remember Paul Warfield announcing. I grew up in southern Ohio and have lived all over the state including Chillicothe and Cleveland. I've been known to scream at the TV when Ohio State plays. I go all in every game hence why my screen name is IN ALL CAPS. When Ohio State loses I am sick to my stomach for several days afterward. When they win it's like freaking Christmas. I hate Michigan. I hate them more than Khan hated Captain Kirk. That Team Up North sucks. The SEC sucks. Go Bucks!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: My best personal sports moment was my 1 tackle in high school in the 1989 OHSAA Division IV state championship game at Ohio Stadium on the old field turf. To play an actual game on the same turf Woody walked on will always be the greatest sports moment of my life. That and OSU's 2002 national championship game win over Miami. I cried tears of utter joy after that win.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bungals
  • NHL TEAM: Tampa Bay Lightning
  • NBA TEAM: Meh
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 28 Apr 2016

They'd have to build a dome because Vegas is in the middle of the freaking desert. Every time I've gone I've managed to get dehydrated and I drink a lot of water as it is. I would also imagine players wouldnt be so happy with the idea of playing in those conditions. They build an open-air stadium in that city and the team continues to stink they wouldn't be able to give away tickets. It would be like TTUN moved out west.

Another problem with this idea, Lake Mead is drying up. That lake dries up Vegas will be a ghost town. Ironically, the Raiders would be the perfect team for a ghost town lol.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Yeah because Cardale, Mike Thomas and Derek Henry were so awful they dont deserve a draft pick. Stellar commentary there.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

If we can get our mojo back with our vertical passing game we will stand a good chance to win in East Lansing. We revert to 2015 and dont throw downfield we'll be lucky to score 14 points on them. Plain and simple. I guarantee our entire season will come down to that game again.

Comment 25 Apr 2016

You're talking about the same school that tried to cover up the murder of one of their men's hoops players by a teammate. This is small potatoes.

Comment 25 Apr 2016

Yeah, you guys got us in 90. That was my senior year. The year before was my junior year and we beat you 21-20 and went on to win the D-IV State title. My State Championship ring looks nice ;)

If you're looking for a bar to get sloshed and eye candy you cant go wrong with anything in Ybor City, especially after 10pm. The Bad MonkeyKing Corona Cigar Bar, Elmer's Sports Cafe, Tampa Bay Brewing Company, and First Chance/Last Chance are highly recommended. If you want a good Irish Pub Take the Streetcar into downtown Tampa and get off at Channelside by the Tampa Bay Lightning Arena (Amelie Arena) and and hit Maloney's.

Comment 25 Apr 2016

Four-year 11W member. I joined the afternoon after Kenny G's miracle comeback win vs. Purdue in 2012 to find out how bad Brax was hurt. Originally from Scioto County, I was 4 when I saw my first OSU game on TV and went to several games with my father including the 98 loss to Sparty which SUCKED. Funniest 11W moments were 9Route's Announcement Threads and any thread in which Bassdropper melts down.

In the offseason I like to go to the beach, sleep, sleep at the beach, drink beer (partial to ambers and stouts), travel, gamble, go to Tampa Bay Rays and Lightning games, live music, road trips and barbeques.

And oh yeah, F TTUN

Comment 25 Apr 2016

I'm guessing a 12-2 season. We lose at OU and lose 1 regular season B1G game either at Sparty or PSU. We beat TTUN, win the B1G title game but finish 5th in the playoff rankings because our 2nd loss will hurt us more than the first and beat Stanford in the Rose Bowl as a consolation. We then lose Kwon, Tyquan Lewis and Gareon Conley to the NFL early but JT, Sam Hubbard, and Curtis Samuel all decide to come back for one more year and we'll be stacked for 2017.

Comment 24 Apr 2016

Urban won't alienate anyone in Ohio for being honest and upfront with Sibley. If Urban had pulled a Harbaugh and asked Sibley to grayshirt in late July, then yes, Urbz would've risked pissing off a LOT of Ohio HS coaches and players. Sibley doesn't have to attend OSU and he most certainly doesn't have to take a grayshirt. OSU will be fine either way.

Comment 23 Apr 2016

I grew up in Scioto County just south of Pike and the first thing I did when I heard the news was contact the people I know in that county including one relative. Hits a little too close to home for a lot of us. Prayers for those families.

Comment 22 Apr 2016

11. My sister got married the same night as the OSU-UCLA game back in 1999. Luckily the kickoff was after the ceremony and the reception was at a Sheraton where there were plenty of TVs in the sports lounge next to the reception hall. While I did NOT want to anger my sister or dad by skipping the entire reception I DID sit next to the exit door so I could sneak back to the bar and watch the game. I think I missed just a few minutes of the entire game but still got to see my sis cut the wedding cake and dance with my dad. Good times :)

Comment 22 Apr 2016

I don't know, I think he's legitmately angry and I dont blame him. Considering the crap Franklin, Harbaugh Jr, and the SEC have been telling recruits about OSU having too much depth I would think that would get any coach pissed at some point. As for Smith's ability to coach he's been here 5 years and how many guys are going to be in the NFL? Why do these idiot assistants from other schools trash him?

Comment 21 Apr 2016

So essentially our own success is going to prove to be a detriment because we're going to perpetually be a young and inexperienced team under Meyer. If so that puts a 100 times more pressure on the staff to not have any recruiting misses. We've been excellent recruiting but had some misses. What happens when we whiff on an entire class (long-term)? You have to have the strongest faith in Urban. What choice is there?

Comment 21 Apr 2016

I wouldnt call it expected being he's only 57. I've heard several people already say "Must've been the drugs" but we dont know if still did them or if he truly ever did. It looks like he had walking pneumonia and refused to rest.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

This makes me sadder than Bowie dying. The first vinyl album I ever bought with money I earned mowing lawns when I was 11 years old was Purple Rain. The movie was terrible but MAN that music is fantastic. As Charlie Murphy said "Prince was the shit" back in the day.

And WTF is going on with 2016? First Bowie, then Glenn Frey of the Eagles, then Natalie Cole, then Maurice White from Earth Wind and Fire, then Lemmy from Motorhead, and now Prince. I know we're getting old but damn. It's like music is truly dying :(

Comment 21 Apr 2016

I might be wrong but I got the impression Hooker wasnt supposed to even be in position to make the pick (the 2nd one). As what was said above I think he was supposed to be in deep coverage so someone out of camera view was wide open for six. Collier just threw to the wrong receiver.

And what was Tweeted by Eli Apple about Hooker having all those practice INTs its entire possible Hooker purposefully went out of position to make that pick just because he could.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

Sadly, I too thought this was another Peppers/STD thread. My mind is in the gutter as a default setting I guess.

I was not aware Hawaii's defense was clapping, too. I would hope Urban and Warinner know that defenses could use that against us and we go to another cadence of some kind.