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Lifelong Ohio State fan. Born and raised on the Ohio River on my grandpappy's farm where I learned two important life lessons: 1, Always treat people how you'd want to be treated, even the people who mistreat you. 2, Three yards and a cloud of dust! One of my earliest memories as a child is wearing my scarlet and gray footie pajamas while watching OSU game replays on the local WOSU channel with my dad. I even remember Paul Warfield announcing. I grew up in southern Ohio and have lived all over the state including Chillicothe and Cleveland. I've been known to scream at the TV when Ohio State plays. I go all in every game hence why my screen name is IN ALL CAPS. When Ohio State loses I am sick to my stomach for several days afterward. When they win it's like freaking Christmas. I hate Michigan. I hate them more than Khan hated Captain Kirk. Michigan sucks. I also hate the SEC (especially effing Gator fans). Go Bucks!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: My best personal sports moment was my 1 tackle in high school in the 1989 OHSAA Division IV state championship game at Ohio Stadium on the old field turf. To play an actual game on the same turf Woody walked on will always be the greatest sports moment of my life. That and OSU's 2002 national championship game win over Miami. I cried tears of utter joy after that win.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bungals
  • NHL TEAM: Tampa Bay Lightning
  • NBA TEAM: Meh
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 13 hours ago

Braxton had a knack for fumbling but Hyde was much better at holding onto the ball. That fumble in the 2013 TTUN game was a real surprise to me. As for 2014 i chalk it up to youth but if they continue to fumble in 2015 i am going to be really worried something fundamentally is wrong.

Comment 22 May 2015

I just watched the first eight episodes of Daredevil. Unless the writing is as solid,  supergirl goes dark or they cast someone as talented as Vincent D'Onfrio as the villain im not thinking this stacks up. Sorry. Daredevil is flat out boss.

Comment 22 May 2015

Cardale is definitely The Dude. Hes laid back, quick to wit and has a whole zen thing going.

The only guy i could see being walter is Bosa just because he seems the type whod wear camos to go bowl and fling suitcases of underwear out his car window.

JT is Donnie just because he knows how to get under peoples skin.

Brax is the eldest of the group so hed be The Stranger drinking his Sioux City Sasparilla and wishing JT wouldnt use so many curse words.

Harbaugh is The Jesus. Hes batshit crazy, talks trash when he has nothing to back it up with and looks like a "pederast"

jackie treehorn is Urban. minus the beach orgies and sprawling porno empire.

Brandt is pantoni. The helpful assistant.

The Big Lebowski is Gene Smith. Minus the porn star trophy wife.

Comment 21 May 2015

My dad and stepmother spent their 25th anniversary in hawaii. Dad being a history buff they went to pearl harbor and the USS Arizona memorial. They also stayed at that iconic white hotel in downtown honolulu. Not sure if they did an authentic luau but they did make it out to the black sand beaches.

Comment 21 May 2015

I remember my first drunk incoherent post like it was last night. Wait...

Comment 21 May 2015

Wow i got an early comment in on the Skuly! Im like teh famous now!!!11! 

Im never up this early as im spoiled by not having to be at work until 9am but i am flying back home to the Great State of Ohio this morning to see family. Nothing like starting your morning with a cup of coffee and a patdown by TSA (at least buy me dinner first).

be safe in your weekend travels 11W friends and dont forget what Monday is all about. Ill be visiting my late uncles gravesite on monday to honor him. Man was a tailgunner on a bomber during WWII in the Pacific and survived to tell us how he could see the faces of the Japanese pilots as they buzzed by him in the gun turret. Any man with cajones that big deserves to be honored. Thank a veteran and be safe everyone!

Comment 20 May 2015

I was speaking extemporaneously lol

Comment 20 May 2015

MGoBlowBlog makes me feel dirty and suddenly stupid for reading it.

Ive read the "7 National Titles Football Forum" for Minnesota football. When you aren't laughing hysterically at the forum name you realize their fans aren't too bad. They hate Wisconsin almost as much as we hate TTUN. Almost. Minny fans were having a joygasm (and thanking their lucky stars it wasn't them) during the B1G Championship game.

I've also read Black Shoe Diaries. See my MGoBlowBlog comment.

Rutgers Rivals' fan forums were great when they realized they weren't getting Guarantano. They were like "We expected this. We suck." Funny thing is they got REALLY riled up at Zach Smith's apparent Tweet at JG. if they had that kind of passion they might actually be worth not laughing at.

Is it me or do all Rivals-base fan forums have their posts auto-delete after so long? I hate that.

Comment 20 May 2015

Goatee. Salt & Pepper. Bald Head. I'm a chick magnet. ;)

Comment 20 May 2015

I've had threads get locked in the process of writing a post before. It happens especially with totally derailed threads. Most times its my browser or Wi-Fi crashing in the middle of my thought process though.

Comment 20 May 2015

Bosa's parents didn't raise Joey to be a sociopath like Lewan's did. Joey may play rough, which these days tends to offend the wimps and the media, but one thing Bosa is NOT is a criminal. BIG difference between being a fierce competitor (and a bit of a dick) on the field and committing assault and threatening a rape victim. TTUN and other fans hate Joey because they wish they had someone as nasty.

I've never been one to look at player behavior through Scarlet-colored glasses, either. If an OSU player had committed assault, rape, murder or anything that isn't becoming of the type of Buckeye player us fans have come to expect then I am DEFINITELY going to call for that kid's ouster. The difference for Lewan/TTUN is they're all so delusional that they'd embrace a total sociopath. Same thing for FSU fans and Winston. As Doc Holiday says in Tombstone:

Comment 20 May 2015

Seeing this image now makes me want to visit Scotland. What a killer view.

Comment 19 May 2015

People forget that Nebraska came within a field goal of winning back-to-back-to-back national titles. THe Huskers lost the 1994 Orange Bowl/NCG 18-16 to Charlie Ward's FSU team. Ward won the Heisman that year and they had future NFL HOFer Derek Brooks at LB. I thought that FSU team was utterly loaded let alone how stacked Nebraska must've been.