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Lifelong Ohio State fan. Born and raised on the Ohio River on my grandfather's farm where I learned two important life lessons: 1, Always treat people how you'd want to be treated, even the people who mistreat you. 2, Three yards and a cloud of dust! One of my earliest memories as a child is wearing my scarlet and gray footie pajamas while watching OSU game replays on the local WOSU channel with my dad. I even remember Paul Warfield announcing. I grew up in southern Ohio and have lived all over the state including Chillicothe and Cleveland. I've been known to scream at the TV when Ohio State plays. I go all in every game hence why my screen name is IN ALL CAPS. When Ohio State loses I am sick to my stomach for several days afterward. When they win it's like freaking Christmas. I hate Michigan. I hate them more than Khan hated Captain Kirk. That Team Up North sucks. The SEC sucks. Go Bucks!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: My best personal sports moment was my 1 tackle in high school in the 1989 OHSAA Division IV state championship game at Ohio Stadium on the old field turf. To play an actual game on the same turf Woody walked on will always be the greatest sports moment of my life. That and OSU's 2002 national championship game win over Miami. I cried tears of utter joy after that win.
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Comment 1 hour ago

1. If Minnesota could throw the ball TCU would be in real trouble

2. Not impressed with TCU's offense. It is almost identical to Oregons

3. TCU's defense will get credit for shutting down Minnesota but the Gophers are one-dimensional.

Comment 17 hours ago

Passed a small one in 2006. Worst pain I've ever been in. I was in the fetal position for an entire day but was spared the even more painful end game when the stoned dissolved before it could exit. I drink a lot of water every day just because of that.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

My heart goes out to you and your Mrs., Ramzy. I lost my mother in 2009. She passed after a long battle with cancer in Canal Winchester. One of the last things we did together before she became too ill to travel was watch OSU destroy New Mexico State with me at the Buffalo Wild Wings there. She hated wings but wanted to watch a game with me. OSU was up big early and I was still yelling at the big TV at BWW. She just smiled and laughed at me. She passed Dec. 29 less than 2 months after that game. Her last words to me were "Go get something to eat" so every time I go to BBW I think of her and fight back tears lol.

When I think back there were hundreds of times I could've just picked up the phone and I didn't. Now I'd give my right arm just to talk to her. I feel for your loss. Some people you just don't replace in your lives. It's impossible. But the great memories and love help.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

That Buffalo Chicken Dip is the stuff. I've learned it's better to have cubed chicken rather than shredded though. That's just my preference. The composition of it changes between the two kinds of chicken.

I like to make my mom's White Chili for games. it's simple and takes like 20 minutes to make and you can make a ton of it in that time, too. Great for big parties. This was my favorite way of making it but you can customize it however you want.

White Chicken Chili (this batch serves 4-6)

2 TBSP of oil (I like olive the best)

1 pack of Chili Powder (McCormick is my favorite)

4 large chicken breasts, fried and cut into cubes or chunks

2 blocks of Pepper Jack cheese

3 cans of Great Northern Beans

1 large jar of salsa (medium or hot)

1-2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese

Frank's Red Hot sauce or tobasco for flavoring

Salt & Pepper

1 large bag of Tostitos Scoops


After frying and cutting chicken, carve cheese into strips and mix oil, chili powder, beans, cheese, and salt & pepper in crock pot or large pot and set heat to medium. Once cheese starts to melt start stirring regularly while mixing in chicken and salsa until cheese is completely melted and everything is good and hot. Add hot sauce and cheddar cheese for extra flavoring. Serve with Tostitos Scoops.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

VT has nobody on its roster that played in its last truly big game. That is a definite advantage to OSU. I will take Sugar Bowl and National Championship game experience any day over beating Cincinnati in the What-the-Hell-Ever Bowl.

Also, didn't Ohio State get a week or two of extra practices because of the playoff? We were ahead of them before even going into spring ball.

As Ive said before, I fear our mistakes more than I do this VT team. VT knows it has to play another perfect game to win. They screw up once it will hurt them more than it will hurt us.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

Walt usually releases them on the Wednesday before the game. Patience grasshopper.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

TCU's 4-2-5 sure did a great job of stopping Baylor last year. And Oklahoma. And anyone else with a pulse. Ole Miss doesn't count because they threw in the towel in that game.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

I have this suspicion that it will be an ugly game no matter who wins. Like 9-5 score or something. I just want to see Jimmy meltdown so we can post a new gif of it.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

Beck is the co-OC but more of the QB coach. I really think Beck will become the full-time OC if/when Warinner leaves. Our offense does what it did last year you can pretty much guarantee it.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

Especially if Herman brings his QB coach with him, Smooth Jazz Kenny G ;)

Comment 01 Sep 2015

I don't think VT is as talented as OSU is so I will agree there. But if VT wins it will because they outperformed the Buckeyes or the Buckeyes just gift-wraps the game to them by committing more of those effing turnovers like we saw in the playoffs. I'm willing to bet that Urban doesn't let that happen again. Doesn't mean it won't happen but as a betting man I'd put my money on Urban any day of the week.