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Comment 09 Jan 2017
Take your scarlet colored glasses off dude. Kids get screwed all the time by schools including our beloved OSU and the NCAA. You said it right, you dont even know what happened. So zip it. Like I said, if it went down how I heard and has been confirmed by a few dozen people I know, who are former players BTW, its a bunch of BS. Why else would Urbz go public in saying he is adamantly against the suspension? Gibson got screwed bruh, jealous females, OSU dont want the bad pub.
Comment 04 Jan 2016
I think Meyer made a huge mistake by not naming JT the starter from day 1. I understand the potential with Cardale but why change when you have a qb who was the b10 player of the year and had accounted for 40 td's? Also you lost your offensive coordinator. I think urban grossly misjudged the level of talent and believed that alone could make up for any growing pains a new qb could bring. This cost us a shot at the championship imo
Comment 12 Nov 2014

Losing Amir Williams...addition by subtraction. Sorry..I just dont believe he has worked as hard as he could have. He was very highly rated and just hasnt panned out. I could be wrong, hopefully he turns it on this year.