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Comment 04 Jun 2014

I'm excited for fans/commentators to denounce the B1G strength of schedule in 2016 and the claims that we (as a conference) fear playing the SEC in the regular season. As we know, it's not usually the teams from the mid-west doing the canceling. Of course, we do get to suffer the perception of weak scheduling when we are forced to host Florida A&M to fill out a schedule.

Comment 24 Apr 2014

Great video! I noticed there was a surprising lack of Braxton throughout, though he's featured in a number of segments.

I dig that and I hope he would too. He's obviously the face of the team, but this video gets me going because it highlights the fact that we have a great team--not just an incredible QB. Go Bucks and Beat Michigan.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

I may be crazy, but after seeing the few reps last season, I feel pretty confident Jones will step up if necessary. I'm hoping it's only in mop-up duty, but he seems to have the ability to drive the team if he's called on.

Comment 02 Dec 2013

I'm (relatively) new here so I may have missed this feature, but I'd be willing to pay some sort of subscription fee for a little extra content (really, I'd pay for no extra content--I dig on this site). Besides using the Amazon link, how else can we help fund the site?

Comment 19 Nov 2013

While it brings me great joy to see MeatChicken falter, bad football is bad. It's more fun to watch a decent team get beaten by a better team than bad team lose to a bad team.

Comment 04 Nov 2013

I'm happy that you and I think that way, but the voters disagree. Big wins (across the conference) will garner respect for the B1G and keep things like tOSU's descent from 2 to 4 after wins from happening. I think it's better for us if we get to play Alabama in the NC game. Can't you already hear Mark May saying "Sure. They won the BCS championship game, but it was against FSU. Alabama was clearly the best team in the country, despite their loss in the SEC Championship Game."

That being said, I'll take 26 straight wins over Mark May's respect any day. 

Comment 04 Nov 2013

If tOSU doesn't play an SEC team in the NC game, would it "count" for much of the country? I hate playing the role of the constantly-downtrodden, but I fear the only way to rehab the image of B1G is to beat the best SEC team in the big one. 

After the last two weeks, I believe OSU can play with any team on both sides of the ball on any given day. My hope is that we get to prove ourselves against Alabama in the NC game.