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Comment 28 Sep 2015

Are we forgetting that the back-up to Zeke is Brionte Dunn? Who hasn't looked bad in limited opportunities, why burn a year for Weber to get 50 carries at best. There are just too many play-makers ahead of him at this point and only one football. 

Comment 25 Sep 2015

Why is every action or inaction by any tOSU Football Player subject to such scrutiny and speculation? So he changed his twitter pic and bio, so he may be upset because he's not playing. If he wanted immediate playing time then he should have gone to another school, he got hurt and that impeded his progress. If he stays he stays, if he goes he goes. Life and the Buckeyes move on....

Comment 21 Sep 2015

The popular and most oft repeated mantra on this Board is "In Urban we trust" that being said UFM isn't infallible and I never got this hire. Beck isn't and has never been known as an Offensive wiz or a QB genius. The QB's and offenses he's coached have been pedestrian at best. He's worked with Ed Warriner previously, so I assume there was a level of comfort with him and it is UFM's staff so he ultimately knows who he wants and whom he believes would be the best fit. I always believed Lincoln Riley would be a better choice but he never even got a sniff and is now at Oklahoma. Beck is a football coach and he'll coach football because that's what he does, he's been a coach all of his adult life and that won't change. Cardale and J.T. both have seemed to regress and so has the offense. It'a early in the season but unless things change dramatically it won't be pretty in November. 

Comment 19 Sep 2015

There has been speculation all off-season and early into this season as to what this team's biggest loss from last season was. It's very easy to see in the first 3 games that the biggest loss from last season was OC Tom Herman. 

Comment 14 Sep 2015

I don't really follow recruiting, except for reading Birm every couple of weeks, with that being said this Hill situation is pretty stupid. Every one but the coaches at tOSU seem to know this young man is going to flip to MSU for whatever reason. Why doesn't he just do everyone concerned a favor and de-commit so everyone can move on. Situations like this one are the very reason I stopped following recruiting. We all know that no matter what anyone says, NLOI Day is the only day that really matters. Who predicted Isaiah Prince and KJ Hill to tOSU before NLOI Day...

Comment 13 Sep 2015

Some of you guys sound like SEC Fans, geez. It's the 2nd week of the season and the team is 2-0 and ranked #1, by a mile in every poll. We won 38-0 yesterday and some of you are ready to jump off a building. This team will get better, as has been the case every year under UFM. Why the panic?

Comment 13 Sep 2015

tOSU is the only CFB team in America where a 38-0 victory could engender such silly speculation and comments. Coach Warriner was on the sidelines at VaTech, was he not? The offense didn't play well, for various reasons, the biggest being lack of preparation time. There are going to be some problems as Tim Beck is a new coach and he's adjusting as well. Can't we just enjoy the victory and trust that the team will improve?

Comment 12 Sep 2015

Bert and Steve "Superior" both lost today and Dan Mullen is being shut out at LSU, may be these three should be more concerned with coaching their teams and less concerned with tOSU's schedule.

Comment 09 Sep 2015

Let's not break our arms, patting ourselves on the back after this one. T/O's are still a factor, 3 of VaTech's scores came as a direct result of the the 3 T/O's. 3 years ago the defense had no answer for the Bubble Screen and teams ran it on us in every game. This year it will be the throw back pass, as the Bullets and Fickell and Ash demonstrated that they had no clue how to defend it. Va Tech ran the same play 6 times, twice scoring TD's. If we don't get that fixed in a hurry, we'll see a lot of that also. We also got gashed right up the middle in the 1st half, but it was Game 1, so that will improve.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

There was a Frosh WR at tOSU a few years ago that had a problem catching the ball, Coach Cooper at the time even talked about him not playing very much because of it. His name was David Boston, how'd that turn out?

Comment 08 Sep 2015

The only #'s the University is authorizing on Jerseys are 1 and 15. The Video Game litigation is pending and school's don't want to be liable for potential damages stemming from using a particular player in the game identified by his number. That being said, you can get a #1 Jersey from the online store.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

Can we please put all of the talk the "Bear" Defense, "Enter Sandman," and Kendall Fuller to rest once and for all!!