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Comment 19 hours ago

Let's just dispense with obfuscation and bullshit, the difference isn't Devin Smith, Zach Smith coached him too. The difference in the offense is that Tom Herman is the HC of the Houston Cougars and the offensive execution and play-calling have been staid and predictable since he left. J.T. Barrett has regressed as a QB since 2014 and it all falls directly at the feet of UFM, he hired Tim Beck. J.T. Barrett has turned into Tommy Armstrong.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

The passing game hasn't been off, it's been awful. J.T. isn't an accurate passer and his WR's don't get enough practice reps to develop timing and chemistry. Terry McLaurin missed a TD pass and J.T. again missed a wide open Curtis Samuel for what would have been a TD. In the past two weeks that's a least 5 TD passes that Barrett has just missed on or that a WR has dropped. Teams with great passing games don't rotate a lot of guys at WR, how much better has Bake Mayfield played since Dede Westbrook got fully healthy. Artavous Scott at Clemson is an ox, I just believe that UFM and Zach Smith need to decide on a couple of guys and go with them, unless they are injured.

Comment 10 Oct 2016

The SEC is always overrepesented in the polls. The inflated reputation of the conference due solely to Alabama, is always put on display during the Bowl Season when SEC teams take a bath. The argument that SEC teams beat each other up hasn't been relevant since 2006. The beauty contest will continue though....

Comment 09 Oct 2016

I'm tired of teams and their fans whining about getting their asses sanded. If you don't want to get beat like a levy camp mule then do something about it!! It's not the other team or coaches responsibility to worry about the feelings of the team that's getting beaten or their fans. This game is on Chris Ash, not Jim Harbaugh. Ash coaches Rutgers, he' supposed to be this defensive savant, that's why they hired him, but his defense has surrendered 136 points in the last two games, his players are on scholarship too aren't they. Harbaugh pulled his starters at the half, is he supposed to tell his 2nd and 3rd teamers not to play hard because it will offend the sensibilities of Rutgers and it's fans? Those players have fans and families too. Rutgers needs to put on their "Big Boy" drawers and play football, it's the B1G and no one is going to feel sorry for anyone else.

Comment 05 Oct 2016

The results of last season's Fiesta Bowl exposes the flaw in the logic of your statement. Ask those hateful ass Domers what happens when a team's best player is ejected on a bullshit targeting penalty early in the game....

Comment 29 Sep 2016

Offense: Terry McLaurin; because Rutgers will be keying NB80 and McLaurin's speed is unmatched on the Rutgers D.

Defense: Sam Hubbard; because he's a MF'ing Ox!!!

ST: Cam Johnston; because he's the most dangerous weapon in CFB, just ask Bob Stoops....

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Schematically tOSU is pretty easy to stop on offense, they have shown no ability to beat teams over the top with the pass and the O-Line hasn't shown the ability to pick up blitzes very well. I'd put an8th man in the box and make J.T. have to throw over the top to beat me, he's yet to prove he can do that consistently and ther WR's even Noah Brown are untested. None of the teams they've played to date have exhibited gap discipline on the D-Line allowing Weber gaping holes. Samuel is a match-up nightmare, but he can be contained by not allowiing our O-Line and TE to set the edge against the DE and defending the Q-Run is difficult for every team as no defense accounts for the QB in the scramble game. Defensively they haven't shown great LB play , but the D-Line has been spectacular so they've gotten away with mediocre play by that group. The CB's are susceptible to the double move, slants and hitch routes Hooker looks into the backfield way too much and Damon Webb can't cover anyone's TE. The speed and athletic ability of this team is unbelievable the only team I've seen that's faster is the Jamaican 4X100 team, it will take and extraordinary effort to beat them, but they're not invincible.

Comment 14 Sep 2016

I don't see the rampant pessimism as described above. What I see is an honest assessment of a football team's weaknesses and how this weeks opponent is capable of exploiting those weaknesses. Oklahoma has problems with QB's like J.T. Barrett, that's no secret and UFM and J.T. talked to Tom Herman who thrashed Oklahoma in the season opener, which they should have done.

Comment 12 Sep 2016

Why is this even a thread? Only on a tOSU website would this be talked about, Eric Dickerson is a HOF'er and one of the top 5 NFL RB's of all-time. His rookie year was 1983 and no one has broken his record yet, why would he be concerned about Zeke, breaking it. 

Comment 04 Sep 2016

That's an excuse that is made quite often, pressure on a QB is pressure on a QB no matter what offense the team runs. Oklahoma's receivers won't drop slant passes when the DB's a re a half-step late. Baker Mayfield and his bunch will turn those into long gains or TD's.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

For all of the talk about rotating 10 D-linemen, how good Sam Hubbard, Tyquan Lewis and Jaylyn Holmes are and LJ's vaunted "Rushmen" package, the D-Line wasn't impressive yesterday. If not for a plethora of dropped passes at critical times, James Knapke would have had a much better day, he certainly wasn't pressured very much. The only sack of the day came from Bosa in "garbage time." While they were stout against an under-sized O-Line and average RB's, they need to get much more pressure on the QB.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

McCall has star written all over him, if he keeps his head on straight and stays healthy the sky's the limit. I saw two of his games in HS and the name that came immediately to mind was Ted Ginn, Jr. he probably isn't as fast, but other than maybe Joey Galloway or Usain Bolt who is?