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Comment 15 Feb 2017

As long as Kevin McGuff is coaching this team, there's no chance. If you think Connecticut is great this year, just wait until next year. They add Azura Stevens who was ACC POY at Duke, they add Batuoly Camara, an all-SEC player from Kentucky, who are sitting out as transfers. They add the consensus #1 HS player in Megan Walker, as well as three other top 20 recruits. They may not lose a game until 2020.....

Comment 08 Feb 2017

It's amazing that more people on Message Boards aren't paid millions of dollars to coach football teams, since it's such an easy thing to do. The Atlanta Falcons had a record-setting offense this season, doing exactly what they did to get them the lead they enjoyed. How about the defense getting a stop, just one, does anyone believe that could have made a difference? 

Comment 23 Jan 2017

After Zwick, who ended up being probably the all-time bust in program history given the hype he got, I'd have to say Jamaal Berry. He was one of those Florida recruits that was a must-get for tOSU and he didn't do much at all.....

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Kiper, Jr. is the progenitor of this "cottage industry" he makes a great living at it and that's great for him, but no one in the NFL or College takes him McShay or any of these other knobs seriously. What the hell is a 'Draft guru? anyway? If any of them had a shred of credibility an NFL Owner would be paying them millions. Kiper, Jr. and the rest are simply fans with too much time on their hands and the analysis they provide carries no more weight than any group of guys sitting around a Barbershop or a BDubs discussing sports. Real NFL Scouts and Personnel people have talked to UFM and told him where his players are likely to go and to whom. 

NFL teams don't draft for fans, they draft players that they believe fit their scheme. Teams that change coaching staffs frequently have bad drafts and bad teams because they've previously drafted players for a scheme they don't use anymore. A prime example is Josh Norman, in a man scheme he's not a lock-down guy so much, is he? It's silly season in the NFL and Kiper, Jr. and guys of his ilk will keep spewing garbage as long as fans keep listening and shelling out their hard-earned dollars for those bullshit Draft Reports....

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Isn't it great that for once none of the questions involve who's going to play defensive tackle or the D-Line rotation. For you recruitniks, forget about Marvin Wilson, he's not coming to C-Bus!!! Players at that position from his part of the world go to SEC schools, almost exclusively and while he'll toy with your emotions until NLOI Day and Birm and the rest of the recruiting guys will speculate for days on end about what the tea leaves say or something they hear from a friend of his HS Coach or his cousin's, brother's, nephew's girlfriend's hairdresser who lives next door to his next-door neighbor, he's going to LSU, book it....

Comment 05 Jan 2017

You stole my thunder BR, but I agree 100%. I don't really follow recruiting until NLOI Day, but this fantasy of Marvin Wilson has gone far enough. He's all-LSU, all the time, get used to it, I don't have any inside dope and I don't have any sources in Houston just that players from that part of the country always seem to wind up at LSU. Grown and Sexy coming back will more than make up for it though, he was on the sideline for the Fiesta Bowl and he and Mickey Marotti have obviously become better acquainted since the injury, he is ripped....

Comment 04 Jan 2017

He's only one play away from a career-ending injury and players like him only have so many plays at the NFL level. He has nothing left to prove at tOSU or the college-level. The Buckeyes will be fine if he leaves, that's what 5 years of Top 5 recruiting classes does for a program. Go now and get that money, same for Marshon, J.T.  and the rest....

Comment 29 Dec 2016

So now Buckeye fans are praising Paul Finebaum? The SEC honk who regularly trashed the B1G in general and the Buckeyes in particular, just 3 years ago... I guess the old adage is apropos; "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Comment 23 Dec 2016

In truth she got tested Dec. 5th, her last fight was Sep. 24th in which she knocked out Lina Lansberg in Brazil. The "he said, she said," between the Cyborg Camp and Dana White is legendary in the UFC. He says he offered her the first fight in the newly created women's 145 lbs weight division and she turned it down three times. She says he offered her the fight once and she turned it down due to not being fully recovered from the weight cut to 140 lbs. The truth probably lies somewhere in between, but she knew a test was coming she's been tested regularly since 2011 and the Stanazolone mess and OOC tests are the norm for her, she can't just avoid being tested she's required to submit to OOC testing. So I call bullshit on this.....

Comment 21 Dec 2016

For a guy who claimed he doesn't like to hire friends, UFM's last two hires have been a guy he's known for over 25 years and the best man at his wedding. Davis was a disaster in Philly, but they haven't been any better since he left so maybe it wasn't all on him. It's not a hire I'm excited about, but they can't all be HR's I guess....

Comment 21 Dec 2016

In case no one has said this in this thread, fuck Brian Hartline and Alex Boone, two grown men still on some shit that happened in college. If Hartline had the talent he'd still be in the NFL catching balls, instead of participating in Bowl practice in C-Bus. He took advantage of limited ability and one decent  NFL season to cash in on an F/A contract and none of his ex-teammates said he wasn't deserving. TP has no concerns, he'll be catching balls from Tom Brady next season....

Comment 19 Dec 2016

Until Kevin McGuff pays as much attention to the defensive end of the floor as he does to recruiting, this will always be the result. It wasn't that Connecticut is more talented, it's just that they have a commitment to the defensive end, as evidenced by the 2nd half defense on Kelsey Mitchell. How in the world does a team consistently lose the best 3-point shooter in America on a consistent basis defensively? KLS is a great player, but you have to have someone close to her at all times. I'm really disappointed, I hoped for better.....

Comment 18 Dec 2016

We heard the same things about Terry McLaurin and Parris Campbell when they signed NLOI, how's that working out? You have to have a QB capable of throwing them the ball on a consistent basis, maybe that person is at tOSU but right now it isn't J.T. Barrett. The Buckeyes have a lot of WR talent, but it's going to waste.