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Comment 11 Jul 2011

Another good write-up.  Coupled with the work done by Gerd at another site, Ohio State's position is consistent with past NCAA violators in a similar situation.  It's far more reasoned and objective than various commentators and fans at certain 4th grade blogs that conclude that it "feels like" [FILL IN DRACONIAN MEASURES].

The unfortunate thing is that no one is really willing to deal with this issue on the facts.  The NCAA, I think, has to.  So, while the general public accepts as biblical truth the worst allegations, they're not fact, but rather quite the opposite.  In fact, I'm quite sure I could list far more allegations that have been PROVEN false than those that have been PROVEN true.  And, of course, there's still a smattering that lie in between.

The only hook the NCAA has, at the moment, to actually levy significantly harsher penalties against Ohio State is the repeat offender issue.  But, as noted in another article, those penalties are generally reserved for repeat infractions in the same sport.  Troy Smith's $300 handshake seems a thin reed to bring down the hammer with.  But, perhaps they will.  The NCAA is, if nothing else, arbitrary.

Finally, I haven't a clue why folks continually point to how OSU "handled" the situations -- press conference, 2 game suspension, 5 game suspension, firing, etc.  I wasn't aware that PR bungling amounted to an NCAA violation, though, to hear some on 4th grade blogs, it apparently will really enhance the penalties. 

I look forward to November when the NCAA issues its ruling.