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Comment 26 Apr 2016

Spurs will win on GD if it comes down to that. Who would have thought that a team could clinch the BPL in the ManU-Leicester match and it wouldn't be ManU? 

I think the tempo and urgency of the match favors Leicester. They don't need 3 points -- ManU does. That means ManU should press the action and that plays into LCFC's counter. I expect Kante to be immense and have a feeling LCFC gets it done. I mean in the season of the impossible, why not clinch at the Theatre of Dreams? 

In any event, Everton are a bit of a mess, so it'd be a surprise if LCFC didn't beat them. They have both hands on the trophy right now. Even if they only get a single point from their final 3 that means Spurs would have to win their final 3. If this were any a "big side" everyone would call it game over. 

In other news -- a much deserved vindication for the Hillsbrough 96. 

Comment 23 Mar 2016
Cervelo R3 recently upgraded to Ultegra 6800 grupo. Live in UA and ride all over the area. Hocking Hills are my favorite place. A little further out - Pike State Forest. Actual Cat-3 climbs and a couple stupid hard climbs. Spending week in Palm Springs and have done Mt. Baldy, Big Bear Lake and Joshua Tree so far. 220mi and 22,600 ft in 3 days! And just awesome rides. Also, on Strava. It can make stupid UA or Hilliard rides more interesting.
Comment 16 Mar 2016

Generally agree, though Spurs have only taken 1 point against LCFC this season. They did knock them out of the FAC.

I also disagree about "devastating" the European coefficient long-term. If, .e.g, England get three sides out of group play again, then it won't matter a lick. ManU didn't devastate the coefficient this year and their failure to get through rates as fantastic.

Comment 16 Mar 2016

Yeah, I know what I Geordie is and I'm just as sure that you know that NUFC fans are commonly referred to as Geordies. 

As for their style of football, we'll just disagree. It's certainly not Arse's Invincibles, but they have scored as many goals as any team in the league, though City are close and have a game in had. Their counter, as noted, is devastating, but they also work the ball well through the midfield as well. They don't play particularly negative. An interesting thing, for me, is to watch how they've had to cope with being favorites playing lesser sides. It's one thing sit back and counter bigger clubs on the road, but it's another to have to break down lesser clubs. 

They are not accidentally top of the table. They're fortunate none of the "big" clubs are truly elite this season, but that's about it. What separates them is some fantastic road results...3-1 at City, 1-0 at WHL, 3-2 at Everton...

As for "divers" - meh. Whatever. Vardy went down easy at Emirates, but eh, so what?

Vardy, to the best of my knowledge, has been investigated wrt his "Jap" comment. I mean, what's there to investigate? It was on film. The FA issued their warning. I don't much care about Vardy one way or the other. He's have a career season. Mahrez is the jewel and Kante is not far behind.

Comment 15 Mar 2016

I can't believe there is a fellow Geordie fan on this board. Though, at least I signed up in 1996 when Kevin Keegan's rollicking band of buccaneers were playing fantastic football. The match at Anfield that season hooked me on the sport for good. Unfortunately, heartbreak followed -- well, as much heartbreak as a johnny-come-lately can have -- and now they're just miserable. Huge match this weekend.

Leicester is the greatest global sports story of the past 25 years. As noted, they were 5000:1. To put that into perspective, the franchise that knows no bottom and is constantly redefining incompetence -- the Cleveland Browns -- are currently 225:1 to win the Super Bowl. What's more, LCFC has done it with really nice football and the some really good players -- Riyad Mahrez first and foremost. They've won matches on world class goals that lesser clubs shouldn't win on. Those were wins reserved for Henry, Drogba, Giggs, etc. And now they're so close. I think 15 points from their final 8 will see them home. I really hope they don't have to go to Stamford Bridge needing a result. 

Comment 08 Jan 2016

Great thread. I'll have to post some pictures when I get a chance, but I'm mostly old programs. 1930 or older. I have the entire 1922 season. I have the 1916 Western Conference championship game against NW. I have 4 19-aughts Thanksgiving programs. Unique games against Ohio schools like Mount Union, Kenyon, and Muskingum. 

Non-program wise, I collected every Rose Bowl ticket from 1950 to 1997 and put them into a single frame. Its pre-2000 Rose Bowls (except for the impossible to find 1921).

Anyway, great thread. I'll try to share pictures in the near future.