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Comment 3 hours ago

Amir really is the key to our defense. Scott and Slam are both elite defenders, Russell and Tate are much improved from where they began. When Amir is checked in and gives consistent effort we are a top defensive team. If Amir can keep up his play I think we make a deep run in the tourney.

Comment 5 hours ago

From what I've seen of highlights, Jaquan Lyle may be the equivalent of 12 Gauge in basketball.

Comment 16 hours ago

Nice that you owned up. For the record I get the negativity when we are not playing well. When people make remarks like we can't hit the broadside of a barn or something like that I see no problem. I get frustrated by the blatant broad comments like this team is pathetic and the game is over. Comments that don't add anything and are just cheap shots at the team.

Comment 16 hours ago

Great finish. Just what the team needed. Purdue is good team that was on a hot streak. Gutsy win. Also I'm happy that the few in the thread who proclaimed this team is pathetic and the game was over before the end of the first half can now eat some crow.

Comment 18 hours ago

I love how these open threads turn into soapboxes for bitching about the team. If you are that off put watching the game and are just going to take cheap shots at the team just stop posting in here.

EDIT: referring to those who offer no insight into the game and just bitch.

Comment 18 hours ago

Geez. I can't tell if Purdue is actually a really good team or it's one of those they play good against us things. I know they have a good front court but I thought they were supposed to be a poor shooting team.

Comment 18 hours ago

I like the fire under this team right now. I feel like everyone is motivated and checked into this game. Just need our shots to fall. It looks like they've cleaned up the turnovers.