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Comment 38 minutes ago

The headline was a poor choice of words. I didn't mean to suggest trading their defense for ours, as much as praising what they did defensively. When was the last time you could say OSU prepared and adjusted to the other teams offense, executed their game plan with precision and poise, and displayed great fundamentals. I want our defense to emulate that type of performance.

Comment 48 minutes ago

Sorry if I seemed to put down our defense. I was trying to give a sense of how impressed I was with theirs, from a fundamentals, coaching and execution perspective. I thought they put on a show and was saying if our defense showed up and executed like theirs did particularly their LBs we would be in good hands. My phrasing was not the best, I just thought it was an overall great performance by the players and coaches on the defensive side, minus the end where they were exhausted.

Comment 1 hour ago

By the end of the game I think they had just tired out what with their offense putting them in a terrible position by the end of the game. VT will give  us a better idea of what our defense can do, but we won't see an offense like LSU's until maybe Indiana. I don't think our defense could have held LSU to 28 points, and I have an inkling that there will be lingering problems with tackling and recognizing plays, but it's just my opinion. I was amazed by Wisky's defense I thought they played a fantastic game personally.

Comment 2 hours ago

I'm not sure what to think. They were largely put on a clinic for most of the game, until their QB and coaching staff blew the game. The sad thing is I still think they could run the B1G and are a great team, but they lost when it mattered for the conference.

Comment 7 hours ago

Lou Holtz shut him up pretty good when he was bashing on us and Bama. It was pretty entertaining.

Comment 10 hours ago

You'll have to help me out here. Whose responsibility is it the cover the pitch man? I though it was the LBs Darron Lee was the one making the tackles and recognizing the plays at the end. Is it his duty or the safeties or both?

Comment 10 hours ago

I agree it isn't easy but navy had maybe 4 pass attempts the entire game? It took WAY too long for Lee and the other LBs to recognize that it was going to be an option play and cover the RB. I wouldn't be as concerned if the same play wasn't run to success the whole game.

Comment 11 hours ago

I think the linebackers were the biggest concern on the field at the end. It took them till the end of the 4th to start covering the RB on the option, which they ran over and over again for hundreds of yards

Comment 11 hours ago

Offense is kind of what I expected. Once jitters went down the line and J.T. started to play better. Biggest concern for me was the inability of the linebackers to cover the RB on option plays. They ran he same play dozens of times getting at least 5yards per play. Maybe it was just against the option and they will be better against more conventional offenses. The D-Line though, wow...

Comment 21 Aug 2014

^ this. Nothing is really a known commodity other than our D line. While I'm sure some of these units will shine it is a lot to ask that all of them become championship caliber going into the season. There were going to be growing pains with Miller, without him who knows. While we all have high hopes I think it's important to note that we really don't know how good the team will be apart from the D line. We simply haven't seen it yet. 

Comment 21 Aug 2014

I actually think the article was reasonable. He was simply saying while it is still possible to go undefeated this season, our losses on offense compounded by now starting a freshman QB will most likely lead to at least one game where our offense and game become a struggle and J.T. buckles. We have talent and ability, but in all likelihood the most probable outcome is a season at least 1 loss which is a very reasonable assumption.

Comment 31 Jul 2014

I will never understand why Oregon is always in the top 5 preseason. It seems they are always the sexy pick because of their offense and their speed. Then midway through the season they get beat by a more rugged tough physical team. Seems to happen every year.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Point taken. She was more angry about how the media had taken her nickname which she was fine with and others knew she was fine with and used it in their portrayal of the band without her opinion. More of how many reports use information gathered about members or people without the thoughts of those in question. I just found the report interesting, not on the bring Waters back team.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

I tried editing it though it still works inconsistently. You can also find the article by googling former band member named in tbdbitl speaks. Just an interesting describing a female band member and her feelings on the bands practices as well as her nickname.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Weird it didn't work for me the first time. The second and subsequent times it opened fine.