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Comment 07 Oct 2013

According to the comments from the original Reddit post... the story was actually about the growing number of people in America with mixed ethnic backgrounds and what they check in affirmative action boxes. The below is from the Reddit post sourced Here

This is an incredibly misleading picture and title. I have this issue of Nat Geo, and the article is actually about how the Census Bureau is flawed in their categories of racial identity. There are about 15 different people profiled, all of mixed race, showing what they identify themselves as and what "box" they check when identifying their race. It says between 2000 and 2010 there has been a 32% increase of people who identify themselves as 2 or more races.
TL;DR I just read this article. Nowhere in the article does it predict this is what the average American will look like in 2050.
Comment 06 Oct 2013

Clicked embiggen... was not dissapointed, however I feel like I need a bigger laptop for future embiggening...