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Comment 14 Dec 2011

The Wire, one of the best shows...EVER. Also like the Breaking Bad reference.


Comment 14 Dec 2011

Love your articles. However, I would be less worried about Hector Salamanca than Walter White.....or Jesse Pinkman.

Comment 10 Sep 2011

Hahahah....Gotta love its Always Sunny in Philly

Comment 10 Sep 2011

Last week Bollman's a genius, this week he needs to be fired........If they can't execute the plays, it doesn't matter who's calling them.

Comment 10 Sep 2011

and don't forget Nebraska losing at home to Fresno State.

Comment 10 Sep 2011

It seems like our O-line does a good job blocking the D Line but can't get to the linebackers who fill the holes for a minimum gain.  We should have used a lot more play action and hit the receivers over the middle.

Comment 10 Sep 2011

What would Urban have differently? We have three offensive starters suspended, another second team RB suspended, Williams out.  The only thing I fault Fickle is not playing Braxton.  It reminded me of when JT started Zwick over Smith.  I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of Miller next week.


Comment 27 Aug 2011

I'm glad others appreciate the Wire as much as me.  The best show EVER.....


Comment 06 Aug 2011

We will NOT lose to Michigan this year.....

Comment 22 Jul 2011

Bret: Okay, here's a shot out of the cannon: Paterno, Dantonio, and your wife. You gotta fu*& one, marry one, kill one, go!