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Comment 7 hours ago

Urban isn't going to stop recruiting QB's so it is no knock on Collier that he has four between 2015-16-17  He already started on an '18 kid. 

Collier may never see a meaningful down at QB but if he contributes in the film room or the locker room or the practice field then he is worth the scholarship.  Smart, smart kid who was an Ivy League prospect before Meyer and Herman offered him.  I don't put much stock in a spring game performance but he is certainly not the guy you want a snap away from the starting job at this point in his career. 

Comment 29 Mar 2015

7 games will get out of hand and I think back ups play a lot more than we've seen under Meyer.  This will be the first year under Meyer we bring both units into the year loaded with experience.  The offense was loaded in 2013 but the D was so bad we didn't put people away. 

Now the D should be pitching a lot of 0-10 point games and the offense should be hitting 45 every week. 

Comment 24 Feb 2015

Zeke should give Spencer a time share on that offensive MVP trophy.  Between the all timer blocking play, the TD pass and the onside kick recovery he deserves at least 4 months a year with that hardware. 

Comment 08 Feb 2015

I'm actually mildly concerned for Urban's safety.  Harbaugh has a screw loose and has tried to fight an opposing coach.  Wouldn't be shocked to see Jim go nuclear after a loss to OSU. 

I think his propensity to fly off the handle is a huge chink in his armor. He has played himself out of games before because he gets too mad and makes mistakes.  Urban gets under people's skin in the worst way so that will be a big part of every game. 

I agree, Harbaugh will struggle to deal with Meyer. He'll glitch.  I also think Dantonio will screw with him.  Dino is a solid manipulator in his own right. 

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Art Briles needs to shut up and play ball.  Contrast Gary Patterson and Art Briles for a second. 

Patterson wasn't happy but he said nothing, went right back to his team and got them ready for a game.  They took all of their frustrations out on their opponent and looked great in a "meaningless" bowl game.  People watched that game and thought, hmm, TCU was pretty damn good.  Wonder if they were more deserving of a title nod?

Briles pissed and moaned for a few days, went into the bowl game thinking they were deserving of better and got punched in the jaw by a team that only lost to the championship game participants.  I don't buy the "they didn't want to be there" line because for 3 quarters Baylor was playing like a team who wanted to win until MSU broke their will and beat them.  Now he is citing an 8-4 vote as proof that his team was close?  Kind of like saying "we had a lead at the end of the 3rd quarter so we sure were close to winning the game"

End of the day, Sparty couldn't rally to beat Ohio State or Oregon but they were good enough to come back from a big deficit to beat Baylor.  Pretty much says it all. 

Comment 14 Jan 2015

T-Mart was a mid 50's rated ATH who wasn't getting much love as a QB.  Nebraska took a flier on him.  I think they got the most out of his abilities.  As raw a QB as you could get his RSFR year.  As a JR he had a 63% comp rate, threw for 2900 yards and rushed for 1,000 yards.  He threw too many picks even as a JR but he played with a gunslinger mentality that got him in trouble.  Got hurt as a SR and hardly played. 

Tommy Armstrong had a so-so SO year.  Threw for 2700 yards, rushed for 700 but had a fairly low 53% comp rate.  He was a top-10 dual threat QB but not a guy with a ton of offers or a lot of fanfare.  Nebraska didn't have a group of dynamic receivers and outside of Abdullah most people couldn't name a skill guy on their offense. 

Tom Herman had Braxton Miller, the #1 dual threat QB.  His SO year he threw for 2000 and rushed for 1200 with a 58% comp rate.  I don't think that is light years better than Armstrong's SO year.  As a JR Miller threw for 2000 and rushed for 1000 with a 63% comp rate.  Martinez actually put up much better passing numbers as a JR than Miller did. 

JT Barrett is probably the best QB between the four we are discussing.  Better passer than Miller, Martinez or Armstrong.  Not as fast as Miller and Martinez but a better runner than Armstrong.  No surprise he had better stats than those three either.  To be fair though, he also had the best cast of skill guys to distribute the ball to as well. 

Comment 07 Jan 2015

In past interviews Meyer has talked about the sports science he added to his program from Chip Kelly.  The hydration tests on players, a lot of blood work to determine optimal vitamin levels (Eli Apple credits this to finding an iron deficiency that was slowing him down) and a lot of the conditioning aspects.

It really stands to reason that all that insight will give OSU an edge few Oregon opponents have going into this game.  Florida State looked really out of shape.  I get tempo is tough to deal with but FSU crumbled earlier than most opponents, even teams like Cal who have a really bad defense hung around longer. 

Comment 06 Jan 2015

I think the idea with the DL is to develop an 8-9 man rotation.  It didn't really happen much this year but I think they want to see a lot out of guys like Munger, Sprinkle, Lewis, Holmes, Slade and Thompson.  Throw in Hubbard and the possibility that Josh Perry gets some action at DE. 

Tress never kept much depth on the DL so Hankins was asked to play more than he really could. Also, as much as I love big Hank, he wasn't known for missing a meal while he was at OSU and played heavy. 

Comment 09 Dec 2014

In this day and age it is all too common to blame the victim for assault.  So sad.  Wisconsin fans who even consider this a reality need to put down that crack rock. 

Comment 06 Dec 2014

This is a good Wisconsin team, not a great team.  They have a great RB but that is the extent of their elite talent.  Their QB can be good, he can just as easily be really horrible.  I'd be a lot more concerned about playing Michigan State tonight and Sparty wasn't close to being as good as they were last year. 

Their defense is sound and well coached but they've had some really bad offensive opponents.  The decent offenses they've played are one dimensional and they had the good fortune of seeing a hobbled Abdullah and hobbled Cobb down the stretch. 

If OSU plays inspired, at their peak of ability football they could smoke Wisconsin and I mean Urban Meyer blitzkrieg shock and awe dismantling. Urban has a history of doing this in huge games with teams who are being counted out.   If OSU goes out and plays a solid game it will be close but I still think our talent overwhelms them.  It will take a downright poor outing by OSU on both sides of the ball to lose this game.

Comment 06 Dec 2014

Gordon had 15 carries last year because he left the game with an ankle injury and couldn't come back.  He dinged his hip against Iowa and his ankle against Minnesota.  His per carry average dropped a lot against both of those teams. 

Gordon is not close to 100% and after back to back weeks of 30 carry games with 300 touches overall. The season is starting to catch up with him. We owe Iowa and Minnesota a cold beer because they both laid the wood on Gordon.  This kid at 75% is still ultra talented but it can't hurt to see him a step slower. 

The bigger worry for Wisconsin fans is their OL.  Their veteran center is limited at best but likely out.  They are talking about burning a redshirt on a kid because their OL depth has taken some hits and they are already reshuffling their line. 

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Gordon went for 260 against Northwestern but for some reason he couldn't find the end zone more than once.  The QB's were god-awful, under 50% passing and 3 costly INT's. 

I'll take Gordon getting 260 if we limit them to 14 points all day long.  People would whine about the run D but I could care less what he does between the 20's. 

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Wisconsin hasn't played a single dynamic offense with multiple threats this year.  No teams with speed and power combos, multiple big play receivers and multiple ball carriers who combine speed and power the way OSU does. Their toughest game on paper was Nebraska and a one-legged Ameer Abdullah showed up.  OSU and Wisconsin shared 4 common opponents and had virtually identical defensive stats.  Considering the fact that no one believes OSU is a monster D, guess what, neither is Wisconsin. 

Now, going by the numbers Wisconsin's offense has played some pretty terrible defenses en route to their lofty stats.  Only LSU ranks ahead of Ohio State as a defense.and they shut Wisconsin down after halftime and sent Gordon to the bench.  Iowa's D did good things against the Badgers and put their offense in position to win the game.  Northwestern held them to 14 points, Gordon rushed for 260 and they lost. 

Wisconsin's success is a factor of their schedule as much as anything. 

Comment 05 Dec 2014

You can hate Fickell all you want but he didn't start Boren over Shazier, that is just plain wrong. 

Zach Boren took over at MIKE for Storm Klien when it was clear Klien was too hurt to play a full game.

Ryan Shazier is a prototypical WILL LB and would have been far too small to play MIKE.  He took over the WILL job from Andrew Sweat about the same time Boren came over to the defense. 

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Wisconsin's D should be really leery of this offense because they haven't seen anything close to this much talent on the field at the same time.  Add in the wrinkle that they have limited looks into what Cardale does as a QB. 

They've played a lot of one dimensional teams with a running back as the primary offensive weapon and no real secondary weapons.  They also got to see Abdullah with an MCL sprain and Cobb with a gimpy hamstring.  Cobb still worked their D over for 125 yards.  They are a great D on paper but that is where it ends, they are a decent D on the field. 

Cardale, Jalin and Zeke in the backfield at the same time presents a dizzying array of options.  It is beyond anything Wisconsin has seen in terms of power and speed from multiple players going in different directions.  

Comment 05 Dec 2014

If he gets 225 on 30 carries then OSU has done enough. MG3 is going to get a couple big runs, just count on that now because he has done it just about every time he suits up.  If he gets 80-100 yards on 2 touches it means OSU effectively controlled him 28 times and that is a win against an All American caliber back.  Gordon's legs are far from fresh as Iowa and Minnesota made him earn it the hard way the past 2 weeks. 

Stave isn't going to beat us.  Had a career best game against us last year and Wisky lost. 

Comment 28 Nov 2014

VT is 5-6 with 11 FR starting now and injuries to their top 3 RBs, 2 best DL's and their best DB.  If we played them this week we win by 24+. 

Bad luck and youth explains their record. They caught us at our most vulnerable and at their peak. 

Comment 28 Nov 2014

It wasn't a sales job by Hoke it was a "don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out" from Saban. 

Bama's offense was getting pretty stale. They had elite talent all over the field and couldn't move the ball last year. 

Comment 24 Nov 2014

Gibson is exciting in a lot of ways but I just see his 6'4 200 pound frame as too small to be running wildcat a lot as a FR.   He needs to pack on at least 20-25 pounds to be effective in college over the long haul, 30-35 would be ideal but might be hard to accomplish.  If he evolves into a QB he will be running about 15 times a game in Meyer's offense.  At a hair over 200 pounds and closer to 6'5 than 6'3, he needs mass.

If Miller and JT are both in the QB room there is about a 1% chance Gibson sees the field.  If they really feel he is QB material they will redshirt him and test his resolve.  Allow him to prove he can take the mental reps and workouts. 

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Spence's appeal comes down the the B1G reclassifying MDMA/MDA as recreational drugs instead of PED's as they are currently listed.  If they do, he can be reinstated and his 12+ games suspended would be a season's worth of games. 

MDMA/MDA are types of amphetamines and as a result considered PEDs.  They are a far cry from Adderral or any of the daily use amphetamines that are used as  PEDs.  MDA/MDMA might enhance your performance on the dance floor but they sure as hell don't help you on a football field or in film study/game prep. 

Here is to hoping they see Spence's use as recreational illegal drugs and not PED's.