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Comment 18 Apr 2014

UM fans are convinced they will get one of the Harbaughs--- They actually believe they have a better chance with John!  The delusion is thick.  Both Harbaugh bros have a lifetime pass to coach in the NFL, both are in line to make $7+ million a year and if Jim leaves SF you can bet he will get huge offers from NFL teams that will dwarf anything UM can offer. 

Les Miles is somewhat more realistic but they've botched that hire as well. LSU to UM is a lateral move at best. 

Until they get rid of the Pizza Boy Dave Brandon they won't be successful.  This guy's claim to fame is as a henchman for Bain Capital building up Dominos then nearly destroying it. He ran Dominios with the idea that great marketing and mediocre products equal big profits.  He has executed this scheme at UM perfectly. 

UM has this obsession with hiring "michigan men" as AD and HC's.  Their last two AD's have been former CEO types who have little sports management experience.  The only glimmer of hope in Ann Arbor is a new president who may take a different tact than MSC did during her tenure.  They fire Brandon, they stand a chance. If he hires the next coach it will be another disaster.  

Comment 16 Apr 2014

Mitchell played his FR year in Florida ,his SO year at Prestonwood Christian, a year  at Plano West and then back to Prestenwood Christian school.  The move from Florida is one thing, the back and forth between PWC and PW is another.  His brother Mickey started at PWC and transferred to PW last year.  Anytime you get big time athletes with parents who were former athletes and you start to see lots of transferring going on it makes you wonder. 

One story goes he left Plano west because he was being put at DE and he only wanted to play MIKE LB.  He left PWC after his SO year because it would help him get more exposure in the recruiting game.   No "I" in team comes to mind. 

Given that information, I'm not shocked he transferred.  I  think he probably didn't like the red shirt but it almost sounds like he might have a little entitlement issue based on his history.




Comment 15 Apr 2014

The Meyer/Herman offense thrives when you have 4-5 speed guys going in different directions in sync.  Then your not- as- fast TE goes uncovered for a 40 yard gain or your speed punishes any bad reads by the defense.  It is all predicated on making the right reads, something Miller does better than he used to but still has major room for improvement.  The offense will look different this year. Year one was Miller+Hyde, year two was Hyde and Miller.  Year three Miller has to capitalize on the advantages he has with the speed mismatches guys like Dontre, Curtis, Jalin and Devin can present.  A lot of our opponents have one guy as fast as any of our skill guys but no team on our schedule has 3-4-5 guys who can run with our skill guys. 

Hyde was a wrinkle Meyer never had before.  He wants to keep that wrinkle but bare in mind that he absolutely needed Hyde the last 2 years because he did not have what he needed on the edge.  Now he has some depth and speed to head outside, he has Zeke Elliott who is playing at about 225 this year (Hyde weighed in at 230 for the combine, played between 230-235 last year.)  Zeke might combine power with speed in a way we haven't seen. 

What this offense doesn't have is a proven, mauling OL.  The 53.33 yards of width will be very important this year in order to adjust to the inexperience on the line. Speed goes a long way towards drawing guys out of the box.  The spread part of our offense has not been in play.  Most of the time we didn't need it. 

Comment 09 Apr 2014

He is a line up anywhere kind of guy.  Great size, solid speed and good field vision.  He is a near lock for special teams as a FR and if he learns his assignments it wouldn't be a shock to see him playing a role on the offense. 

17-18 year old kids who are 6'2 215 are usually not done growing.  Another inch or two and twenty-twenty five pounds and this kid is going to be a match up headache


Comment 06 Apr 2014

Gotta disagree.  Talk to any of the players and they'll tell you differently.  No respect on the field between those teams.  They hate each other.  Dirty, dirty games.  Generally OSU/UM games are pretty clean and both sides agree it is hard hitting but not dirty.  Both sides agree that MSU/UM is the dirtiest, most mean spirited game they play. 

Sparty fans hate Michigan 365 days a year.  For decades they were looked down upon, kicked around and generally treated like the red headed step brother.  Now that UM is down Sparty is making up for lost time.  MSU fans don't particularly hate OSU.  UM fans might be stupid enough to root for Sparty against us but no respectable MSU fan wants anything good to happen for UM. 

One of the highlights of the B1G title game was when MSU and OSU fans joined together to boo and curse Taylor Lewan who was honored at halftime.   



Comment 06 Apr 2014

Hoke is a dead man walking after 10/25.  Sure, OSU won in '13 but the Moral Victors walked away from that game knowing they were one play away from winning.  Meanwhile, little brother dominated and abused UM.  OSU is UM's biggest rival but MSU is their most hated rival.  If Sparty straight up dismantles UM again it might be Hoke's final undoing. 

@Notre Dame, Utah, Penn State, @Michigan State, @OSU.  There are at least 4 losses in that list. 


Comment 06 Apr 2014

Someone has to get him the ball though.  Between an OL that has no pass pro and a roster of weak QB's it will be a rough 4 years for Freddy. 

Comment 27 Mar 2014

1. Archie

2. Eddie

3. Carlos/Byars

Although it should be noted that if Braxton Miller goes for about 700 yards rushing this season he will leave OSU as the #2 all time rushing yards and will be behind Archie for several other rushing records. 

If MoC played 4 years at OSU there is a legit chance he would have passed Archie.  Kid was amazing but his short career makes it hard to put him in the top 3 for me. 

Comment 27 Mar 2014

Speed to the edge will come in handy with a young line.  If Rod isn't getting holes between the tackles he will have a hard time getting to the second level.  Not a knock on Rod at all but a big back with a young line can make for short gains. 

Nice thing is, you put speed at the edge and most teams start cheating their LB's out a little bit and suddenly the middle is soft. 


Comment 18 Mar 2014

Before Fickell it was Bollman, before him it was Cooper, before him it was Bruce.  There is always a scapegoat on the staff with OSU football.  Sometimes he deserves the wrath, other times he is just the focal point.

The defense sucked in 2011 when Heacock was running the show.  Go figure, it was great when he and Fickell were running it together. 

The defense was bad last year and the entire D staff and players share the blame.  Fick gets the most attention but I think Withers was a poor hire and so-so coach, he was Meyer's 3rd choice at a critical point in the recruiting cycle where a full staff was critical. 



Comment 13 Mar 2014

Jalin Marshall is 25 pounds heavier than Wilson and runs like a faster version of Braxton Miller.  Adapting to his new position has to be a challenge but watching him in high school, this kid has great vision and patience with a fast first couple steps.  He will be a part of some big plays in '14

Marshall, Wilson and Elliott will probably all be on the field at the same time.  That is some serious speed to  burn when you have a QB who is a threat to run or extend a play to make a pass to one of these guys in space. 

Would not be shocked to see Marshall rack up stats. 


Comment 26 Feb 2014

Michigan does not have that kind of money.  They are a wealthy school but NFL owners make $200M before they take their head off the pillow.  The top 10 NFL franchises make more in a year than UM football makes in 4 years.  

I know a billion is hyperbole but Harbaugh will probably see a 5 year $40M deal from an NFL franchise.  No way UM can justify to their board of trustees that their football coach is worth $8M a year when Nick Saban is only getting paid $5M.   

Comment 26 Feb 2014

UM has the 2nd highest paid staff in the B1G, very close to OSU.  Hoke is making $4.11M (#8 highest paid coach) and Mattinson is the 4th highest paid coordinator (#2 DC) in the country.  Borges was the 3rd highest paid OC and Nussmeir was likely paid as much as Borges.   If anything they are overpaying based on results.

Now, they aren't going to pay Harbaugh NFL HC money. John Harbaugh is making $7M a year and Jim is intent on becoming the highest paid NFL coach.  NFL coaching salaries for the elite guys are going to top $8M a year in the near future.  UM would be insane to spend that much. 

No college team can compete with NFL money.  32 NFL teams get $200M a year before a single ticket is sold from their TV deal.  UM grosses just over $100M a year from every facet of football. 


Comment 26 Feb 2014

Absolutely zero chance.....until Harbaugh is in his late 60's like Bill Walsh when he went back to Stanford.

He wants to be the highest paid NFL coach, win Superbowl rings.  Rings, plural.  Jim's college stint was all about getting to the NFL and he will stay in the NFL until he retires. 

Michigan fans are delusional, many think if not Jim Harbaugh then pizza boy will haul in his higher paid, more successful brother John (zero ties to UM outside of his dad working there in the 70's)

^^^^ That is what happens when your program falls into the crapper for the better part of the last 15 years and your primary rival wins with a great coach then goes out and gets an arguably better coach. 



Comment 24 Feb 2014

Life is toxic and terminal. 

Moderation is the key to balance....

Medical cannabis can be vaporized to minimize the less healthy  burning of plant matter, concentrated to reduce the amount needed to achieve the effects and remove many of the non-active ingredients, extracted into fatty oils and eaten.

Smoking blunts and hog-leg joints is not healthy, there are countless alternatives for ingestion that eliminate the by-products of burning plant matter. 

Comment 24 Feb 2014

You have to be kidding me.  Yeah, heroin is really addictive but the gateway to H starts with kids popping prescription pills and drinking not smoking ganja. 

I've been in and around cannabis culture for the past 25+ years starting as an occasional teenage smoker with a 4.0 GPA, became a college student who woke up to bong hits and graduated with honors in 3 years.  As a young man I moved to Northern California, worked in the biz, saw more ganja than most people can imagine and now at 42 I enjoy a puff in much the same way I enjoy a glass of red wine.  A few times a month I blaze a joint while I watch the sunset into the pacific.  When I hit about 26 the idea of being stoned all day became a pain in the butt so I decided to back off.  It didn't hurt me to slow down, I wasn't chasing a dragon looking for a buzz.   

At no point was I physically addicted to cannabis.  At no point did I think, wow if I get this high from pot I would love heroin.  Truth is, I have passed up cocaine and heroin as a rule my entire life despite countless chances to imbibe both.  The time I was most tempted to do coke I was drunk. 

The fear mongering is laughable.  I've met countless functioning alcoholics and some really hard core drunks (interestingly,  heavy drinkers rarely smoke pot.)  They are far worse off in life than some of the people I know who smoke 98% THC hash oil 24/7. 

Alcohol is a much greater menace than cannabis.  What is funny is the cases of alcoholism, spousal abuse, drunk driving and alcohol related deaths hit an all-time high during prohibition. 

Comment 20 Feb 2014

Interesting thing about track times, we all know Terry McLaurin is a speedster but his 100 times are behind James Clark, Johnnie Dixon, Dontre Wilson, Zeke Elliott, Parris Campbell and Gareon Conley. 

Track speed and football speed aren't the same but it sure as hell helps to run a sub-11.00/100M. 


Comment 20 Feb 2014

UO has a world-class track and training facility.  The basketball arena got a huge face-lift.  All of the programs have top-flight facilities.  The football building is over the top nice but none of the other programs are hurting. 



Comment 20 Feb 2014

Zeke Elliott has some speed to burn.  Might not be the fastest on the team but he posted the 8th best U-18 110 hurdles time his senior year.  Won the 110 and 300 M hurdles state titles twice.  Started running the 100M as an afterthought during his senior year and won a state title.

He is really fast.

Would not be surprised to see him in the top 5. 

Comment 17 Feb 2014

What gave Mitchell a shot at wil his FR year was his speed.  His size was going to keep him out of mike and sam last year.  He was light but he is also really tall so he came off as even more lanky. 

I agree, he is physically gifted but there is something slightly less appealing about his game than Johnson's.  Trey Johnson played tentative as a FR, something to be expected, but he wasn't taking bad angles and his tackles were fundamentally sound.  He looked the part even if he was still feeling his way at times. 


Comment 16 Feb 2014

Mitchell wasn't going to survive as mike or sam LB as a true FR.  He came in around 215 and there is no way he would have made an impact. Our MLB/SLB crew goes 235-245.  Not saying he wouldn't have grown into the role but he wasn't there last fall.

Mike Mitchell has WLB written all over him.  The problem was we had an NFL draft-caliber WLB who rarely left the field.  Johnson won the back up job and that was all she wrote. 

Comment 07 Feb 2014

Saine would have done well in our current offense. In space he did well and there is not a LB in the B1G who could cover him on a wheel route.  Zeke Elliott has a lot of the same positives in terms of speed but as a FR demonstrated he can break tackles too. 


If you want to see a really mixed bag class, do the same thing for 2009:

Two 5* catastrophes  (Dorain Bell, Pitt Brown)

Four 3* folk heros  (Boren, Fragel, Guiton, Simon)

Only 13/25 players from that class used up their eligibility. 

Outside of Simon and Barnett the defensive players in that class were pretty bad. 

Really good OL class, RB Hyde 

Medical hardship for Fellows, Wood

Other colossal busts in addition to the 5 stars:  Duron Carter, Jamal Berry

Underachievers club: Storm Klien, Jordan Hall

Processed: James Jackson

Whoops! suspended/trouble/transfer: Jordan Whiting, Jon Newsome, Dom Clarke, Dorian Bell, Jamal Berry


Comment 05 Feb 2014

What a crappy competition. 

Gardner is as erratic as they come, can be decent but goes to horrible in a heartbeat.

Lazer Rocket is a career back up at most schools

Bellomy still wets the bed when he has nightmares about cornhuskers from his only college experience.  Has a negative passer rating (didn't know you could)


UM football next year will be a train wreck.  Can't wait to watch.