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Comment 24 Nov 2014

Gibson is exciting in a lot of ways but I just see his 6'4 200 pound frame as too small to be running wildcat a lot as a FR.   He needs to pack on at least 20-25 pounds to be effective in college over the long haul, 30-35 would be ideal but might be hard to accomplish.  If he evolves into a QB he will be running about 15 times a game in Meyer's offense.  At a hair over 200 pounds and closer to 6'5 than 6'3, he needs mass.

If Miller and JT are both in the QB room there is about a 1% chance Gibson sees the field.  If they really feel he is QB material they will redshirt him and test his resolve.  Allow him to prove he can take the mental reps and workouts. 

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Spence's appeal comes down the the B1G reclassifying MDMA/MDA as recreational drugs instead of PED's as they are currently listed.  If they do, he can be reinstated and his 12+ games suspended would be a season's worth of games. 

MDMA/MDA are types of amphetamines and as a result considered PEDs.  They are a far cry from Adderral or any of the daily use amphetamines that are used as  PEDs.  MDA/MDMA might enhance your performance on the dance floor but they sure as hell don't help you on a football field or in film study/game prep. 

Here is to hoping they see Spence's use as recreational illegal drugs and not PED's. 

Comment 18 Nov 2014

I think we have a great blend of talents in the QB room.  Only one guy can be the starter and we will have six deep next fall.  It really helps guys like Gibson who need a year in a strong QB room to really develop.  If he came into a program where there wasn't a defined leadership structure it could be very tempting for a staff to put him on the field before he is ready. 

Comment 14 Nov 2014

If Minnesota can't pressure Barrett he will eat them alive.  The only teams who have given him trouble are VT and PSU who did it with pressure from the middle.  Edge pressure doesn't seem to phase him at all. 

Minny has not dealt with spread packages well at all.  Purdue rushed for close to 300 with read option and they Boilermakers have zero vertical passing threat. 

The D has to show up ready to slow Cobb down early and give the O a chance to build a lead.  Cobb will wear a team down but he can't do it if Minny is behind.  Leidner passing more than 20 times in the game is bad news for Minnesota.  They are most effective when he throws around 15 times. 

Minnesota has no margin for error in this game and need a major letdown by OSU to win.  OSU can play decent and win.  If OSU plays as well as they have the past couple weeks this is a 3 score win no matter what Minnesota brings. 

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Some of it was line control but Langford is one hell of a RB.  Power and speed with a major attitude.  I think he has a huge NFL future, better than the guys BTN talks about every night. 

Comment 06 Nov 2014

Cook is taking more risks this year and has a much higher INT to attempt ratio than last season.  If OSU can get him throwing he will give up a costly INT.  His best passes come from a well-formed pocket.  He has real trouble on the run with decision making and targeting.  If OSU can force him to climb in the pocket or leave it, the odds he throws instead of passes go way up. 

His footwork is his undoing at times.  Guy has a huge arm but shuffles his feet and tries to rely on his arm strength.  Nebraska gave him fits last season and this season.  His comp rate was well below average and accuracy was not there, likely our coaches took a good look at the pressures they used both this year and last year. 

Keep Cook unsettled and bottle up Langford as best we can on the early downs and it will disrupt their O badly.  I'd expect Langford to get his 100+ but it is keeping him south of 120 and keep him out of the second level.  If he has to earn 110 on 30 carries, we should be in great shape. 

Comment 06 Nov 2014

Harbaugh is linked to a few NFL teams. The Bears, Dolphins and Raiders all have feelers out.  Harbaugh played in Chicago for 6 years so one could pull the "sentimental" card out for them as easily as they could for Michigan. The Dolphins are owned by fellow "michigan man" Stephen Ross.  Oakland would allow him to have a third job and stay in his Palo Alto home. 

20+ years in the NFL as a player or coach.  Three straight trips to the door of the NFL pinnacle and three straight disappointments.  Meanwhile Brother John has a ring. 

So many things point to him staying focused on his biggest goal, a Lombardi Trophy. 

Michigan might have a soft spot in his heart but a guy at the peak of his career with a goal in mind doesn't take a step back.  It would be very un-Harbaugh like for him to take his eye off the prize. 

Comment 05 Nov 2014

Cook is throwing picks at a higher rate this year than last.  1 out of 37 attempts this year, 1 out of 63 attempts last year.  Big increase in frequency.  He is averaging 24 passes per game this year, fewer than last year.  When he goes past his average he has thrown at least 1 INT in every game.  Above average passing attempts doesn't bring more TD's, he is good for 1-2 per game regardless.  Get him throwing and the secondary should get a couple INT's.  Cook makes some really bad throws when his feet aren't set. 

His worst game of the year came against Nebraska.  It was 46 and rainy at kickoff, the rain stopped and it stayed cool. He was pretty erratic, missing open receivers and he had a hard time putting together drives. Nebraska wasn't pressuring very well and it was mostly on Cook rather than a hostile D. Game time forecast is for 36 degrees and tapering rain.  If Cook is not a bad weather QB this is great news for OSU. 

The two teams are close across the board.  OSU has more weapons on offense but a lot more youth on the depth chart.  17/22 starters for MSU are RSJR or older.  Meanwhile OSU counts about 30 FR/SO/RSSO on their depth chart. 

Neither team has put together a solid 4 quarter game against anyone with a pulse.  MSU allowed 31 points to Purdue and their FR QB had the ball with 1:45 and a chance to tie the game.  The near-meltdown against Nebraska has to loom large for Sparty and there were a lot of gems on the Oregon film that should give OSU some D-breakers. 

I like our chances to pull off a big win in East Lansing.  We haven't played our best game yet, now is the time. 

Comment 04 Nov 2014

ESPN picked the three worst plays of the season and presented it as the norm.  The two UC plays and the MD coverage with Burrows were bad but pretty far from the norm.  The Apple and Grant plays were unfortunately more typical but I have seen Apple be more aggressive.

I think the first three plays were early season problems that have been fixed.  Grant is at his ceiling and while he is ok whoever takes his spot next season will have a higher ceiling.  I think Apple is getting better every time out and while he still has some developing to do we haven't seen his game plateau.  He'll start to make those 50/50 plays more frequently. 

Comment 04 Nov 2014

The wildcat with a RB is predictable and against a team like MSU basically useless. 

The wildcat with a guy who was a prolific triple option QB in high school with offers from FBS programs to play QB is far less predictable.  As Navy has proven for years, a triple option can be very hard to stop even when teams know the passing threat is very limited.  Would not be surprised to see the playbook with Marshall at QB evolve into something that almost resembles a triple option this week. He isn't going to air it out but one tenant of the triple-O is to lull a defense into attacking the run and then the QB plays pitch and catch with a receiver running free.   Marshall isn't a great passer but he can throw to an open man. 

MSU has been gashed by running QB's on designed QB runs.  Oregon, Nebraska and Purdue all picked up nice yards running read/speed option looks.  I would expect JT to have a handful of designed runs and Marshall to have closer to 15 taking snaps as a QB to absorb some of the pounding. 

Comment 04 Nov 2014

I don't think it is hating on Braxton to say that JT's skill set is different and possibly more of a concern to MSU's current defense.  They have been beaten in the secondary a lot more this year than past years.  The potential for JT to give them problems is real provided he gets time in the pocket.  The other side of the coin is that Barrett has a larger group of contributors playing receiver. 

Miller gave MSU problems with his feet as a SO and a JR.  His passing in the B1G title game was pretty awful all night long and not a threat at all.  His 2012 passing was solid but under 200 yards for the day. 

Miller's passing is not what kept DC's up at night.  Same way Barrett's running isn't keeping Narduzzi up this time out. 

Comment 04 Nov 2014

It is amazing how much a kid can mature in the summer between their JR and SR years.  I think this is where events like The Opening really, really help guys like Gibson.  It is a great honor to be selected but it is also an eye-opening trip.  Suddenly Gibson is throwing with guys who have bigger arms, better accuracy and better footwork. Coaches are giving him feedback and pushing him to be better.  Mentors are talking to these guys about responsibility and how to take care of business.  Huge growth and good news. 

Hard to say what he can do for us at QB.  Thankfully there is zero pressure for him to show up in the fall and compete for a job and he can percolate in the system for a year or two. Let Coach Mick help him put on about 25 pounds of muscle.  The QB room we will have is going to be pretty sweet.  Collier is a high IQ guy, Barrett is a sponge with a great work ethic, Burrow is a film junkie with a FBS DC for a dad and Miller is a freak athlete who is grounded and a model citizen. Cardale might wind up as the odd man out. Gibson will be surrounded with good people who will push him to work hard and develop in the weight room and film room.

If he develops as a passer there is no question he will be most valuable at the QB position.  If a year goes by and it is clear there are better options he can move to another position or make the choice to relocate.  It helps we have guys like Darron Lee and Jalin Marshall becoming young stars.  Both were both QB's recruited as athletes and could be the model if Gibson needs to transition to another position. 

Comment 03 Nov 2014

Michigan State's defense has some holes that will pop up on Saturday.  It is not nearly as good as it was last season and statistically Penn State is a better D in almost every category.  It is a defense that gave up 31 points to Purdue, 22 4th quarter points to Nebraska and 28 second half points to Oregon.  They haven't played a complete game against anyone with an offense worth a damn.  I'd keep that in mind, especially if they look dominant early. 

These teams are close.  MSU gets the edge with a home game at night, OSU has the chip on their shoulders and the most to prove.  Vegas has MSU as a 2 point favorite.  Since Urban's days at Utah he has been an underdog 15 times, he has won 11 of those games. 

Comment 28 Oct 2014

You don't think Les Wexner can make or break an athletic director at OSU?  Phil Knight, TBoone Pickens, Stephen Ross are names people know but every program has a mega booster who can put his or her foot down and end a career. 

In the case of Ross he was Brandon's #1 fan. Now he is saying he won't fight to keep him.  A sure sign Brandon is being dispatched. 

Comment 28 Oct 2014

I think standard operating procedure with this staff is dismissal followed by reinstatement and suspension.  Carlos Hyde, Tracy Sprinkle, Storm Klien and a couple others since Meyer has arrived have been dismissed for the team, reinstated and then suspended. 

Comment 25 Oct 2014

Pink Floyd was the first in the Shoe back in '88 (and again in '94)  Great shows.  I'm sure 1D will be equally impressive and the crowd will be on far fewer drugs....