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Comment 18 Aug 2014

It is funny to read that people think we deserve 100% honesty from Miller and Meyer.  Coaches use disinformation and obscure the truth as a competitive advantage.  If Meyer is bluffing it is fine with me, if Miller is 75% it is fine that he is saying he is 100%.  They don't owe fans the truth at the expense of obscuring it from our opponents. 

How does it benefit OSU if Meyer comes out today and says "Braxton will miss the first 4 games" even if it is the god's honest truth? 

Meyer is a tactician.  He has been quietly having a QB competition between Jones and Barrett for the #2 job all spring and summer.  It gets a little press because they are replacing Kenny G as a back up but the distraction to the team and coaches if the media 100% knew this competition was for the starting job for 1 week or 6 would be absurd. 

Meyer would be a fool to reveal the truth if it involved Miller being out for any length of time. 

Comment 16 Aug 2014

It looks like ND did the right thing and didn't attempt to cover it up.  The NCAA won't do anything unless they find out there was systematic cheating with administrative knowledge or an attempt to cover up cheating.  So far it looks like a prof turned these guys over and it was 4 players being helped by a couple other students.   Golson's deal was cheating on a test.  It will hurt to lose the 4 players but this won't blow up into some major scandal. 

Comment 13 Aug 2014

The word on J. Jones is that he will probably RS this year because he needs to hit the weight room.  Great technique, just not strong enough yet.  The staff was pleased with Marcelys Jones because he came in early and worked his butt off.  Lost a lot of baby fat and really bought into the strength and conditioning program.  They think he will make a push for the depth charts.  8 months ago no one would have guessed he was the Jones who would be in the mix. Heck, some fans had him on transfer watch earlier in the month. 

Urban told J. Jones and D. Knox  to be in the mix and ready to play because we don't redshirt.  I think people misconstrue coach-speak for god's honest truth sometimes.  Clearly he wanted to light a fire under their butts so they would show up to fall camp ready to compete.  Knox is in a better position to make the depth chart, J. Jones is just not as strong as some of the other guys who have been in the program longer. 

Munger is going to be in the heavy rotation this year, might even pass Tommy Schutt right by.  LJ wants to go deep on the DL, rotate a lot of guys through.  Donovan is going to be a force on the DL.  Holmes is in the mix.  Darius Slade is working very hard (3rd guy to lose his stripe) but will probably still get the RS but it has more to do with depth than anything else. 

Comment 02 Aug 2014

Calm down.  If this was a board full of players joking around it might warrant the scolding.  We're fans, our focus doesn't matter.  The team isn't going to lose to Navy because we are teasing Michigan or Oregon. 

Comment 02 Aug 2014

Oregon's tickets are scratch and sniff with the smell of a Carl's Junior burger (Hardees to you midwesterners)  I'm being serious, that is what is being reported out here.  For anyone who has seen the Mike Judge movie "Idiocracy" this will be extra funny. 

I haven't seen or smelled them yet but my friend is taking me to the MSU/UO game with his season tickets so I expect I will be able to report back in a few weeks. 

Comment 02 Aug 2014

Best of luck at Akron.  The Zips are welcoming OSU transfers at a pretty good pace these days.  Hope it translates into W's up there. 

Comment 30 Jul 2014

The most insecure fan base in the country. 

When they get an obvious commit they always have to talk smack about Butch owning whichever coach he beat for the kid.

When they lose a commit the kid goes from being the golden child to the worst player ever with at least one family member taking cash from the winning school.

Gibson was "practically moved in to a dorm" about 6 weeks ago and now he is just another bust. 

Comment 30 Jul 2014

Just watched the Wisconsin game from last year.  Bron was on the sidelines with the OSU basketball team.  They all looked star struck talking to him. 

Having him on the sidelines during games is recruiting gold. 

Comment 24 Jul 2014

You are not hiring a Harbaugh.  Put down the crack pipe. 

If you believe this is your future you do not follow the NFL.  Jim Harbaugh has 1 year left on his contract in SF and is using the last year of his deal to milk the niners by threatening them with the fact that he will go to the highest bidder after the 2015 season. The niners played chicken with him when they put him on the table in a potential trade.  Either they pay him $8M-$8.5M a year and give him more autonomy or he goes to one of the three or four teams who will make him among highest paid coach in the league with the ability to make personnel decisions.  He is done with college football until he gets the Bill Walsh hair to go back to Stanford when he is 70. 

John Harbaugh just got a 1 year extension and has a contract going though 2017 in Baltimore. 

I know UM has money to burn but they do not have the kind of money it takes to compete with NFL teams for coaches.  They certainly don't have the backing of the trustees to buy out John Harbaugh's contract and make him the highest paid college coach. Jim Harbaugh spent 4 years at UM and now has 20 years in the NFL.  He is an NFL lifer.  John Harbaugh lived in Ann Arbor when he was younger.  He has no affiliation with UM beyond his brother and his father. 

As for the 11-2 year, thank Shoelace for staying healthy and thank your stars you had a terrible schedule and one of the worst OSU teams in 25 years at the end of the season.  You had an all american center and a strong OL (thanks Rich Rod) and actually played to the QB's strengths.  The only legit defense  you played in 2011 held you to 14 points. 

Comment 24 Jul 2014

He has Watt-like characteristics. Long, long arms and a nice combo of speed and power.  Watt was a disruptive force at Wisconsin early in his career and Bosa looks like he is on the same trajectory as Watt, might even be ahead of schedule.   Long way to go but he has all of the tools to make it.

Scarier thought: Nick Bosa is considered to be further along than Joey was heading into his JR year.  Imagine how tough this kid is, Joey Bosa doled out the big brother treatment on this kid for years.  

Comment 22 Jul 2014

If you believe Tenn fans then she resigned on national signing day and took a job at Ohio State.  Given the national media's interest in all things OSU NCAA violation worthy it is highly unlikely she landed a job at OSU on the same day her son committed. 

Clay Travis would have been busy reporting on it for the past two years so my guess is no.

Comment 22 Jul 2014

Fully agree.  They still claim we paid Vonn Bell and set his mom up with a house and a job in Columbus. 

Tenn fans always rub it in when they get a recruit and they always disparage a recruit who goes elsewhere.  It is pathological and they might be one of the worst fanbases going. 

Comment 22 Jul 2014

Don't get me wrong, Kenny Guiton became a Buckeye folk hero as a RSJR/SR but as a SO he could not beat out Joe Bauserman  who is among the all time worst QB's we have ever had.  Even after Miller took the job Bauserman was the firm #2. 

Guiton flourished under Tom Herman and Urban Meyer.  They gave him a second chance to apply himself, something he wasn't doing under the previous staff. By his own admission he was lazy and unprepared in 2011.  The staff had 2 unpolished QB's and a tarnished QB to choose from.  They picked the more athletic unpolished QB and left him to fend for himself.  . 

Comment 22 Jul 2014

Our weakness is youth and inexperience.  It might not matter and it might not be a weakness because we have exceptional young talent who might  grow right into their roles but the lack of experience at several position groups is a potential weakness.

Back up QB, LB, DB, RB and OL are all looking at replacing very talented players.  Odds are one group blows us away with great play and one group doesn't gel right away.  My guess is the OL is at the biggest risk of taking too long to gel.

I'm confident one of our two back up QB's with 1.5 and 2.5 years in the system will be ready to go.  This staff polished Guiton who was on track to being a never-was who had transfer papers in front of him.  We forget that before he came in and won the Purdue game most people thought back up QB was a major area of concern. Barrett and Jones were better prospects to begin with, Guiton was an 11th hour hail mary that paid off. 

We have a lot of talent at LB the WILL is a big unknown.  A RS FR replacing a first round draft pick.  MLB and SAM should be loaded but they have to function as a group and it might be tough going.

DB might be better off with young guns in an intuitive system.  We have some talent back there. They have the most to prove.

RB is a mystery but it is hard to believe that one of the stable won't emerge as a star.  I'm least concerned about this group, way too many weapons.

OL is scary because it requires talent and cohesion. We have talent but they have to work together.  I'm really glad that Warrier didn't take a HC job this year, we need him.  Again, a talented group but who knows how well they mesh.  If one guy is off then the whole group looks bad.  Probably the most unnerving situation for the coaching staff. 

Comment 22 Jul 2014

The  hardcore Tennessee recruiting followers are starting to jump ship on Gibson.  Typical Vol stuff, they are talking about how they already have 2 QB's committed in the 2015 class and how Gibson is looking for cash and overrated as a QB.  That is the Vol MO when they know they are losing their grip.  They loved him when he spent all kinds of time and put them #1 and now that he is trending away he suddenly sucks. 

I've had my reservations about Gibson for a long time.  He isn't a kid who can walk in and start right away and I don't know how his personality will deal with that reality.  His arm needs work and he is 6'4 and weighs about 200 pounds soaking wet.  He needs about 30 pounds and some time in the system.  A guy like Pryor came in weighing 235-240 and was durable so he could take the hits. Miller started too soon but he went  6'1 220 when he started, we had no choice but in a perfect world he is a RS JR right now. 

If Urban wants him I think he lands him. 

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Judging Barrett or Jones on the spring game and making any kind of meaningful assessment is pointless.  Judging Jones on the 3rd string mop up duty last year is equally useless. We won't really know where we stand until the #2 guy gets a quarter or two of mop up duty (hopefully he isn't pressed into service before this happens) Both these guys deserve a clean card because neither one has been asked to do anything.  I trust Herman and Meyer to have a back up ready to go full speed. 

Both of these guys have put in time getting ready.  I'm sure one or the other will be a solid back up QB. 

Comment 15 Jul 2014

If you look at Saban's class going into his 3rd season as HC it looks a lot like what we have in terms of stars and studs.  He had a 12-2 year in his second season, lost the SEC title game and lost the Sugar Bowl.  By late July he had 1-5* kid (the only one in the class) and a handful of 4* kids to go with a compliment of 3* kids.  He finished with a top 5 class but it was not even close to the #1 class. 

Alabama went out and won a national title in his 3rd season.  Saban closed his class fairly strong but the title didn't create a massive bump to his class. 

The recruiting got a lot easier after the second title and now it is firmly established.  Saban didn't land absurd classes in his first few years though.  Remember where Meyer is after taking over a 6-7 team on probation with scholarship reductions.  This is his 3rd complete class being built.  It isn't to the point where he is shooting fish in a barrel to get his 25 guys. 

Comment 15 Jul 2014

Oregon is a very early 10 point favorite against Stanford. 

Last year's game with Stanford was ugly for the Ducks. Oregon was down 3 starting DL's and Mariotta was playing on a bad knee.  Despite being blanked for 3 quarters Oregon was an onside kick away from a chance to play for the lead.  The game was dominated by Stanford but the 4th quarter shows just how dangerous Oregon can become in just a few minutes. 

MSU is a notoriously slow starter under Dantonio.  They've struggled in September even in his best years.  If they get behind early to Oregon it will be an easy cover for the Ducks. 

Comment 15 Jul 2014

Michigan waited too long and according to his dad/brother, Mattinson decided they were too far behind to make a good run. 

I think he is an OSU kid all the way.  Just taking a couple visits.

Comment 10 Jul 2014

I think the triple option can be hard to defend but we don't have to spend much time worrying about Navy throwing it 30 times against an untested secondary.  A couple stops and we have the opportunity to create a lead. 

When we have the ball it will be nearly impossible for Navy to contend with our speed. 4-5 guys moving in different directions, we have some serious speed this year.  It is actually a good way to get our OL game action against some predictable and smaller DL's.  No elite first round pass rusher lining up across from Taylor Decker.

Navy will hang around but I suspect we score every time we touch the ball.  OSU by 17-24 in a high scoring affair

Comment 08 Jul 2014

He recruited and landed 5* Cam Newton at UF.  Unfortunately Cam blew his shot at UF and got booted but Tebow and Newton were #1 QB's in their classes.  Had Newton stayed out of trouble he would have started post-Tebow and things might have played out differently in 2010 for Meyer.

Meyer and Addazio recruited Trey Burton who was a run-first dual threat QB.  He didn't play much QB under Meyer during his FR year and was a totally bad fit for Weiss and Muschamp's system.  Have to say it is impossible to know how good he would have been as a QB in Meyer's offense.  Fair to say he had an impact as a true FR. Numbers were better than Dontre Wilson's as a receiver and rusher.

Brantley played one year for Meyer. He was a RSSO in 2010, Meyer's last season at Florida and did a poor job.  I'll agree he was not a great QB for Meyer or Muschamp. 

Jeff Driskel was the #1 pro style QB but he was recruited by Charlie Weiss for Will Muschamp's system.  He wasn't a Meyer commit. 

Comment 19 Jun 2014

It will be a struggle to win at Autzen but MSU's D is Oregon's kryptonite.  Oregon has major problems with teams who play smashmouth D. 

Michigan State has to win this game to maintain any B1G credibility.  It won't give the conference more cred but a loss would turn us into a collective pumpkin early in the season. 

Comment 09 Jun 2014

Braxton's family isn't wealthy but they aren't dirt poor either.  They can afford to send their kid to California to work out with a QB trainer and buy him fashionable duds.  He stays with Mike Thomas who hails from the suburb of Woodland Hills, an upper middle class 'burb.   Not like he is hitting Vegas VIP style and taking up a floor at Caesars. 

Brax is over 21 and doesn't do stupid things. 

Comment 06 Jun 2014

Zeke Elliott's 110M hurdle was 13.77 which was good enough for 5th fastest among high schoolers in 2012.   His 22.05 in the 300M hurdles was 10th fastest turned in by HS kids.

Won multiple state titles in both events. 

More impressed with these times than Peppers' 100M time.