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Comment 12 hours ago

First half of the Toledo game had me shaking my head. Then I caught on to the fact that Toledo was playing three 2nd and 3rd string DB's who wouldn't be able to walk on at OSU.  Kiel's second half was pretty much ho-hum and UC's defense was terrible, terrible, terrible.  Watched the Miami game and reaffirmed the fact that UC has a god-awful defense that can't tackle or cover.  Kiel threw some risky balls and got away with 3 or 4 that should have been picked plus the two that Miami took away. 

Miami is a bad team on a 20 game losing streak. Sure they played their best but UC needed a red zone stand to keep Miami from tying it up late. 

OSU plays up to the level they are capable of playing and this game isn't close.  If we slip up or get a slow start then it probably stays close longer. 

Comment 16 hours ago

Tuberville suspended the true FR for 4 games and handed out "internal discipline" for his starters.  They all played. 

UC is probably checking their mail daily for a power 5 invite.  Renovated stadium/football facilities will help once they are done.  At this point they probably need to wait for some other programs to trigger reshuffling.  Doubt UC is the team that gets the ball rolling on more moves. 

If our DB's play the way Ash has coached them up Kiel could toss them 5 picks.  His arm is great, he throws a pretty long ball. He also locks in on receivers, takes big risks and hasn't proven to be pinpoint accurate with his passes.   Likewise, if bad habits rear their heads, Kiel could continue his video game numbers. 

Comment 17 hours ago

Their defense will give us ample opportunities.  Undisciplined, poor tackling and a base scheme that does not match up to our offense very well.  Given their lack of discipline it is hard to imagine how they could draw on the success VT had with the Bear/C-zero looks.  Those schemes require serious discipline and understanding.  I actually hope UC spends time trying to learn them. 

Their offense is a gunslinger's dream.  Upside for OSU, if they simply execute the fundamentals Ash has been drilling into them all summer there will be a ton of chances to turn Kiel into an INT machine.  He locks in on receivers, throws less than pinpoint passes and takes big risks because the mentality of the offense is to go-go-go.  Kiel could throw 4-5 picks or 4-5 TD's based on how fundamentally sound the D plays. 

Comment 18 Sep 2014

UC lit up Toledo for a half.  Toledo was starting 3 back up CB's, ran a soft zone with their DB's lining up 7 yards off the ball.  They rushed 3 and tried to keep everything in front of them.  It was pitch and catch for Kiel.  He has talented receivers who can make 2nd string MAC CB's miss in space.  22-25 passing is an amazing stat. Hard to do that against air let alone humans in pads.

Second half Toledo came out, rushed 4-5 guys and played a tighter coverage scheme.  Kiel went 1-6 and UC gained 13 yards on their next three drives.  Sacked him, rushed him and forced him to make passes into coverage.  Toledo didn't have the bodies to keep up the coverage late and Kiel picked it up again against a tired D late in the game.   7-17 is not a great passing stat. 

He went 7-17 in the second half, he went 22-25 in the first half.  Moral of the story: Send the house, play press coverage. 

Before people start giving Gunner Kiel too much credit, he had one great half and one subpar half against a depleted MAC defense. 

If UC's D was worth a damn they would have coasted to a 40 point win. 

Comment 17 Sep 2014

UC has some solid receivers, no question they will try to spread the field and throw like crazy. 

Bare in mind Toledo was starting 3 back up DB's in that game, a mix of RSFR/SO's,  played a soft zone lining 7 yards off  and only rushed 3 most of the first half.  After halftime they adjusted, starting bringing 4-5 on every pass, got pressure on Kiel, played a little bit tighter in their zone coverage and his throws started sailing.  3 consecutive 3 and outs and only one meaningful second half scoring drive. 

Last thing you want to do with a QB who has never played a down of football is give him all day to throw.  Once Toledo started getting pressure it showed that he was a RSFR with one half of college football under his belt.

Also, Toledo eviscerated UC's defense with a back up QB and back up RB.  They averaged right around 6.5 yards per carry and ran the ball effectively all night. 

I watched the second half twice.  It exposed a lot of UC's weaknesses on both sides of the ball.  They are a solid team but they have fundamental weaknesses and they aren't the kind of thing that they can correct in two weeks.  If they try to play the VT cover zero schemes it will bite them badly, they don't have the secondary to deal with the coverage. If they play their normal schemes there are a lot of things OSU can exploit on the edge.  Their DE's were repeatedly beaten by guys who are not as talented as what we put on the edge. 

If UC doesn't get their starting center back for the OSU game it is a real problem for their OL. 

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Meyer's 2006 Florida team bought into "angry" and came into the national title games ready to release 4 weeks of pent up rage.  It worked.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Bud Foster spent a lot of time in summer practice with his defense on the scheme they ran last week.  It relied upon shut down corners, LB's and S's who made the correct reads and a DL that rushed with discipline in their lanes.  The amount of discipline, planning time and skill it takes to execute what he did is not something many teams have. 

If Kent State thinks they can change from a 4-2-5 to a cover zero in a week with, great.  They don't have the coaching talent or the athletes or the time to install it correctly.  I seriously doubt they do anything that exotic since they've been hard pressed to run their own schemes without error.

This is a game that our defense should absolutely dominate.  They have no running attack, they rely on short passes and they don't have a seasoned OL that allows them to drop back and pass.  If we run press man as we expect it should make those short passes nearly impossible.  The D has seen the jet sweep once or twice with jalin and dontre, it is not an enigma to them. 

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Tressel's sudden departure was tough at the time but it prevented OSU from suffering through the Lloyd Carr syndrome.  JT wasn't recruiting as well, positions were getting thin and there were going to be tough days ahead.  Another couple years and the program might have been in worse shape than it was in 2011. 

Nothing but respect for Tressel but his best coaching years were  behind him.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Bud Foster knew our young QB wasn't going to pick him apart.  We could have run a number of man beater plays but it would have required our WR/RB's to get open AND catch the pass, our OL holding up just long enough to get the pass off and finally it would have required Barrett to find the hot receiver and execute the pass.  The odds of all three happening were clearly low and the risk to Foster's D was negligible.  If we beat it once or twice he would have just thrown another look at the young buck.  His bag of tricks was full and his goal was to confuse the young QB. 

The VT D had a lot of new starters but they were not new to the system.  Bud Foster has fielded a lot of top ten D's and his system is very sound.  He doesn't rebuild, he reloads his starting 11.  He has a couple of corners who will play on Sunday and he was pitting very good DL's against an OL that had no chance. 

Bud could have handed over his game plan on Monday to Meyer and Herman and I bet the results wouldn't have been all that different.  OSU had chances and didn't execute.  In a game like this you can't miss FG's,  you can't drop TD passes and for that matter you can't drop first downs and you have to win some 50/50 balls.  Our execution just made it easier on Foster.  We dialed up some plays that worked schematically but failed to convert the scheme into yards. 

Comment 09 Sep 2014

It takes a combo of talent and coaching that only one opponent has on their sidelines.  MSU might be licking their chops right now but there were elements of the offense that worked against VT, with 6 weeks to get ready for MSU I like to think our offense will improve and we can actually gameplan for a team that will try cover zero.

Throw into it that Beamer and Foster said they spent a good amount of time putting this scheme together during the offseason and worked all camp to have it in place.  It isn't a scheme that you just piece together between games. 

You won't see cover zero this weekend and if you do it will not look like VTech. 

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Considering VaTech settled for 2 FG's in the red zone and had a hell of a time punching it in to the end zone two other times they got inside the 20 against Bill and Mary I am not overly concerned about their passing game even in the face of our own secondary concerns. 

They only scored 34 points against a middle of the pack FCS team.  12 possessions and only 4 TD's, they were gifted the ball on the 2 yard line and the 28 yard line for 2 of their TD's.  Went 75 yards twice and got stoned at the gate, settled for FG's.  The fact that they didn't score 60 points and left their starters in until the last possession is telling. 

All of this with absolutely no pressure on their QB.  W&M's DL goes about 250 and they never brought blitzes. 

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Georgia Southern ran for 320 on Bama's #1 ranked run defense in 2012, no one else hit 100.  Last year ND had the 7th ranked D and Navy put up 420 total yards and 34 points on them. 

it says next to nothing about the overall quality of the D when you play a triple O and hold it to 17 points. 

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Braxton made the wrong run reads quite a bit himself.  He kept the ball and went for 0-4 yards while taking big hits, it was kind of a problem for him really.  Braxton had the talent to make a bad read look good, a couple times a game perhaps, but he took unneeded licks at least as often. 

I don't want JT running more than 7-9  times a game.  He needs to run to keep the D honest but he isn't going to take 2 balls to the house by making a zone read.  He isn't Braxton, doesn't have his speed or his moves.  Holes that would have been open for 50 yard runs for Miller will close on Barrett before he can hit them. 

The improvement from first half to second half has me confident the OL will be fine.  Typically coaches say the biggest improvement is week one to week two, have to think they'll be much better for VT.  It started ugly, no question.  Chemistry comes with time and reps. 

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Navy had 3 very productive drives and 8 fruitless drives.  350 rushing has the sky falling for some people but the D played well most of the game.  Their offense is top 5 rushing every year and will be again this year.   The key to beating and only allowing them 17 points is stopping the bleeding.  We never let them put multiple drives in a row together. 

The triple option is very tricky to defend,  I don't care how much you practice for it, you will look stupid a few times a game even if you know what you are supposed to be doing.  Those who are being critical of the LB play are probably not watching many great LB groups try to defend the triple O.  Navy put up 331 on ND last year with a chance to win on the final drive, Georgia Southern rushed for 320 and were still in the game until late in the 3rd on a top 3 Alabama defense that won a national title.   This offense makes very competent teams look like fools sometimes. 

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Considering the first half was kind of a disaster from the OL, he had a great stat line and a nice start.  The pick was a bone headed move that followed a great escape but entirely expected from a guy in his first half of action.

He is a good enough runner and ought to be able to get somewhere north of 500 on the ground.  He isn't going to hit for 70 yards but he will get a few 10-12 yarders every game.

I don't come away from this game feeling worried about his ability. 

Comment 31 Aug 2014

I think back to Decker's first couple games last year.  Granted, #1 was against a first rounder but he was shaky at times early last year.  Once he got his groove everything was fine. 

They'll get there, if they can adjust and improve in game then I think they can take the next step this week in practice. 

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Terrelle Pryor had a great quote about becoming a receiver:  " No way I could become an NFL receiver, I can't catch."

I always wondered why people think it is just a simple transition that all QB's can easily make. 

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Meyer used bigger guys at H in the past both in routes and as a blocker.  Meyer ran a counter trey a lot at UF where he would pull his guard to trap the DE and pull his H to lead block with the LB as his primary target. Clearly Brown at 240 is ideal for this mission.  Wilson and Marshall would struggle as a lead blocker most of the time.  

Comment 28 Aug 2014

We really couldn't ask for a better situation for JT to get his feet wet.  Corners playing off, very few exotic blitz packages, a defense that can be put into conflict easily with good ball fakes. Considering he has VT next week it is nice to think he'll have one game to shake off the jitters before he faces a defense that will throw the kitchen sink at him. 

I watched the spring game again and one thing JT does very well is sell his fakes.  This is something Braxton struggled to do at times last year.  It is crucial when you have LB's who have to contend with the run first.  Getting them to bite on the ball fake will make the passing game pitch and catch for JT.