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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Krenzel to Jenkins 4th and 1 vs. Perdue...
    David Boston vs. Charles Woodson slug fest... apitomized the rivalry to me
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Comment 19 Aug 2016

I know I'm late with this but there has been some good content during the media blackout this week on Snapchat.  Should have said something as soon as we heard about the blackout, but just for an FYI today is the final 2-a-day, team looked a little tired but seemed to be fighting through.

Comment 15 Aug 2016

As a result of Heuerman flinching it also caused the safety to grossly over run the play because he thought it was an outside run...  So funny how the game plays out.

Comment 08 Jun 2016
Best fucking article of the week... I look at my 3 year old daily and she steals my heart (even when she gets older she'll still be my little girl), if some man ever hurt her in that way he better watch out because judgement will be in my hands not the courts.
Comment 28 Jan 2016

Maybe I'm in the minority here but to give a school who has only completed 3 seasons in over 50 years a payday like this I'm ok with.  I know people look at it as chicken s**t scheduling but for Mercer those two games can probably fund their program for the next 10 years I would bet.  Just thinking outside the box here I guess

Comment 11 Sep 2015

I was in Anatomy and Physiology class, they came in and told us we had to leave the class and the University immediately.  I went over my great grandmothers, confused obviously since they didn't state why we were being told to evacuate, and we watched in horror the rest of the day.  God Bless all the brave souls who assisted in the immediate incident and those who helped for years after.  

Comment 10 Sep 2015
DB'S are taught to forget bad plays and move forward to keep their confidence so it's no shock he considers this his first start, Coombs probably ingrained that in him all off season... "THAT MSU SHIT NEVER HAPPENED I KNOW YOU CAN BALL" is what I imagine Coombs saying
Comment 06 Sep 2015
Go to the beach and grill, take in the air show then hop on the bike for a couple hours do about 180mph a couple times to get the blood flowing, then bath for the shorty and pregame brews...
Comment 26 Aug 2015

Hope this dosen't get me exiled.  Started out a Team up north fan because Desmond Howard is my cousin and just followed the family obviously and my parents had no collegiate following despite my mom attending Ohio State (avid Cleveland Sports fans though).  Kept that following through the Heisman pose and all (I know I know).  Also was a fan of the Irish because my late uncle was a big Irish fan but even bigger Buckeye fan.  I guess it was his mission to get me back to the right side.  It all started around the Robert Smith era to change, due to the fact that he was a northeasterner like myself and I had watched him play in high school at Euclid. In his final quest to change my heart he took me to South Bend  for the O State ND game and I watched my allegiance change over a four hour period as I wasn't sad that ND lost but that Eddie had run all over the Irish... the rest is history so to speak and every so often and I get sh*t from Desmond about how I'm a trader lol.  Bless my Great Uncle...