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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being at the very first Ohio State University Football game in which Urban Meyer was the Head Coach.
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Comment 16 May 2015

I think the new stadium renovations and seat additions worked amazingly. The tunnel is so cool. Makes for an even better game day experience and puts a little bit more prestige into seeing the Buckeyes run out onto the field. Also, the opposing teams tunnel seems big and empty gives them a "we know who's house this is" type vibe coming out to a huge 106k strong buckeyeNation. Love it!!! is it Football Season yet!!!!

Comment 02 May 2015

I don't like this. Its a bit cocky for someone who is going to be the 3rd option at HB. Love Dontre but he has not proved anything yet. He's got a long way to go before getting to the Second round of the Draft.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

The kid is a monster forsure. I was impressed with how Curtis Grant finished the year out. I just wish he would have performed on the field like that for the majority of his career. But, great team leader and Buckeye hope Grant gets a shot in the NFL somewhere. Good call on Darron Lee though...the kid is a freak. Watched a couple of his games while he was playing QB in High School. If you would have told me that the kid would start at OSU at LB i would have told you you were crazy. He's come a long way forsure....tackling was impeccable too.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

Lets hope he gets back into coaching... Love the guy. Would love to see him coach again!

Comment 15 Apr 2015

The Mike Mitchell thing to me is a little odd. He wanted to be closer to family.....but is younger brother can come to Ohio State and be just fine with it? Seems a little odd. I think he just wasn't liking the program and knew he was going to have to sit out a couple years. I mean that in no disrespect to his family or his fathers medical issues. I just think its odd that he left because of it but his brother is coming up here. younger brother at that. Growing up in a house hold of 4 brothers.....Generally the younger siblings are the babies so it seems weird that Mickey wants to come but Mike didn't. Other things at play here i think. but wish him the best and i hope he kills it at TT the kid is a freak.

Comment 30 Mar 2015

jesus that does sound amazing =0 ill take two.Sorry, early morning typo's