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Comment 13 hours ago

1975 should have been Woody's swan song. This was his last super-talented team, and the signs were already there that the game was passing him by. Had he announced his retirement following the Michigan win, I don't think there is any way in hell that Ohio State loses to UCLA in the Rose Bowl, and Woody goes out with Archie, this wonderful group of seniors, and a National Championship. All during that season, I was hoping it would be his last, because I could see nothing but downhill from here on out. I thought it was his last chance to go out on top.

Comment 23 Jul 2016

As a high school and small college official, officiating during those years, I can say unequivocally that it was within the officials authority to call a delay of game penalty against MSU. But, my call would have been an official's time-out, teams set, wind the clock. There would have been about 3 seconds for OSU to snap the ball. Whether it would have changed the outcome, we'll never know. Every season we see some of these end of game, end of half, blunders by officials. It seems in the panic of the moment, they forget that they are in charge, and fall into the trap of " Let the teams decid it on the field", no matter what. Thank God, at least one official in the 2002 NC championship game, was not of the "no matter what" school of thought. 

Comment 04 Jul 2016

This marks my farewell season to the Buckeyes in Ohio Stadium.  I had attended every home game starting with Michigan, Horvath's finale, in 1944 as a 12 yr old. 1945-46, Boy Scout usher. 1947-48, as an East High School student, sneaked into every game by various means. Sat at the end of the Illinois bench one game. 1949-52 full-time student. 1953-55 part-time student (night school) to get my two student tickets. 4 buddies and I drove to Ann Arbor to see Hoppy's finale. April of 1956, moved to Michigan to take a job in the auto industry. I've been back for numerous games at the old Shoe over the years, and to this day I have not personally seen the Bucks lose in Ohio Stadium since Duke in 1955.

Comment 03 Jul 2016

We used that protocol on my officiating crews. It works like this: Only the referee signals TD, the other officials "punch it in" signaling to referee that the ball has crossed the goal line in possession of an offensive player. The purpose is to avoid throwing up the TD signal which everyone can see, and then having to take it back The referee, seeing the "punch it in" will quickly check for flags, and then signal TD. Once he signals TD, all officials immediately follow suit. It all happens so quickly, it seems simultaneous, but avoids having to take back a TD. I don't believe the officials do this anymore.

Comment 01 Jul 2016

Glad you showed these pictures, Etenim. I remember Johnny Drake, a great football player. To this day, when I see or hear the name Oklahoma State, I remember Johnny Drake.

Duke, a southern school tried the same thing on Hoppy in 1955. They assigned a TE to nail Hoppy, a single safety on defense , and totally out of most plays. After the first couple of attempts Hoppy was able to avoid the mugging, watching out of the corner of his eye.

Comment 30 Jun 2016

Thanks, Oldschool. 

There were a lot of bumper stickers (yeah, they had them back then) that read in big, bold letters: BBB (Bring Back Brown). There were some hard feelings about Brown picking up some players from the Buckeyes, but the real fly in the ointment was the faculty's opposition, because they thought Brown would be too powerful. So, they got Woody instead. Kinda funny, no. And, by the way, Brown said the happiest days of his life in football were coaching the Buckeyes in 1941-42. He never said he wasn't interested, or turned down the job; it was never offered.