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Comment 11 Aug 2014

Not a knock at all on Tress or Luke or their recruits. I fully appreciate all the studs that were already here when Urban took over. What I was saying is that in order to give a fair evaluation of a team built in his image, we need a team made up of his recruits.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

My money is on Joel Hale. He has a lot of experience in the trenches, albeit on the opposite side. His firsthand knowledge of what the DL is doing should be a big help as an OL. Also, I expect his learning curve would be steeper, since he has been an OL for such a short time. Maybe a Reid Fragel Part II.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

Nice job, Patrick. While this year's team may be one built in his image, I don't think we will see the full effect of Urban Meyer's image until the team is comprised entirely of his recruits. I would guess that at least 25% of the 2014 team is comprised of the previous regime's recruits. 2012 recruiting class had only a handful of Meyer's late recruits. It won't be until 2017 when 5th year seniors from the previous regime are gone. I am looking forward to the day when the entire team were recruited, committed, and signed under Urban Meyer.

By the way, I don't know if you are Ohio born and raised, but the correct name of the university is: "The Ohio State University."

Comment 08 Aug 2014

Thanks, Remy. 

As a young lad I saw Horvath and company defeat the Wolverines 18-14 in 1944. Ahh, it seems like only yesterday.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Great find on Y.A. Tittle, DJ. I'm old enough to remember him with the 49ers and Giants.

Comment 14 Jul 2014

Bienvenidos, Patrick. Looking forward to your hoops coverage. Please, as a favor to this OF (translation: Old Fart) ,could you not use the pretentious phrase, "SCORE the basketball", that so many have adopted. After all, we are talking about basketball, and a player either can either score or he cannot score, and he is not scoring the football, baseball, soccer ball, etc. By the way, I think it should be "WHOM he's never met."

Comment 09 Jul 2014

Great job Kyle. I appreciate your writing. It appears that you put a lot of time into your articles, aside from the actual  writing. Really enjoyed your East Coast interviews.

Comment 09 Jul 2014

I've always loved Columbus. Born and raised on the far eastside (in those days) near Alum Creek. East High grad and OSU alum. I've been gone for many years, but still get back in the fall for OSU football. Not to date myself, but when I was a kid the Lincoln Leveque tower was the AIU building. By the way, is there still an observation platform up top?

Comment 08 Jul 2014

Great job, Johnny. You are just too much.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

Nice job, Remy. I appreciate these articles. Tim Anderson was a defensive tackle, not a LB.

Comment 05 Jul 2014

Not to spoil the party, but when I was a freshman at OSU (admittedly, back-in-the-day) I paid $10 for what was called a Student Activities Card. It gained me admission to all home football games, all home basketball games, and any other campus event, including free movies at U-Hall. Ah my, how things have changed. I can't even begin to figure out what that card would be worth today.

Comment 22 Jun 2014

Several monthes ago one of the staff announced that 11W would not be doing the OSU special edition for Lindy's this year.

Comment 17 Jun 2014

Good question, RFE. My only answer would be that I think, hope that Urban Meyer knows what he is doing in hiring Chris Ash. But, he also hired Withers, and how did that work out?