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Comment 28 Nov 2016

OSU is the youngest team in Power 5 Conferences, that's true, but the full truth is that they are the youngest team in the entire FBS (128 teams). I don't know why it keeps being stated this way. I'm not knocking you. I see writers on 11W doing too. I feel it minimizes just how young this team is.

Comment 23 Nov 2016

Well said, Northberg. As a fellow alumnus and card-carrying old fart, I know where you are coming from. When I was there we had North and South Heidelberg, and the old Ohio Union. Ahh, memories.

Comment 21 Nov 2016

I'm wondering if JT is battling a nerve problem in his shoulder, which is exacerbated by bad weather. I've had this problem for a few years now. My shoulder will be fine most of the time, no pain, no problem. Then all of a sudden, while performing a routine movement, a sharp pain, and I lose momentary control of my arm. Then, just as suddenly, everything is fine. It could be that the cold, wet weather causes this to happen more often. I've seen this happen a few times during the season in good weather, but rarely. On those occasions I just blurted out, "What the hell was that, that was a horrible pass". One play that stands out was a blowout win. Weber was wide open, no one within 5 yards of him inside the 5 yard line. About a 20 yard "pitch and catch. No pressure, blowout win, and JT sails it 5-8 feet over his head. That's a head scratcher. Remember, this is a very experienced QB.