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Comment 20 May 2015

Cleared for what, exactly? More rehab, full contact, scrimmaging, heavy-duty weights with left hand?

I am very happy that he is progessing according to plan, but so was Braxton last summer.

I won't feel comfortable until he starts full-contact scrimmaging in August.

Don't mean to thow a t.rd in the punch bowl, but I'm not assuming he is the same at the present time as before the wrist injury last fall.

Comment 18 May 2015

By end of the year, I assume you mean: Wisconsin, Alabama, Oregon. There was a dramatic change between the M game and Wisc. I read reports of a "Come to Jesus" meeting of the defensive players and coaches after the M game. I have never seen it mentioned by the coaches or players, but "something" certainly happened.

Comment 18 May 2015

Haven't seen this mentioned, but earwigs are my #1, by far. I opened my doorwall, and about a hundred or so fell out of the top of the doorwall track. They haven't shown up yet this year, usually in June. I live NW Oakland County, MI.

Comment 18 May 2015

My favorite restaurant. Always went there when visiting family in Columbus. Never forget my favorite drink there: a " Suffering Bastard". My childhood friend was head bartender there, Bob Karst. His family owned the Broad-Nel restaurant at E. Broad and Nelson Rd. Also owned the old Eastside Swimming Pool.

Comment 17 May 2015

I agree, 83. They are both decent coaches, with RichRod maybe the better  of the two. Bad situations at WVU, Ball State, and San Diego State, and improved it. I think RichRod's biggest problem at M was that he came in arrogant, and trashed M traditions, like it was another WVU. No respect for M history and tradition. OSU was "just another game on the schedule."

Comment 16 May 2015

Thanks again, Remy. Great work. 

By the  way,  How do you create those charts? I'd like to post some recruiting thoughts on year-to-year team recruiting rankings as related to national championships.

Comment 14 May 2015

Nice catch, TTH. I began to notice that in doing the replays. It looked like they had a 1st down DL, big uglies. If we had little or no gain, in came the pass DL. I'm going to look closer at that on my next replay. Interested to see Nicholas' reply to your question. Also, would be interested to hear from Kyle Jones regarding Alabama's DL players coming on and off,not only during a series, but from play to play.

Comment 14 May 2015

Thanks, Nicholas. Always look forward to your articles. Real content. Helps me keep current in my own evaluations. 

I thought i saw #90 in there against Alabama, but maybe it was Oregon. I've watched the replays so many times, with slo-mo breakdowns of individual plays, that I think the two games are beginning to merge in my brain.