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Comment 29 Aug 2015

I was at the '69 game, down low at the end where OSU was warming up. During pre-game snaps they were kind of goofing off, fumbling hand-offs several times, and then laughing about it. I began to feel uneasy. That Michigan team was peaking. They won their 4 games leading up to the Buckeyes by an average of 45-6 over Minn, Wisc, Ill, and Iowa. They were a different team than the one that lost to Mizzou and MSU earlier in the season. Mizzou was ranked #9 at the time. I don't think this year's M team can compare to that M team, but time will tell.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

My wife and I were there also, and it was far from boring and bland. It was a struggle, and a lot of anxious moments until we finally put them away. The spectacle of the of the midshipmen entering the stadium, company upon company in their summer whites until they filled the field, caused a bit of a choking up moment.  We spent 3-4 hours touring The Naval Academy on Sunday ( Highly recommended). All in all, a wonderful weekend.