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Comment 28 Jun 2013

Grew up in UA, went to Watterson. Great rivalry, but I'm still proud to call UA home.

Comment 04 Dec 2012

I haven't commented on 11W since before DJ left (pours malt liquor out in homage), not out of outrage or anything but because I AM IMPORTANT AND BUSY. But seriously, have we as an Ohio State community commented on how Ross looks like the Fresh Prince? No? Just me? OK I'll be going home.

Comment 11 May 2012

That is also one of my favorite pictures as well. I think that one may be off of the Dispatch website which actually sells a small copy of it. However, there is a very similar, but in my opinion far superior, picture taken by an SI photographer. I went so far as to track the photographer down, compliment him on his work, and ask him if I could buy a copy from him. He told me he wasn't able to sell it to me due to SI's rules. I couldn't have been more disappointed.

Comment 30 Apr 2012

Uh Indiana is going to be really, really good. They return Zeller and Watford which means that all of their top 5 scorers are back from last year. I am also pretty sure their recruiting class was pretty good this year. They have five new guys coming in three of which were rated inside the top 100 by ESPN.

Comment 12 Apr 2012

Has anyone heard anything on Jabari Parker? He just one the Gatorade High School Player of the Year as a Junior. What are the odds that we land Jabari Parker in next years recruiting class?

Comment 16 Jan 2012

I'm pretty sure that face that Kahn makes at the end of the clip is the same face the BCS officials make at the end of every college football season as they lord over the rest of us plebs.

Comment 16 Jan 2012

Any post with a title as epic as "The Wrath of Con" needs a link to the original KAHN clip:




Please note the "evil-gasm" at the end.



Comment 02 Dec 2011

Can anyone here give a detailed break down of what sort of defense to expect if Mike Stoops is hired?

I remember playing Youngstown Mooney back in high school and I know that for as long as Mooney has been around their philosophy has been "The Quarterback can't throw from his back". Does Stoops mimic this high pressure philosophy? Does he blitz linebackers or use stunts with the line for pressure? Do the d-backs play man or zone?

I would love to see OSU play more man press and blitz the backers.

Comment 22 Nov 2011

I couldn't possibly love one comment in that video any more:

"Whether you are an OFFENSIVE LINEMAN or defensive lineman you better be able to run". Can't wait for Urban Meyer to not recruit slow, fatasses on the O line.

Comment 22 Nov 2011

Ya Gene Smith has a ton of credibility. Look at that solid track record:

1) In June he said there would be no more violations or suspensions...

2) In the spring he said that Tress would be our coach...

3) He had a meeting with the football team in early October and told them there were no more suspensions...


But yea let's take his word at face value.

Sorry to be bitter but this man has zero credibility. Anyways, with all that said, I still hope that we do go to a bowl game. The underclassmen could use the practice and the seniors could use a nice send off. Plus declining a bowl invite is kind of a big FU to the Big Ten as we would not be contributing anything to the bowl revenue but would be sharing it. (I suppose we could always decline to share in the revenue and maybe that is what we would do if we banned ourselves from a bowl).

Comment 06 Nov 2011

Great write up Chris. I totally agree about paying attention to this team even though it is still football season in most fans' minds.


Chirs, were we in man the majority of the night? I know you made the comment that the defense was, "a tough and extended as you've come to expect when Matta has the horses to not save energy in zone." Did you notice any zone?


Bobcat, as far as Ross goes, I believe I saw Baptist (one of the bball writers for the Dispatch) re-tweet one of Ross's tweets that said he would be back on the team in December. That assumes obviously that his grades go smoothly. So I think you are correct, if things go according to plan he should be back by B1G season.



Comment 02 Nov 2011

Dear 11W,

Basketball season starts in two weeks. Please update the basketball Buck's schedule for the new season. Even ESPN has our current schedule up.




Comment 13 Oct 2011


As the divine channeler of Mr. Warren G’s eternal soul DJ has a responsibility, a holy obligation if you will, to swing for the fences every single week. If he goes down in flames so be it. Better to die with your dong in your hand than lead the timid life of an SEC fan. I think Teddy Roosevelt said that.

By the way, the Warren Harding sections have become one of the few highlights in the smoking crater that is this football season.

Comment 12 Oct 2011

Hankins has been one of the bright spots on the defense. Especially in the first half against Nebraska he was swallowing people up and a wrecking ball in the middle. (There was a second half to that game? I blacked out. Sorry I'm not sorry.)

However, the man deserves a better nickname than Big Hank. I get it; it is an easy jump from Hankins to Big Hank. However, this country has never been about doing the easy thing. This country was founded on killing red coats, xenophobia, and beer. I’ll be damned if we can’t come up with a better nickname for Mr. Johnathan Hankins.

And so I propose for a man as glorious as this ravishing beast:

The only acceptable nickname is Bubba Biscuits. Let that one roll off the tongue and tell me that it doesn’t instantly feel right. We need to make this happen for Jon, for Ohio State, for Amuuurica.

Comment 06 Oct 2011

If we could get Chris Petersen that would be absolutely incredible. Take a step back and honestly evaluate the Coach:

1) Boise beats teams that they are supposed to beat (with the exception of Nevada last year). Not only does Boise beat teams they are supposed to beat, they absolutely curb stomp them into the ground with the hatred of Derek Vinyard. That shows you that he has very disciplined teams. Yes, I know that he is not playing against Big Ten or SEC schools on a consistent basis. At the same time he does not have the talent of an average SEC school or a top Big Ten School.

2) More often than not Boise State beats teams that have more talent. This is the best indicator of a great coach. Sure you can destroy Idaho (go back to growing our nation’s potatoes NERDS), but beating a team that you have no business even being in the game with (see Oklahoma during the 2006 season) means that a coach is innovative and has some balls. You can’t beat a more talented team without a clever X’s and O’s scheme and taking risks, two ideal traits in a head coach.

3) Finally (and to me this is the most astonishing thing of all), he gets high school boys to come playing in FREAKING IDAHO. I know that Idaho is actually a vastly underrated state especially when it comes to natural beauty such as mountains, forests, etc. However, it is not warm, there are no major cities in the state, the girls cannot possibly be as attractive as a Big Ten or Pac-10 school (NO ONE DENIES THIS), you are not playing anyone in major cities, and let me reiterate that point about the women. If you were a decent player from the West Coast wouldn’t you go play at UCLA or Arizona if you weren’t good enough to play at USC? I would. What is Chris Petersen doing out there?? Is he Jedi Mind Tricking them? Has he learned how to achieve Inception?? I must learn his secret and he must be our head coach.