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Comment 05 Jan 2012

Will be interesting if they do hire him and the Pats make the super bowl... wouldn't be able to recruit till after national signing day.

Comment 02 Jan 2012

The Celtics had home court and always play lights out at home in the playoffs. Why were they such a shoe-in to lose?

Comment 01 Jun 2011

I don't know if anyone else has read at least the first book (and so knows exactly what will happen) but the comparison of Ned Stark and Jim Tressel is, and especially will be, PERFECT.

I daresay the athletic department as a whole makes a good comparison with Littlefinger.

Hopefully Fickell will be Robb Stark...

Comment 06 Mar 2011

14 straight is also a record previously held by Niagra (11)

Comment 08 Feb 2011

The city was originally named Byzantium (hence Byzantines) until emperor Constantine made it the capital of the Roman Empire, and changed the city name to Constantinople.

Comment 08 Feb 2011

It also helps that the southern athletes are outdoors year round, running and playing football. In the north they just can't do that with all the snow on the ground.

Comment 07 Feb 2011

The main thing with O'Leary was actually wanting to catch passes. Also, I think he didn't want to go too far from home.
Way too early to tell, but I hear Arkansas is the early leader for DGB. McNamara grew up an OSU fan and almost committed, but decided to wait and see what offers he'd get. He also wants to catch passes and likes the way Arizona used Gronkowski 2 years ago. Travis Blanks is thought to be a two-horse race between Auburn and FSU, with Auburn holding the early lead. Rippy has UF in a slight lead because of their "family environment." Not sure how well he has hit it off with Muschamp.