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Comment 19 Sep 2011

Well Said.  Please keep preaching until the Buckeye Nation realizes that Urban is NOT the answer!!!!

Comment 18 Sep 2011

Dismal...there is nothing more to say about the game...Move forward from here. In doing so, my $.02.

Baus is the #3 QB from this point forward.

I was not at the game so this is simply from what I saw on TV, but the entire sideline appeared flat all night, no excitement..kinda deer in headlights look.

D was OK..too slow to arrive, then worn out at the end.  Solid in between.

QB play was poor, but when a ball hits you in the hands, there is no excuse for not catching it.  A couple of those actually caught, we are talking about how the Bucks looked terrible but escaped with a W.

Bucks should be a MUCH better team by the trip to Lincoln.

I think Fick honestly forgot to call TO...no excuse, but rookie thing.  Let's be honest, the offense was not going to make two miracle drives in the last 2:00.  But the "never quit, never give" up mentality took a big hit!

IMHO the WORST thing I saw from Fick was removing the headset with time on the clock.  NEVER QUIT, NEVER! You expect it from your players, LEAD BY EXAMPLE coach.

I want to like Fick, I really do.  I want him to be successful and get the contract, but I am not sure if he is the answer.  Honestly, any new coach will make questionable moves, so let's ease up on him until he gets his feet under him.  I know that sounds bad, but it's true.

Finally, this is a MUST.  If Fick is not the guy, Please, I beg you Please stop the Urban love fest!  Urban is not the face we want on tOSU program.  My stomach does flip-flops every time I hear someone mention his name related to tOSU.  HE IS NOT THE ANSWER!

Next week should be very telling, let's hope we see huge improvements.