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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1. Watching '84 Illinois @ OSU (first game in the Shoe) - Ruined my expectations for every future college game I would ever watch!
    2. Last football game ever played (26 tackles in 2 quarters) in high school - talk about being in the zone.

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Comment 16 Apr 2014

Where is my Pixie Stick Griffey?!!!! You S.O.B.!!!  [sorry, you've got to see one of my previous posts] 

Comment 13 Apr 2014

Totally disagree.  Amir has progressed each year he has been here.  Granted, not as fast as we would all like.  However, with Lee coming in with the freshman class and Scott handling the ball (along w/ his pretty damn good D), I see Thompson sitting out the year, bulking up and bringing it the year after Amir graduates.  With the new faces, Amir only needs to gives us about 8-10 pts, 8-10 reb and 25-30 mins per game.  

Comment 13 Apr 2014

Huge get for Coach Thad and the Bucks.  With the lack of big men for the 2015-2016 season, his commitment is....I'll say it again....HUGE!  The year off should give him some time to make a B1G body.  His frosh numbers dwarf Amir's frosh numbers (5 pts & 4.7 reb/game and 10+ min/game versus 1.7 pts & 2.1 reb/game).  I think the upside was well worth the schollie. 

Comment 13 Apr 2014

I loved the fact that scUM fans were in attendance for the football game.  If nobody knew a lacrosse game preceded the football game, can you imagine the picture that would paint?  Somebody do me a favor and post some pics of scUM fans at the game.   

Comment 19 Mar 2014

...yes, you may.  I suppose his mother and my mother are more to blame.  If they weren't gossiping in between loads of tidy whities maybe Mrs. Griffey would have seen AND STOPPED the theft and I would have gotten my hands back on my stick.  I thought I was over it until I saw this poll.

Comment 23 Feb 2014

My disclaimer: I don’t agree with legalizing recreational use of any drug and, even though I drink on occasion, I would not be opposed to making alcohol and tobacco illegal too. 
I’ve read through all of the posts and it’s sad to see how Johnny-Shane_Ut’s initial opinion that Snoop shouldn’t be a role model to these young soon-to-be NFLers was turned by some into an opportunity to summarily dismiss him with ad hominem vitriol.  He’s expressing an opinion and even if some folks disagree with his opinion and/or believe his rationale is based on false premises (he’s just “trolling,” “…ridiculous,” “…delusional,” “ignorant,” etc.), he’s (and all of us are) entitled to express our opinions.  Attacking an individual because you believe (or know) the other person’s opinion is false, is wrong and it’s people like that who should be barred from posting anything on social media.  I commend those of you who, while disagreeing with the “anti-marijuana” or “anti-drug” side have done so respectfully.
I’m a Buckeye grad who has lived in Colorado for nearly seven years.  Medical marijuana may have medicinal uses (I have no facts to argue for or against that claim – although, I’m seeing many parents re-locate to Colorado just so they can provide medical marijuana to their child, suffering from epilepsy.  I hope they find relief) but legal medical marijuana and recreational use are not the same.  Sure, you can argue for the legalization of marijuana since it produces tax revenue (projected to be around $600M in Colorado over the next year) or that it will free up law enforcement or reduce prison populations.  If that’s the case, then I’m all for legalizing any drug.  Just think of the tax dollars generated and cartel/gangs that will have nothing to keep them solvent if meth, heroin, etc. are legalized.  I could give a rat’s ass if heroin addicts OD, as long as we keep a good tax revenue stream.  If “pro-marijuana” folks are entitled to live out their American dream, why can’t heroin addicts?
Some may argue marijuana’s therapeutic (non-medicinal) side effects outweigh any negatives.  There are studies that show marijuana is bad for individuals…other studies say otherwise.  Whichever side of the argument you’re on, you have ammunition for and against your position.  I have no empirical evidence but when I saw a local TV interview of Tommy Chong in Pueblo, Colorado when the new recreational legalization took place on January 1st (he was there to promote it), I couldn’t help but say to myself: “Wow, that guy is burnt out.”  I could see it in his face and in his speech.  Sure, that could be attributed to his age or other physical/medical issues – again, this was just my observation. 
In Colorado, I have already witnessed some problems with legalization.  After the state constitutional amendment passed in 2012, I could smell marijuana at various locations from individuals who were smoking it in public (even though it’s still illegal to smoke it in public).  I do not want my children exposed to it but I feel very confident in my children to make, what I believe, are  smart decisions to stay away from drugs.  Two of them are in college and I know they don’t use drugs (trust me, I know).  Also, there is no Colorado state law to implement what blood level of THC is too high for driving under the influence charges.  A couple of months ago a Colorado law enforcement vehicle was rear-ended by a car driven by an individual who was high on marijuana and no other drug.  So, just like alcohol, does the individual “right” to consume recreational marijuana in Colorado/Washington outweigh the risks to others when intoxicated individuals operate automobiles or other potentially dangerous things?     
Finally, so that you all understand the reasons why I feel this way (again, this is my opinion), (1) my dad nearly died of cancer caused by his cigarette use; (2) my wife battled opioid addiction for nearly seven years; (3) I currently live with chronic back pain (had two-level lumbar fusion) and use a mixture of prescription medication (opioid analgesics, synthetic analgesics and benzodiazepines) so that I don’t take the same drugs in consecutive days -- to avoid addiction.  I’ll probably need to take these medications for the rest of my life, but they are effective.  Hey, anything I can do to keep from deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan again after 20+ years on active duty, I’ll do it!
Stay classy and Go Bucks!!!

Comment 15 Jan 2014

I just can't wait to see the Bucks use that diamond formation they were using in spring practice. That will be unstoppable! 

Comment 10 Dec 2013

Hope Mr. McMillan realizes that, according to Scout, Saban has signed the #1 MLB in the last 3 classes?  The Buckeyes....not so much.

Comment 10 Dec 2013

Ref #3 above, wish every Buckeye fan would stop paying attention/tuning in to the bull*@!& on most networks/internet.  If I hear another Mark May reference....really?  I stopped watching that loser years ago...and the entire ESPiN network.  Only tune in to the broadcast and many times mute the announcers.  When are Buckeye fans going to realized they're being played by a media that's in it to sell commercials all while (in the case of ESPiN) promoting its own SEC Network/coverage? 

Disclaimer: This isn't a rant at SothernStateSB's post...just venting.


Comment 10 Dec 2013

From the video I saw of Price on the OL in HS, he looked like an animal...Munger too.  Would like to see both make the 2-deep next year (at least Price, since Munger is still on the DL and has medical issues).