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Comment 09 Feb 2017

Can't imagine what it's like to be dating in this social media age.  Like T. Smith, my kids are dealing with broadcasted life and love--although, none of them use social media much.  And I thought my wife and I were hip since we met over the internet 20 years ago (before any dating site was up and running). Guess we really were just lucky.

Comment 31 Jan 2017

You're essentially right.  Since the Service academies don't grant athletic scholarships, they aren't restricted to a cap.  This also helps the academies due to the attrition rates.  Some won't attend.  Some will quit the team but remain until graduation/commissioning.  Others will seek a transfer or quit before becoming "locked" in (commencing the start of their junior year, they must serve some time in service as either a commissioned officer [if they graduate] or enlisted [if they fail to graduate]).  Anthony Schlegel opted out/transferred before he was locked in.