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Comment 15 Apr 2017

Hey, Tom. That thunderous applause and "O - H - I - O" screamed out by the attendees at Cardale on May 7th...sure beats the hell out of that obscene "hook'em" gesture, doesn't it?  Just remember that when we come knocking after UFM retires.

Comment 27 Mar 2017

Don't see a problem with the Edsall situation.  Sports and coaching are both very specialized functions with a very finite participant pool.  People want to question a HC's decisions based on nepotism vis-a-vis his son, they'll need to question most hires from just about everyone in the profession b/c nepotism extends to family as well as friends.  I'd say, what, half of Buckeye assistants were hired based on friendships with UFM?  Doesn't mean that they're not qualified.  The only issues I would have with this specific hire is if Edsall's son was flipping burgers (and had never coached) prior to becoming the UCONN TE coach.