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Comment 19 hours ago

This tells me something about how bad that scUM team really is entering the season.  Unless Choke has the second coming of Orlando Pace in this freshman, I would hit the panic button if I was a fan of the corn and blue (THANK GOD I'M NOT!).  ...giving Gardner's blind side to an 18/19 year old.  Wow!  

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Women?  That's the reason I married a hot blonde from Louisiana!

Heat?  Yes.  Hottest I've ever seen in the U.S. was when I was stationed in Lubbock...it was 115 degrees once. (hottest I've ever experienced was one summer during the year I spent in central Iraq...regularly got up into the mid and upper 120s).  Worst weather was the heat AND humidity when I lived in Pensacola. 

Taxes?  I'm stationed in Colorado but I'm a Texas resident.  Thanks, SSCRA!

Comment 19 Aug 2014

The shoulder must have been more severely damaged than the staff was willing to admit...stated it was "minor surgery."  Regardless, I'm hoping he can continue to rehab while the other two QBs get us to November undefeated.  Then (hopefully) Miller can lead us the final two months.  I have faith in Ash/Johnson (and the stockpiled talent) that this D is going to be much improved and we won't need Miller to outscore the competition...especially early in the season. 

On a related note, although not a shoulder, I dislocated my ankle for several years until having it repaired (modified brostrome procedure) and it took me 6 months to fully rehab.  I don't dislocate it any longer but now I have arthritis and bone fragments (up to 7mm large) floating in the joint....which I'm told is normal after this type of procedure.  Wondering if there's any similarities.