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Comment 05 May 2015

Today, I'm getting another bag of roasted chilies out of the freezer and slow cooking a pork shoulder.  With that, I will gladly act like I'm a Mexican!   Happy May 5th!!!

Comment 02 May 2015

On his last three starts alone, I see Cardale being selected in the first round next year.  If Winston can get the #1 pick, that just proves the NFL will follow any bandwagon.  I'm not saying Cardale doesn't have the potential to be a quality NFL starter some day.  However, his reputation and physical skills will linger in the minds of the GMs, even if he's not the starter going into '15.  Unless he doesn't play at all next year and performs poorly during the combine, I just don't see the NFL passing on him until the 2nd or later rounds.     

Comment 01 May 2015

 Yes...Susanna is still a babe, at 56 years of age.  She's a reason I can be proud to be a teen of the 80s.