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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1. Watching '84 Illinois @ OSU (first game in the Shoe) - Ruined my expectations for every future college game I would ever watch!

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Comment 20 Jul 2014

Memorable day for me as that Louisville game was during my senior year at OSU and I had the distinct pleasure of attending it with my grandfather (a 1941 OSU grad & WWII vet).  He died five short months later.  It was the last thing I did with him before he died.

Comment 06 Jul 2014

How did Desmond Howard get invited to be in the wedding party?

And I'm with "whore_hoe" ... I like it! 

Comment 04 Jul 2014

Up-voted but I can never make up my mind between Gradishar, Spielman and Marek.

I will say that Randy has an association with a car dealership in Colorado Springs and he was nice enough to autograph a picture in his Bronco orange--and made it out to my dad, even though we never got a chance to meet face-to-face.  It's hanging on my dad's "Buckeye Room" wall back in Ohio.    

Comment 04 Jul 2014

"Michigan has a cool fight song?!"  Blasphemy!!!  I motion for suspension for the turncoat Ginter.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

Dontre ... is actually 6'5", with the afro 6'9"  (Thanks Chick Hern!)

Comment 22 Jun 2014

I would never expect Urban to personally contact any former player.  The OSU athletic department should maintain dossiers and conduct outreach to former players.  Urban can always conduct a "grip and grin" when the alumni come through C-town.  In the end, the department needs to make the school/coach look good. 

Comment 22 Jun 2014

Agreed.  I'm retiring from active duty and (having been a recruiter and instructor for ROTC) I will gladly submit my resume to become the "outreach" coordinator for OSU.  I even attended OSU with Scottie, so we have something in common. 

Comment 22 Jun 2014

With all due respect, he also mentioned understanding the "politics."  Scottie wouldn't be a NFLPA rep, college AD or good OSU alumni by throwing someone (especially our current coach) under the bus.  I get the feeling "reaching out" may be a point that needs to be made.    

Comment 31 May 2014

Having been stationed in the "Hub-city," I just can't buy the fact that he wanted to be closer to his ailing dad.  West Tay-haas is a whole world away from the metro-plex...I think it's farther away than Ohio!  When I was there, I called it West Mexico.

Comment 27 May 2014

I believe the reason for the down votes is that you speculate of something "shady" when there's not one bit of evidence to support your claim.  I also believe the schollie limit is in effect at a particular moment during the school year...something like 1 Aug or 1 Sep (maybe the start of academic classes???).  It's a sliding scale.  Otherwise, early enrollees would bump that number while seniors are finishing their last semester, while still on scholarship.  In this specific case, I don't see the Buckeyes cutting a player of Marcus' abilities just to get under 82...he shows way too much potential.  I see him going to another school and getting drafted one day.   

Comment 25 May 2014

While I share a degree from OSU and service with the USAF in common with LeMay (and have a great amount of admiration for him), I must say that Lemay was more of a "fire first" leader.  I believe he was a perfect fit to lead the fire bombings in Japan and, later, SAC.  At the same time, if it was up to him, many of us probably wouldn't be here today...he would have attacked the Soviets (as early leader of Operation Vittles [Berlin Airlift] and Cuba (during the Cuban Missile Crisis).  Passion and a fire in his belly, I believe, made him a lot like that former WWII naval officer and commander of PC 1251, W.W. Hayes.  Still proud to call him a Buckeye!