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Comment 30 Jul 2015

On a related note, IMHO, Tressel could bring in some elite talent but his recruiting classes never seemed to have elite talent in the middle and bottom ranks.  Under the Vest, OSU would have a great starter (e.g., Smith, Pryor at QB) but nobody behind them and in some positions (OL comes to mind), OSU would only field one or two good-to-great players.  I think that's the only thing that prevented Tressel from winning multiple BCS trophies--under Tressel-ball.  Under Meyer's recruiting, I can't think of another Buckeye roster with so much talent and depth at multiple positions.  This fact is helping ease my trepidation going into VaTech with four suspensions.  

Go Bucks!!!    

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Arizona is West Ohio.  What other state has a town called Buckeye?

I'm trying to find a job there too.  Heat is much better on arthritis than cold.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Don't sleep on Hoosierville.  Their football team has some talent.  Just look at these examples: 

 1. Voted by ESPN as most difficult hand-off ever made in a college game.

2. Punter was so fast, got within 5 yards of catching his own punt.  

3. Greatest game day atmosphere, with nearly a dozen rabid fans.  No, it doesn't get any better there.