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Comment 01 Nov 2014

Really?  That's absolutely hilarious, but I gotta say, at least for me, 11 Hitlers, always gonna be who I'm rooting against.  

Comment 07 Sep 2013

I'd like to hope it was about ND's horrendous actions that lead/contributed to her suicide, but still, very poor taste.  SMH. 

Comment 02 Sep 2013

To answer your links question: yes, "dick warlock" is the greatest name ever!  It may have replaced "buck naked" as my go to porn name!


Also,  the game was about where I expected: good, not great.  Lots of little things to work on, but few, if any, glaring deficiencies. In other words, like most first games of the season. UFM will have theses boys ready for the big time come end of the month, IMO. 

Comment 22 Jun 2012

Hate to sound old here, but roger waters, the wall.  Considering Floyd already played there, it only makes sense.  No one else is big enough, even though I love the other 2 suggestions, they just don't have the juice to work it.  


Comment 08 Feb 2012

Sarah, the irony of the orwell pic is too tasty!  great link!!!

Comment 03 Feb 2012

as i remember it, Sal owns his own fly pie on bethel, or did.  Tony just got tired, and as I heard it, sold it to some former students who used to work there, hence the name change.  Not sure if his son Sal still owns the one on bethel rd, or even if it's still there.  

Comment 03 Feb 2012


enough about canes, please!!  if this was about fly pie, i'd undersatand.  i mean, i've been kicking it with these guys since jason, chris, corey & frosty were going at each other in madden 02, and Canes, it just doesn't satisfy.  I know it's been a few years since I've been in the 'bus, and I know fly pie on high street is gone, which is why it would make more sense to me if you were lamenting they're departure, not wishiing for "chicken from next door".  why not just wish for mama's pasta and brew, it's in the same alley.  lol.


seriously, you've been a great add to the team, you are the best football-smart girl i've never personally met, so, please, keep it up.  and if you ever visit jason up here is the chi, we'll all go get some drinks at mcgee's & watch the buck's kick some tail!!!

Comment 10 Nov 2011

^ +1


This whole this is just sad.  JoePa should've known better than to try to hang on, since he loves the university so much, he just let his judgement get clouded.  He would have realized what he needed to do with more time, I'd like to think.  Too classy/ic a coach not to have figured that out.

Comment 31 Oct 2010

+1 "defense that could stop a retarded kid from licking a door-knob".  rotflmao!!!