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Comment 27 Sep 2015

scUM is the third best team in the Big Ten right now and I will come back and eat crow if I'm wrong but they will not go 0-2 against OSU and MSU at home. They are a 2-3 loss team at worst. Their defense will keep them in every game and they will continue their power run game to success. I've been saying it from the start of the season that our toughest game will be Nov 28 in AA and not vs Sparty at home just because of our history of close, competitive games in AA even when we are superiorly talented. This is not the same Rich Rod/Hoke team that we see start off well and falter late. Harbaugh has this team ready to take the Big Ten by storm and we need to be very careful about pushing this game aside like we will run through them. Like I said you guys can come back and thrash me if I'm wrong at the end of November but scUM will have only 1-2 losses when we play them Nov 28.

Comment 27 Sep 2015

I will be more than happy to come back and eat crow if it doesn't happen but scUM will only have one or two losses when we play them Nov 28th. Their defense will keep them in every single game this year. Outside of Bama vs Wisc, that road game vs Utah might be the hardest OOC game any Big Ten team will face all year. Utah crushed Oregon and scUM held them to 17 pts on the road. Harbaugh has done an exceptional job thus far especially with the defense and I know many of us worry about that Sparty game the week before but the game in AA will go south in a hurry if we do not show marked improvement and we certainly have huge talent gap in our favor at the moment. We really have to stop saying "well BYU just didn't come to play" and such. scUM is a very good team with a top 10 defense and if they don't turn the ball over they can compete with any team in the country in AA and that includes us.

Comment 09 Sep 2015

Is Torrance Gibson healthy enough to play this week? Will Jeff Greene get any PT? I would really like to see how our tall WRs play over the next few weeks so we can see who can really help us come BIg Ten season.

Comment 12 Aug 2015

We have 3 QBs (2 QBs and 1 prev QB) before TTUN has a single player listed! I like!

I also like that there are players listed from Texas St, Navy, North Dakota St, Western Kentucky, Toledo, East Carolina, Duke, and Temple before the first Wolverine was listed. Ouch!

Comment 26 Jul 2015

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If you are not interested in a pre-owned car, then this website would not be for you.

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Comment 08 Jul 2015

I have a better quote from Urban Meyer. "The chase is complete! It's done. It's over. They accepted their final mission, their final assignment, and their final directive, and they did it!" -Jan 12, 2015

Comment 04 Jun 2015

If I were picking an athlete, it would be an individual sport like Tennis, Golf, Boxing. Your success and money will be based solely on your accomplishments and not by fault of lack of talent on team, coaching issues, GM, owners, ect. There are no excuses if you dominate a sport. There's no "well Russell Wilson is nothing without his defense" or "Lebron never won anything until he joined Bosh and Wade." I would love to be blessed with the talent to dominate an individual sport for a generation. 

Comment 04 Jun 2015

Golden State in 7; Steph Curry MVP

This will be the most talented and deepest team the Cavs have played thus far. Just feel without a healthy Kyrie and without Love completely combined with the home court for GS will give them the edge. 

Unless Urban Meyer shows up at all the games. Then Cavs sweep!

Comment 10 May 2015

Even though we have dominated the rivalry for the past 15 years playing up in AA is always difficult. The past 10 games in AA.

2013: 42-41. Game won on last play with Powell pick.

2011: L

2009: 21-10. But it was a game where scUM was 5-7 and they had 4 tvs in our territory. Not domination by any means. In fact total yds were almost the same and Pryor threw for only 70 yds.

2007: 14-3. Beanie ran for over 220 yds in terrible rain/snow weather.

2005: 25-21. OSU needs 2 TD drives late in the 4th quarter to pull out the win. WE all remember the catch!

2003: L

2001: 26-20. Tressel's first "game" Gets off to a 20-0 lead and hang on when Marquis Walker drops a late TD pass

1999: L

1997: L

1995: L

My point being that even when we were a superior team, the games up north have been either losses or close wins. Even at home under Urban the games have come down to late points or def stops to win. Whatever the line is for this game, I will be taking the points cuz I believe it will come down to the wire yet again. I do think it will  be the biggest reg season game of the year. Esp if we are 11-0 going into it.

Comment 14 Mar 2015

This senior class has been very disappointing. None of the 4 ever significantly got better. Scott was a solid PG but could never develop any kind of jump shot. Thompson was always an athletic freak but really stayed the same from soph-sen year. And Williams and Mcdonald didn't develop any post game whatsoever. Mcdonald because he just wasn't very talented but Amir was because of his attitude. He didn't really care if he got better or not.

And while I am disappointed on how this team finished the year, Thad Matta is the all time wins leader here and wer have to remember where OSU bball was prior to his arrival. Thad has taken OSU bball to 9 tourney apps, 5 reg season titles, 4 Big Ten tourney titles, and has won 20+ games every season since arriving. While I'll be glad when this frustrating year is over we really need to appreciate how good we all have it with our major sports teams. I mean hell, wrestling just won a Big Ten title! Looking forward to next year with Tate, Loving, Kam, Bell, T Thompson, and all the new 2015 recruits.

And one last thing. Lets remember that TTUN both football and basketball teams both failed to achieve a winning record this season while we won a National Championship in football and our basketball team will be going dancing for the 7th straight year :)

Comment 10 Mar 2015

Lions lose Suh to the Dolphins? Ngata problem!