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Comment 29 Nov 2011

No, they don't mic us. I have a feeling it will happen eventually, but the OSUMB will likely fight it until absolutely necessary. Right now our sound reaches the majority of Ohio Stadium with only the South Stands being left out. The thing we do have going for us are our 3rd quarter cheer groups which try and reach every section of the stadium.

Comment 10 Aug 2011

Here's the part that doesn't add up for me.

Why would the NCAA bother to issue a statement saying that they aren't going to impose a LOIC or FTM charge against the university if not even two weeks later they issue another Notice of Allegations or imply that they will be doing further investigation to dig up new info for more alllegations?


Comment 03 Aug 2011

In my opinion there is a clear answer here. No. President Gee and the trustees will not settle for mediocrity, whether it pertains to the success of the Football program or the academic prestige of the Department of Greek and Latin. This is The Ohio State University, where tradition thrives along with excellence, and at The Ohio State University it is not possible to settle for one without striving for the other, in every facet of the collegiate game. The current students, the hundreds of thousands of alumni, and the millions of Buckeye fans around the world won't settle for anything less.

Comment 28 Jul 2011

I say go for Bielema. As much as I hate to belittle the significance of The Game, Wisconsin is a much bigger deal to me this year.  It will be the first true 'Night Game' since Penn State 08 (USC and Marshall don't count it was still bright out till halftime.), and I want Bret to be just as scared to enter the Shoe as Bo Ryan was to play in the Schott. Deal with it, Badgers.

Comment 24 Jul 2011

Bowl Bans hurt the wrong people. Sure bowls bring money to the university, the team gets to play, yadda, yadda, yadda; but they mean the most to the fans. The people who would suffer from a post-season ban are the people who pour their hearts and souls into Buckeye Football..you, me, and all of Buckeye Nation. If the NCAA still wants to impose harsher penalties, scholarship reductions should be their method. 

Comment 23 Jul 2011

Hey now! I agree the artwork sucks but it IS a memorial to Jesse Owens. Since JO did run track in Ohio Stadium I feel like we should put a statue of him along side the Vest. Oh and Woody should probably join that party too.

Comment 12 Jul 2011

I think we should sue ESPN for the damages they caused to Frank Cosenza's sousaphone during the 09 USC Game as well as for the piss poor TV coverage that our band got during halftime at the Rose Bowl when compared to Oregon's coverage.

Comment 11 Jul 2011

Personally I don't want anyone who isn't 100% committed to this university or anyone who would even think about attending M*ch*g@n anywhere near this campus or this state. Good Riddance. 

Comment 12 Jun 2011

Thank you for a rational post Jason, and for placing at least a shread of hope in me this morning.