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Comment 09 Jan 2015

@EddieGeorge2727......you had me at  1) They're Buckeyes ❤️

Comment 22 Dec 2011

"really has me longing for NBA games like never before".......Really?  or am I missing some sort of sarcasm?  I mean, if you'd said reruns of the old ABC Wide World of Sports, or watching paint dry, or even Big Time Wrestling....I'd at least understand.  The NBA?

Comment 22 Nov 2011

Fresh out of OSU late 80s, had to spend 7 yrs in Alabama.  After 2 or 3 yrs, first kicking and screaming, but then like a turtle on its back, I finally conceded that football in the south is played at a different level of passion and fanaticism.  We've gotten guys from Fla before, but Shazier, so far, looks like one of the first we've snatched that actually plays like he wants to dominate on every play.  Makes my heart skip a beat. 

Comment 21 Oct 2010

Great post.  And still, on a night like this when your D and S-teams are getting schoolled....there was still opportunity for the offense to capitalize and stay in or even win the game.  In fact, it's inevitable nights like these that your offense must step up and keep the other team off of the field.  You can't get a field goal from 1st and goal at the 3, can't end up with nothing after an interception deep in Wis territory.  Any D is not going to be able to stop good teams all of the time.