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Comment 23 Jul 2016

Even Ohio State opponents are getting into the act of gouging fans for tickets.  Face value for last year's Ohio State-Rutgers game was $175.  If you don't believe it, check Ramzy's Twitter or Instagram accounts for his pic with his ducats.  I went, but I was able to get 3 on eBay for $250. 

I have a good job and I'm making more than I ever have before. I can certainly afford the cost because I'm single.  I'm someone who prefers the live experience over watching a game on television.  I'd rather sit in the worst seat at the game than watch it on TV.  You don't get the same experience of being on the field in 2002 after beating Michigan when you watch a game on TV. 

But there's a limit to what I'll pay.  I'll pay $15 to watch Youngstown State play on a Saturday night when the Bucks aren't playing.  I've gone to Pitt games when I was living in Pittsburgh for $20 a ticket.  I just love attending live sporting events, just not attending a sporting event for the cost of a car payment.

Comment 07 Jul 2016

1998 Sparty.  I went to every game home and away that year.  I rarely talk smack to a visiting team's fans, but there were some Sparty fans sitting near me in AA deck (basically on the track) I gave some business to when the Bucks went up 24-9 on the interception return for a touchdown.  

How did that team lose to Bill F-----g Burke?

Comment 24 Apr 2016

A fellow student from Marysville introduced me to the glory of Zantigo's.  They were open until 4 AM for a while. Taco burrito and cheese chilito were the go-to items.  If you weren't fortunate enough to experience Zantigo's, you can go to Skyline and order a chilito.  Not quite the same, but good. Taco Bell bought them out and kept the chilito on the menu for a while, but sadly, I don't believe they still have it. 

Comment 13 Nov 2015

The problem is, everyone else is doing it too.  I went to the Rutgers game and face value of single game tickets was $175.  I paid $250 for three on eBay.  I can afford to pay that much for tickets, but I refuse to.  Obviously it's not stopping others from doing so.  You think one day they'll prove themselves out of demand because people would rather watch at home on a hi-def TV and drink their reasonably priced adult beverages.  But it ain't happening.

Comment 11 Nov 2015

The penalty was because Butt was running off the field with other players and stopped.  That's a penalty for intentionally deceiving, and results in an unsportsmanlike penalty.  That's what I heard the explanation was.

Comment 02 Nov 2015

I hope the Bengals get by the Browns this week.  As witnessed last year, anything can happen.  Bengals banged up after a war with Pittsburgh.  The Browns have been scoring points but their defense has been letting them down.

As it usually happens in the NFL, what most think will happen won't.  The Browns rush defense is horrid, which means they'll shut down Bernard and Hill and the Bengals will have to throw to wins. That is more likely with Haden and Whitner out due to concussions.

Go Bucks and Who Dey!

Comment 31 Oct 2015

I don't understand the evading part.  In Ohio, in order for checkpoints to be legal, drivers are supposed to have an option to avoid them.  All checkpoints have to be made known to the public, usually through some type of media (newspaper most common).  

I had one beer after golf one summer and saw a checkpoint on Riverside Drive in Cincinnati.  I turned on a side street before it because I didn't want to chance anything even though I only had one beer.

If he turned before the checkpoint, how could that be considered evading?

Comment 28 Oct 2015

I got laid off, so I don't have a job to blow off to read this.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

So if everyone does this (most recently I've seen Rutgers, Arizona State and Tulsa with all black versions), what is so unique about it? Other than the fact the Bucks haven't done it.

I'm a traditionalist (I hated when the sleeve stripes changed during Earle Bruce's tenure), but I don't really care.  I'm not totally opposed to change. I'm not wearing them and I'm not buying them.  

If uniforms helped recruit better, shouldn't Maryland be better?

Comment 13 Jul 2015

Play home and away games with West Virginia, Louisville, Kentucky if you're really worried about travel costs. Which they're not.  

I hated the excuse of scheduling in-state MAC teams to keep tax dollars in the state.  The guarantees aren't coming from the State of Ohio's General Revenue Fund, they're coming from OSU's Athletic Department budget. So that argument doesn't hold water.