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Comment 13 Jul 2015

Play home and away games with West Virginia, Louisville, Kentucky if you're really worried about travel costs. Which they're not.  

I hated the excuse of scheduling in-state MAC teams to keep tax dollars in the state.  The guarantees aren't coming from the State of Ohio's General Revenue Fund, they're coming from OSU's Athletic Department budget. So that argument doesn't hold water.

Comment 11 Jul 2015

BuckeyeDevil, I was at that game too.  Unfortunately I was exposed to the elements, sitting in A deck on the west side down by the south end zone.  A weird mixture of rain, sleet and snow that day.  I was wearing one of those satin-like Starter jackets, and it was completely covered with a later of ice.  With the result of the game, I didn't really care much about the weather that day.

Comment 26 May 2015

DJ, I think the Skyline you went to is the best because it's always busy and the chili doesn't sit in the warming pits for very long. Other locations you can tell it's not as good because it sits for a while.  Like the one on South High in Columbus.

Comment 22 May 2015

It will always be BW3 to me, even though they no longer serve the beef on weck.  I wonder why, since they have so much other stuff on their menu.

When I first discovered BW3 on Woodruff my freshman year, wings were 10 cents apiece on Tuesdays and your choice of sauces was mild, medium, hot and wild.  Started with mild and worked my way up to wild.  So hot I could literally drink a six pack in about 15 minutes trying to douse the fire. The price steadily increased over the years from $.10 to $.15, $.18(?), $.20, $.25, $.30, $.35, $.40 to whatever it might be now.

Good times.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

This is nothing new.  I went to one of these eons ago when they had the merch for sale in Ohio Stadium in the east concourse.  I waited in line hoping to get any game worn jersey, preferably a baseball jersey, and watched helplessly as those inside the ropes snapped up all the good stuff.  All I was able to get by the time I got in was a pair of gray sweatpants.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

It looks awful and it is awful.  It would look a lot worse if Marc Trestman was the Bears head coach.  John Fox was hired on or around January 16th, so there wasn't much time that expired between his hiring and Drayton's hiring.  How many other coaches did Fox interview between that time and now?  Was Drayton the first hire? I don't think so.

Comment 09 Oct 2012

I used to get tickets from a former player who I had known his whole life, and I would get a phone call from someone at OSU (don't know if it was the Athletic Department or Compliance Department).  The player had to leave the name and phone number of each person a ticket was for.  I received a call before every game asking how I knew the player, and if the ticket was for me. 

When I picked the ticket up at the player will call, whether at the 'Shoe or on the road, the tickets were given at a location that did not allow you to go back outside (if you were of the mindset to try to sell it), and had to enter the stadium immediately after producing an ID and signing for them. 

So it seems to me that they already had this covered.