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Comment 14 Aug 2016

Pre-Tressel, all I wanted, and expected, was to beat SCum and win the bowl game.   Coop was 1-13-1 before this win.  They should have scored all day on Arizona's week pass D.  Not a huge Brent Musburger fan, but he is a legend and I like Dick Vermeil, despite his "robbing" us of a National title.  Yet, the clear fact these guys had to have bet this game, nothing beats Vermeil's referees comment that "Pass interferance!  Pass Interferance! Jesus . . . those guys down there the officials ought to donate their check to charity on that call. My gosh. That is too obvious."

Comment 10 Aug 2016

My last year at Ohio State as well when Ohio State was a basketball, not a Football school from 1987-1992. Where we are now, is why one must always learn their history  in order to never repeat it. So much better now as graduate, then it was whilst going to school.  Keep it up Bucks.

Comment 09 Aug 2016

Simple, they would have lost to SCum. How many undefeated teams did?  And we all know had they not been upset by Sparty, they would have lost to SCum.  All I ever wanted for the season to be a successful one was beat -ichigan and win a bowl game.  Bridesmaid, never a bride was my entire OSU football experience, that is until Jim Tressel changed it all and completely flipped my Buckeye life script.

Comment 24 Jul 2016

Does not matter who the coach was, but everyone expects a title every year.  Bottom line, it is very hard to do, regardless of how great a team is. 2015 team, should have been better than the 2014 team that won it, same as 1969 compared to 1968.  Would have been great if Woody won some more, probably should have, but how many more than Tressel or even Urban?  50-4 and 1 title?  We love our team and always expect the impossible for them. Take them when you get them, and hope you get more.  I have seen Woody, Earl, John, Jim and Urban coach many times, loved the wins, never wanted losses and complained like a loving fan, but sure I wanted and think we should have had more of the,, but I am happy to have 3 titles in my life. Only 6 undefeated season all time show how hard it is and like last year proved, it is very hard to win a title with even one loss, regardless of how great you are.  Go everything Bucks.

Comment 15 Jul 2016

Nice, but I must mention one of the most underrated kickers ever and that is Rich Spangler. Spangler kicked from 1982-1985 and he was the last straight on kicker. I remember, because he was pretty good and had some range and I remember being shocked he could not make the NFL and later saw articles about him saying it pretty much was due to the fact he was a straight on kicker for quite a while after it "fell out of favor."