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Comment 02 Dec 2016

Curious as to this year it is now the 4 best teams, when the last 2 years it was the 4 most deserving.  Clearly we were one of the best 4 teams last year.  Wonder if Oklahoma and Sparty's performances, coupled with Florida State's two years ago has these same BCS cats doing their nonsense, but in regards to 4 teams rather than 2?

Comment 30 Oct 2016

Vegas is not reactionary, but knowledgeable.  They always nail it. Bucks struggling to cover, but they  were up 14 on Penn State with the ball in Penn State territory before it went South and had some double score leads vs Northwestern.  Bottom line, despite their struggles, they still are an extremely talented team that can pummel you on most nights.

Comment 27 Oct 2016

Enough of these events for little schools.  We going to start celebrating first downs now? Go to the game as you want and cheer on the Buckeyes instead of emulating others schools attempts to be relevant. Go Bucks!

Comment 01 Oct 2016

Love OSU, but Earle is not legendary. Started going to games in the mid 1970's and was going to school there when he was coaching and EVERYONE wanted him fired, except his players so after the final SCum win to go 5-4, all of a sudden they wanted him to stay. Cooper ended up being there quite a bit longer as 9-3 was not doing it, but yes his terrible michigan record cost them repeated National Title chances, unlike Earle's single one in his first season.  As for coaching trees, they are really hard to associate with the head coach and get way too much pub.  Who truly gets the true credit for being someone's instructor since most of these guys were elsewhere and people forget that he did fire Nick Saban.

GoBuckeyes1020 nailed it with the 15 years of more as Jim Tressel ruined it for me. Even during my Woody Years in the 1970's, National Titles were not an option. Beating SCum and winning the bowl game were the best expectations for y as a Buckeye fan, until Tressel won it and winning  Titles became expected and the very plausible norm that has only continued with Urban!. 

Anyone know why they are not showing Pryor's 57 TD passes?  His ridiculous 5 year ban has ended, unlike President Tressel's 5 year show cause that ends in December.