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Comment 15 Feb 2017

Amen Ramzy, finally proof!  When my day started in the mid-1970's, I always said that all I ever want in a season is to beat SCum and win our bowl game and Jim Tressel ruined it of me, because after 2002, I now expected to win a National Title for it to be a successful season. However, to this day, I keep telling people that I want blowouts and am sick of hearing people saying they are tired of that and want a close game.  The true human heart cannot take that pressure.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Was at that 2006 beat down.  The problem is that at Nebraska will be a night game as will the Iowa game. Not a fan of the "Marquee" match up night games. Much more likely that the Buckeyes smash their opponent with a traditional start as things get funny  during the night.  Remembered that one as we would always sit next to the James Laurinaitis sister, mom and that Animal guide.  Got F'd all day, but NEVER during the game in our seats. Pansies.

Comment 10 Feb 2017

Correct. Drove up and back from Cincinnati last night to take on their victory against Lewis. Free and the concessions are fairly priced. Take the nephews whenever they are in town as they love the history behind St. John.  Even catch women's ice hockey right next door at the Ice Rink as they play at a similar time. Plenty of excitement from lacrosse, field hockey, swimming and diving, etc that are not only free, but very entertaining, "fast" and a perfect way to support the Buckeyes!

Comment 01 Feb 2017

Brent was not bad, but he is right about the 1959-1960 Ohio State team, which is not considered being one for the best all-time for losing the next two National titles to UC.  The 1960-1961 season was the worst, being undefeated with the only loss in OT of the Final! They won their won, so they are in.

Favorite football call is clearly his bet against Dick Vermeil in the Rose Bowl. Vermeil won it for supporting the Buckeyes aas Brent clearly had Arizona State.