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Comment 02 Jun 2017

3:30PM is actually the best time to attend a Buckeye game.  This is based on decades of if need be, getting anything that might needed to be done in the morning,with as much tailgating as desired, then after the Buckeye you and your friends would victory celebrate all-night by watching highlights and teams play that wish they were The Ohio State University Buckeyes!

Comment 29 Apr 2017

Jake Butt proved that he did make a correct decision despite deciding to be 0-4 against the Buckeyes by going to play for SCum and that was getting insurance.  A clear reason for all these top guys on getting the relatively inexpensive insurance or more correctly $500,000+ reasons.  Do not want to hear excuses on not being able to pay for it, clearly can be done by all top draftees.  Or play it safe, and come play for Urban at The Ohio State University.

Comment 25 Apr 2017

Hopefully this did not happen, but either way in the world we live in during this time and age, these guys cannot go out to do anything from the end of the season until the NFL draft.  Nothing is safe. Stay home and work out.  Bosa nailed it!  Also, insurance policies are a must and if you are going to do something, record everything!  I am a private person, but we live in a big brother world.  Sigh.