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Comment 02 May 2015

Then again, Bosa does not need the money. Sat with the Laurinaitis family for all OSU road games and new he was coming back, because they all loved the college experience knowing the pros would be there. Plus, he can afford to take out an insurance policy like a certain Duck DB who tore his acl, rather than being torn by OSU.

Comment 29 Apr 2015

King Dolodale's annihilation, coupled with the depantsing of Alabama and The Ohio State's now dominant record against SEC foes Missouri (10-1-1) and Texas A&M (4-0) made this a no brainer. Plus they would be required to cross the Mason-Dixon line.

Comment 17 Apr 2015

I remember Brutus blowing through the attempted tackle and then Rufus' inability to get Brutus the ground, despite not resisting. Sums up the entire relationship.

Comment 08 Apr 2015

Amen to both. All by himself did Al Toon bedevil Bruce's Buckeyes.

Comment 07 Mar 2015

Herbie would only go a little overboard regarding OSU to not look like a homer, which is somewhat natural. However, he could have hid behind the historical classic "I was just following orders" as he is a member of the ESPiN regime. I think everyone can relax, because after last year, the collective egg has been removed from everyone's face, placed there by the 2006 debacle. The Buckeye love is back, thanks to Urbs and the boys.