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Comment 9 minutes ago

Actually it's purple drank not drink. Some call it Sizzurp. I'm not sure how many Zs are in the spelling. 

It's prescription strength codeine laced cough syrup (I had a legit script for it once, took a sip and threw it out. It's disgusting. This nastiness is considered a controlled substance too even though it has minutiae amounts of codeine) usually mixed with Sprite. Some throw in a Jolly Rancher, and I've heard of some mixing in vodka. All that served in an old school white styrofoam cup. 

It's mainly a southern thing. I heard of it from an MJG song back in 97ish. Sure enough, saw people drinking it in Ga and other southern and SW areas between '98-'07. Not sure if it's still consumed or not.

Jamarcus Russel was known for it being his drink of choice. He may be one of the richest NFL busts ever.

Comment 49 minutes ago

Cnet (if you're not familiar with them) IMHO is the best online news/ review source for electronics. They do an extensive buyers guide every so often and review tvs as soon as they come out.

If you go to Best Buy be weary of the sales people. They pretty much suck. I pay no attention to them unless I have a store specific question about a product. They have told me things like, "you can get a better picture with a better HDMI cable." I know damn well that all cables are pretty much the same save for construction, if they're rated for in wall use and if they're shielded for video use. The tvs there are professionally calibrated too. They aren't going to look like that in your place. They can calibrate yours to look close for like $250 though. I go there and look then buy from Amazon or something.

Amazon is pretty good if you find something you want. They price match including up to a few weeks after you bought it (it might be if they offer it lower). They will deliver your TV for free above a certain size and price though. By deliver I mean two guys from a shipping company carry it in, unbox it, put the stand on, verify it works and put it on your media stand and take the box/ trash with them. Also on Amazon, when I bought my Samsung they gave me 6% of the TV cost in site credit for future use (about $140), a free year of prime ($80 value), a week later I got $100 back because they lowered the price, and best of all...no tax.

Stay away from 4K. There is little content available and is still 1 or 2 years away from being readily available. Plus, HDMI 2.0 is really unproven technology (2.0 is hardware, not a cable,like a store sales person tried to tell me). Many networks still only broadcast in 720p too. All that other stuff about tru motion, contrast ratio and whatever else is complete non-sense. Really just get 1080p and probably 120hz refresh. Some programs don't even refresh that fast, so 60hz will work to. The TV can't refresh what isn't there to refresh.

I had a Vizio m-series. It was ok but had no features other than the smart apps. They use Yahoo! for the app provider which stinks. Picture was decent if those two things are all you care about.

I currently have a 65" Samsung 7150 series. A number of outlets called it the best HD TV of 2014. They change the model number every year, so it's available with an updated version (I think the 6700 series). It's a smart 3D. It has features including web browser, wifi direct (TV is a router), split screen(watch two sources at the same time), screen mirroring and reverse screen mirroring, ARC, and a some other things. You can still buy this model for about $1500 now. Samsung tvs in general I like, but some are pricey depending on the features.

I also have an LG 55". I think it's a LF6100 series. It's not as nice as the Samsung but does most of the same stuff minus the 3D and split screen options. It does have a good App Store. The search feature is awesome. If I can search for a show or movie and if it finds it, it will tell me where it's being shown (Netflix, prime or even on an app I don't have). I paid $600 for it at Best Buy last month. It sells for $699 now and $629 on Amazon; both will price match. It might be cheaper elsewhere, and there's always the option of a 60" in the same model.

I've seen Sony and know they are also pretty good but know little about them and the features. They are known for their life like screens though. You probably couldn't go wrong with this brand either.

I would stay away from everything else. Sharp may be worth a look, but I don't know. So I hope this helps. I am also moderately knowledgable if you have any questions.

Comment 2 hours ago

Aside from the smart apps, non-smart tvs can't do what many smart tvs can. Vizio is the only brand I can think of that completely lacks features other than just smart apps.

I know mine can split the screen, so I can access two inputs at the same time. I can use the TV as a router, mirror stuff to it, mirror stuff to a device, ARC, wirelessly connect my PC, DLNA and a number of other things that I've yet to see a streaming device do. 

If there's a smart and non-smart version of the same TV it's typically only $150 or so more. Depending on the budget, it's pretty much worth it if one factors in the cost of the roku or whatever. Firmwear and software can be upgraded/ updated on many smart tvs. When it comes to a device, I imagine a newer version would have to be bought.

Comment 3 hours ago

Meh. I've seen worse comments than those on here. I read stuff like that and don't even care. I just skip right over whether it's ridiculous or one of the PL "circle jerk" thread jacks.

i wouldn't doubt that players trash talk each other far worse than those two nonsense comments. 

Comment 9 hours ago
I'd have to say the Cota bus. There's nothing like the weirdos and stinky bums.......
Comment 01 Sep 2015
Urban is just entering his 4th year and has moved around for a better job each time. Plus, it's not the same thing since Jim seems to not only wear out his khakis but his welcome as well.
Comment 01 Sep 2015
I thought this was gonna be about SEC "hostesses" attempting to make "booty calls" to ensure commitments from recruits. Guess I was way off.
Comment 31 Aug 2015

ND and Ohio State are tied with the most players to receive the Heisman.

Reggie Bush still won that award. USC, ND and tOSU have 7 trophies.

Orlando Pace was closest offensive lineman to win the Heisman.

I forget his name, but in 1973 tOSU had a lineman finish 2nd in the voting.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

This ^^^^

I think he has to do "jail time" for duplicating a forum.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

I still to this day refer to him as "Felony" Frank Clark (as long as he's not in the same room. He's a lot bigger than me and I don't own a weapon...) even though his robbery/ home invasion charge went away for appeasing the judicial system. Plus, I think he had a DV charge not long ago. 

I didn't see this incident, but I'm pretty much a believer in "seasons change, people don't." 

Comment 29 Aug 2015

It's often said because many of these kids come from families that are flat broke. Not to mention, a number have cars that would be pricey for parents considering the expenses they already have.

Comment 29 Aug 2015


This is the phone number for the best divorce lawyer in Columbus: 614-555-5555

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Brain damage from concussions is finally setting in. Either that, or he's testing the waters for a career in comedy.

Comment 29 Aug 2015


I was seated in that end zone when he caught that TD pass in '06. We showed up late (friend's fault) and missed the first drive of IU for 3. tOSU went on to score the next 44 unanswered.

Comment 28 Aug 2015
Never wanted to see a rematch. The other team often wins the rematch. Personally, I want them to have a losing record every year. If I'm not mistaken, I'm is like the 3rd or 4th best team in their state now.