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Comment 9 hours ago
It says 95% to um. I take it they dont update those often?
Comment 10 hours ago
Free housing, meals, healthcare and utilities, yes. I guess $120 is cutting into beer money. I remember drinking 3+ days a week being important in the service. It's no fun being broke even worse sober...
Comment 28 Jul 2015

My meds wore off. I seriously couldn't read more than three sentences in before shaking my head at allegedly beating Utah and scrolling through to see how much was written. In essence, TL;DR

Comment 18 Jul 2015
There's a guy in Brazil that looks like Walter White and has a hot dog stand named Heisenberg's. This is my guess.
Comment 18 Jul 2015

I've been sober 6 years now, but for unrelated medical reasons. Still tough to quit knowing you have to or knowing you have to. Hang in there.

Comment 17 Jul 2015

The deal is just not complete till he follows in his dad's footsteps and does a soap commercial.

Comment 16 Jul 2015
I'm an unpatriotic 3rd generation combat veteran. I found out some time ago the less I care about the better. I don't care if people are doing things to the flag (for whatever reason rather they don't like the country or the policies, etc.), and due to my lack of caring i'm not gonna go out of my way, either, to deface it. That being said, I kinda feel this falls under that hot social issue criteria and likely shouldn't be on here.
Comment 16 Jul 2015

Wrestlers do tend to do well in MMA. I've seen many of them stink it up though without more training. They can get it to the ground but if they get put on their back, they often don't know what to do.

Comment 16 Jul 2015

He better be careful, they might accuse him of being the baby daddy or having a sex tape with one of those annoying @&! kardashians/ jenners.