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Comment 18 hours ago
Most of the work is on the individual. These guys typically have superior athletic DNA that the average joe doesn't possess and won't look like that no matter what they do. Trainers, to an extent, are a dime a dozen. They are all certified by the same bodies and get info from the same places. About the only difference is how long they've done it and publicity they get from having a high profile job or client. That client will often insist they got results that didn't happen with other trainers, which isn't always the case. This is where the whole perception is reality thing comes in. Is coach Mick and his staff good? Yes. Are that superior or that much better than the rest of the country? No. Or else tOSU would be producing freaks of nature and breakthroughs never seen before in fitness.
Comment 22 hours ago

Generic mixed amphetamine salts.

Comment 26 May 2015

Sleep in the rental, wet naps for a shower (take handfuls if you eat at a wing place) and throw a bag over your clothes then run them over for a good iron press. You're welcome.

Comment 22 May 2015
18 packs? They sell those there? I specifically only remember being able to buy 20 packs. And they damn well made sure that the state flag was emblazoned on every label. Damn I miss the Hill Country.
Comment 21 May 2015
The post was pretty long, but I read and enjoyed every minute of it. Normally one of this size I would have skipped right over, but this hit home with me. I served 9 years and some change in the Army and am a 3rd gen combat vet. I likely won't have kids just to break the cycle because no one should have to go through this. I did a tour in each OIF II (12 months) and IV (15 months). I came back with just a few scratches. Some say we're the lucky ones. I feel the mental scarring is far worse, and the real war starts upon coming home. I lost a good amount of friends at the hands of the Mahdi Army, Al Ansar Sunnah and some locals in the mihalovs: SFC Battles, SGT Osbourne, SPC Carballo, SPC Marshall, PFC Kritzer, PFC Monroe and a few others I didn't know too well. I think about them a lot. I hardly knew my dad save for some things like he was Army 11B in Vietnam '68-'69 in the 101. SFC Battles and I were close. He knew about me and took me under his wing and called me his step son. Treated me like it too. No favortism though, but if he needed something I was there no questions asked. I still try to do it today and volunteer for the extra time at work or whatever so someone else can go be with their wife, kids or whatever. I think about them all quite a bit. Also, about deployment, the good, the bad, the things we did, the things we didn't want to and the things we couldn't do. I hope their and everyone's families are doing well. And an extra shout out to everyone that served.
Comment 21 May 2015

Go to Target and become a salaried department manager. Technically it's a job that the right non-degreed, experienced person could, but they ain't having that. Note* I do not work there.

Comment 20 May 2015

The 6450 number comes straight from the Winny company brochure for  '71 d-18. As for mass and aero, it's going in a straight line for a brief acceleration not a 1 mile time or turns.

Comment 20 May 2015

Everything i've read and heard about him leaving wasn't cause of fans. I've read that ole Herb is quite the horndog. Not to mention, he was very pissy about donating his old house for a controlled burn/ training for the UA FD and not getting a tax write off.

Comment 20 May 2015

I shave so I don't have to wear a beard net at work (I work in a food production plant). I try to take care of the skin in case I have a future in broadcasting. I don't have to worry about shaving the balls though since I have to wear pants, but underwear could be considered a beard net (an optional one).

Comment 20 May 2015

I watched ND manhandle that FSU team only to go to BC and lose on a last second FG the following week. BC fans tore down the goal posts and ran through Boston with them. That was the first time i'd ever seen that (I was pretty young at the time.).

Comment 20 May 2015

I remember them going into a Rashaan Salaam, Kordell Stewart and Michael Westbrook Colorado team as the dog and winning 24-7. It was an awesome game. That's the same Colorado team that went into the big house and won on a hail mary in the first few weeks of the '94 season.

Comment 17 May 2015

I'd say it's very possible that it's that fast. 

a '15 Escalade weighs in at about 6K lbs. Stock they come with a 420 horse power plant and hit 0-60 mph in about 6.4 seconds. A 550 horse Hennesy tuned version hits 0-60 mph in about 4.9. I have no idea what the rear end is, but i'm assuming it's somewhere between 3.56-3.73-3.91.

This 1971 Winny looks like a D-18 which weighs in at about 6,450 lbs (add a couple pounds if they opted for the 8 track player and 4 speakers). It came with a Dodge 413 CI motor  and a 4.56 rear end. I'm assuming that a LS1 motor is about a 350 CI so even built, it's probably lighter than the stock engine.

I would guess that an escalade, without changing the drivetrain, could get into the mid 3's with around 7-750 horse. I don't see why this RV couldn't do it with that big ass rear end already in place and maybe swapping out the tranny.

Comment 16 May 2015

Is that qtr or semester hours? Maybe he was going for the Tom Brady special. I think they call it general studies or leisurely arts.

Comment 13 May 2015

I was a surfer while living near the ocean and Gulf of Mexico in the army and sporadically now.

I held a class A skydiving license (had about 50 jumps) up until about 4 years ago when money became an issue. I need to get back into it now that things have cleared up. Other than it being so damn loud, it was one of the freest serene and calming experiences I've ever had. I feel like there should be some stupid movie quote here like, "I live my life a quarter mile at a time and for those 10 seconds or less...."

 These days I mountain bike (if we can call it that here in central Ohio) at Alum creek and kayak quite a bit. I hope to get a paddle board soon and navigate down Alum on it (the river/ creek part not the lake).

Being out experiencing the force of nature seems to calm me down for some reason or another.

Comment 12 May 2015
It kills me how much the military spends on advertising and what not, but duting OIF II we were digging sheet metal up and bolting plywood and sandbags for truck armor while on patrol. We had to take parts off of broken down trucks to make one run to go kick in haji's door, run ambush or whatever. Things the brass does never made much sense to me.
Comment 11 May 2015
I have that same internet and pay $50ish for it. I bought my own modem/ router online and my download is around 25 MPS. Im not sure about the upload since I don't really upload.