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Comment 6 hours ago

I'm a MOLGEN major; it's not that bad (but not that easy either). It's not as tough as engineering or say Bio-chem, it just kinda has a fancy name. If I were a history major or some arts degree, I would probably fail out.

Pre-Med means little; I think all MOLGEN, ENGR and most physical science majors (if I forgot to 'tag' your major, my fault, i'll get you next post) have the 'Pre-Med' courses already included in their curriculum (and I believe often don't apply to med school) while a number of the kids studying easier things and hoping to get into med school have to take the extra classes.

I wonder how many people out could meet the standards for Mensa, but don't care or know about it. I bet the intelligence numbers are kinda skewed.

Comment 7 hours ago

It's even a scarier proposition for opposition defenses when Urban Meyer is out here claiming he has seven offensive players who can run 4.4 40s and below.

Is that hand timed or laser timed 40s? Or is it the ol' Urban Meyer fudge it trick while at Florida? I remember his board, and it said ridiculous things like Joe Haden ran a 4.33 (give or take a 100th) and he ends up running about 4.6 at the combine.

Obviously he's (Haden) good and can hold his own, but 4.6 is slow and a far cry from Meyer's claims and the other fudged times.

Comment 7 hours ago

They haven't been respectable for about 20 years. The other programs mentioned, I don't believe, had a 20 year gap and counting of suckage. Texas has been pretty crappy for about 4 years, but that should change.

Comment 16 hours ago

How did the 'Horns make 5th most hated and 4th most loved?

That top 5 hated is pretty impressive. All of them, save for ND, are pretty successful programs.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Some of the seats are behind pillars. I went to the tOSU-BGSU game in '06, and my seat was behind a pillar. Luckily there was a TV hung from it so I could watch what I was missing. I only paid face value ($61) for the ticket but felt my money was wasted.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

I don't # (pound sign) anything or 'tweet' but it's my understanding that it's done so people can find other things tagged on that subject on social media.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Nick Bosa is currently rated as a 5* and #1 WDE by 24/7. All predictions have him going to tOSU. Damn right the kid needs to come here, just like his stud brother and uncle (don't know his name,but hopefully he was awesome).

A group of Ohio State University Marching Band alumni, most of them women, [marched] across campus [yesterday] to demand that the OSU president reinstate Jonathan Waters as band director. 

I don't think Waters is coming back seeing as how President Drake left us this nice long email and a 3 minute YouTube video.

University Statement on Ohio State Marching Band Culture
The Ohio State University takes very seriously its responsibility to provide a world class education, which is enriched by a positive campus culture, diverse academic experience and opportunities for personal growth. Those responsibilities are built on the University's core values of integrity, personal accountability, openness and trust.
While the Ohio State Marching Band has embraced a tradition of excellence and become a source of enormous pride for the entire Buckeye family, a recent review of the Marching Band culture and practices revealed conduct by members of the band and staff that is inconsistent with the University's values and Title IX requirements.
A thorough investigation by the Office of University Compliance over the past two months revealed serious cultural issues and an environment conducive to sexual harassment within the Marching Band. In addition, the investigation determined that Director Waters was aware or reasonably should have known about this culture but failed to eliminate it, prevent its recurrence and address its effects.
Jon Waters has been terminated from his position as Director of the Marching Band.
"Nothing is more important than the safety of our students," said The Ohio State University President Michael Drake. "We expect every member of our community to live up to a common standard of decency and mutual respect and to adhere to university policies.
Moving forward, we must abide by a zero tolerance policy at the University—both with the Marching Band and the entire campus community—for any behavior that creates a hostile culture at Ohio State. I view this as a new day and an opportunity for the Ohio State community to come together and embrace the values and behavior that have made this University great."
In addition to changing the leadership of the Marching Band, the University immediately has taken additional steps to ensure that change is swift and impactful. This begins with the appointment of Betty Montgomery, former Ohio Attorney General, to lead an independent task force, reporting directly to President Drake and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, to review this matter in its entirety. This task force will include nationally-recognized experts:

Ernst & Young, which will conduct an investigatory review.
Sports Conflict Institute, which will conduct an independent review of the Ohio State Band culture.
Outside counsel to provide guidanceon Title IX compliance.

At this time, the Ohio State Marching Band season will continue under new leadership and steps are being taken to swiftly identify an interim band director. Additional training and guidance will be developed with new band leadership to create a proper culture, and nurturing environment.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

At one point his A.D.D. kicked in and he had to ask a report to repeat the simple question. 

I have ADD and wouldn't have the energy to sit through the reporter asking the question again. If I did ask a repeat, I would need a third repeat because by that time I was already thinking about eating lunch, then doing laundry because of a stain on my shirt, then going to the store to get detergent, but forgetting what I went in for and buying beer instead. All of this would rage through my mind in 5 seconds.

It is an interesting life, I tell you...what were we talking about again?

Comment 28 Jul 2014

I found this on 24/7 sports. I don't really follow recruiting, but I go on there every once in a while to check what's going on. Anyway, I believe if you click on the 'bolts' section there are more of these. At the time, I know they had only done Texas, Florida, Ohio and one other state. Florida's is pretty impressive. They may be only doing the 5 or 6 states that produce the most NFL talent: Texas, Cali, Ohio, Florida, Georgia and maybe Pennsylvania(?). I'm not sure who the 5th or 6th state would be.

I think this is the latest: California. Just below the article there is a stack of links to click on, and it lists Ohio, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas and Cali's reports.


Here is Florida (it's not listed on the links under the Cali article)


Comment 27 Jul 2014

"Now, I know ‘The Team Up North’ versus Ohio State game is pretty mean; everybody is pretty mean when that game rolls around. It’s extremely competitive, but it’s just not as mean (as the SEC). Not as dirty and mean. I hate to say that, but that’s just how it is in the South. College football is everything down there.”

Probably because they have nothing else but wraslin' and their sisters.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

That would be great if he turns out to be a stud (I think Urban only recruits studs, anyway),comes here, tOSU continues to curb stomp TSUN and he gets bragging rights over his brother for years flashing those gold pants.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

The '08 MNCG vs. LSU; seeing tOSU go up by 10, Chris Wells putting up like 200 on the ground, but the kicker was that second QTR. tOSU would have them stopped, then comes a stupid PF call or something on multiple drives.

The '05 UT-tOSU game was painful. I like and follow UT, but not when they play tOSU. I thought we had them until Hamby dropped that TD in the end zone. I was stationed in Texas at the time of the game and in Austin that night. 6th street was incredible. Oddly enough, I returned home to Columbus and they were playing in Austin: just my luck.

Comment 25 Jul 2014
I Googled 'Alabama waterfall haircut.' Any of the terms are probably acceptable as well: mullet, the 10 90(10% on top, 90% in the back), the schlong ( short on top, long in the back) and my personal favorite the mississippi mudflap. If I missed any, by all means point them out.
Comment 25 Jul 2014

Joey may have been listed as 5'11", but seeing both in person, I swear Joey was shorter (more like 5'9-10")

I used to follow the NFL combine, so I remember these. Anyway, the heights listed were measured at the combine, not fudged college or high school stats giving one 2 additional inches in height.