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Comment 30 Sep 2015
Instead of 6' blondes, could I have the top less wenches from the Conan movie remake? 5 albums is gonna be hard to come up with.
Comment 30 Sep 2015
I was a Ford tech once upon a time. Just clock out, go to lunch and don't come back. I have no hard feelings about doing such since employers are getting shader by the day.
Comment 29 Sep 2015

Unfortunately they can be hit or miss.  I really liked Ascendancy but felt like the next few albums were just meh, before really enjoying Shogun when it came out.

For some reason when The Crusade came out, I thought they were trying to channel Metallica on it. I'm not crazy about where the sound went. I kind of gave up on Ill Nino for going away from their classic sound. 

When they're doing more of a thrash sound, I hold them up there with Machine Head on my list. 

Comment 29 Sep 2015

Personally I am a big fan of the metalcore genre because I enjoy how melodic it is along with the driving double bass.

Do you listen to Twelve Tribes? I've never seen or met anyone else that listened to them, but I know they're out there.

They broke up about 7 years ago (if you didn't know) after about 3 albums. I still listen the shit out of them. Plus, they're from Dayton. A lot of good metalcore bands are from here.

It sucks that many of them break up after a few years or so. And i'm still hoping that Inhale/ Exhale gets back together. 

Comment 28 Sep 2015

Never heard of them till now. I watched a few videos, and i'm liking it. A lot of the bands I listen to are on Century Media; the label kind of reminds of how awesome Road Runner Records used to be when I was in middle and high school in the 90's.

I'm loving the chick in the green; she kind of reminds me of a Mexican day of the dead girl. I have a few prints of them hanging on my walls. 

Thanks for mentioning them.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

Their win against Utah was the first game

You meant their loss to only team they've played who doesn't compare favorably to an FCS team...  But I get what you're saying.

Whoops, I didn't even notice that. I won't fix my typo but instead will just hang my head in shame. I will make the excuse that I was thinking about the SEC and how quality losses are really moral victories...

Comment 28 Sep 2015

I love that show and have a few seasons on DVD that I bought to watch in between patrols back in OIF II.They used to show it in the mornings up until a few years ago. If I remember right, it was on TBS right after Married with Children.

This is one of those rare mornings i'm up early enough to watch Married with Children and am doing so right now.

It's too bad the show White Collar ended; Kelly Kapowski (errr Tiffany Amber T...can't spell her last name) had a recurring role on there and still looks good. 

Comment 28 Sep 2015

I'm not sold on um at all. I am sure they're better than last year though. Their win against Utah was the first game of the year and both teams are a bit different a month later. I don't think Utah is elite or above average either. Utah has beaten Utah St., Fresno, um and Oregon, which really isn't very impressive.

Every year people go by a school name instead of watching them play or knowing about them. People are assuming that for some reason the Ducks are elite when they aren't. In the Oregon game vs Utah, Oregon had 2 fumbles deep in their own territory, an int in the red zone, another int deep in their own territory and gave up a PR TD. It was one of the worst performances by Oregon i've ever seen. They couldn't stop the big play. Utah had a something like an 80 yard drive in 4 plays in the 2nd half for example.

BYU beat a bad NU team. Their game against UCLA, the UCLA frosh QB had his worst game ever. He threw 3 picks in the first half and 2 were in their own red zone. They relied heavily on the run game because BYU's run D stinks and gave up about 600 yards combined to UCLA and um. The BYU run D is close to giving up 1000 yards already through 4 games. I watched the BYU vs Boise game and Nacua saved BYU's collective arse with 3 ints. One of which was a pick 6, another for a long return along with some big special team's plays.

The game is typically close. Save for the rich rod era, I have rarely seen either team win by more than 10 points on a few occasions over the last 30 or so years. As much as I hate um, I would never sleep on them because I know how rivalries work/ what happens.

For some reason, I think Maryland puts up a fight next week vs them.

Comment 27 Sep 2015

I hate the fact that went mainstream even though I no longer listen to the radio. I haven't been checking out their newer stuff but hope they haven't changed their sound as many bands do when they get on the radio. 

I'd say they're one of the few female fronted bands I listen to along with Stolen Babies and a little bit of Straight LIne Stitch.

Comment 27 Sep 2015

I haven't seen officiating this bad since '09 UF-Arkansas. UF went undefeated that year until the SEC CG vs Bamer.

In that game, there were so many ridiculous calls. I distinctly remember a phantom personal foul call on UF's final drive that set up the game winning FG. The entire SEC officiating crew from that game was suspended a couple days later.

I have a soft spot for UT due to living in the Hill Country. I'd say they got screwed.

Comment 27 Sep 2015

Reminds me of the year they lost to Boise St. and then followed up the next week with a loss to James Madison. 

Comment 27 Sep 2015

They better improve a whole hell of a lot on offense. I have no idea about the D since they really haven't faced any offenses worth mentioning.

They probably need to be undefeated to make the playoff. Not sure if they can go 25-0 ( w/ 13 straight from last year). 

Comment 21 Sep 2015

 but I'll remind you that we have the same coach that had a 2 QB system working before at Florida

It would be great if people would stop mentioning the 2 QB system at UF, especially considering how it was completely different. Tebow was brought in on 3rd downs and usually in short yardage since UF didn't have a bruiser back or mobile QB. He wasn't seeing entire series swapping back and forth with Chris Leak like what tOSU is doing at times.

I've watched Meyer's teams since '03 Utah (I was at the '03 game when they lost to aTm). One thing i've always noticed of his offense, is that if his QB ain't runnin' then they ain't moving the ball. Chris Leak ran nowhere. Thus the "Tebow Time" was born.

He threw the ball a whopping 33 times across 14 games. 21 of those throws were in garbage time vs UCF and West Carolina. 5 or 6 games he didn't throw at all. He ran the ball an average of about 6 times per game on 3rd down then went back to the sideline. 

Comment 20 Sep 2015
"It doesn't really matter how our offense looks if we continue to dominate on defense." It kinda does matter how the offense is playing especially when they start playing average to better than average teams. Can't win games if you can't score points. '09 Huskers had one of the best Ds I've ever seen and one of the worst Os. They lost 4 games due to not being able to score. 3 of the losses were by less than 2 points each.
Comment 18 Sep 2015

NFL style works great in college if the talent is there. tOSU has the talent to run one this year. I'm a fan of the option, but it's kind of a nice change of pace to see more pro style. I don't think tOSU has really ran one since '07. 

If Cardale leaves after this year, i'm sure it will be back in full force.

Comment 18 Sep 2015

At least they took it off the NFL network. I rarely ever get Thurs night off, but it's nice to be able to watch a non-college game.

Comment 18 Sep 2015

9ers play the steelers on Sunday. I hope Hyde goes all-pro on them and the game gets rained out due to steeler tears being spread around the stadium by gale force winds produced the "terrible towel." The only thing sweeter than tears of steelers' fans is tears of ttun fans.