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Comment 29 Sep 2014

Dead on the money. Watching at BW3's, I could not hear a thing on the TV. Which made me watch a little closer. Powell was so out of place, in no mans land. Same play Apple was on his heals and stopped as Moore passed him up. Had to admit I was a little nervous at that point.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

I suggest to park north of the stadium in the alumni center (well lit and paved), you can walk to the stadium rather than a shuttle. Head there early and enjoy the atmosphere around the stadium. 100,000+ fans make it fun. Be prepared to stand during the game, especially since they will be winning. Don't expect to hurry out. Game won't be late so grab a bite to eat before you leave. Rather spend time relaxing than in a traffic jam. Skull session? Again, go a little early. Gets the blood pumping. They did ask me and my son to open our jackets last fall.We didn't have anything on us. Bring home a winner.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

Where can I get a copy of this? Priceless.

Comment 19 Sep 2014

Crazy hit. If that happened this season he would be ejected from the game for spearing.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

I'm sure the other head coaches will let recruits know this. "Come to my school you'll play game 1" Urban says the best will play. Let them play.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

We have been looking forward to this season since January. I'm not going to let this game spoil the rest of the season. I told many that the expectations on this team needed to be proven from a young experienced team. Disappointed not devastated. Would you rather suffer with what TTUN has to look forward to this year? GO BUCKS. Can't wait for Saturday.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Agreed. Also looks like Decker could have shoved him out at about the 30. I suppose it didn't matter at that point but 28-21 reads better than 35-21. Still time to adjust. Lets not flush the season down after last Saturday. Allot of fun still ahead.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

My thoughts exactly. The offense cannot simply put up 6 pnts in the first half. Great job in the 2nd half last week. I'm expecting to see the speed bust open a few big plays. There were several "oh so close" plays last week. JT, the distributor.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

I took my son (age 19) to the OSU vs Wisky game last year, his first OSU game. It was rocking the entire game. He thinks this is typical of EVERY game. I'm sure all will be amped up on Saturday night. Expectedly to a lesser extent vs K. St. GO BUCKS!

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Entered in Fall 1979. Graduated Class of 1983. I can't recall what my ACT score was but I KNOW it wasn't near 28.8. Suggestions to high school kids and previously mentioned in this post, if you don't get accepted in Fall semester as a Freshman, visit a community college or OSU branch for some general education classes. Transfer in later. GO BUCKEYES!

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Just rebuilt an older Dell Dimension 3100 desktop. Installed a new HD with Windows 8.1. Was a simple 90 minutes to install drive, O.S., Microsoft office and misc drivers. No issues so far. It's been up and running for about 2 weeks

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I had an incident in Scouting a few years ago. As an Assistant Scoutmaster, I told a boy (repeat offender)  to respect his uniform and tuck in his shirt. His mother heard me and filed a grievance with the Scoutmaster, against me,  for berating her son. She said I was always picking on him. I told her it was no different than the treatment to all of the troop. Maybe Craig just wants to protect a boy, in this case his son, from getting hit without a helmet. Glad my kids are older now and I can avoid stupid parents.