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Comment 22 Nov 2015
I am hoping the team has a players only meeting and airs their feelings. It is obvious that many of the players love the university. These guys need to play for the seniors and each other. They need to get mad and refuse to have this feeling again. Additionally the coaches need to open things up. Throw the ball down field, get the ball in your Heisman Trophy candidates hands. Make a statement that the MSU loss was not who we are but just a bad game.
Comment 01 Nov 2015
The offensive line is playing so much better than they did early in the season. Minnesota will get a full helping of Zeke stew. I predict that CJ will play better because he won't have JT looking over his shoulder. Therefore he will be more relaxed. However, they better call plays that are suited for CJ.
Comment 29 Oct 2015

While JT is correct that last year he threw alot of long balls, I don't know if he has the receivers to do the same thing this year. What will show his skill the rest of the year is how well he adjusts to the players and their skill set. Right now he is driven to prove the doubters wrong and from an offensive perspective it looks like the season has now become THE CHASE, again. 

Go JT and Go Bucks

Comment 26 Oct 2015

I really didn't like Urban Meyer after his team cleaned our clock back in 2006. I have since changed my mind. Not only because he is our coach, but he is a really good role model for our players and students. Additionally, he represents the university well which cannot always be said about other football coaches around the country. 

This is a really good interview with some interesting and diverse questions. It takes a lot of work to keep a team at this high level and he is leading us to some new heights. I am glad he has found the balance he was looking for. 

Comment 20 Oct 2015

First off, congratulations to both players for being the type of people who can handle the challenges they are facing. 

Secondly, expert move by UFM. If JT does not perform well against Rutgers, Minnesota and Illinois then we go back to Cardale. It's not the best solution but gives us some time to evaluate things. 

The next thing is this offense, with our current group of players, is really setup for JT to succeed more so than Cardale. I don't believe we would be having these conversations if our top WR's weren't hurt. 

Either way, I really like Cardale as a person and hope that he gets his shot at the NFL or whatever he endeavors to do. 


Comment 20 Oct 2015

First, for those who are not supporting a 23 year young man in his efforts to further himself and family take a look in the mirror. Would you be where you are today without someone else's support? Just imagine, as you are sitting at your desk at work, doing your job and make a mistake, what would you feel like if the whole office stood up and booed you, yelling and screaming

Second, Since Cardale was thrust into the spot light he has been a great ambassador for Ohio State. I know of 2 instances where he took a picture with a friend and stopped to kneel down to speak with a little girl. These were not requirements but out of the kindness of his huge heart. He is a good kid.

Finally, HE WON THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! Give the guy a break and support him like he was your own son. 

He is one of us. Go Bucks!

Comment 18 Oct 2015
Does anyone know what his major is? Out of high school I remember he was looking into nursing. I couldn't imagine at the time a 6'4" 285lb nurse helping with the bed pan. Seems like a really good guy
Comment 16 Oct 2015
I think the issue has been recently discussed. Red Zone scoring and turnovers. We are moving the ball actually pretty well as you pointed out but either have to settle for a field goal attempt, with no guarantee, or a turnover occurs. The last game demonstrated what we could do if we are successful in these two areas. Sorry just noticed the italics. So never mind.