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Comment 20 Aug 2014

I think we won't be scoring 45 points per game but there is no reason to think 35 is out of the question. JT has been in the program for a over a year. He has been running scout against a very good defensive line and improved defense the last few months. He is from a strong high school program and is a natural leader. Yes, he will make some mistakes but I expect to see a freshman+ type of player. The fortunate thing is we have 10 days before the first game which is huge for his development. 

I didn't expect Braxton to run that much this year anyway. So, if JT is accurate in his passing and we wanted to get the ball to our play makers anyway, all he really needs is confidence. 

As a fan group we need to stay positive and stand behind our team. Look at how Braxton is handling this as an example. 

Personally, I am very impressed that Braxton is graduating in December. Good for him! 

Comment 30 Jul 2014

I say get him here for the Virginia Tech game. He can then see both teams he likes and will experience a night game. After we win he will be a lock. On another note, he seems like a really good kid with a concern about his schooling, trying to do things the right way and a good support system. While I hope he chooses TOSU, I am rooting for him wherever he ends up. 

Comment 26 Jul 2014

Mr. Deezy you are correct in saying that it could help his son. My point was more from the standpoint of a salaried coach who if they are able to secure a recruit could benefit monetarily. Other than helping his son, I think Mr. Elliott has seen and believes what UFM is selling. He is putting himself out there saying, "ask me about my experience". I don't know if they have utilized parents like this in the past but they should find one from each class if they can.  

Comment 09 Feb 2014

If there is someone out there who can read lips the fan does say something to Smart which is caught on the video. The initial comments were something that obviously caused Smart to react. He shouldn't have touched the fan but people make poor decisions in the heat of the moment. 


Comment 07 Feb 2014

WOW! Let me say I was surprised when I opened my 11W this morning. The work it takes to develop this site and content is enormous. Thank you for what you do and the time put into this effort. The site is fresh and will take a few minutes to figure out where everything is now, but what a great change. 



Comment 06 Feb 2014

A number of years ago there was a player who was the last one offered. He turned out to do pretty well and even won the Heisman. Troy Smith was an athlete out of high school but ended up with a great career. Darius will be coming to Columbus excited to be included and with something to prove. He is tall and athletic and once he adds a few pounds look out. Oh yea, he has a really great coach who thinks highly of him as well.

I think he will surprise some people.  

I thought I heard somewhere that his mother lives in Delaware. I didn't know if that was the state or city. Does anyone know?

Comment 16 Jan 2014

I heard Herm Edwards talk about head coaches and putting together a coaching staff. He said that you put together your staff and think its a perfect fit but after about 2 years you realize not everyone has the same philosophy or works well together. I think that is where we are today. We are gong through a little tweaking to find the right mix. I am sure that Withers was told to find a head coaching job and Fickell is going to be relegated to another roll. So, new philosophies will be coming and a new direction. Urban Meyer realizes that while there were a lot of new players on defense last year, they made no progress in defense and continuing with the same approach was not going to work. He has expertly maneuvered this situation and hopefully future success.  

Comment 05 Dec 2013

No one has been able to completely stop our offense this year. We have had a few series or in the Iowa case a whole half where we didn't look very good. I am concerned if we get into a position of not being able to move the ball consistently, then we may start pressing. Everyone will try and make a play or break a big one which can lead to problems. While we have played close games they have been higher scoring. A low scoring game may be a bigger mental issue than the score itself. My hope is we have patience and keep pounding it.