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Comment 28 Jun 2015
Sorry this is a dumb question. Who is the picture of with the #1 on their uniform?
Comment 28 Jun 2015
If he doesn't come to Ohio State then I would like him to attend _ichigan. I can here it now, "Kareem Walker just ran over Rashan Gary. You know Gary was the #1 player in the country back in the 2016 class. Also Walker and Gary were friends in high school I bet they will have alot to talk about when they see each other in New Jersey."
Comment 15 Jun 2015

So, in the Alabama example Coach Warriner could have just told his guys increase your splits by a foot. That would have given them better angles to make the blocks and allow Zeke to squeeze through. I keep thinking it has to be more than that but maybe not. 

Thanks for the insight.

Comment 07 Jun 2015
By Coach Harbaugh allowing this garbage to be released it shows the type program he intends to run. Obviously if it blows up he will deny knowing about it and condemn it's release. Additionally one coach does not make an athlete excel and get to the NFL. There is a whole team that makes that happen. More importantly what about the other receivers that didn't make it. Where are they today? Did the Coach Fisch set them up for success after football. This is a strange way to recruit a player.
Comment 26 May 2015

It sounds like you had a good day. Put a few more pounds on and you could be OSU's next linebacker. 

Keep the updates comin'

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Cardale had "the tweet", but he also wasn't focused on his business. He wasn't going to class, grades were not where they needed to be and he was floundering with football. As Urban put it he was close to being dismissed from the team. If it wasn't for Coach Ted Ginn and Cardale's surrogate Mom and the support they provided he would have been out. DeMario can learn from that experience if he needs too. Hopefully, he will be in a situation where he can out of his current circumstances and move forward. You can only hope the best for a kid in those situations. 

Comment 23 Apr 2015

I think it would be great if Cardale could help mentor this kid. Cardale grew up in similar conditions, made his mistakes and is coming out the other end a much better person. He could help provide guidance and prevent Demario from making the same errors he made. 

Comment 22 Apr 2015

If you look at our recent one and done players, like Greg Oden, Mike Conley, and DeAngelo plus a couple I can't remember right now, they have all been good guys and teammates. DeAngelo with his immense talent should leave for the NBA. I would hate to see an injury that could cost him and his family financial security. He really has the game for the next level and whatever team chooses him is getting not only a great basketball player but a really good person with a foundation to build upon. Congratulations to you DeAngelo you have worked hard to achieve this goal. Congratulations to your Mom and Dad too because I am sure they have sacrificed and supported you through this journey. Don't forget us in CMH.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

I am wondering if Johnny Dixon or Curtis Samuel will get a chance. We could play a great game this year and a stupid mistake, like fumbling a punt, could lose us the game. My guess would be this is being addressed on a regular basis.   

Comment 11 Apr 2015
The concern likely will be if one of those guys gets hurt. I believe Mr. Bosa will be moving around to cause matchup issues. He is fast enough and strong enough to play inside. Then we will use our speed rushers on the outside. Mr. Schutt will be filling Mr. Washington's position which is not as critical. I believe the focus should be on how Mr. Washington will do this year in replacing Mr. Bennett.
Comment 19 Feb 2015
I don't know that I am completely against the idea as long as all of the conferences follow the same rules. In addition the scholarship numbers will need to be increased too. Because of Title IX, this will cause a ripple effect across all sports. Many freshman, while having the physical ability to play their sport, are not prepared for the rigorous academics that are also required. This would give them time to adjust without the concern of needing to play each week. This used to be the standard back in the day of Woody. So it will be interesting to see how this plays out.