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Comment 26 Jul 2015

So here is how I believe this went down

  • Dantonio needs to find a scholarship or two
  • Cupp attends FNL and apparently didn't ask permission to get some additional coaching
  • Dantonio determines Leipsic High School is not likely to produce alot of Division 1 caliber football players
  • Dantonio cuts Cupp from this years class not worried about ramifications out of Leipsic

This kid I believe wanted to come to Ohio State. He had been recruited by OSU and camped here in the past. Unfortunately, Ohio State was looking in a different direction for players and Cupp wasn't going to be part of their plans. So, he chose Michigan St. and was very committed. 

It seems as though he has other options which I hope he is able to secure. This is how college sports is now operated.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

I forgot about the Kosta situation. Yea, at the end of the season that impacted the team significantly. However, much of the season they flew under the radar a little. No one expected the outcome they achieved. I guess we will have to see what this year brings.

Comment 18 Jul 2015
It will come down to Braxton and JT, with JT likely winning the position. Braxton has never been a super accurate passer and he was quick to pull the ball and run. Cardale, while playing at a high level during those 3 games, still has something to prove in regards to reading defenses. So you get JT who showed having abilities to move the offense and has the trust and leadership of the team. It will be fun to watch
Comment 15 Jul 2015

Maybe the staff should give a little shout out to someone who previously posted a topic that was deleted. Something like, "We realize HHilanders was first to post this topic, however we have been developing a story on this subject". 

This way everyone is recognized. Also, as others have commented copying over previous comments would also help as well.  

Comment 12 Jul 2015

I believe teams that succeed will always have a couple of 3 star guys that play integral parts to their success. Those 3 star guys maybe haven't put everything together coming out of high school, but once they get better coaching and their body's start to transform it is like a different person was recruited in the first place. Also, the 3 star guys seem to have something to prove. While Darron Lee wasn't as highly regarded as others, he changed his body with the help of Coach Mick and played with a chip on his shoulder. That type of edge makes a champion.  A credit to the coaches that are able to pick these players out of a crowd and determine they have greatness in their future. It is a team sport and team effort to achieve their goals. 

Comment 09 Jul 2015

Any more mistakes and we will replace you with Mark May since he has extra time on his hands. 

Seriously thank you for the time and effort you put into this site. 

Comment 28 Jun 2015
Sorry this is a dumb question. Who is the picture of with the #1 on their uniform?
Comment 28 Jun 2015
If he doesn't come to Ohio State then I would like him to attend _ichigan. I can here it now, "Kareem Walker just ran over Rashan Gary. You know Gary was the #1 player in the country back in the 2016 class. Also Walker and Gary were friends in high school I bet they will have alot to talk about when they see each other in New Jersey."
Comment 15 Jun 2015

So, in the Alabama example Coach Warriner could have just told his guys increase your splits by a foot. That would have given them better angles to make the blocks and allow Zeke to squeeze through. I keep thinking it has to be more than that but maybe not. 

Thanks for the insight.

Comment 07 Jun 2015
By Coach Harbaugh allowing this garbage to be released it shows the type program he intends to run. Obviously if it blows up he will deny knowing about it and condemn it's release. Additionally one coach does not make an athlete excel and get to the NFL. There is a whole team that makes that happen. More importantly what about the other receivers that didn't make it. Where are they today? Did the Coach Fisch set them up for success after football. This is a strange way to recruit a player.