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Comment 16 hours ago

-Your Four Teams In the Second Annual College Football Playoff? Ohio State (has the talent), TCU (whiners and Boykin is good), Auburn (new defense and athletes), Clemson (building up for this, tough schedule)

- Your Heisman Trophy Winner? Boykin or Eze - If TCU loses a game then Eze will win it.

- Your Biggest College Football Upset? Michigan over MIchigan St.

- That Team Up Norths Record When the Buckeyes Make the trip on November 28th? 8-3

- JT or Cardale? JT, because of his leadership

- The team that will give Ohio State the biggest scare this season? TTUN - Harblow will have something special he held back. We haven't dominated them the last couple of years, it will be Harblows first game against us, we will be playing for everything while they will be playing to get into the Poulan Weedeater Bowl, and "The Game" is in their house. That game scares me really more than any other at this point. 

Comment 05 Aug 2015

It takes a special kid to come to Ohio State. These decisions involve a lot of people and family members and require much deliberation. The fans of Ohio State places their players on a pedestal, and at 17 it probably seems great. There are great players that come and go each year. If a player and family realize this may not be the best situation because of competition, education or whatever then they should find a school that fits. It will be ok and all parties will be better for it. Last thing we need to do is continue to spend time recruiting someone who's heart is not here in Columbus.  

Comment 03 Aug 2015

So as I read it he is opening up his recruitment again. I still think there is a chance that he still comes to Ohio State. He has really good relationships with our coaches and he may soon realize we are his best solution. He committed once so he surely can again. I just hope he finds what he is looking for no matter where he goes. 

Comment 26 Jul 2015

So here is how I believe this went down

  • Dantonio needs to find a scholarship or two
  • Cupp attends FNL and apparently didn't ask permission to get some additional coaching
  • Dantonio determines Leipsic High School is not likely to produce alot of Division 1 caliber football players
  • Dantonio cuts Cupp from this years class not worried about ramifications out of Leipsic

This kid I believe wanted to come to Ohio State. He had been recruited by OSU and camped here in the past. Unfortunately, Ohio State was looking in a different direction for players and Cupp wasn't going to be part of their plans. So, he chose Michigan St. and was very committed. 

It seems as though he has other options which I hope he is able to secure. This is how college sports is now operated.

Comment 18 Jul 2015
It will come down to Braxton and JT, with JT likely winning the position. Braxton has never been a super accurate passer and he was quick to pull the ball and run. Cardale, while playing at a high level during those 3 games, still has something to prove in regards to reading defenses. So you get JT who showed having abilities to move the offense and has the trust and leadership of the team. It will be fun to watch
Comment 15 Jul 2015

Maybe the staff should give a little shout out to someone who previously posted a topic that was deleted. Something like, "We realize HHilanders was first to post this topic, however we have been developing a story on this subject". 

This way everyone is recognized. Also, as others have commented copying over previous comments would also help as well.  

Comment 12 Jul 2015

I believe teams that succeed will always have a couple of 3 star guys that play integral parts to their success. Those 3 star guys maybe haven't put everything together coming out of high school, but once they get better coaching and their body's start to transform it is like a different person was recruited in the first place. Also, the 3 star guys seem to have something to prove. While Darron Lee wasn't as highly regarded as others, he changed his body with the help of Coach Mick and played with a chip on his shoulder. That type of edge makes a champion.  A credit to the coaches that are able to pick these players out of a crowd and determine they have greatness in their future. It is a team sport and team effort to achieve their goals. 

Comment 09 Jul 2015

Any more mistakes and we will replace you with Mark May since he has extra time on his hands. 

Seriously thank you for the time and effort you put into this site.