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Comment 23 May 2015

It is unbelievable how widespread it is. Keep fighting the good fight sir.

Comment 22 May 2015

I never understood the enjoyment from burning ones soul with hot sauces. Does it actually taste good to you?

Comment 22 May 2015

Thank you for opening up. I do appreciate the perspective. I guess I was a little too sweeping with my comment. Congrats on turning your life around and helping others. 

I guess I was speaking more to what I know. I'm from white middle class, where a lot of these kids that dabble in drugs have no real problems.  They may think they do, but they don't.  All too often where I'm from kids have big allowance in high school and start to party with pills. They are fun at first but more powerful than they get. When they are on their own after high school they have to support themselves on a cheaper alternative, heroin. That is what I'm alluding to not real hardship. I wish you would have found another way to cope, but it's amazing that you figured it out. I just think answers can be found elsewhere other than drugs or at the bottom of a bottle (I come from a line of alcoholics). Maybe I'm wrong I've never been through what you have.

+1 for good perspective and stay clean buddy 

Comment 22 May 2015

I may get destroyed for this. I've had friends who are and were heroin addicts. They draw no sympathy.

It's as simple as this, you have to be smart enough not to dabble in heroin or more importantly the pharmaceuticals that lead one to seek heroin. 

Some people will look anywhere for an escape for their problems. A little common sense and intestinal fortitude will show you that turning to these vices doesn't improve quality of life long term. Deal with problems head on or seek counseling, don't self medicate.

Comment 05 May 2015

No way he is over 50 now. His body wouldn't hold up in a full season. It isn't likely that he wouldn't extremely impactful in one single game either. He couldn't keep up. Guys would be able to play tight defense on him because he wouldn't be able to go around them. 

Sorry, but I would count him out.

Comment 05 May 2015

It kind of pisses me off that everyone dogs him for kicking the ball out out bounds. The Kyle was told to angle the field so we could launch guys down field and try to stop opponents inside the 20. It was a field position bet that Urban was willing to take. He knew that some balls would go out of bounds. If Urban didn't like it he would have made a change. Its not like he was kicking it down the middle and putting them OB. Give the dude a break. 

Best of luck Kyle.

Comment 03 May 2015

Disregarding Guardians of the Galaxy this is the first really compelling super villain to me. Loki doesn't really do it for me and his alien force in the first Avengers wasn't really formidable. I really, really enjoyed this movie. I would put it up there with GOTG as my favorite marvel movie. I can't wait until finals are over so I can go see it again. 

Comment 02 May 2015

Thats why he lacks eyebrows too. It makes him look like a badass imo.

Comment 02 May 2015

Other than Bosa, McMillan is the best NFL specimen and will show that is year. I think Zeke is a first round talent but the NFL is trending away from first round running backs. He would have to look like he did toward the end of the year to be drafted in the first round imo.