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Comment 18 Feb 2014

TV crowd shots: Southern Belles > Men with face paint  

SEC 1, B1G 0.....just saying

Comment 07 Feb 2014

....and I like how Ohio turns red when you mouse over the ELEVEN WARRIORS logo, top left! 

Comment 07 Feb 2014

More hockey...more baseball.....getting...used... to....new.....site.....

Comment 10 Jan 2014

If the last two years have shown anything, it is that JT better be ready to go from day one next season. He will get snaps during the season and they may be at key times. He needs to go into came thinking he is locking down the #2 spot without a doubt and when his number is called, they can call any play needed to get the job done.  

Comment 23 May 2013

In addition to your list,


Texas A&M






Ole Miss


South Carolina


Kansas State


Comment 07 Feb 2013

Best of luck to him. No hard feelings and hopefully the same from their side. We have numbers to crunch due to our sanctions and he had offers that could wrap up what can be very a intense and stressful process. From the kids perspecitve, I could imagine that he would want to wrap up the process and move on the next phase of college planning. He should not have to worry about what may or may not happen in another week or two to free up space. He did what he needed to secure his future. Our staff killed it on NSD and I am sure there were tough decisions all around. Who knows if some others that may have wanted to be a part of the class but were turned away. One of those things. Again best of luck at a high end program that is close to home. Let the kid be happy in the outcome. 


Frank E., come on down as your the next punter on the Bucks are Right. With the new WR haul, you may need to branch out. 

Comment 12 Aug 2011

Hmmm, Michigan “maize” really does look like urine……