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Saw the 1968 Rose Bowl live. Was there in Tempe for the greatest college football game ever. Flew the OSU flag while stationed in Afghanistan.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Nothing will ever top beating Miami in Tempe. When Cie Grant thew Dorsey to the ground, all the close, up not quite, national championship moments such as 1976 and 1980, Ron Springs slip, Clements punt to the helmet, etc. washed away.
  • NFL TEAM: whoever has the most Buckeyes
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees
  • SOCCER TEAM: not a real sport

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Comment 22 Jun 2017

I don't think Coombs had full special teams control before this. I hope he can do for the punt and return teams what he did for kickoffs. Also looking forward to seeing if Haubeil can execute the kickoff strategy without kicking out of bounds. 

Comment 22 Jun 2017

If Tyreke comes to OSU, I hope he and Malcolm Jenkins go to Linden and speak to community groups. Yes, they will hear a lot about two perceived deaths at the hands of the police. But just like you have to get beyond the T-shirt to Tyreke's reasoned explanation, they will have to talk about the deeper issues, like drugs, no fathers present, etc. That is when good could occur. 

Comment 21 Jun 2017

How do you define unarmed? In the Ferguson case, he had punched the officer and was trying to get his gun. The Baltimore case involved a parole violator with a knife (unarmed at the time of his death.) In Columbus last year, a 13 yr. old was out at 3:00 AM to admittedly commit robbery and while fleeing, turned to point an air pistol with a laser sight at the police officer. Was he unarmed? In the tragic Cleveland case, the young man pointed an air pistol with the orange identifier removed at the officer. Was he unarmed? After Baton Rouge and Dallas, police are going to be on a hair trigger. I won't say there aren't bad cops; I will say they have to make instantaneous life and death decisions heightened by recent events. 

As far as "talking down", a deranged white man was holed up and killed a Columbus SWAT officer. Sometimes race doesn't matter, but it gets added to the statistics. 

Comment 20 Jun 2017

If Baker Mayfield had pointed a pistol (or a Glock-looking air pistol) at the police, it would have been a different outcome.

Tyreke wore the shirt to start a conversation. His explanation was well-conceived. Unfortunately, some people won't get past the shirt.  

Comment 19 Jun 2017

What's impressive is there's another receiver on the other side that looks even taller. Pretty good for a small school. 

Comment 18 Jun 2017

I remember when everyone freaked out a couple seasons ago when OSU only had two commits this time of year. That turned out OK. That said, recruiting seems to be changing with a trend to earlier commitments. It will be interesting to see how the early paid visits and early signing period affects things. Early enrollment can also have an impact. 

Comment 18 Jun 2017

The definition of news is what makes today different from yesterday. Harbaugh's antics fit that description. The issue will be how they are viewed when he goes 8-5 this season. Don't forget, he is on a three-game losing streak. 

Comment 17 Jun 2017

Wonder if he the prospect Urban mentioned as committing, but unannounced, as a result of Real Life Wednesday program? If not, could be another boom soon. 

Comment 16 Jun 2017

To paraphrase the late Senator Dirksen: "A million here, a million there, and pretty soon you're talking big money." The B1G is the only conference that does this. I agree it's not a huge amount, but it speaks volumes about the conference's revenue philosophy. 

Comment 16 Jun 2017

Not quite true. B1G does redistribute football gate revenue. I couldn't find a more recent reference, but here is a good explanation. I know it factored into the nine game decision. I remember it being mentioned as compensation when OSU only has four B1G home games. 


Comment 16 Jun 2017

Louisville's defense? The NCAA overestimated cost of lap dances and sex acts. 


Comment 16 Jun 2017

Only one year of postseason ban which was self-imposed and served this past season. Players can only transfer without sitting out if they are unable to have a postseason opportunity. See Penn State.