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Saw the 1968 Rose Bowl live. Was there in Tempe for the greatest college football game ever. Flew the OSU flag while stationed in Afghanistan.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Nothing will ever top beating Miami in Tempe. When Cie Grant thew Dorsey to the ground, all the close, up not quite, national championship moments such as 1976 and 1980, Ron Springs slip, Clements punt to the helmet, etc. washed away.
  • NFL TEAM: whoever has the most Buckeyes
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees
  • SOCCER TEAM: not a real sport

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Comment 3 hours ago

You are limited to the number of field assistants, but the NCAA loosened the reins on quality control assistants. Alabama has so many of these, they ran out of sideline passes at the Sugar Bowl. 

Comment 4 hours ago

Time for Dunn to be a "grown ass man."

Keep in mind a lot of reason for the scholarship imbalance was the NCAA penalty. When Meyer had the opportunity to get back to full strength, he took it instead of banking scholarships. 

Comment 28 Jun 2016

Start with Chris Carter. He was primed for an All-American season before his brother got him into trouble. Carter made a catch in the Cotton Bowl that still ranks as one of the best I've seen. 

Comment 28 Jun 2016

It's not just the DBs, it is the DL and LBs too. Ask the DCs from Baylor and Oregon what their biggest problem is & it's the offense scores too fast to give the D a break. It's a good problem to have & with an experienced QB & a plethora of talented receivers & RBs, one I hope to see. OSU has defensive depth Oregon and Baylor never dreamed of. That's also why it's important to find a new "shark" pack of back ups for kickoffs (as well as a kicker able to pin the returner against the sideline at the one.) 

Comment 28 Jun 2016

He was $100K away from coming to OSU after Fred Taylor retired. You would have had Woody & Bobby Knight at the same time. 

Comment 27 Jun 2016

You think they did this knowing the SEC is going to a nine game conference slate? That would be too Machiavellian. The SEC will stay at eight games. Kudos to Auburn willing to play home and home. They did have a home and home with WVU a couple seasons ago. 

Comment 26 Jun 2016

Two of the five teams ahead of OSU are guaranteed a loss (play each other) and OSU plays another. Win them all and you're in the playoff. 

Comment 21 Jun 2016

Think 2014 with Carlos Hyde. Substitute Dunn for Hyde & JT distributing the ball to all receivers plus timely QB runs. That's what I expect. 

Comment 20 Jun 2016

Also keep in mind USC - Notre Dame is in LA on the same day as OSU-UM every other year. That will always be prime time. 

Comment 20 Jun 2016

And just the semifinals and final at that. We'll see if they split with Fox or ESPN for the early round games. Current contract is $6M. 

Comment 20 Jun 2016

I think Gene Smith is keenly aware there is a tipping point for ticket prices. We saw it with the backlash of spring game tickets a couple years ago. They've exceeded it with upper bowl MBB prices. When they can't sell out OSU-UNLV, you'll know they've hit it. Not increasing ticket prices would be a way for fans to indirectly benefit. 

Comment 20 Jun 2016

FY14 payout for the old-line schools was approx. $34M. There is no breakdown by school.

Keep in mind the $40M figure being discussed is tier one and two TV only. It doesn't include BTN or bowl game revenue. I'd guess that puts it in the $50M range depending on how much  advertising can be drawn to BTN and whether the B1G gets additional CFP slots. 

I hope one result is OSU football ticket prices are frozen for at least a couple years.