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Saw the 1968 Rose Bowl live. Was there in Tempe for the greatest college football game ever. Flew the OSU flag while stationed in Afghanistan.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Nothing will ever top beating Miami in Tempe. When Cie Grant thew Dorsey to the ground, all the close, up not quite, national championship moments such as 1976 and 1980, Ron Springs slip, Clements punt to the helmet, etc. washed away.
  • NFL TEAM: whoever has the most Buckeyes
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees
  • SOCCER TEAM: not a real sport

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Comment 19 Oct 2014

JT does not give up the big sack like Braxton. Think back to how Braxton solidified Khalil Mack's first round status. That interception was repeated ad nauseum on draft day. 

His Heisman candidacy will be decided in the next three primetime games. He'll have Rutgers-like numbers against PSU and Illinois; a similar performance against MSU would put him in the top three for sure. 

Comment 19 Oct 2014

I'll only add books not already mentioned.


Killer Angels was recommended, so I'd read it first. Then read the Civil War trilogy by Newt Gingrich and William Forschten. Put any political animus aside. Newt was a history professor as is Forschten. Their alternative histories are very-well written and hinge on "what would have happened if one small factor was changed." They have also written about Pearl Harbor, the Battle of the Crater, and Valley Forge. Ralph Peters was cited for his Inside the Red Army, but he is also writing a Civil War trilogy starting with "Cain at Gettysburg." Brilliant. Ralph also wrote a series of Civl War mysteries under the pen name of Owen Parry. They were meticulously researched and written in the language of the time. For a nautical bent, try the series written by Robert Macomber. They start in the Civil War and he's now up to the advent of the Spanish-American War. He is another great researcher and visits every location. Each book is based on historical fact. 


Carl Hiassen has written a series of books about south Florida that are hilarious satires. "Striptease" was the basis for the movie by the same name with Burt Reynolds and Demi Moore. They are funny to the point of if you read them in public, people will ask you if you are OK from laughing too hard. Your wife may enjoy them too. My favorites are "Skin Tight" and "Bad Monkey." 

Lincoln & Child write the Agent Pendergast series which are horror/mysteries. Very well done. 

If you love dogs, definitely read the David Rosenfelt Andy Carpenter series and Spencer Quinn's Chet and Bernie mysteries.  

Comment 16 Oct 2014

No Thursday night games was the impetus for creation of BTN. ESPN wanted them, Delaney said no. The Presidents believe it is disruptive to education. The policy is Thursday nights only when school is not in session. With the move to semesters, That pretty much eliminates them. 

Comment 16 Oct 2014

You can if you have bowl prep time. You don't need the full offense, just several plays. Think of what a knuckleball it was for OSU, then the effect on a surprised opponent. 

There is historical precedent. Woody installed base wishbone plays before the 1970 Rose Bowl. It caught Stanford by surprise and was very effective. Unfortunately Jim Plunkett and his QB draw were more effective. 

Comment 16 Oct 2014

You won't see it in the regular season, but I'd love to surprise the bowl opponent with a Navy-like package with Marshall at QB, Smith at the fullback and Wilson/Samuels as the wings. Jalin was credited with helping OSU prepare for Navy. 

Comment 16 Oct 2014

I'm fearful of false alarms as we enter flu/norovirus season. Not all fevers/vomiting are caused by ebola, but in the current environment, people will automatically assume ebola. I'll predict we will see at least one cruise ship/ebola scare. 

Comment 16 Oct 2014

Wind forecast isn't that bad - 15 MPH from the Northwest. It will lessen as the game progresses. It won't be the Illinois wind tunnel. 

Comment 12 Oct 2014

Two factors that haven't been mentioned: 1. Public campaigning. A 12-1 Urban Meyer would have a lot to say from the podium in Indianapolis. It worked for him in 2007. 2. Rod Gilmore hit on something that may play to the committee: A willingness to play OOC Power 5 games. How they will look at a loss to VT opposed to an OOC schedule of Southern Miss, UAB, South Alabama, and Presbyterian remains to be seen. 

Comment 11 Oct 2014

Thank you for serving our nation. I add don't forget the illustrious history of other ships that bore the Missouri name. I urge everyone to visit the Missouri if in Honolulu. 

Comment 10 Oct 2014

Braxton's stuff was signed at the B1G media day. They changed the quantity allowed this year.

Comment 10 Oct 2014

And former coach of Maurice Clarett. If only he had listened to his coach. Thom's got experience with top-flight players. 

Comment 10 Oct 2014

Keep in mind they do not have the benefit of a conference championship game. 12-1 with most recent win over a division champion and most probable top 10 team vs. 11-1. Same for Baylor. Also directive to committee from commissioners to reward conference champions. 

Comment 09 Oct 2014

Now that the Power Five have autonomy, we don't know what's happening behind the scenes. Perhaps there are scheduling discussions that would leave ND in the cold. Any teams added to the B1G would have to be accretive and the only two schools that fit that are Texas and ND. Imagine going to the networks for the new TV contract with those additions.