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Saw the 1968 Rose Bowl live. Was there in Tempe for the greatest college football game ever. Flew the OSU flag while stationed in Afghanistan.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Nothing will ever top beating Miami in Tempe. When Cie Grant thew Dorsey to the ground, all the close, up not quite, national championship moments such as 1976 and 1980, Ron Springs slip, Clements punt to the helmet, etc. washed away.
  • NFL TEAM: whoever has the most Buckeyes
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees
  • SOCCER TEAM: not a real sport

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Comment 24 Jul 2016

I won't say all SEC schools because I don't know. LSU, however, has an athletic foundation. They funded the stadium expansions that are free-standing structures. Because they aren't connected, they've sold alcohol for years. They were ready to pay Les Miles millions to leave, but the school and state are nearly bankrupt. They built the rec center with the lazy water feature that spells LSU. This is why the SEC crossed the million (and in the case of Chavous, two million) dollar barrier for assistants long ago. Clearly different priorities. 

Comment 23 Jul 2016

I don't think either Hines or Browning come to OSU. White and Pryor grow into the "Darron Lee position" ( If we can have a Harvin position, why not?) Hopefully that creates a space for Tufele, a more critical need. 

Comment 22 Jul 2016

BYU, UC and UCF/USF. WVU needs a travel partner for sports other than football. Provo and Ames aren't geographically neighbors, but the national following trumps. UCF/USF natural pair. 

Comment 17 Jul 2016

One interesting uniform point-Woody was a proponent of the foam pad outside the helmet. When he couldn't get other teams to adopt it, he went to the lighter helmet, although if you look at Otis, it looks like the pad was painted over. 

Matt Snell gave Jim Otis his chin strap. Otis taped them under his shoulder pad. That chin strap crossed Michigan's goal line eight times. 

Comment 15 Jul 2016

Ole Miss is going to be an interesting test of the new NCAA standards for infractions. Pete Thamel wrote a good article on the situation. Apparently Tunsil's stepfather can back up at least some of his allegations with documentation. 


Ole Miss opens with FSU and has Bama and Georgia in weeks three and four. If they lose at least two of those games, look for them to self-impose a one-year bowl ban. That way Chad Kelly and other seniors can't leave before the season starts, but they will hopefully escape additional years.  

Comment 11 Jul 2016

OSU couldn't have a team vote. There is an athletic dept. policy for violations. It applies to players, managers, etc. For a second and subsequent violations, there is mandatory suspensions or dismissals. 

Comment 08 Jul 2016

B deck seats 1-20 are safe. Anything above row 5 can't see the scoreboards. The club seats in front of B deck have chair backs and overhang protection.