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Saw the 1968 Rose Bowl live. Was there in Tempe for the greatest college football game ever. Flew the OSU flag while stationed in Afghanistan.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Nothing will ever top beating Miami in Tempe. When Cie Grant thew Dorsey to the ground, all the close, up not quite, national championship moments such as 1976 and 1980, Ron Springs slip, Clements punt to the helmet, etc. washed away.
  • NFL TEAM: whoever has the most Buckeyes
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees
  • SOCCER TEAM: not a real sport

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Comment 2 hours ago

OSU took one for the league when it went to nine conference games. They have no problems selling out for a 4th OOC game; lesser B1G teams can't say the same. They need seven home games financially. The move to nine home games and the short-lived B1G-PAC12 challenge led to some unpopular scheduling changes. We all would have liked to see the home & homes with Georgia and Tennessee. The home & home with North Carolina was also a victim of the seven home game mandate. Note the consideration of the alumni base. I think that bodes for another California home & home, perhaps Stanford or UCLA. 

Comment 24 Apr 2017

When was the last time a safety was taken in the top ten, let alone top five? Conventional thinking is safeties are not value picks. That's where aging corners who are savvy, but lost a step go before retirement. 

I hope Peppers has a Brady Quinn-like experience in the green room. Coombs and Meyer, on the other hand, will be justifiably proud of Lattimore and Conley. 

Comment 22 Apr 2017

Last year's Oklahoma game was part of the B12 package owned by Fox. 

You can bet the ranch OSU-Oklahoma and OSU-PSU will be night games. If there is a third, I hope it will be 6:00 PM. That UC start time was the sweet spot. You had all the night game benefits, but folks could go out to eat after the game or make the drive to other parts of Ohio at a decent time. 

Comment 22 Apr 2017

I hope more players heed his advice to do things outside football. I can see it would be very easy to be encapsulated by football - dorm, dining table, study table, workout facility, etc. OSU offers a wealth of opportunities, especially now after spring ball when the weather is nice & you don't have practice pressure. Enjoy the break before finals & the cycle starts again.  

Comment 21 Apr 2017

Tempo is more than time between plays. The Ozone had a really good article about Kevin Wilson's talk at the coaching clinic. One thing that stood out to me was he said when the o-line is in their stance for 20 seconds, they always get beat by the defense. How many times have we seen that while a play call was changed? He waits until the defense deploys before calling the play. Now they will huddle near the line until a play is signaled in, set, and go. He also talked about not frequently rotating receivers. If you pull a receiver, he has a 40 yd. sprint to the sideline, watch two plays, then another 40 yd. sprint to get back to his position. He changes signals every year after spring ball. When he was at IU, H.S. coaches would come to his clinic and give his signals to Purdue.  Sounds like he favors the poster picture method.  

Comment 17 Apr 2017

Miami didn't have a spring game this year or they would have been in contention for the greatest "fake news" spring game attendance.  

Comment 17 Apr 2017

More likely he stays for 2017 season and graduates in the spring. Why leave a team contending for a national championship? As a graduate transfer, he wouldn't have to sit out. 

Comment 17 Apr 2017

You are spot on when you say OSU will always have seven home games. When you consider an OSU home game means $7M to OSU and an additional $3M to Columbus, you can't match this with a neutral site game. That is why they had all the schedule changes like North Carolina when they moved to the nine game college schedule. 

Comment 17 Apr 2017

Although I predict Haskins to win the backup battle, Burrow is no Bauserman (see above.) One other element is Burrow is a smart runner. I haven't seen Haskins in HS so I don't know about his running ability. He has a big frame, but he's not to Cardale stature yet. What we don't know is what premium Wilson will put on QB running. Based on what I recall about IU, passing ability comes first, although he'll call the appropriate plays for a runner (Xander Diamant.) I think it will come down to fall practice performance - minimize ints, maximize big plays.