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Comment 22 Aug 2014

I know the loss of Miller is huge and some key losses on the line along with Hyde.  How can we claim we are a team that can compete for a NC if we can return 14 starters and the lose Miller and the season is over.   Alabama has only 12 returning starters and a new QB and they are still contenders on paper b/c of talent.  I am realistic, and there is no reason to believe we cannot have a great season.  Honestly - much better to have the new QB have the entire season vs. starting half way in and in the middle of the Big 10 conference games.   

Do not be a Negative Nancy.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Other items they discussed were very frustrating    That since Braxton Miller is gone the Big Ten has nearly zero chance of sending someone to the playoffs.  Their logic - If anyone goes undefeated and beat Ohio State without Miller it is a weak win, and if Ohio State goes undefeated the conference is just that week and would not be deserving to go.  The only chance they gave was if MSU ran the table and beat Oregon along the way. as long as Oregon won their conference.  Basically the Big 10 has the worst/weakest out of conference than any other conference.  

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Was the first surgery for the exact same thing?  I had two labrum surgeries in less then 12 months  - a lot of time needed to build up the muscle but  one year should be good.  I am the glass is half full type of person.  - Miller comes back next season - now to a  more seasoned defense and offense of line - could be even better team than this year.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

It may just be me, but the first two seasons Roby was playing all out.  I felt he was playing not to get hurt his junior season knowing he may have given up a lot if he got injured.

Comment 13 Aug 2014
  This is Urban the Lab pup - my wife and son picked out the name.  Sorry the video came up easily but the photo did not.