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Comment 29 Apr 2014

I really do not think the loss to MSU helped OSU.  If OSU had won - MSU still would have played in the Rose Bowl and beat Stanford thus two teams better than them.  Unless they were playing Stanford football at that time.  

Comment 20 Oct 2013

Great graphics  

Iowa has lost 3 games first one to N. Ill.


Comment 26 Sep 2013

Nice article.  However, when competing against friends or anyone else, I always wanted to rip their heads off.  There is nothing better than kicking your friends ass and rubbing their nose in it.    GO BUCKS

Comment 13 Sep 2013

Did I miss something?  Why are there comments on giving Kenny G a "fair" shot to start.  I am sure he got some consideration before the decision was made to start  Miller after Bauserman's awesome performance as a starter.  There were some crying back in 2011 that Kenny should get the nod before Miller.  I guess we are that good if our backups are possibly better than a Heisman contender, not to mention last year's undefeated season.  Yes, Kenny helped with that - but if Braxton had not left that game the Bucks still would have won.  Not to take anything away from Kenny - But who has he played against (can he play this way against better teams).  Braxton has shown he can, but Kenny is still an unknown:

2010 - Marshall, E. Mich., Indiana, Purdue 

2011 - No stats

2012 - Miami (OH), Indiana, Purdue, Ill.

2013 - San Diego St. 

Kenny is a good QB and glad he is on the OSU squad 

Comment 02 Sep 2013

The one thing I would like to see is four quarters of great play (consistent) or at least three where the starters can sit the fourth.  Last year it was a slow start and this year, albeit one game, the opposite .  As for the polls, those are meaningless if we do not go undefeated with the present perception of our strength of schedule.  More on point - I think defense looked fine for the first game - we did not get gashed for a long passing TD as we did so many times early in last season  (44 yards vs Maimi -first game '12).  I would like to see much more pressure on the QB in the coming weeks.  

Comment 28 Aug 2013

I have pondered from time to time if I was in fact considered a jerk by my peers.  However, I now know that as a Wooster grad that I am indeed a "jerk."  I know the loss still stings and feels like it was just yesterday but try and curb those harsh feelings.  At least it was to an Ohio team and not the ttun.