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Comment 10 Oct 2015

Given the lack of color opponents have shown this year in the Shoe, I am going to ironically like the OSU black uniforms vs. PSU just for the fact that it will look different from all the other games against white uniforms.

Comment 10 Oct 2015

I think they look pretty slick too - I'm just getting bored seeing opponents wear all-whites this year.  Hawaii, NIU, WMU, UMD, next week PSU.  Fwiw, Minnesota has even done that look in the past, too.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

Nice breakdown!

On an unrelated note: Maryland, please for the love of god don't wear all white uniforms this weekend. That's literally all we've seen this year for home games, and if we can count on you for one thing, it would be giving us something crazy to look at. Go nuts.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

Best of luck to you, KDV - I hope things can get back to at least an approximation of "normal" soon. Having recently moved from North Augusta, it breaks my heart to see the devastation in Columbia and much of SC. I can't believe the number of roads that have been wiped out, it must be very frustrating.

Comment 07 Oct 2015

Bit of a typo on your picture - it really should read "Are you not not unentertained?"

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Agreed completely.  I love Marshall and everything that he brings to the team, but when I saw him on the field after the 2nd fumble I was stunned. Zero accountability, and with plenty of other guys who have been called out as needing touches.  I mean, just sit him for a series or two, for pete's sake. And on his last (iirc) punt return of the game he was STILL carrying the ball loose while being tackled.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Personally, I'm completely calm about it and I really don't care in the end. However, as I (and others have) noted above it isn't *just* a jersey, its apparently an entirely black uniform, which will make them look pretty indistinctive (and very similar to a few local teams). Further, its against a team that will wear all white, which will together look utterly boring. Honestly, I would prefer to see both OSU and PSU each wear their standard home uniforms, but whatever, it's just one game.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

I'm fine with the jerseys - for one game.  However, I'm not very enthused about a matching black helmet and pants - way too much like UC, Louisville or Texas Tech. Previous alternate uniforms have at least been *distinctive*, which these all-blacks are not. I watched a bit of the UC-Miami game last night, and found myself thinking "this is what OSU vs. PSU will look like this year". Not a pleasant thought.

Tell you what - wear the chrome helmet with these and maybe I'd be fine.

Comment 18 Sep 2015

Re: sentence 1: might want to read Ramzy's most recent article

Re: sentence 2: agreed - Cardale nailed some slant routes in the first half of the VT game, though Campbell dropped one of them.

Comment 19 Aug 2015

It never ceases to amaze me how people can't see the simple arithmetic behind that decision.  At the time OSU was up by two scores (15 pts), and thereby still vulnerable to a "quick TD - onside kick - hail mary" comeback that could be started by a simple fumbled snap.  Getting another TD (or FG) puts it at 3 scores, and the game is effectively done.  And I don't care if Oregon was conceding anything - do you think that if they had gotten a quick turnover and scored that they still would have continued with their supposedly gentlemanly ending, or gone for the onside kick?