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Comment 15 Sep 2013

Yes Wilson is a speedster, but not very humble. Also he can say he's a game changer when he learns how to make people miss or even breaks a tackle ! Jordan Hall looked like more of a game changer last night !!!

Comment 04 Jun 2013

Really? All of these comments for a douche that should of got fired with Tress, yet especially OSmith? If ur firing Tressel, then by all means let's clean house. Everyone here knows damn well that Gee(k) and Gene hung him out to draw the coyotes closer to the lawn. Gimme a break! It's like hunting gators with the one that wouldn't shoot but is willing to pull the beast in the boat so both of you get snapped at !!!!

Comment 03 Apr 2013

Please tell me that the SI article hasn't gone to his head. Not saying that Spence's hit was called for, but perhaps it was just a natural Buckeye reaction to seeing that color !The last time I saw this young man he looked as though he represented " The Ohio State University ". Now he looks like a Rodman wannabe. WTH? That color makes me want to puke !

Comment 03 Apr 2013

Does anyone else think that Bama has a defensive end as good as Spence? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Urbz tell the team that we are chasing them right now? If so then Jack Mewhort is just another Alex Boone ! Let's hope this gets corrected before the fall or we won't be elite anything. Grants name not even in anyone's mouth at MLB? RDS can't cover the whole middle of the defense by himself( insert Boren). Hall's abscence scares me as well. We still need that difference maker on offense. Good enough for B10 play, but not at the next level. The time for fundamentals is now, not when we line up against Cal ! If this team aspires to line up against the big boys it's time to put their big boy pants on !!!!!! I want to see groundhog blood on the field this yr in Ann Arbor !!

Comment 27 Mar 2013

Guns on Brax are very impressive, but we need him to make better and quicker reads this year. Reportedly footwork and mechanics have been helped loads by the visits with Whitfield Jr. Film study with Troy by his side would go a long way in the 'reads' department. Still perplexed by the other linebacker position. Disturbing that linebacker U can't produce more than one solid defender at that spot. Reports on hall's limited practice is encouraging though not so sure of his medical condition with the hamstring thing. Hope he is fully healthy by fall. He and Thomas will go a long way in improving passing game ! Offense should be sick this yr !!!!!!!

Comment 27 Feb 2013

Stoked to see what these studs have to offer. TSUN will not be happy come November !!!!!

Comment 23 Apr 2012

This kid just mauls people. When Marotti gets with him well........DAMN! Silver bullets are going to be frightening for '13 and beyond. Great to see Natl champ caliber players lining up. Now to get to work on the O-line where we are way too thin ! Speed guys are great to have but if there is no blocking any scheme will fail. Welcome to Buckeye Nation big Joey!


Comment 26 Jan 2012

Although I've never commented on here I have read 11w's articles for at least a yr now.  Having worked for our beloved Bucks and the previous coaching staff I feel the need to congradulate you on a job well done! Yes I still get chills when I see TBDITL come down the ramp at the North end, and when the team forms "the hive" in the South end prior to each kickoff. That same excitement grabs me now as I anticipate the new era of Coach Meyer and the quality coaches and talent that are being assembled. The sheer joy that will be felt as Mark May and other ESECPN announcers have to choke out praise for our team. The only thing that will top that will be late in November when the scUM coaches and players are again dominated by the scarlet n gray! GO BUCKS and god bless The Ohio State University!